Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI express "Horror" 40 years too late -- over Irish clergy abuse

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Bark! Bark! Bark! When Pope Benedict XVI express "horror" over the 40-year old lust-affair the clergy of Ireland has been feasting on -- within the papal Altar of Sodomy of John Paul II -- many Catholics are suddenly excited!

Wolf! wolf! Wolf! Bark! Bark! Bark! And the Pope thinks he has done his mea culpa for his predecessor John Paul II.

The Irish Times reported that:

Pope Benedict, in the strongest language he has ever used in relation to clerical child sex abuse, has expressed his own "personal anguish and horror" at what happened in the Ferns diocese over a 40-year period from the early 1960s onwards.

He said the "incomprehensible behaviour" of some clergy in Ferns had "devastated human lives and profoundly betrayed the trust of children, young people, their families, parish communities and the entire diocesan family".

"Strongest words ever"? Catholics and the world still don't get it.

A comment from Malaysia nails it:
The Pope expressed his horror. Then what? The Pope knows what he should do. Unfortunately, he is not doing anything about it. Just like the past popes, they died without doing anything to 'punish' the evil-doers nor to prevent it from happening again!

Pope Benedict XVI-Ratzinger, God's Rottweiler's "horror" comes 40 years too late.

Ireland's Catholic Church is in the process of extinction.
See 'Vanished' - Irish leave churches standing empty .

See Church slowly facing up to vanishing priests and empty pews

Those Irish Bishops are in Rome to report to Pope Benedict XVI that they - and the Irish Church - are sinking with the Titanic ship of John Paul II

And all that Benedict XVI, God's Rottweiler, can do is act like the little boy who cried "Wolf Wolf" in horror?

Too late, brother Bishops, too late, Benedict XVI, the sheep have been devoured by the wolves of JPIIPP John Paul II Pedophile Army.


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