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The true Music of Benedict XVI

In his popular NCR CAFE, John Allen, the official autobiographer of the Opus Dei has made my two weblogs as the top last comments...... therefore, yours truly is the last word in his "Spe Salvi a 'Greatest Hits' collection of core Ratzinger ideas"! I feel humbled and honored! NCR cafe.

Allen also wrote: "Benedict XVI is a classic music lover who, at age 80, still enjoys passing time at a piano keyboard. To evoke another musical metaphor, Spe Salvi amounts to Ratzingerian “variations on a theme,” reworking and refining key leitmotifs of his thought. The question is whether the new score in Spe Salvi will also catch the ears of those who, to date, have not yet started humming the tune."

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but what was Pope then Cardinal Ratzinger playing as the priest-pedophilia brewed beneath the Vatican Crimen Sollicitationis - and has cost the American church more than $3 Billion Dollars?

Let us put B16's music in perspective. As a pianist virtuoso and since becoming the pope-clone of John Paul II he has requested that the Sistine (Boys) Choir sing only Latin for his papal Masses. (Keep in mind the Opus Dei only celebrate Mass in Latin and sings in Latin! They want the Latin Mass back in local parishes!) Benedict has also called on liturgical music to be more in line with the teachings of the church because he finds many "sacred" songs currently being used and the songs of the young generation abhorrent.


Just to get it clear this time, for Der Papst has many hatreds to tell us about. They stretch over so many centuries that we -- the faithful followers -- cannot keep track of them, even with the aid of armies of priests, nuns, bishops, Opus Dei and the like -- not to mention the billions and billions of taxpayers' monies in every country.

The neurotic legions of the Pope's liege lackies -- the hidden thousands of Opus Dei warriors, spread out in every Civil Service, Police Force, Parliament, Law Library and Judges' Bench in the Western world -- were out in force telling us that John Paul 11 was a rock star, he even played the guitar and told them in Austria (believe it or not) to make babies. What do Catholic schools need most? Catholic Austrian babies! (As it happens, the black non-catholic babies in Ireland can't even get into a school -- the church owns them all, while the 'Republic' looks on. ! And the Roma are not Catholic enough to stay in Catholic Ireland either!)

Now, a few years later, we get another Pope, but I don't think the message is really different. It's just that the liege lackies are given web-sites all over the world, so that they can blog themselves to a drug-like sleep every year without a hint of what they said they year before. Some say the Vatican is buying into Google to save the souls of bloggers. The idea of history and integrity (secular integrity,that is) are unheard of in the religious bubble.

But judge for yourself, what the Pope is up to. What exactly is the Pope saying about Rock?

The Vatican, apparently, is concerned that young people are being exposed to Satanism through the media, of rock music and the Internet.

Under medieval Canon Law (1172) all priests -- the ones with the holy fingers -- can perform exorcisms. But in reality only a select few are ever called on to do so.

Personally, I attribute all this nonsense to the denial of woman -- and all these pedophelia cases are a reflection on the proprietorial notions of what must be a perverted church.

Without going into the history of either music or the Vatican's peculiar notions of music or morals , let us put the argument in a simple context. Needless to say the Vatican is not condemning the infinitely lugubrious tones of Gregorian Chant. Neither is he condemning Mozart, and that' s not because Pope Benedict XV1 dabbles on the old harpsichord or whatever. But when poor Mozart was alive, he could not get away from Bishops, especially Bishop Colarado, his master. Indeed, in the Magic Flute he ran for sanctuary into the Freemason's camp, where the apostolic succession went back -- not to Rome , but to Egypt: Isis and Osiris.

In more modern times, of course, when the world wanted a Pope or two with a little god-damn pluck to ban music, the Spanish, the Italians and the German Jews could not find one. For example, the Papacy never condemned this:

waffen ss march viktoria seig heil & leibstandarte nazi
Views: 46,593

Or this:

02:21 From: vaticinator
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Isn't it the truth , you cannot find a music-condemning Pope hanging around the corners of the Vatican when you most need one. But that was years ago, when the Fueher also condemned certain forms of music among the myriad of things that did not go with his swastika.

Pope Benedict XVI is in the unique position to remember both of the above tunes, because he served the Wehrmacht with these dulcet tones in his ears. Now, he has decided to condemn rock, as in Rock 'n Roll. He has no wife and he has no children -- that is, no one in the Vatican whose lives, customs and habits he could refer to for guidance over the last sixty years. Indeed, his main informers are aging men who, like himself, have foresworn family life. And yet they can somehow (from deductive rather than inductive principles , on suspects) come to the conclusion that Rock 'N Roll is something to be condemned. Presumably , that includes Tina Turner; for if Satanism is the yardstick of why it should be condemned, then the Pope should know that she is positively the queen of witches -- even witchier than Queen! Is this ,then , to be condemned also

Tina Turner-The best
04:09 From: BamonRe
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And one should not forget that Dvorak's waternymph. Waternymphs are invariably pagan; for while Christians see miracles and 'moving statues', waternymphs bay at the moon for human love. And Renee Fleiming in her Chanson a la Lune is every bit as hexifying as Tina Turner. And since the Christian has cut out all pagan knowledge from the known world, the most horrific example of that excision being , of course, the case of Pagan Ireland, where the people don't even remember the initial Christian treachery or , or , for that matter, the sound of their own native language. Having burned the heretics of rock to the stake, will the ignorant old men of the Vatican then turn on this Waternymph, in whose orisons be all our longings recalled:

Fleming - Dvorak
07:41 From: fernandoclassic
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One must wonder if the Infallible One is badly advised. Maybe the old celibate grind has kicked in to bad effect, or maybe it was his conversation with Habermas .

Written by Seamus Breathnach

Thank you, Seamus, Happy New Year, and stay safe from the Der Papst and his Opus Dei Third Reich!


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