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Opus Dei Benedict XVI deceptions at WYD World Youth Day in Australia

Paris Arrow had the vision of St. Michael the Archangel putting the biggest millstone on the neck of John Paul II at the 2002 WYD World Youth Day in Toronto that is why she created these FREE blogs for the world to read and see the truth. See the John Paul II Millstone No theologians is gifted as she is to see and tell all these hidden sins of the Opus Dei the Opus Satanas on Earth and how they are treating the Jesuits as slaves to carry out their WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA. The Jesuits are like the slaves oaring the ships in medieval ships sitting in chains underneath the ship while the Pope Captain and the “higher men” Opus Dei eunuchs dine on the finest china and eat the best food while the Jesuits eat crumbs that fall from the table. Now the Jesuits must dirty their hands and mouth to pronounce the BIGGEST LIE that John Paul II is a saint and they have no choice or the Pope will dismantle the Society just like he dismantled the Vatican Observatory and the soon snatch the Vatican Radio from their Jesuit hands!

But there is justice and the Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo iceberg at the La Sapienza University in Rome, right in the Vatican own front or back yard! (See January and February 2008 of this weblog).

Really, Benedict XVI and Opus Dei are only concerned with partying in glory like King Herod used to do. And they neglect completely the victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Vatican the Sodom of the 20th century, your days are numbered for you have sacrificed little boys for your pleasure and your glory and you have only accrued wealth of this earth that has no value to the heavenly treasures of the work of the poor as Jon Sobrino and the Jesuits have been doing. Woe to you Opus Dei and Pope Benedict XVI for you will burn in the deepest pit of Hell. You have received your reward on earth with all the glory you have amassed for yourselves. The Jesuits work for my poor brethren and you like the kings of old have killed the prophets whom I have sent among you. Woe to you Opus Dei and Pope Benedict XVI who “play god” changing the host into the body of God when Christ himself refused to turn stone into bread as Satan wanted him to do. Woe to you Opus Dei and Pope Benedict XVI for obeying and imitating Satan’s PRIDE and greed for WORLD DOMINATION!

Pope Benedict "rock star" of World Youth Day in Sydney
July 8, 2008

By Michael Perry

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict arrives in Sydney on Sunday as the headline "rock star" act in the Catholic Church's World Youth Day -- its version of Woodstock, five days of peace, love and Christianity.

Already thousands of young Catholics, nuns and priests from around the world have converged on Sydney, which is treating the July 15-20 event as bigger than the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

"We are looking forward to see what God has in mind for us," said American Wayne Bolduc, as groups of pilgrims, some wearing backpacks with pictures of Jesus, explored Sydney on Thursday.

Organizers are expecting 500,000 pilgrims, but only half that have actually registered so far.

Police have been given extra anti-protest powers so they can arrest anyone annoying pilgrims, some 300 roads have been closed and workers have been told to take holidays or avoid the city.

Elective surgery in some hospitals has been cancelled and extra doctors rostered on in preparation for injuries. Signs warn motorists that overseas pilgrims are not used to cars on the left-hand side of the road and may step in front of traffic.

The city's main horse-racing track, site of the closing gig where hundreds of thousands will gather for a papal mass, has been shut to racing for 10 weeks in preparation.

Organizers and local government authorities say World Youth Day will be a religious and financial windfall, with the event estimated to earn the city up to A$200 million (US$190 million).

But not everyone is happy. The group "No Pope" is planning to hand out condoms in protest at church's doctrine and protest the extra police powers they say crush civil liberties.

Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy plan to protest and call on the Pope to make apologies. There have been 107 convictions for sexual abuse in the Catholic church in Australia.

"I can't confirm or deny that he will talk about it (sexual abuse) but it would not surprise me," Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said in a papal briefing in Rome on Wednesday.


World Youth Day was the brainchild of the late Pope John Paul II who thought a festival which included not only masses and religious events like the stations of the cross, but also music and dance concerts would revitalize the world's Catholic youth.

More than 165 outdoor concerts are planned, from religious music to heavy metal, acid jazz, and rap, say organizers who tag the Pope the "rock star" attraction of World Youth Day.

There will even be an underground mass and the remains of a dead Italian saint have been flown out for pilgrims to inspect.

For the first three days of his visit the Pope, like most rock stars, will resting before his gigs. The Vatican's Lombardi said the Pope will retreat to "recover his vital rhythms."

Inside the Catholic retreat on the outskirts of Sydney, the Pope will rest, pray and play a little piano, said an official from Opus Dei which runs the centre.

"He'll probably play the piano more than do sport. I think it's very much a time of rest and preparation," said Opus Dei communications director Richard Vella.

The Pope's first gig on Thursday July 17 will see him meet the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and travel by boat across Sydney Harbour to greet thousands of young pilgrims, before heading off in the Popemobile through Sydney's CBD.

The church believes that despite Pope Benedict, 81, being the oldest pope elected, he can still engage with young people.

"The goals of World Youth Day are to strengthen the faith and goodness of the young people that are coming," said the head of the Catholic church in Australia, Cardinal George Pell.

"How the Pope will do that is by his presence and teachings, by his praying with us. He is a very fine teacher," said Pell.

Mainstream churches like the Catholic and Anglican struggle to attract worshippers in Australia, unlike small evangelical churches and Buddhism, the fastest growth faith in Australia.

Some 5 million Australians describe themselves as Catholic, but less than one million attend Sunday mass, and the number may have dropped to about 100,000 in the past 5 years.

Anti-Pope fashion parade held ahead of Australian visit

Wed Jul 9, 2:08 AM

SYDNEY (AFP) - Australians protesting against Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Sydney took a creative turn on Wednesday, staging an "annoying" fashion show of T-shirts displaying anti-Catholic slogans.

The show, a response to new laws against causing "annoyance" to pilgrims attending Catholic World Youth day next week, came just a day after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called on all Australians to show the Pope respect.

"They are not from Milan," acknowledged Rachel Evans, spokeswoman of the NoToPope group, as T-shirts featuring slogans such as "The Pope is wrong, put a condom on" were displayed outside the New South Wales state parliament.

Other shirts, which are selling for 20 dollars (19 US), read "Pope go homo", "There is no God" and "Does the history of your church annoy you?"

Among the most graphic was one featuring Benedict XVI standing with arms outstretched but with pointed, red devil ears and a tail superimposed on the image under the slogan "Chief homophobe".

NoToPope, a coalition including Christians, atheists and gay groups, was protesting at new regulations giving police power to stop conduct that "causes annoyance or inconvenience to participants" in World Youth Day.

Failure to comply with the laws can attract a penalty of up to 5,500 dollars, prompting one designer last week to come up with a T-shirt reading "$5,500, a small price to pay for annoying Catholics."

Evans slammed the laws, which will be in force for the duration of the July 15-20 World Youth Day and may threaten a NoToPope rally planned for July 19, during which members plan to hand out condoms to pilgrims.

"This again is an attempt to intimidate people to not come to our rally and say their piece against the Pope," she told reporters.

World Youth Day is a global celebration of the Catholic faith aimed at young people and is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of local and foreign pilgrims.


Australian Catholic leader in sex abuse row before Pope's visit

Tue Jul 8, 3:38 AM

SYDNEY (AFP) - The leader of the Catholic church in Australia Tuesday denied trying to cover up allegations of sex abuse against a priest, just days before Pope Benedict XVI is due to visit for World Youth Day.

Sydney Archbishop Cardinal George Pell acknowledged the latest scandal was an embarrassment ahead of the Pope's trip, during which the pontiff is expected to apologise to victims of predatory priests.

But Pell defended his actions over sex abuse allegations against Father Terence Goodall, which he said had been investigated by the church and police and had resulted in the priest being stood down.

"There was no attempt at a cover-up," he said. "Both sets of allegations against Father Goodall were carried to their conclusions."

The cardinal admitted, however, that a letter he wrote to Anthony Jones, who had accused Goodall of sexual abuse after a swimming session some 20 years earlier, was "badly worded and a mistake."

In the 2003 letter, obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Pell told Jones an internal report did not support his accusation of attempted aggravated sexual assault.

But the internal report, compiled by layman Howard Murray, had in fact accepted all Jones' allegations.

Pell also told Jones there were no other complaints against Goodall.

But in another letter obtained by the ABC and dated the same day, Pell told a second man he accepted his claim that he had been indecently assaulted by Goodall as an altar boy when he was 10 or 11.

"My letter to Mr. Jones was badly worded and a mistake," Pell said.

"I was attempting to inform him that there was no other allegation of rape and I overstated my agreement with Murray, who found all allegations sustained."

Pell said he would not step aside, adding that he hoped the case would not be an issue by the time the Pope arrives in Sydney on Sunday ahead of a global celebration of Catholic youth.

Pell, who pioneered protocols to deal with sexual abuse by the clergy in Australia, agreed that the timing of the case was embarrassing.

"Yes, it is of course," he said.

The issue of sex abuse by priests has dogged the Catholic Church for years and led to Pope Benedict XVI making a historic apology for the actions of child-abusing clergy during a visit to the United States in April.

The Pope is under pressure to apologise for similar actions within the Australian branch of the church during his July 13-21 visit to Sydney.

But Anthony Jones, now 54 and living on a disability pension, said a papal apology would be meaningless.

"What's the point of an apology when the senior ranking titled cleric in the Catholic church of Australia is still covering up sex abuse," he said.
"I believe Cardinal Pell should resign."

Broken Rites, a support group for victims of church-related sexual abuse, says that 107 Catholic priests and religious brothers have been sentenced in Australian courts on sex charges.

But it believes many more cases have gone unreported or have never made it to court because the victims have taken their complaints to the church instead of the police.


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