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Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI cannot change flour into the flesh of Christ at WYD World Youth Day and anyday

"With several masses to attend, 300 kg of flour has been used to make one million Hosts, the wafer consecrated in the celebration of the Eucharist..." Wow one million little flesh of Christ cloned and stem-celled at the speed of sound of the "consecration" by pedophile priests and liar priests and the liar-pope!

Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI cannot change water into wine and he cannot change bread into the body of Christ!

Christ turned the water into wine in Cana -- but the Vicar of Christ and Supreme Pontiff Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI canNOT change water into wine -- and therefore as High Priest Cardinal Ratzinger and Benedict XVI he cannot turn the wine into the Blood of Christ during the Mass -- nor the little host into the Body of God. Satanas has tempted and succeeded the Pope to "be as God by transforming the host into the flesh of God".

No matter how much Opus Dei spin their lies after lies through NCR cafe John Allen the Pinnochio-nose of Opus Dei, Benedict XVI is powerless, Benedict XVI cannot walk on water and Benedict XVI cannot change water into wine and most of all Benedict XVI cannot change the wine into the Blood of Christ nor the host into the body of Christ during Mass. Opus Dei and Benedict XVI are fathers of lies and St? Josemaria Escriba de Balaguer is THE Father of Lies partner of Lucifer. Opus Dei is Opus Satanas!

Origin of Opus Dei Opus Satanas - see www. Opus Dei Alert .com Opus Dei Awareness Network -- exposing the deception of the cult of Opus Dei
John Paul II Millstone
John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leader

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,458 priests - John Paul II & St. Josemaria Escriva de Opus Dei & Benedict XVI


Rapping priest, Catholic pilgrims party in Sydney
Wed Jul 16, 8:45 AM

By Michael Perry
SYDNEY (Reuters) - A rapping priest from New York's Bronx entertained thousands of young pilgrims at Bondi Beach on Wednesday, while acid jazz and Gregorian Chant filled Sydney's Opera House on day two of the Catholic Church's "Woodstock."
More than 200,000 young Catholics in Sydney for World Youth Day, July 15-20, held 250 pray ceremonies in parks and streets around the city and attended music concerts, as they eagerly awaited the first appearance of Pope Benedict on Thursday.
The Pope, who has been resting since arriving in Sydney on Sunday, held morning mass in his retreat and was then introduced to an array of Australian animals.
After a brief description of each animal and its habitat the pontiff patted the animals: a baby kangaroo called a joey, a koala, an echidna, a carpet python, a blue tongue lizard, a frill-neck lizard and a tiny crocodile.
World Youth Day was the brainchild of the late Pope John Paul II who thought a festival which included not only masses and religious events like the stations of the cross, but also music and dance concerts would revitalise the world's Catholic youth.
After 150,000 pilgrims attended WYD's opening mass and late night rock concert on the shores of Sydney Harbour on Tuesday, thousands spread out across Sydney on Wednesday to not only to pray but to continue partying.
"I went to bed late last night and didn't eat enough breakfast," said Australian pilgrim Sam Merryfull, 17, as he rested on a wooden bench. A nun gave him fruit and water.
"The opening mass was great, so many cultures coming together," Merryfull told local media.
More than 165 outdoor concerts will be staged, from religious music to heavy metal, acid jazz and rap.
Some 3,000 pilgrims gathered at Bondi Beach on Wednesday for the "Come to the Water" concert organised by the Franciscans, with the headline act rapping priest Father Stan Fortuna.
On Wednesday night, Italian Christian heavy metal band Metatrone were scheduled to perform in a city park.
But unlike Woodstock on Max Yasgur's farm outside New York in 1969, pilgrims will not go hungry or sleep out in the rain.
Thousands of young Catholics, nuns and priests on Wednesday attended "Aussie BBQs" in schools, churches and homes.
Organisers have prepared 3.5 million meals, 2 million bread rolls, 2.7 million cakes, 1.3 million pieces of fruit and 2.5 million cans of mineral water for pilgrims.
With several masses to attend, 300 kg of flour has been used to make one million Hosts, the wafer consecrated in the celebration of the Eucharist.
Pilgrims will stage an all-night vigil on Saturday at the city's main horse racing track ahead of the final mass by Pope Benedict on Sunday, but for most of WYD they will have a roof over their heads in case Sydney's winter turns nasty.
Around 100,000 are sleeping in 400 churches and school halls, 40,000 in family homes, 10,000 in Sydney's Olympic Park and the rest in paid accommodation.
On Thursday, Pope Benedict will meet Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd before travelling by boat across Sydney Harbour to greet young pilgrims and then travel in his Popemobile through the city's central business district.
Police have launched an Olympic-style security operation for the papal visit, with 300 streets closed and more than 350 "declared zones" where cars and people can be searched.
Sydney's main business thoroughfare, George Street, will be closed to traffic all week, allowing thousands of hymn-singing pilgrims to wander through the city freely.
"The only car we want to see in the city tomorrow is a Popemobile," WYD spokeswoman Kristina Keneally told a news conference. "So if your car is not a Popemobile leave it at home, the Pope wants to see you, not your car."

Sydney transformed by young Catholic pilgrims
Tue Jul 15, 4:46 AM

By Michael Perry
SYDNEY (Reuters) - About 150,000 young pilgrims attended mass on the shores of Sydney Harbor on Tuesday for the Catholic church's biggest youth festival, but protesters plan to rally against Pope Benedict ahead of his outdoor mass on Sunday.
"Too often in the history of the world when young people travel in great numbers to other parts of the world they do so in the cause of war, but you are here as pilgrims of peace," Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Tuesday.
"Some say there is no place for faith in the 21st century, I say they are wrong. You are the light of the world at a time when the world has so much darkness," said Rudd, a practicing Catholic, in welcoming the pilgrims ahead of the mass.
More than 250,000 young Catholics from 176 countries have arrived in Sydney for World Youth Day (WYD), July 15-20, holding not only crucifixes, rosaries and bibles, but national flags draped over their shoulders and guitars.
The Catholic church hopes WYD will revitalize the world's young Catholics at a time when the cult of the individual and consumerism has become big distractions in their daily lives.
"Young friend, God and his people expect much from u because u have within you the Fathers supreme gift: the Spirit of Jesus - BXVI," read the first of the Pope's daily text messages which will be sent out during World Youth Day.
The Pope has said he will apologize during his visit to Australian victims of sexual abuse in the church. Broken Rites, which represents abuse victims, has a list of 107 convictions for church abuse, but says there may be thousands more victims.
Sydney has sometimes been called Australia's Sin City; it has the world's biggest gay and lesbian mardi gras and the country's most notorious redlight district, Kings Cross. But this week Sydney has been swept by a wave of goodness and Christianity.
George Street in the city centre is normally a noisy, congested and stressed-out thoroughfare at lunchtime, but on Tuesday the strip was calm, filled with the sound of hymns and the strumming of guitars and rattling of tambourines.
Thousands of pilgrims walked down George Street, one of 300 streets closed in an Olympic-style security operation. Like fans from rival football teams, each time different national groups met they tried to out sing each other.
"We're singing about how we feel in our heart. We have met a lot of people and have been talking about what Jesus Christ has meant to our lives," said Brazilian pilgrim Rudimar Gouveia.
Australian pilgrim Nazareth Atielza said WYD had transformed the city. "The atmosphere is so much more positive than it was before. On a normal day everyone is busy keeping to themselves but today everyone is saying hi to strangers," said Atielza.
Reflecting the religious fervor in Sydney, "Ratzinger Rules" was spray painted on a war memorial overnight. Josef Ratzinger is the birth name of Pope Benedict. But despite the influx of Catholic pilgrims, Sydney's darker side remained not far from the surface. A Sydney brothel welcomed pilgrims, urging "potential sinners to commit their sins" before the Pope leaves Australia. The brothel offered a 10 percent discount to anyone with a WYD accreditation card.
Australia is a secular society where the Catholic church is struggling to attract worshippers. About 5 million Australians are Catholic, but less than one million attend Sunday mass.
"Don't spend your life sitting on the fence...because only commitments bring fulfillment," Australian Cardinal George Pell told the pilgrims during the opening WYD mass. "To be a disciple of Jesus requires discipline, especially self discipline."
"No Pope" protesters have welcomed young Catholics in Sydney, but plan to hand them coathangers to protest against backyard abortions, condoms to promote safe sex, and stickers with gay themes to promote the rights of homosexuals.
Anti-protest laws imposed for the Pope's Sydney visit this week, which could see protesters arrested for annoying Catholic pilgrims, were ruled unconstitutional by a court on Tuesday.
Under the laws, protesters could have been arrested or fined A$5,500 (US$5,340) for wearing anti-Catholic T-shirts or for handing out condoms.
($1 = A$1.03)


The world is amazing. Despite evidence that this church helped send millions to their grave during the holocaust, not only raped children but murdered their souls, then refused to take responsibility for years and even hid priests and helped them escape punishment the ignorant still flock to see this drag queen. In the coming years between now and 2012 things are going to come to light that will make the aforementioned look like nothing. All things hidden will and are being revealed.


When is the Catholic church going to wake up? How many countries and people does the pope need to apologise to about sexual abuse? How can anyone trust a priest with their kids? The whole thing makes me sick. If I lived in Australia I would be among the protesters handing out condoms.

La B

my priest put jam on his wiener, mmmmmmmmmmmm jam

jeff d

"The Catholic church hopes WYD will revitalize the world's young Catholics at a time when the cult of the individual and consumerism has become big distractions in their daily lives." Haha! Anyone in Sydney right now knows that the merch tent is larger than ever and is the only place where non-pilgrims are openly welcome! Anyone for an "I love Jesus" t-shirt?

mega friend


Benedict XVI pet koala and party in Sydney while parents of victims mourn the clergy abuse he covered up for 27 years.

By Kristen Gelineau, The Associated Press

SYDNEY, Australia - Pope Benedict petted a koala and met other Australian native animals Wednesday during a low-key second day of a Catholic youth festival that has brought thousands of pilgrims to Sydney.
The Pope, enjoying a final day of rest before joining the events on Thursday, held prayers at a private retreat Wednesday, then viewed some native Australian animals brought to him by wildlife officers, including a wallaby, a baby crocodile and a spiky echidna. He petted a koala, scratching it briefly behind the ear and smiling.
The World Youth Day celebration offered a relaxed schedule on Wednesday, beginning with "time for silence for reflection," according to the pilgrims' official handbook. The faithful attended barbecues at hundreds of venues around the city, browsed through souvenir shops and participated in a pilgrimage walk to St. Mary's Cathedral downtown. In the evening, a beach party at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach was to feature a rapping American priest.
Pilgrims also received the second of daily mobile phone text messages from Benedict: "The Holy Spirit gave the Apostles and gives u the power boldly 2 proclaim that Christ is risen! - BXVI."
Australian fauna was also on the minds of some of the crowds of pilgrims who celebrated together at traditional Aussie fry-ups in the city.
"Is it kangaroo? Because I can't do that," said Carol Stockley from New Jersey as she overlooked meat sizzling on a hot plate at St. Benedict's Catholic Church in the city. "But we'll try the sausages."
At Notre Dame University, hundreds of pilgrims relaxed in a courtyard, posed for pictures with a life-sized cutout of the Pope and munched on Tim Tams (Australian cookies) and lamingtons, local favourite coconut sponge cakes.
Sister Mariam Caritas of New York City chewed on a sausage and giggled with fellow nuns as she enjoyed her first Australian barbecue.
"I've never had so much fun in my life!" she declared.
Nearly 250,000 people registered for World Youth Day, more than half from overseas. The scale of the event was revealed when pilgrims arrived in droves and gathered along a waterfront Tuesday near the landmark Sydney Harbor Bridge for a twilight Mass, beginning with a procession of groups from 168 countries waving their national flags.
Their joy has not been matched by everyone. Sydney residents and commuters have had to deal with street closures and bus route detours while the pilgrims have filled the city for days, recognizable by their official yellow, red and orange backpacks and their cheerful greetings and outbursts of song.
As one group of faithful walked down the street belting out a cheerful rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" Wednesday, irritated drivers trying to navigate the city's largely blocked-off downtown roads leaned on their horns. One pilgrim steadily blowing on a whistle to lead his group along a sidewalk drew a sour look and grumble from a woman walking past.
Benedict has been resting at a retreat on Sydney's outskirts. He is to move to the grounds of St. Mary's Cathedral, an imposing gothic-style church that is one of Australia's oldest and largest, later Wednesday, marking the end of his semi-vacation.
On Thursday, he will receive a traditional aboriginal welcome and tour Sydney's harbour by boat before delivering a major address to pilgrims. A papal mass on Sunday before thousands at a racetrack in the city is scheduled to end the proceedings.


Yeah storm. I was raised as a catholic and witnessed first hand what those priests did. I can't believe anyone would defend them and then think an apology should make us all feel better. Nothing they can do now will ever make me believe in religion or god. How can any religion defend pedophiles. Just ask the natives here in Canada (or anywhere) what these representatives of god did to them.

I am catholic, and I find this religion turned into a bunch of child molesting licenses and sorry Pope, I refuse to acknowledge your apology, it does nothing to wipe out all the evil this church and others have done to people over the centuries.Thankfully, I was a smart enough kid to recognize the sex abuser priest that was in our parish. Your apology will never get me back, and I'm sad that by saying sorry that you try to poison another generation with any vile religion. ISLAM included.
The Storm

Good for him. Mind you, John Paul declared polluting to be a sin, and that still did diddly squat. Let's face it, Christians love to sin, after all, they only have to ask for forgiveness afterwards and its all good.


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