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Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI the “False Idol of WYD World Youth Day” in Australia

Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI the “False Idol of WYD World Youth Day” in Australia

As usual Benedict XVI is the contemporary of Lucifer basking in narcissistic self-idolatry and deceiving the youth and Catholics today in Australia. He said in his first speech: "Our world has grown weary of greed, exploitation and division, of the tedium of false idols and piecemeal responses, and the pain of false promises," the pope said after a welcoming ceremony by Aborigines in tribal paint. (AFP)

Action speaks louder than words. What Benedict XVI wasn’t saying but was acting out is that he and Opus Dei are the perfect picture of greed of Satan’s WORLD DOMINATION with Pope John Paul II and St. Josemaria Escriva as their false gods and that the new “Word of the Lord” is John Paul II's writings. Anyone who criticizes John Paul II like El Salvador’s Jesuit Jon Sobrino is already silenced. The next in line to be silenced is Tom Doyle who is already “not welcomed” by Archbishop Burke in St. Louis.

What Benedict XVI wasn’t saying is that the victims -- of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army whose crimes he covered up for more than 27 years -- are tired of his “piecemeal responses” and piecemeal apologies and the “pain of false promises” which he tells the world. He apologize and expresses "shame" but he parties like King Herod with dancing and the false "flesh of Christ" in the Eucharist.

Benedict XVI “piecemeal” responses to clergy absue is astounding: Cardinal Bernard Law still sits as the archpriest at the St. Mary Maggiore and the worst crops of Cardinals and Bishops of admitted priests-pedophiles still sit in glory as the false idols of Catholics in many dioceses especially in the United States.


The Pope speaks against "human greed"...Wow!!! In the Bible, Satan tempted Jesus a third time by taking Him on top of the temple's pinnacle & showed Him all the kingdoms of the world then said-"Worship me and I shall give you all these for they belong to me."(something like that). Jesus refused!!! But somewhere in time the Church said-"We'll take that offer!!!" (Astor)

And yet another apology from the Catholic Church for raping and pillaging it's parishioners. There are three main things wrong with the Catholic Church. #1 - Celibacy = sexual abuses #2 - misogyny = hatred and mistrust of women #3 GREED - ever see the volumes of books that show the treasures that the Vatican has stolen over the years? It is with great pleasure that I watch the crumbling and hopefully soon the demise of this organization. (sf)

greed? the leader of the catholic church should talk about greed?? have you seen some of the wealth embedded in the vatican?? how about those church ceilings?? this crumbling bastion of male secrecy and wealth is apologising for sexual abuse in yet another country. it is very satisfying to see their numbers drop and theirs dollars fly into the court process. they have done so much damage it will certainly go down in history. people will find their own way. good riddance.

"The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe." If the pope cares so much about the youth losing its hope on how seeing so much poverty in the world affects them, perhaps they could offer more than bibles and porridge in underdeveloped nations. Jesus isn't fond of the rich, I'm told. (Jeff M)

· That's of little consolation when the catholic hierarchy refuses to purge itself of the hundreds of sex offenders and higher ranking clergy who are aiders and abettors to the crimes committed. Suicide is considered a grave sin within the church, which makes them culpable for the murders of those kids who took their own life because they were raped. Many priests should face murder charges as well as rape and molestation. Have you expperienced the system in action?? You have NO IDEA!! (her)

"desperate for $" is dead on! when there's a mass exodus of catholic revenue source and a dwindling revenue stream, you say and do anything to prop up the bottom line which is all about THE BUSINESS. While the governments monetize their debt and hyperinflate the economy driving prices of everything to the moon, church business will suffer all the more and people's faith in a prosperity gospel will be debunked and exposed for the scam that it is. The spirit of anti-christ is gaining momentum now. (her)

Everyone should see "Deliver Us From Evil". The current pope was also granted immunity by George Bush so he wouldn't have to testify to what he knew about his sodomites in America................ Disgusting. (Mike)

· the pope is apologizing NOW........ the vatican had zillions of opportunities to only apologize and right that which the church protected for years - funny that the catholic church has the absolulte nerve to cast people away who sin but their own - they protect, lie for and only b/c they're desperate for $ does this apology series come now - to the young people who weren't affected by the sins of the fathers at church! SHAME (Mar)

What's a "crock" is that the "great men of the earth", the BUSINESS ELITE, the bankers,the politicians that they own, the movers and shakers that control and own the majority of the world's real estate, resources and wealth----they are NOT RELIGIOUS at all. They are responsible for the vast majority of wars, some ostensibly under the banner of religion but in reality, over land, resource, GOLD and people. The truth is hard to accept even for the aetheist. (her) any version of the can read Mark 13:5-6 as follows: "And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you; 6 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." The question now that this is one verse priests don't want you to know is becoming extremely difficult to answer...for me. (Spi)

All religions are fairytales for weak people. This pope helped cover-up the sexually abuse of children now he apologizes and says it is all wrong? When did he change his mind? He ought to tell his members to plead guilty and testify to the truth and go to jail for life and pay billions in damages. The Catholic Church has blood on its hands. (rogers)

Links: Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI cannot change water into wine or the host into the flesh of God

Opus Dei Opus Satanas - see www. Opus Dei Alert .com Opus Dei Awareness Network -- exposing the deception of the cult of Opus Dei
John Paul II Millstone -

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leader

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,458 priests - John Paul II & St. Josemaria Escriva de Opus Dei & Benedict XVI


Pope issues tough warning over pop culture, environment

Thu Jul 17, 7:06 AM

SYDNEY (AFP) - Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday warned Catholics of the perils of pop culture and pillaging the earth's resources after a rapturous welcome at the world's biggest Christian festival in Australia.

Speaking against the spectacular backdrop of Sydney's famous harbour, the pontiff told hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in Australia's biggest and trendiest city that "something is amiss" in modern society.

"Our world has grown weary of greed, exploitation and division, of the tedium of false idols and piecemeal responses, and the pain of false promises," the pope said after a welcoming ceremony by Aborigines in tribal paint.

Benedict told a vast sea of youths from around the world, gathered under a forest of national flags for World Youth Day, that humanity was squandering the earth's resources to satisfy its insatiable appetite for material goods.

In one of his strongest-ever messages on the environment , the pope spoke poetically of his 20-hour flight from Rome to Australia, saying the wondrous views from his plane evoked a profound sense of awe.

But the 81-year-old pontiff told his young audience that the planet's problems were also easier to perceive from the sky.

"Perhaps reluctantly, we come to acknowledge that there are scars which mark the surface of our earth -- erosion, deforestation, the squandering of the world's mineral and ocean resources in order to fuel an insatiable consumption," he said.

Earlier, shouts of "Viva, Papa" rang out over the harbour as a "boat-a-cade" of 13 vessels led by a water-spouting fire tug and flanked by bodyguards on jet skis glided past Sydney's iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge en route to the pope's World Youth Day debut.

Benedict arrived in Sydney last Sunday, but took a four-day holiday before beginning his formal duties, which end with a papal mass expected to draw 500,000 people on Sunday.

Ahead of his public appearance, he was welcomed by Governor-General Michael Jeffery, the representative of Australia's head of state, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

In a brief speech at the ceremony at Sydney's Government House, the pontiff hailed Rudd's apology to Aborigines for past injustices in an historic address to parliament in February.

"Thanks to the Australian government's courageous decision to acknowledge the injustices committed against the indigenous peoples in the past, concrete steps are now being taken to achieve reconciliation based on mutual respect," Benedict said.

"This example of reconciliation offers hope to peoples all over the world who long to see their rights affirmed and their contribution to society acknowledged and promoted."

But there was some confusion over whether the pope would deliver an apology of his own -- to Australian victims of sex abuse by Catholic clergymen, as the scandal cast a shadow over the festival.

Benedict indicated to journalists on his plane on the way to Australia that he would apologise but a Vatican official late Wednesday raised doubts over the issue.

The angry parents of two Australian girls sexually abused by a Catholic priest urged Benedict not to back away from his apparent pledge to apologise.

"I can't really understand why they're backpedalling on that," said Anthony Foster, as he and his wife Christine flew into Sydney after cutting short a holiday in London.

The Fosters' daughter Emma committed suicide this year aged 26, after struggling to deal with abuse by a priest while she was at primary school.

Her sister Katie was also abused and turned to alcohol in her teens before being involved in a motor accident which left her brain-damaged.

Rudd, a committed Christian who attends Anglican services, told the pope that he was welcomed by Australians of all faiths "as an apostle of peace."

The pope later toured the city in his bullet-proof "popemobile" through thousands of cheering, flag-brandishing pilgrims and bemused locals heading home from work.

World Youth Day, a celebration of the Catholic faith aimed at rejuvenating the church, has been held in a different host city around the world every two or three years since 1986.
Sex abuse scandal flares as pope prepares for youth festival
Wed Jul 16, 8:23 AM

SYDNEY (AFP) - The scandal over child sex abuse by Catholic priests flared again Wednesday as Pope Benedict XVI prepared to take centre stage at the world's biggest Christian festival in Sydney.
While more than 200,000 young pilgrims attended beach concerts, barbecues and religious classes, the pope and the head of the Australian church, Cardinal George Pell, faced the parents of two victims of abuse.
The pilgrims are in Sydney for World Youth Day celebrations, which will be led by the pope from Thursday at the end of his four-day holiday at a retreat on Sydney's outskirts.
But the scandal over sex abuse by clergymen has partly overshadowed the festival, despite the pope's pledge on Sunday to apologise to victims as he did in the United States in April.
And in a move that could further complicate the papal visit, the pontiff's spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, cast doubt on the form of the pope's planned statement, expected on Saturday.
"I draw your attention to the term 'apology' that journalists are using," Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, told a press conference late Wednesday.
"The pope in the plane (to Australia) spoke of the problems of sexual abuse but I don't think he said he would apologise and I advise you to listen to what the pope says" when he raises the issue, he said, without elaborating.
The pontiff was however clear when he told journalists he would examine how the church can "prevent, heal and reconcile" the past crimes of the clergy.
"This is the essential content of what we will say as we apologise," the pope had said.
The father of two girls abused by a Melbourne priest, one of whom committed suicide, meanwhile said he and his wife were on their way back to Australia from Europe to confront the church over its attitude to paedophilia.
Anthony Foster told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. he would not accept an apology unless the pontiff also changed the way the church and its lawyers dealt with victims of sex abuse.
"I want them to set up a system which provides lifetime help to victims, a system where they beg forgiveness of the victims," he said.
Foster said he planned to make a public statement when he arrived and would demand a response from the pope and Pell.
He said he hoped the pope would grant him an audience to hear his demands, but added: "I should not have to try to see them. They should be coming to us to beg our forgiveness."
Foster's daughter Emma committed suicide this year aged 26, after struggling to deal with having been repeatedly abused by a senior Catholic priest while she was at primary school, ABC said.
Her sister Katie was also abused and turned to alcohol in her teens before being left brain-damaged after being hit by a car while drunk, the broadcaster reported.
The priest involved, Father Kevin O'Donnell, died in 1997 after serving time in jail for multiple sex offences, but the Fosters had to fight an eight-year legal battle for compensation from the church, ABC said.
World Youth Day coordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher angered the parents by telling reporters that most people were focusing on the positive aspects of the event "rather than dwelling crankily as a few people are doing on old wounds".
The Fosters told Australian news website from Tokyo's Narita airport that they were deeply hurt by the bishop's "very insensitive" comments.
The remarks showed "a complete lack of understanding of the victims, that there are so many people out there that really do have open wounds", said the girls' father.
Pell described the story of Emma Foster as "tragic", saying he had apologised to her and her family in 1998.
"I met with her parents. We offered them some financial help. We also offered them counselling," he told reporters.
The pope, who Lombardi said was likely to address the issue of sexual abuse Saturday while meeting with bishops and Australian novices, left his semi-rural retreat for St Mary's Cathedral House in central Sydney late Wednesday.
The 81-year-old pontiff, who has been recovering from jet-lag after the 20-hour flight from Rome, will make his formal arrival in Sydney in a 14-vessel "boat-a-cade" on the harbour on Thursday.
He is expected to be welcomed by crowds on spectator craft and harbourside vantage points before disembarking and addressing a gathering of some 150,000 pilgrims.
He will then take to his more traditional "Popemobile" for a tour of the city streets, which are expected to be lined with up to 500,000 people, organisers say.


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