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Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI hold knife on throat of the Jesuits: Do the cause of canonization of John Paul II or I dismantle you

Finally, the Opus Dei and Benedict XVI has a big knife ready to cut the throat of the Society of Jesus that if they do not do what the Opus Dei tell them to, they will be "silenced" like Jon Sobrino, forbidden to speak, write and public anything Catholic in all Catholic venues, schools, chuches, organizations, etc. The knife is close to the vein of the throat of the new Father General Alfonso, and the Jesuits are under the threat of suppression again unless they do all the dirty job that the Opus Dei want them to do and this time it is the dirty job to "approve the canonization of John Paul II". This gotta be the dirtiest job ever that St. Ignatius from his grave would prefer that the Society be disbanded than sell the Jesuit's soul to the Devil St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer de Satanas.

Opus Dei Benedict XVI today appointed a Jesuit to head the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and this Jesuit is a professor at the Gregorian University in Rome which the Opus Dei want to dismantle like they did with the Jesuit's Vatican Observatory last January. Note that John Paul II as Fr. Karol Woytila was rejected by the Gregorian University because he didn't "qualify' and this rejection made him hate the Jesuits to the marrow of his bone in addition to the hatred that St. Josemaria Escriva already inculcated in him

St. Ignatius wrote in the constitution of the Jesuits that a Jesuit must not seek or agree to be a cardinal or bishop - because St. Ignatius saw in live action at the Vatican the corruption of the Popes and Cardinals and Bishops and he knew what Dante saw in Paradise Lost that "the roads of Hell are paved with the skull of Bishops, Cardinals and Popes".

St. Ignatius knew the many sins of the papacy and he tried his best to protect his men from falling into their evil hands. (See The Papal Sin by Garry Wills) He insisted of getting the Spiritual Exercises to be "approved by the Pope" because he knew that the Pope and the Church would benefit from it even simply by reading it (before approving it).

St. Ignatius saw the corruptions at the Vatican but nothing that happened then compares to the worst sins of priest-pedophilia crying to heaven today, worse than Sodom and Gomorrha and the Vatican is soon to disappear from the face of the earth like Sodom. Those wealthy Opus Dei eunuchs and the pathetic ugly old German natzi-RAT-pope Benedict XVI won't be able to escape in their pretty red shoes.

Why is it that John Paul II and Benedict XVI has never concelebrated Mass with the Jesuits at the Gesu Church which is only a stone throw away from the Vatican where the Pope resides? Because Opus Dei Opus Satanas St. Josemaria Escrva decreed it.

At the 35th General Congregation when 225 Jesuits from around the world went to Rome, Benedict XVI did not even offer them tea, coffee or biscuit? What kind of a father would not welcome his sons after a long voyage and before sending them off again to far-flung mission places where Opus Dei fear to tread and dare not dirty their red papal shoes?

And now Benedict XVI will fly to Australia to celebrate Mass with Catholic youths and he couldnot celebrate one single Mass with the Jesuits who were only a few feet near the Vatican?

With the Opus Dei St. Josemaria Escriva ruling the Vatican and the church from his grave in Hell, the Pope has to cover-up the Opus Dei Octopus Dei beast at the Vatican by putting Jesuits in the frontline.

The Pope's public secretary is Lombardi, a Jesuit who was the Director of the Vatican Radio. But of course, the lover-30 years younger private secretary of Benedict XVI is the one calling all the shots -- and Lombardi is merely the loudspeaker -- powerless and a puppet.

So now as the Opus Dei prepares to take over the Vatican Radio by preparing thousands of TV and radio students at the Opus Dei Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, a Jesuit is the "public secretary" of the Pope is all for show to DECEIVE the world.

Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei are masters of cunning and deception as they have done for the past 27 years in the cover-up of the crimes of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

And again to cover-up the multitude of sins of Jean-Paul II, they want a Jesuit to do the dirty work of “approving” the canonization of John Paul II -- making it appear as if the Jesuits and the Opus Dei are now one big family.

Of course, John Allen the Pinocchio-nose journalist-liar of Opus Dei will have a field day cooking up lies after lies in his ncr cafe about this Opus Dei Jesuit orchestrated acrobatic acts all manipulated by the Opus Dei beastly greed for WORLD DOMINATION. Lucifer Satan and St. Josemaria Escriva are partners in WORLD DOMINATION and Opus Dei will use and manipulate anyone to achieve power.

The greatest proof of the hatred of the Opus Dei and Benedict XVI is the fact that Pope Benedict XVI did not celebrate ONE single Mass with the 225 Jesuits when they were in Rome for 90 days at their 35th General Congregation. We waited to point this out because we wanted to make sure that history has been cast, the die is cast, and the Opus Dei and Benedict XVI cannot undo-this fact and this incontrovertible proof. Not even Pinocchio-nose journalist-liar John Allen can undo this fact .

But the Jesuits are missing nothing from the non-papal Mass in Rome because really the Eucharist is the Sacrament of Satan making the Opus Dei priests and Pope “play God” transforming a little piece of host into the “body of Christ” through the deception of the liturgy that is so insane and satanic!

Christ refused to “turn stone into bread” when Satan tempted him but the Pope and Opus Dei are playing gods by “turning the host into the flesh” of Christ! Opus Dei is Opus Satanas and Opus Lucifer!

The world will be deceived again as a Jesuit will "approve" the canonization of John Paul II -- all under the threat of the Pope and Opus Dei Dei who are holding a knife ready to slit the throat of the new Father General Alfonso Nicolas. Opus Dei is not capable and smart enough to be astronomers and therefore the Pope dismantle the Vatican Observatory. Imagine, now that the astronomers are beginning to discover other similar “earths”, the Jesuit astronomers had to be executed – alive! This is one of the greatest proofs of Opus Dei hatred for the Jesuits.

Poor Jesuits, they are puppets, elephants on a leash. They have to do what the Opus Dei and the Pope tells them to do or they all end up like Jon Sobrino -- silenced by the Opus Dei Bishop in El Salvador. A poor Jesuit who has given all his life to the poor in El Salvador has to be silenced in his old age. The Opus Dei Bishop who lives in the Bishops Palace and do not care to dirty his hands and feet to work with the poor people in El Salvador had the hatred to “behead” Jon Sobrino.


Pope names new head of saint-making office, picks Jesuit for doctrinal post

Wed Jul 9, 2:16 PM

By The Associated Press

VATICAN CITY - The Catholic Church's saint-making office has a new chief and is handling fast-track efforts that could lead to the canonization of Pope John Paul II.

The Vatican says Pope Benedict has appointed 70-year-old Msgr. Angelo Amato, the No. 2 in the Holy See's office safeguarding doctrinal orthodoxy, as prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The current head, 76-year-old Jose Cardinal Saraiva Martins, has retired.

Meanwhile, Benedict has named a Spanish Jesuit theologian, Rev. Luis Ladaria, to replace Amato at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican watchdog body for doctrinal orthodoxy. Ladaria, 64, is a professor of doctrinal theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

John Paul died in 2005 after a nearly 27-year pontificate.

Shortly afterward, Benedict put the Polish pope on the fast track for possible sainthood by waiving the customary five-year waiting period before work can begin to determine a candidate's suitability


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