Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Benedict XVI the Catholic Harry Potter

Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei run the magic superstition school for Catholic priests: By saying a formula during the Consecration of the Mass, the flour or Host is transubstantiated into the “real flesh of Christ”, now that is the epitome of magic on the planet Earth! Hocus pocus on the flesh of God, who is in Heaven, planets away. We can't even reach the moon and here are Catholic priests reaching God-in-Heaven, bringing his flesh back to Christ-on-Earth after he has resurrected by transforming flour into his flesh! The Sacrament of the Eucharist is total insanity, Vatican Trinity insanity, John Paul II insanity, Benedict XVI insanity, Opus Dei insanity!

While Harry Potter and his school mates learned some magic tricks in their school in England, the British have a fair judgement and defend Sarah Palin . American should pay attention to this article that dismisses all Obama and Opus Dei media-LIES about Sarah Palin.


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