Saturday, September 13, 2008

Opus Dei & Benedict XVI pathological liars

Opus Dei & Benedict XVI pathological liars

There are many proofs that Opus Dei and Benedict XVI are pathological liars but they are very subtle proofs like a python lurking behind on its prey or an Octopus Dei beast below the ocean but they are there.

1. The first biggest proof they are pathological liars is that Opus Dei and Benedict XVI covered-up the EXISTENCE of priest-pedophilia when they controlled the 26 years papacy of John Paul II. They hid these priest-pedophilia-heinous crimes with the threat of excommunication to any priest who would dare bring it out and discuss about it. Cardinal Bernard Law and Cardinal Mahony are two of the most nototrious Cardinals.

“No one goes to the father except though me” was Opus Dei eunuch a.k.a. “numerary” Joaquin Navarro-Valls’ modus operandi – it is a historical fact that he and Opus Dei concocted John Paul II’s papacy as “great and pure” and that he “succeeded” in everything he did and in order to do this they had to “act as if” priest-pedophilia was non-existent. They refused the pleas from victims and most of all from Fr. Tom Doyle who presented John Paul II with the most scholarly findings of priest-pedophilia in Louisiana, New Orleans in 1985 and many advocates like SNAP.

2. The second biggest proof that Opus Dei and Benedict XVI are pathological liars is Mother Teresa’s website in the homepage of the official Opus Dei website. Opus Dei did nothing for Mother Teresa and her nuns from its conception up to today. It is the Jesuits who were with Mother Teresa while she was still at the convent, who helped her in her retreat that decided her call to leave the cloister, who helped her find her first house with two first followers, etc. and who say Mass for her daily for her nuns and who help her have more vocations by being the spiritual directors to these nuns.

3. The third biggest proof is Opus Dei’s exclusive use of Latin – the “most sacred language” -to be used in the Sacrament of the Eucharist for their most elite members the numeraries

Numeraries are eunuchs equivalent to nuns and brothers practising poverty, chastity and obedience while working as lay people, mostly doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers and holding the highest offices in governments, these are the elite soldiers of Opus Dei in their WORLD DOMINATION Agenda.

The use of Latin is like a drug that makes the Opus Dei feel they are “superior” than the rest of Catholics who merely say and attend Mass in their vernacular languages.

Latin is a big lie because Christ never spoke Latin and his mother Mary always spoke in the vernacular language of the seer she was appearing to – in Lourdes, in Guadalupe and in Fatima.

Opus Dei are smart in concocting lies and are smart lawyers and doctors but they are not smart when it comes to the science of Astronomy like the Jesuits are and therefore they closed down the Jesuit-run Vatican Observatory. Opus Dei are smart in parroting laws and Latin but they cannot deal with creative theology and dealing with the poor like the Jesuits and therefore they suppress the Jesuits and all others who criticize the papacy and the Opus Dei style of governing – like the Jesuit Jon Sobrino, the hero of our weblogs.

The fourth biggest proof that Opus Dei and Benedict XVI are pathological lairs is their claim for the “daily Eucharist meal” of eating the “real flesh” from the flour or Host of Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI could not even celebrate ONE single Mass with the 225 Jesuits from around the world in their once-in-a-lifetime meeting with him at the Vatican and their 35th General Congregation. That’s because St. Josemaria Escriva HATED the Jesuits that he said that he’s rather see his daughters die a million death than have a Jesuit administer to them the Sacrament….

Therefore, obeying his master St. Jsoemaria Escriva, Pope Benedict XVI did not celebrate one single Mass with the Jesuits before he deployed them to the farthest ends of the earth where he and the Opus Dei would not bother to go to or dirty their shoes and hands on.

Therefore with this “daily Eucharist” required for all Opus Dei members, they claim superiority over the 1.2 billion Catholics who do not go to daily Mass. But of course, the Eucharist is the greatest lie of Satan who tempted Adam and Eve to “eat of the fruit” so that they will “become like God”…and Opus Dei members by eating the flesh of God believe and act as if they are gods themselves. They treat St. Josemaria and John Paul II as their gods and they will silence their critics like Jon Sobrino and close down websites and blogs who critics them. But Our Lady of Guadalupe is watching over our weblogs and has cursed Opus Dei for abusing her image by putting the image of St., Josemaria Escriva on her medals and rosaries.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is being mocked everyday and every minute by Opus Dei. In her image she has a black sash which means she is pregnant with child.

But Opus Dei overpowers Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe by claiming to transform mere flour-into-flesh – of Christ, the child which she had to bore for 9 months – but whose flesh is invoked by the words of “transubstantiation” especially in Latin hocus pocus by Opus Dei and Benedict XVI.


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