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The « 'reverence' for priests » harbours and perpetuates priest pedophilia. 9 Apostolic Visitors to Ireland to re-enforce (fairy tale) Holy Communion

So we are right on the money, Benedict XVI dispatches to Ireland 9 Apostolic Visitors – all who are ignorant and indifferent to “secular crimes’ especially pedophile priests crimes, and they know only and will propagate only the “quickie forgiveness of sins” of pedophile priests, see We are right in our predictions as affirmed by Irish news today that the 9 Apostolic Visitors to Ireland handpicked by Benedict XVI have only one mission –one sole purpose - that is, to glorify Benedict XVI, the theocratic ruler of the Vatican – through theology, the Vatican doctrines, Catholic Catechism and the fictitious Eucharist. The 9 papal envoys include, Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley of Boston, Cardinal Emeritus of Westminister, Cormac Murphy O’Connor, retired leader of English Catholicism, the Archbishop of Toronto Canada, the Most Reverend Terrence Thomas Prendergast, Archbishop of Ottawa, Thomas Christopher Collins. How impressive that they are the archbishops of Westminster, England; Boston, Toronto and Ottawa. Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, is the apostolic visitor for the Irish seminaries, for the broader issue of priestly formation. Two nuns were chosen to handle the religious institutes for women.

One Apostolic Visitor for one specific (vast geographical) area, what can they do within a few days – "to investigate and eradicate a century of pedophile priests crimes in Ireland" -- which the Ryan and Murphy Reports have already done well in advance of their Apostolic visit? Nothing really. It’s all for show. Crocodile tears show.

The Pope and the Vatican have been master deceivers for 2,000 years and so they still are today in the 21st century. And they use the « 'reverence' for priests » as their best shield and weapon for their deceptions. This « 'reverence' for priests » kept children from defying their sodomy experiences by pedophile priests for decades and prevented them from reporting them to their parents. This « 'reverence' for priests » puts priests in a pedestal as “representatives of God”, when they are as ordinary as any other secular men. And now Benedict XVI will reinforce this « 'reverence' for priests » so that he and priests can continue their deceptions and to preserve the theocratic powers of the pope and the Vatican trillion dollars Bank.

The Vatican and Benedict XVI send these 9 Apostolic Visitors with one goal in mind. Whatever their programs, agenda and schedule are, they are already carrying prepared speeches by the Vatican CDF. These 9 Apostolic Visitors in Ireland during the “short duration” of their “visit” will glorify Benedict XVI and safeguard the Vatican Bank.

Why to glorify Benedict XVI and the Vatican (Bank)?

These religious groups have their multi-millions dollars assets invested in the Vatican Bank. And the “Roman Pontiff is the summit of the Catholic Church” as the Jesuit’s bad examples have shown us for over 450 years. Don’t forget that when Ignatius went to Rome to form his first “Companions of Jesus”, they made their vow of chastity (celibacy) and special extra Jesuit “Vow to the Pope’ who had already 3 illegitimate children residing at the Vatican. That is one of the biggest Jesuit hypocrisy – that these smart men would make a vow of chastity to a pope who was himself not chaste and thus was a traitor to his vow of chastity and was living an active sexual life with different partners at the Vatican. No wonder, Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger now Benedict XVI could condone and cover-up tens of thousands of pedophile priests because the popes themselves are criminals at the Vatican, but Jesuits and all 1.1 billion Catholics will always put them above “secular laws”. See our related article: Sins and crimes are not synonymous. Sinners and criminals are not one and the same

Penance is not justice; penitence is inequality to the lifetime suffering of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

The Jesuits (and all Catholic religious) continue today to put the Pope “above the law” of the Church and above the laws of the secular world, and the Vatican Bank can buy those who are not Catholics like Obama, see Vatican buys Obama's soul and he quashes US litigation against Holy See Now the Opus Dei have taken over the papacy and they controlled the 26 years papacy of John Paul II and the election of Ratzinger.

Jesuits have their fair share of pedophile priests; one of them was a personal “Spiritual Director” for Mother Teresa and her congregation of nuns in India. See Jesuits are bad examples as Pope Loyalists; Fr. Federico Lombardi is puppet Public Secretary For one century as the Jesuits suffered the Jesuit Suppression by the sinful popes, but they continued to serve and put the pope “above secular laws.” Popes murdered (and plundered all their assets) the Jesuits by sending out to sea where hundreds of Jesuits died at sea because they had no countries to land to - because the Supreme Power of the Pope ordered those Catholic countries not to receive the Jesuits. See the movie The Mission with Robert de Niro. The Jesuits are a bad example of co-dependency like some women who would stick to their husbands even if they beat them to death. The Jesuits continue to serve the Pope in Rome as their Supreme Pontiff and Master, Vicar of Christ. Imagine the Vicar of Christ is a mass murderer, the popes were also pillagers in Jerusalem and they killed the entire population of Muslims in the streets of Jerusalem during the Catholic Crusade (the bloods were up to one’s knees as one walked in the streets of Jerusalem).

So now Benedict XVI is dispatching to Ireland his 9 horsemen (2 are nuns) to reinforce this “Pope is above the law” by segueing the priest pedophilia to other fickle issues of Benedict XVI which are the papal ban on birth control, the admission of divorced Catholics living with new partners to the sacraments -- especially Eucharist or Holy Communion.

This fairy tale of the Eucharist that the Pope and priests are the only capable men to transform the little host into the flesh of the God is worst than Harry Potter magic and witchcraft. Benedict XVI and priests cannot even say “Let there be light” and there was light, priests, Bishops and Cardinals cannot say, “Let there be rain” and rain fell over the Vatican, so they are the biggest liars on the planet, Benedict XVI is using the Bible and theology to claim he to be the “Summit” and theocratic ruler of 1.2 billion Catholics. See our expose on the fantasy of the Eucharist Magisterium Benedict VERSUS Holy Mary: Priests' transubstantiation instant reincarnation of Christ VERSUS Mary’s 9 months pregnancy& child birth

As long as (1) our own Boston criminal Cardinal Bernard Law sits as Archpriest of the St. Mary Major Basilica, “the mother of all basilicas in Rome”, and (2) there is no Catholic Registry of pedophile priests to warn parents and altar boys and girls of predator priests amidst their environment and Catholic parishes, Benedict XVI and his horsemen are ALL HYPOCRITES serving only the Pope and the Vatican trillion dollar Bank, that is God and Mammon. There are currently more than 600 pedophile priests roaming free to sodomize other little boys in the streets and churches of Los Angeles protected by billionaire Cardinal Mahony.

9 Apostolic Visitors to Ireland will cry a few crocodile tears for the victims of pedophile priests and go on trying to perpetuate the LIES of the Catholic Church, the fairy tale and witchcraft of the Eucharist or Holy Communion, see Benedict XVI has no power to say « Let there be God » in the Eucharist just like he has no power to say « Let there be light » in Genesis See John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army expands into Ireland &John Paul is elevated as "Venerable"... only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified

So we trust in Our Lady of Fatima who predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima that the Vatican will disappear like smoke on the ground and all that greedy wealth of John Paul II’s, with his favourite cash cow and pedophile priest, Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, and his John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army , see, will have brought the extinction of the papacy and the Vatican. SNAP and the poor hundreds of thousands of victims of pedophile priests are little victims with no money and manpower like the infallible almighty Pope. So it is now in God’s hands and St. Michael the Archangel. We shall reveal soon Paris Arrow’s vision at World Youth Day on how St. Michael tied the biggest millstone on John Paul II’s neck.

Compare these Catholic sinners and secular criminals

Sinners & criminals - Victims - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

John Paul II’s loved so much pedophile priest par excellence Fr. Marcial Maciel

This special affection of John Paul II for theology and Fr. Marcial Maciel shows the emptiness and uselessness of theology when it comes to protecting children.

Called to accompany Pope John Paul II on his visits to Mexico in 1979, 1990, and 1993, Maciel was also appointed by the Pope to the Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the formation of Candidates for the Priesthood in Actual Circumstances (1991). He has been a member of the Interdicasterial Commission for a Just Distribution of Clergy (1991), the IV General Conference of Latin American Bishops (CELAM) (1992), the Synod of Bishops on Consecrated Life and Their Mission in the Church and the World (1993), the Synod of Bishops' Special Assembly for America (1997) and (since 1994) a permanent consultant to the Congregation for the Clergy. The golden anniversary of his priestly ordination was celebrated on 26 November 1994, with 57 Legionary priests ordained on the anniversary's eve. Maciel served as Chancellor of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, which is based in Rome. During the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, considered Venerable and heroic in virtue, Maciel collaborated extensively with the pope, either in person or through members of his organization, the Legion of Christ. Pope John Paul II admired Maciel because of his conservative fealty to doctrine and his ability to raise money and recruit priests. His influence was tied in part in his ability to ingratiate himself with Mexico's millionaire elite, who contributed copiously to his cause.[17] The Vatican failed to act for years over sex abuse by Maciel,[12] and Marciel bribed many high ranking people from the Roman Catholic church (

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When it comes to justice, secularism trumps Catholicism. Sacraments of Penance, Eucharist & Priesthood are worthless in our justice system

John L. Allen Jr the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

Benedict XVI is a mixed-up Pope. The Catholic Church is the safest haven for criminals

Opus Dei female symbol for John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

‘Forgiveness’ is a gizmo of injustice to victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. To Vaticanista chiesa.espresso Sandro Magister, Baloney!


New Vatican campaign to clamp down on 'liberal opinion'

Irish Independent
By John Cooney

Monday June 07 2010

VATICAN investigators to Ireland appointed by Pope Benedict XVI are to clamp down on liberal secular opinion in an intensive drive to re-impose traditional respect for clergy, according to informed sources in the Catholic Church.

The nine-member team led by two cardinals will be instructed by the Vatican to restore a traditional sense of reverence among ordinary Catholics for their priests, the Irish Independent has learned.

Priests will be told not to question in public official church teaching on controversial issues such as the papal ban on birth control or the admission of divorced Catholics living with new partners to the sacraments -- especially Holy Communion.

Theologians will be expected to teach traditional doctrine by constantly preaching to lay Catholics of attendance at Mass and to return to the practice of regular confession, which has been largely abandoned by adults since the 1960s.

An emphasis will be placed on an evangelisation campaign to overcome the alienation of young people scandalised by the spate of sexual abuse of children and by later cover-ups of paedophile clerics by leaders of the institutional church.

A major thrust of the Vatican investigation will be to counteract materialistic and secularist attitudes, which Pope Benedict believes have led many Irish Catholics to ignore church disciplines and become lax in following devotional practices such as going on pilgrimages and doing penance.

Bishops and priests will be instructed to preach to their congregations the unchanging central message of Jesus Christ about love, healing and repentance.

While the restoration of church discipline and pious practices such as praying to Our Lady and the saints will be welcomed by regular church-goers, the Vatican investigation is likely to face a backlash from liberal Catholics who want more accountability and democracy in church decision-making.


Vatican officials are finalising the precise terms of the instructions for the investigators named last week by Pope Benedict, who initiated an 'Apostolic Visitation' last March in his pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Ireland.
The investigators are clearing their diaries to visit Ireland's four principal archdioceses, the national seminaries and study centres run by religious orders in the autumn.

In the wake of the shocking Murphy report into clerical child abuse, the conservative Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, will examine the study courses conducted for trainee priests at the national seminaries in St Patrick's College, Maynooth, and the Pontifical Irish College in Rome.

At a meeting held in Maynooth last month, Archbishop Dolan told a gathering of priests "to return to basics" and to ground their ministry in "prayer, humility and a rediscovery of identity".

Archbishop Dolan's address, titled "God is the only treasure people desire to find in a priest", was the high point of the Irish church's celebration of The Year of the Priest, a campaign to encourage vocations to the priesthood.

The hardline address was enthusiastically endorsed by Cardinal Sean Brady, the Primate of All Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh.

This week, as part of the Vatican's rigorous restoration policy, a widely promoted rally will be staged in Rome to cap what Pope Benedict has called "The Year of the Priest".

Thousands of priests from across the world, including from Ireland, are expected to attend the showcase event which is planned as a major spectacle trumpeting the special status of the priesthood.


The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Press Statement
For immediate release: Monday, June 7, 2010

Dolan's Irish probe will allegedly focus on 'doctrine;' SNAP responds
Statement by David Clohessy, executive director of SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (314-566-9790 cell, 314-645-5915 home)

An Irish newspaper reports that the upcoming Vatican "visitation" of Ireland's Catholic church (involving two US prelates - NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley) will likely concentrate on increased evangelization," fighting "secularization," boosting confession and mass attendance and similar “measures” of how devout parishioners may or may not be. The internal church probe was announced weeks ago by the Pope and is supposedly to deal with horrific revelations of widespread child sex crimes and cover ups in Ireland.
If this report is accurate, this is extremely disheartening. Clergy sex crimes and cover ups happen when church officials are “liberal” or “conservative,” and whether the flock is “devout” or “lax.” Even discussing such matters detract from the real task at hand: protecting the vulnerable, healing the wounded, exposing the truth, and deterring future recklessness, callousness and deceit.

Focusing on the laity, especially regarding mass attendance and confession, more than “misses the boat.” The problem has been and remains a rigid, secretive, self-serving all-male monarchy that consistently puts its own comfort and reputation above the safety and well-being of its flock.

There’s no need for an “evangelization” campaign. If bishops truly reform - and oust wrongdoers, protect kids and help victims - Catholics will likely return to the church. If bishops refuse, however, Catholics won’t.


At Wednesday, June 09, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best deterence of exposure is silence. If the supranatural powers of the priesthood are the ability to read minds and prayers, and to crawl around in ones insides and never allow vocalization of same, then we can coverup pretty much any crime we want to. If any dare to speak such as this, simply say that one or many are crazy. Thus catholosism does make liars of us all. I know this will not be published, but FYI,wait, watch, listen. Most of them do not even believe the God they preach. It is just a cover story. Outrageous? Maybe. But the victims of priest who testify were and still are called liars, moneygrubbers, losers and enemies of the church. Keep doing what you can. I still believe the coverstory.


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