Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Benedict XVI Titanic Ship hit by Galileo Iceberg!

The B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg as Sapienza University science professors and students successfully protested (and prevented) Benedict's papal visit and speech for their opening day of school last January 16, 2008. HOORAH! The B16-OD Titanic Ship hit right in the heart of Rome, the Bishop of Rome's own turf! Don't forget the Opus Dei has a real OD Bishop of Rome who is the REAL Black Pope, a living "twin-pope" of Benedict XVI. This Jesuit Black Pope is only a diversion from the real Opus Dei Black Pope who presides exclusively in Rome (while the Jesuit General roams around the world's poor accompanying and defending them from wealthy Opus Dei landlords).

Bishop Javier Echevarria, the Opus Dei Prelate, the Black Pope

"Twin-Popes" White Pope and Black Pope-Benedict XVI and Bishop Javier Echevarria, Opus Dei Prelate, at the Vatican

Now the Pope and Opus Dei have really no one (like my weblogs and the Jesuits) to blame except themselves for this Galileo Iceberg. As thousands of Opus Dei members rallied in at St. Peter's Square on January 20, 2008 Sunday in support of the "Silenced Pope" the Jesuits were quietly celebrating their Thanksgiving Mass at the Gesu Church to thank God for their new Father General, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, who is a follower of Pedro Arrupe. The AP Associated Press owned and operated by the Opus Dei said : "Pope Benedict XVI was informed of the choice and immediately gave his approval, Vatican officials said. Papal approval is required." But a picture speaks a thousand words and none of that papal approval crap was shown in the official Rome Jesuit website that chronicled the election in pictures. So the Opus Dei will have to doctor and cook up this "papal approval" thing in the near future.

Old wrinkled 80-year old Benedict XVI is being pumped up by Zeffirelli movie make-up artists and clothed by Rome's top couturiers for his daily royal rituals at the Vatican Palace that rivals the Buckingham Palace. Even his counterpart, the Queen of England and Head of the Anglican Church do not dress nor sit in such pompous golden chair everyday. But the Ratzinger-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has just been hit by an iceberg at his own turf in Rome by the Sapienza University protest because of his stance on Galileo in the past. Yes, his past sin as Cardinal Ratzinger God's Rottweiler has come home to roost and haunt him now as Pope. Who said that the Sacrament of Confession or praying to John Paul II the Great can simply wipe out sins , not so with Ratzinger's sin on Galileo.

As Cardinal Ratzinger and reinforcer of the John Paul II dogmas and doctrines, he silenced many good Jesuit theologians.

In the Chair of Galileo Galilei

The image of God that comes out of that theology is understandable to all: God is more interested in justice than in sacred rites, God is more in tune with the cry of the oppressed than with the praises of the pious. Actions are what counts, not homilies.

Finally, for all that the authorities consider themselves, "Most Reverend Eminencies," they still have the limitations of the human condition. French theologian Yves Congar, who defended me in the magazine La Croix (Sept. 8,1984), said it well: "The charisma of the Vatican's central power is not to ever doubt. Not to have a single doubt is, at once, magnificent and terrible. It is magnificent because the charisma of the center consists precisely in permanently being firm when all around, everything is vacillating. And it is terrible because in Rome there are men with all types of limitations, in their intelligence, in their vocabulary, in their references and in the perspective of their visions. And all of them came down against Boff."

But I refuse to see them with the eyes of the Great Inquisitor. In their own way, they also pretend to serve truth. Definitively, it is truth, and not they, who has the last word. Leonardo Boff

Who was Galileo

In 1610 Galileo published an account of his telescopic observations of the moons of Jupiter, using this observation to argue in favor of the sun-centered, Copernican theory of the universe against the dominant earth-centered Ptolemaic and Aristotelian theories. The next year Galileo visited Rome in order to demonstrate his telescope to the influential philosophers and mathematicians of the Jesuit Collegio Romano, and to let them see with their own eyes the reality of the four moons of Jupiter. While in Rome he was also made a member of the Accademia dei Lincei. In 1612, opposition arose to the Sun-centered solar system which Galileo supported. In 1614, from the pulpit of Santa Maria Novella, Father Tommaso Caccini (1574–1648) denounced Galileo's opinions on the motion of the Earth, judging them dangerous and close to heresy. Galileo went to Rome to defend himself against these accusations, but, in 1616, Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino personally handed Galileo an admonition enjoining him neither to advocate nor teach Copernican astronomy.[10] During 1621 and 1622 Galileo wrote his first book, The Assayer (Il Saggiatore), which was approved and published in 1623. In 1630, he returned to Rome to apply for a license to print the Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, published in Florence in 1632. In October of that year, however, he was ordered to appear before the Holy Office in Rome.

Link: God's Rottweiler first bite: the Jesuits

Video of La Sapienza University protest

This is the new Gladiator spectacle of modern Rome ! Poor rich Benedict XVI can no longer roam in Rome even surrounded by his Opus Dei eunuchs!


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