Sunday, August 24, 2008

Benedict XVI non-existent in Olympics in Beijing 2008

Opus Dei Benedict XVI is non-existent in the Olympics in Beijing 2008 and in ALL Olympics.

Opus Dei Benedict XVI is not part of "One World, One Dream" of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Benedict XVI is only part of the Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION Agenda and the secret underworld of the Octopus Dei-beast surrounded by journalist-liars lead by John Allen of the ncr cafe who prop-up and camouflage his ugliness.

Vladimir Putin is more handsome than Benedict XVI. The true ugly interior of Benedict XVI shows in his outer countenance.

As head of the Vatican State, Benedict XVI had no delegate to the Olympics because none of his members would qualify in any sports. Benedict XVI himself can hardly walk from the Vatican to the Gesu Church where the 225 Jesuits from all over the world gathered for their opening and closing Mass of their 35th General Congregation last January to March, 2008. If Benedict XVI cannot walk that short distance from the Vatican to the Gesu, he cannot walk to anywhere.

And the Cardinals and Bishops members at the Vatican are nothing but lame ducks and porky lazy eunuchs and GAYS.

So GAY Pope Benedict XVI and his Opus Dei are not sports nor sportive. The only thing they are good at is LYING until their death, sitting down in their palatial abode at the Vatican, all they do is concoct LIES after LIES to deceive the world and the 1.2 Catholics.

They keep lying about the Sacrament of the Eucharist as the “Source and Summit of the Christian Life” and the Vatican is the center of the Catholic Faith – but Benedict XVI was no show at the Mass of the new Father General Alfonso Nicolas at the Gesu Church.

The Jesuit were at their international Olympics in their 35th General Congregation and Benedict XVI their “Holy Father” was no-show. Benedict XVI's total absence in all Jesuit Mass shows what a LIAR Benedict XVI is and the Opus Dei eunuchs who surround him and control his agenda.

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei use the Mass to control Catholics and instil guilt in them if they missed it by saying it is a “mortal sin” if they missed Mass on “holy days of obligation”.

Where are the mortal sins of those more than 5,485 lusty John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army?


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