Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Benedict XVI not welcome in Ireland in wake of Ryan report

Benedict XVI papal Titanic ship is sinking and he will have nowhere else to go but stay in his Vatican Palace surrounded by Opus Dei eunuchs and by act of God the Vatican will disappear like smoke as predicted by the Third Secret of Fatima.

see the John Paul II Millstone www.jp2m.blogspot.com


Papal visit would not be welcome in wake of Ryan report

Irish Independent

By Anne-Marie Walsh

Monday June 29 2009

POPE Benedict XVI is not entirely welcome here in the wake of the damning Ryan report, a survey found.

More than half of people surveyed do not want a second papal visit following the revelations in the report on child abuse.

An online survey by radio station Newstalk, in which 1,108 people took part, shows the scenes that greeted the late Pope John Paul II during the first papal visit 30 years ago are unlikely to be recreated. ...

"Until he condemns what happened and pays compensation for his vile colleagues' actions, and helps this country prosecute them by handing over all documents in relation to abuse issues and the movement of priests, then he shouldn't be allowed set foot in this country," said one of the interviewees.


Benedict XVI should learn from this layman who said:

The good done by the many does not undo the evil done by the few; and vice versa. Both are reality. The good experiences of the many students does not negate the horrendous experiences of those who were abused. Both are reality for those concerned.

I say again that I am ashamed of the actions of fellow religious Brothers; I express my deep regret for the hurt done to victims; I look forward to the day when all bishops and religious superiors will agree to psychological testing for their candidates. It is difficult to believe that this is still not universal, even in Australia.

I look forward to the day when a healthier more human lifestyle can be provided for priests in particular. (For the most part, religious seem to have moved far more quickly in these areas.) In many Dioceses, the falling numbers of priests has led to increased and unreasonable workloads on those who remain, and the expectation that they will continue to work into their 80s. This cannot be healthy — physically, psychologically or spiritually.

See full article in http://www.eurekastreet.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=14784


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