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Benedict XVI dance to the mystical June Wedding anniversary of John Paul II and St? Josemaria

Benedict XVI is the perfect clone child of MR. John Paul (same-sex name) II and MRS. St? Josemaria (androgynous) Escriba de Opus Dei.


On the Lot: MR. John Paul II and MRS. Josemaria OD

If I were to enter a one-minute vignette on John Paul II in the new reality TV show 'On the Lot' this is how it would be.

Title: MR. Pope John Paul II and MRS. Saint? Josemaria Escriba de Opus Dei

Subtitle: The new Mystical Marriage in the Catholic Church of the Pope and Opus Dei
Wedding song: You and Me against the World

Reality: The Groom Pope John Paul II wears robe in white (only) and the Bride Saint? Josemaria Escriba de Opus Dei wears robe in black (only).

The Groom's name John Paul is a composite of two males (same-sex, gay), the Bride's name Josemaria is androgynous - one name of a male and a female (go figure, like the Androgynous Devil in the Passion of the Christ movie)) Actually, heshe has mutated hisher name so many times it taste bitter to pronounce hisher name
see: http://jp2m.blogspot.com/2006/11/john-paul-ii-and-saint-josemaria.html

The Church is the Mystical Bride and Christ is the Bridegroom, so it is said (and taught)in Catholic Catechism. That wedding took place in the first century. In the 20th century a new mystical gay wedding took place at the Vatican when MRS. Saint? Josemaria 'bought' the Vatican for 1 Billion to bail it out of the scandal of the Ambrosiano Bank. This was hisher mystical Opus Dei bridal dowry.
(see Octopus Dei .org and http://www.odan.org/foundations.htm for the wealth of Opus Dei)

MR.Pope John Paul II abolished the office of the Devil's Advocate -- the office that proved anything negative and why a person must not be canonized a saint. That is why he was able to canonize his bride, MRS. Saint? Josemaria as the fastest saint to be canonized in modern times.

So instead of spending his gay time examining his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and using his gay papal powers to stop their heinous gay pedophiliac activities during his 26 years papacy, MR. John Paul wallowed in narcisstic self-glory with MRS. Saint? Josemaria as they spent their honeymoon in the gay papal bed at the Vatican -- and prepared also for his own imminent canonization by his papal clone Benedict XVI -- their mystical marriage gay love child.

Ending: St. Michael the Archangel pushes the John Paul II Millstone...... and MR.John Paul II rolls into the deep Tiber River...... and MRS. Saint? Josemaria Escriba is weeping as an androgynous widow with blood dripping from hisher black cossack ......surrounded by wailing Opus Dei members beating their heads against the walls of the 86 Billion Euro Vatican real estate they've acquired......with blood dripping also from their pants - because of the cilice they wear around their thighs!

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Benedict XVI Pedophile Church kick out Victims of Clergy Abuse


Cardinal Bernard Law presides the pompous ceremonies of Corpus Christi at St. Mary
Maggiore -- this Cardinal should be in jail - for covering up the notorious pedophile priests of Boston.

Benedict XVI in Tsar style, wallowing in pompous ceremonies in Rome like in the Medieval Ages is insensitive to the real life of poor people and the continous holocaust of victims of clergy abuse. He together with Cardinal Bernard Law and all other Cardinals and Bishops - should be in jail for covering-up the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army - for over a quarter of a century with John Paul II.
- http://jp2army.blogspot.com/

See Google video of documentary of how Benedict XVI did the cover-up in "Crimen Sollicitationis"

While Benedict XVI and Cardinal Bernard Law act like Hollywood actors in the spectacular Corpus Christi ceremonies in the splendid surroundings of the Vatican and St. Mary Maggiore, these poor victims of clergy abuse in New Jersey are kicked out from a parish where they had a venue to hold meetings as Survivors of those abused by Priests.

Like in the times of the Tsars of Russia and the Royal Families of France, Benedict and the Cardinals and Bishops are living royal lives in Rome and in their Bishop Palaces and therefore are de-sensitized from the lives of ordinary laity and their sufferings such as these.

Didn't Christ say: "Foxes have dens but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head". But the Vicar of Christ and his clones got Episcopal palaces to lay their heads and act out pompous ceremonies. Most of all they do not want to hear of the clergy sexual abuse amidst their gilded palaces.

Benedict XVI who lives with his handsome personal secretary and handsome Swiss Guards, all more than 30- 40 years younger than him, couldn't care less about survivors of clergy abuse and their pleas for justice.

The Italian Gay community has publicly called them gay!

They are the newly married

MR. Benedict XVI and MRS. Georg

in the Mystical Marriage
of the Church

-- see June 3 of -- http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/

They are clones of MR. John Paul II and MRS. Josemaria
- see http://jp2m.blogspot.com/

The Church is the Mystical Bride of Christ

-------------- On the other side of the world -------------------

New Jersey


SNAP Press Release
Giving Voice to Victims

For Immediate Release:
June 8, 2007

For More Information:
Contact: Patricia Serrano, cell (201) 715-6510
Mark Crawford, cell (732) 632-7687
Mark Serrano (abused at St. Joseph’s Parish), cell (703) 727-4940



Mendham, NJ– Today the New Jersey chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (www.snapnetwork.org) was informed through a letter from Mendham, New Jersey pastor Monsignor Joseph Anginoli that after five years of hosting a support group for victims of clergy sexual abuse, many of whom were abused at the very same parish, the church is kicking them out for good.

While the letter, a copy of which is found below, stated that the reason for the removal was a lack of space because of new programs being offered at the church, advocates for clergy abuse survivors, including a local parishioner of 42 years, called foul.

Patricia Serrano, the Family Outreach Coordinator for SNAP New Jersey and the founder of a parish-based support group called Healing Our Survivors Together, explained, “Clergy sexual abuse ran rampant through my parish for ten years and silently claimed at least 25 known victims. In 2002, local parishioners welcomed us into their home to begin the healing process. It is sad that Bishop Serratelli and the current St. Joe’s pastor have not joined us on that healing journey and are now turning us away. Many of the survivors we have served in the past five years even sought us out as a step to reunite with the church. There is ample space for us to conduct our monthly support group meetings at St. Joe’s parish and parochial school. Inexplicably, we have been put out in the street and must begin the process of seeking a new home to meet and heal.”

Mark Crawford, the Co-Director of SNAP New Jersey, also commented: “Ironically it is this same parish that was transformed in 2002 from a serial child molester’s hunting ground to a healing center. If Bishop Serratelli truly supported survivors of clergy sexual abuse, this eviction notice would have never been served.”

In 2002 the parish was a central focus for the disclosure of the clergy sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, as numerous victims of the former pastor, Father James T. Hanley, came forward and faced former Bishop Frank Rodimer in a first-ever confrontation between victims and a bishop. The meeting was the subject of news stories throughout the region. In 2004 the same abuse survivors united again to dedicate the “Millstone Memorial" located on the grounds of St. Joseph’s Parish in Mendham, New Jersey.


Millstone Memorial

No one knows whether James Kelly's suicide last October in front of an NJ Transit train in Morristown, stemmed from the childhood sexual abuse he endured by a Mendham, priest or from other personal problems.

Still, while gathered after his funeral on the grounds of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Mendham - where the abuse occurred more than two decades ago - people who were abused by the same priest discussed naming their support group chapter after Kelly, a 37-year-old telecommunications salesman from Morristown who recently had been laid off.

"We were just kind of having an open table discussion," recalled Bill Crane, who, like Kelly, was sexually abused by the former Rev. James Hanley. "And it dawned on me that something really needs to take place that is tangible, to bring to light the seriousness of what we endured as children, so it won't be forgotten."

Crane suggested erecting a small monument and received approval from the group and the church's pastor, the Rev. Kenneth Lasch. When dedicated in April outside the church's Pax Christi Center, the 400-pound basalt monument - shaped like a millstone - will evoke a biblical saying that is meaningful to Christians who were sexually abused as children.

In the passage, from the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus addresses those who would harm children, saying, "It would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea."

The monument apparently would be the only one to victims of the clergy sex abuse crisis in the country at a church, and Lasch said it could help victims feel the church will not forget what happened to them there.

"I'm very interested in the notion of having a tribute," said Lasch, who has been praised by Hanley's victims for an attitude they say is an antidote to negative experiences with many other clergy. "The millstone is symbolic of the burden they have carried because of sexual abuse. It also stands as a warning to anyone who would hurt children."

The monument - sculpted by Mark McLean, a Portland, Ore., artist engaged by Crane - measures about 2 feet by 2 feet and seems more like a marker than a monument, Lasch said. Individual donations will cover the approximately $5,000 cost of the project, and a local landscaper has offered to prepare church grounds for the monument free of charge, Lasch said. For all the good feelings that talk of the monument has inspired among victims and their supporters at St. Joseph's, a low-key debate has arisen over an inscription for an accompanying plaque.

To read the rest of the article: http://www.northjersey.com/


Cardinal Bernard Law
How he went from Boston to Rome

Cardinal disgraced in sex-abuse scandal plays prominent role in papal funeral rites
By Patrick Martin
11 April 2005

Cardinal Bernard F. Law, compelled to step down in disgrace in 2002 as archbishop of Boston because of his role in the cover-up of priests who sexually abused young boys, has been given an honored role in the ceremonies marking the death of Pope John Paul II.

Law is to preside Monday over a memorial mass at the Basilica of St. Mary Major, the second of nine daily masses held between the pope’s funeral April 8 and the April 18 opening of the conclave of cardinals that will select a new pope. Only nine of the 180 cardinals are selected to preside over the memorial masses, and Law is the only American to do so. (Of the 180 cardinals, 117, including Law, are eligible to cast votes in the election of the new pope.)

Law resigned as archbishop of Boston after unsealed court records revealed he had allowed priests guilty of abusing children to move among parish assignments, without notifying the public. Pope John Paul II took no punitive action, and last year appointed Law, still a cardinal, to the position of archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, one of Rome’s most prominent churches. It was in that capacity that Law was named to lead one of the papal memorial services.

The cardinal was interviewed on several American television networks and honored by the Bush administration when he joined other American cardinals at a reception with President Bush and his wife, Laura, at the United States Embassy residence in Rome.

This flattering attention has come as a shock to the victims of the sex abuse scandal. According to reports in the American press, “to the astonishment and dismay of many Boston Catholics, Law has returned to the public spotlight” (Washington Post). It “reminded American Catholics that their most painful recent chapter barely registered in the Vatican” (New York Times).

Law stepped down as archbishop of Boston in December 2002, after a year of unprecedented revelations about hundreds of cases of sexual abuse of pre-teen and teenage boys by Boston-area priests. For months, victims of sex abuse came forward and told their stories about the predatory actions of John J. Geoghan, Paul R. Shanley and dozens of other priests.

For months, Law, a dogmatic conservative who was appointed by John Paul II, downplayed the seriousness of the charges and accused critics of seeking to undermine the Church. Dozens of priests and thousands of parishioners signed petitions calling on him to resign, but he rejected any suggestion that the Church hierarchy should be accountable to the lower ranks. Ultimately, however, he was compelled to hand over the names and records of 80 pedophile priests to Massachusetts state authorities.

The trigger for his ouster as archbishop was a decision by a Massachusetts judge to compel the Church to release internal documents about its personnel decisions. These documents showed that Law had been aware of repeated allegations of sex abuse against certain priests, and had adopted a policy of transferring them from parish to parish without notifying anyone in the congregations.

This had a twofold effect: it supplied fresh, unwitting victims to the priests; and it prevented these disturbed men from receiving treatment for their condition. (Geoghan, linked to sexual abuse of more than 130 people, was sentenced to 10 years in state prison, where he was murdered by a fellow prisoner.)

If any institution besides the Catholic Church had been involved, the evidence would have led to criminal prosecution, not merely of the individual abusers, but of the senior official who took affirmative action to permit the abuse to continue. Law ignored complaints by abuse victims, refused to report crimes by priests to the police, and even wrote letters of commendation for priests who he knew were involved in abusing children.

A series of investigations concluded that at least 1,000 people were victimized as children in the Boston archdiocese alone. More than 150 priests were found to have a record of abuse. The Church there has paid settlements of more than $90 million, forcing parish consolidation and the closure of some Catholic schools as a consequence of the resulting financial crisis.

The Boston scandal was far from isolated. The surrounding publicity emboldened thousands of victims of priest sexual abuse to come forward and make accusations. More than 1,000 sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed in the US alone, with multimillion-dollar settlements in Dallas, Portland and other dioceses. Similar charges forced the ouster of priests and bishops in Poland, Ireland, France and Austria.

Pope John Paul II convened an extraordinary meeting in the Vatican on the US sex abuse scandal on April 23-24, 2002, bringing together all of the US cardinals and the leadership of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops, as well as Vatican officials. The meeting produced a statement formally condemning child sex abuse, but making a series of excuses for the priests involved, including the claim “that almost all the cases involved adolescents and therefore were not cases of true pedophilia.” The meeting denied the obvious, declaring that “a link between celibacy and pedophilia cannot be scientifically maintained,” and reaffirmed “the value of priestly celibacy as a gift of God to the Church.”

The pope gave his approval to a “special process for the dismissal from the clerical state of a priest who has become notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory, sexual abuse of minors.” The language is worth parsing: priests guilty only of occasional or allegedly consensual sexual abuse of minors were not to be subjected to this process.

John Paul II later made this distinction still clearer, when he rejected an effort by the US bishops to establish a “zero-tolerance” policy providing for automatic dismissal of child-abuser priests. The pontiff ruled that such a policy neglected the possibility of repentance and “the power of Christian conversion,” and violated the priests’ rights under canon law.

John Paul II was not so tender in his regard for the rights of priests and even bishops and cardinals who clashed with his vision of the church—notably those associated with the “liberation theology” movement in Latin America, which sought to associate the Church with grass-roots peasant and worker struggles for social justice. Numerous priests were disciplined, removed from parishes, even defrocked for what the anti-communist pontiff viewed as fraternization with Marxism.

The selection of Cardinal Law to celebrate the memorial mass for John Paul II was greeted with outrage by the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, an organization of sex-abuse victims and their families. Representatives of the group said they were flying to Rome to distribute fliers at the Church of St. Mary Major detailing Law’s role in facilitating and covering up the attacks.

To read the rest of the article: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2005/apr2005/law-a11.shtml

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Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth lacks the "Parable of the Millstone"! Su libro falta la "Parábola de piedra de molino" !

QOUTATIONS and ANALYSIS from Benedict XVI's latest book

In his latest book, Jesus of Nazareth, Benedict XVI in chapter seven interprets "The Message of the Parables" and chooses the "3 Major Parables" of Christ to be The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, The Rich Man and Lazarus. Obviously the clone of John Paul II missed out one of the most important Parables of Christ in Mathew 18:6-7 --- which today is known better as "'The John Paul II Millstone' of Pedophile Priests"

See -- http://www.jp2m.blogspot.com/

This is how Benedict preach - in his infallibilty as Pope - "The Parable of the Good Samaritan" as he singles out Africa as his main example of the wounded man - plus he justifies and defends the 2 Priests, the Levite and the Rabbi, who passed by and did nothing for the wounded man. My comments are in bold and (brackets) preceeded by hyphens and I put bold emphases on where Benedict missed out applying his infallible words to the wounded victims of pedophile priests.

p. 198 "One thing is clear: A new universality is entering the scene, and it rests on the fact that deep within I am already becoming a brother to all those I meet who are in need of my help."

---(The 12,000 American boys and girls wounded victims of priest pedophilia needed his help -as Cardinal Ratzinger and as Pope now -- but he did nothing to help them and he continue to do nothing for them today as Pope. Benedict XVI doesn't keep his papal word of "that deep within I am already becoming a brother to all those I meet who are in need of my help."

--- Benedict XVI was NOT a "brother" nor a "Holy Father" to these 12,000 little helpless altar boys and girls being sodomized and sexually abused and plundered by his own priests whom he covered up for over a quarter of a century -- with John Paul II.

--- This is a typical papal preaching - "Do as I say, not as I do".)

"The typical relevance of the parable is evident when we transpose it into the dimension of world society, we see how Africa, lying robbed and plundered, matter to us".

---(WHOA! Africa is continents away from the Vatican, hey, about those thousands of Catholic altar boys and girls lying wounded and helpless like that wounded man on the road -- don't they "matter to us" or matter to you, Your Holiness?

--- They were sexually plundered by thousands of parish priests in rectories and sacrities -- with full knowledge and consent of Cardinals and Bishops, and most of all tolerated by John Paul II and Benedict XVI?

--- These 12,000 victims' childhood bodies and souls were pillaged by priestly pedophilia and they are still suffering a "living Hell" from all those years like the wounded victims of Nazi holocaust.)

See the Google Video on how Benedict XVI covered-up the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

"Then we see how deeply they are our neighbors, that our lifestyle, the history in which we are involved, has plundered them and continue to do so."

---(History has written and no Catholic historian can un-write the roles of John Paul II and Benedict XVI in the perpetuation of priest pedophilia of the 20th century.)

"This is true above all in the sense that we have wounded their souls."

---(The Serranos whose son was sexually abused by a priest from age 9 to 16 calls it "death of a soul". The perception of the Pope of "wound of soul" is mild compared to the Serranos' "death of a soul". This shows who the Pope is and where he is coming from an un-real world, in the cocoon of the Vatican.

--- Surrounded by young male Swiss Guards and living with his handsome private secretary, the Pope does NOT KNOW how the laity are living and suffering. He throws a word on 'Africa' here and there and he thinks he is ruling the world through his papal throne proclaiming his empty-infallible words.)

See the Serranos http://jp2army.blogspot.com/2007/04/john-paul-ii-pedophile-priest-james.html

-- See his handsome private secretary who lives with him http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/2007/06/benedict-xvis-handsome-private.html

-- See the June 5 "On the Lot" one-minute vignette of John Paul II and Josemaria Escriva of Opus Dei http://jp2m.blogspot.com/)

"Instead of giving them God, the God who has come close to us in Christ, which would have integrated and brought to completion all that is precious and great in their own traditions, we have given them the cynicism of a world without God in which all that counts is power and profit, a world that destroys moral standards so that corruption and unscrupulous will to power are taken for granted."

---(Survivors of priest pedophilia cannot even bear to enter a church today, it makes them vomit to see and be near one.

-- See their testimonies and accounts in

"And that applies not only to Africa."

--- (Really? Where else? I thought he was getting closer to home, but no. It is hopeless to wait on this Pope to see and do something about the worst crime against children in modern history - priest pedophilia right within his own Church, within his own sacristies and rectories. This Pope is blind to the sin of priest pedophilia because he is wallowing and gazing on his young handsome Private secretary and young Swiss Guards!).

-- See his handsome private secretary, the first one he sees when he wakes up in his papal pajamas and the last one before he closes his eye, no it's not the Tabercale or the Crucifix http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/2007/06/benedict-xvis-handsome-private.html

p.199 "We do of course have material assistance to offer and we have to examine our way of Life."

---(The way of life at the lap of luxury at the pompous 86 Billion Euro real estate of the Vatican! What kind of assitance has he given to victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army? See some of their faces and activities here

"But we always give too little when we just give material things. And aren't we surrounded by people who have been robbed and battered? The victims of drugs, of human trafficking, of sex tourism, inwardly devastated people who sit empty in the midst of material abundance."

---(WHOA! Sex tourism! How about the "free sex buffet" of pedophile priests sexually abusing and feasting on thousands of altar boys and girls in North America, Mexio, Latin America, Ireland...? Hello, Benedict XVI! Which planet are you living in?)

"All this is of concern to us, it calls us to have the eye and the heart of a neighbor, and to have the courage to love our neighbor, too."

(This Pope got a cross-eyed Holy See. Definitely as Pope he did NOT LOVE anyONE of the 12,000 American little boys and girls sexually abused by the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.)

"For --- as we have said --- the priest and the Levite may have passed by more out of fear than out of indifference. The risk of goodness is something we must reborn from within, but we can do that only if we ourselves become good from within, if we ourselves are "neighbors" from within, and if we then have an eye for the sort of service that is asked of us, that is possible for us, and is therefore also expected of us, in our environment and within the wider ambit of our lives."

---(Note the four words of Infallibility "As we have said" -- Benedict hypens these 4 letter word. His Holiness speaks of "good from within" and defends the 2 priests who pass by the wounded man. Holy Hubris!

-- If the Vicar of Christ can defend those 2 priests in the Parable of Christ, so can he defend and justify the Pedophile Priests Army of John Paul II and the Cardinals and Bishops COHORTS in CRIME!)

* * * * * *

Benedict XVI is the Responsible Leader of Priest Pedophilia - together with John Paul II

At 80 years of age, Benedict still doesn't get it - and he'll die not getting it - that he and John Paul II both "led" (therefore "caused") one of the greatest sins in the Catholic Church -- the heinous Culture of Priest Pedophilia for over a quarter of a century - with approximately 12,000 victims in USA alone.

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,148 priests - John Paul II and Benedict XVI

“If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea. How terrible for the world that there are things that make people lose their faith! Such things will always happen – but how terrible for the one who causes them!"
The Parable of the Millstone

Benedict "in Bed" with the Da Vinci Code: Sleeping with the Enemy

In Bed with the Da Vinci Code

The celebrity new book of Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth is in bed with his arch enemy the Da Vinci Code, sharing the same "Bed of Mammon Money" in the same publisher house. If the Pope really detested the Da Vinci Code, why doesn't he use another publisher house? There are hundreds of them out there, but of course, the Da Vinci Code was the best seller and Benedict who preaches against the "marriage of Mary Magdalene with Jesus" is using -- the same publisher who announces that "marriage of Jesus" to speak of the papal "Jesus of Nazareth who was celibate till death". Go figure, the same mouth speaking of two opposite things! Didn't Christ say, "If your left eye causes you to sin, cut it off rather than go to Hell with it"?

So why doesn't the Pope cut off with the Publisher that is causing millions of Catholics to sin about their faith in Jesus? By the way, as God's Rottweiler with his insatiable appetite for the Jesuits, he dishonored his original contract with Ignatius Press who have exclusive right to publish the Pope's writings in the USA, founded by the Jesuit Fr. Joseph Fessio, the instantly-newly-fired Chancellor of the secretly Opus Dei owned Ave Maria University in Florida. (See also Benedict XVI, God's Rottweiler appetite for the Jesuits and Jon Sobrino http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/2007/05/benedict-xvi-gods-rottweiler-appetite.html)

Isn't 'the medium is the message'? The Catholics in India were "fasting until death" against the release of the movie of the Da Vinci Code in their country. The book is in the "Forbidden Index" of the Opus Dei and the Vatican. No wonder we have so much crisis in the Church - we cannot trust or count on the Hierarchy because their words mismatch and are contradictory -- they hate the book but they love its source and therefore uses it too. It is like blood money, the Vatican will take it and use it anytime. And look at the Church typical image of a Cardinal and Bishop -- this image of Cardinal Bernard Law. He can cite the entire Bible but he does not remember speaking with any of his pedophile priests.

And now this book by God's Rottweiler, the latest papal harangue by John Paul II's clone.

Mammon rules even in the Papacy and the Vatican, it is money that counts, not decent principles. The Pope is a chameleon - he can serve both God and Mammon; he does not walk his talk on the Da Vinci Code and he'd rather disobey Christ and keep his left eye to serve Mammon...and God.

Benedict's travel to Brazil

Whether he is writing or travelling as in his recent trip to Brazil, Benedict nowhere mentions - nor apologize - the Culture of Priest Pedophilia under the 26 year reign of John Paul II the Great. It's not a surprise since he is a real clone of JPII. His books and his trips like JPII are all but highfalutin, self-serving the autocracy of the papacy and totally useless for the suffering American victims especially for those claiming for some form of justice in Los Angeles, San Diego and USA courts today.

According to Allen, a Vatican reporter: The three "news flashes" from the trip -- the pope's comments on abortion and Catholic politicians, his condemnation of drug dealers and his criticism of both capitalism and Marxism -- were reported as distinct from one another but had a common thread in "the false promises of ideologies" that seek to replace Jesus in people's lives.

In his talk to the bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean, Pope Benedict made clear that "preaching Christ is not a distraction from the work of social justice; it is working for justice."

The new book "is much more than an academic exercise,it is the Magna Carta of Benedict's pontificate."

Magna Carta of Benedict's Pontificate? Hoity-toity. Highfalutin. Hogwash for the 12,000 American victims of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Benedict XVI, Your Holiness, Your Holy Hubris......

Jesus warned, "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." Wolves are the enemy of sheep, they eat sheep. They chew up the flock as sheep are their diet. Benedict XVI, John Paul II, the Conference of Bishops are wolves because they gave free buffet meals to the "John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army" to ravish on these American 12,000 victims, little boys and girls who even now as adults are in perpetual anguish.

Joseph Ratzinger, God's Rottweiler, Your Holiness, Holy Hubris......

Jesus warned us about those coming from within the church who teach that which is patently false. Since they are in the Church, they would teach from the bible as Paul states in 2 Cor.11:13-15 they are false apostles and messengers looking like those who teach righteousness. They may look good on the outside, their message will always be with scripture but they distort its meaning because their focus is on the church and its organizations instead of Christ. We have seen and continue to witness the parade of these false prophets : John Paul II, Cardinal Bernard Law, Cardinal Francis George, Cardinal Mahony, Bishop Brom, Benedict XVI......

John Paul II clones, Holy Hubris......

The Papal Cross of Benedict XVI


On the Lot: MR.John Paul II and MRS. Josemaria de Opus Dei http://jp2m.blogspot.com/
(A one-minute vignette of the Pope and Opus Dei)

Benedict XVI- God's Rottweiler's appetite for the Jesuits and Jon Sobrino

John Paul II Millstone - http://jp2m.blogspot.com/

John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army -- http://jp2army.blogspot.com/

Allen - National Catholic Reporter.

Faces of guilty Cardinals and Bishops - Bishops Accountability.org



Benedicto XVI: su nuevo libro en Jesús falta la "piedra de molino" de Pedofilia de Sacerdote

La celebridad nuevo libro de Benedicto XVI Jesús de Nazaret (en la cama con su arco enemigo Da Vinci Code – la cama del mismo casa editor) perdió fuera uno de las lecciones más importantes de Cristo en Mateo 18:6-7.

"Al que escandalice a uno de estos pequeños que creen en mí, más le vale que le cuelguen al cuello una de esas piedras de molino que mueven los asnos... Es forzoso, ciertamente, que vengan escándalos, pero ¡ay de aquel hombre por quien el escándalo viene!"

En 80 años de edad, Benedicto todavía no lo comprende - y él se morirá no lo comprende - que él y Juan Pablo II ambos "dirigido" (por lo tanto "causado") uno de los pecados más grandes en la Iglesia Católica -- la Cultura atroz de Pedofilia de Sacerdote para sobre un cuarto de un siglo - con aproximadamente 12.000 víctimas en Estados Unidos de América sólo.

Compare los CRIMENES y a sus VICTIMAS en América

Las víctimas - Atacadores - Líderes Responsables

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - 3.000 víctimas - 170 aviones - Almirante Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 New York - 5.000 víctimas - 19 musulmanes - Osama bin Laden

Pedofilia de Sacerdote de EUA - 12.000 víctimas - 5.148 sacerdotes - Juan Pablo II y Benedicto XVI

Si él escribe o viaja como en su viaje reciente a Brasil, Benedicto en ningún lugar menciona - ni se disculpa - la Cultura de Pedofilia de Sacerdote durante los 26 años reinado de Juan Pablo II el Gran. No es una sorpresa desde que él es un clon verdadero de JPII. Sus libros y sus viajes quieren que JPII estén casi presuntuosa, egoísta la autocracia del papado y totalmente inútil para el sufrimiento a víctimas Americanas especialmente para esos reclamar para alguna forma de la justicia en Los Angeles, San Diego y los tribunales de los Estados Unidos de América hoy.

Según Allen, un periodista de Vaticano: Los tres "flash informativo" del viaje -- los comentarios de Papa en el aborto y políticos católicos, su condenación de narcotraficantes y su crítica de tanto del capitalismo como marxismo -- fueron informados a diferencia del uno al otro pero tenido un hilo común en "las promesas falsas de ideologías" eso procura reemplazar a Jesús en personas vive.

En su discurso a los obispos de Iberoamérica y el Caribe, Papa Benedicto aclaró eso "predicando a Cristo no es una distracción del trabajo de la justicia social; trabaja para la justicia".

El nuevo libro "es mucho más que un ejercicio académico, es la Carta magna de Benedicto pontifican".

¿La carta magna de Benedicto Pontifican? Presumido. Presuntuoso. La bazofia para las 12.000 víctimas Americanas del JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army “Ejército de Sacerdotes Pedófilo de Juan Pablo II”.

Benedicto XVI, Su Santidad, Su Santa Arrogancia. .....

Jesús advirtió, "Tiene cuidado con profetas falsos, que viene a usted en ropa de oveja, pero interiormente ellos son lobos hambrientos". Los lobos son el enemigo de oveja, ellos comen oveja. Ellos estropean la multitud como oveja es su dieta. Benedicto XVI, Juan Pablo II, la Conferencia de Obispos es lobos porque ellos dieron comidas buffet libres al " Ejército de Sacerdotes Pedófilo de Juan Pablo II " encantar en estos Americano 12.000 víctimas, chicos y chicas pequeños que aún ahora como adultos están en la angustia perpetua.

Jose Ratzinger, Rottweiler de Dios, Su Santidad, Santa Arrogancia. .....

Jesús nos advirtió acerca de esa venida de dentro de la iglesia que enseña el que es evidentemente falso. Desde que ellos están en la Iglesia, ellos enseñarían de la Biblia como estados de Pablo en 2 Cor.11:13-15 ellos son apóstoles y los mensajeros falsos que parecen a los que enseñan rectitud. Ellos pueden parecer buenos por fuera, su mensaje siempre estará con escritura pero ellos retuercen su significado porque su foco está en la iglesia y sus organizaciones en vez de Cristo. Hemos visto y continuamos presenciar el desfile de estos profetas falsos: Juan Pablo II, Cardinal Bernard Law, Cardinal Francis George, Cardinal Mahony, el Obispo Brom, Benedicto XVI. .....

Clonas de Juan Pablo II, Santa Arrogancia. .....

John Paul II Millstone - http://jp2m.blogspot.com/

John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army -- http://jp2army.blogspot.com/

Allen - National Catholic Reporter.

Las caras de Cardinales y Obispos culpables – www.BishopsAccountability.org

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Benedict XVI and Georg his GAY Private Secretary are GAYS.!.

The Italian GAYs say that this personal secretary of Benedict XVI is GAY...and so is Benedict XVI. (Who would know gays better than the gays themselves.) So there is another AAAHHH GAY Mystical Marriage at the Vatican: MR. Benedict XVI and MRS. Georg Gaenswein. Both are German and same-sex!

Here comes Georg the Bride all dressed in Black with a Pink Sash and Benedict XVI the Groom all dressed in White with his white Beanie (veil).

Benedict is the Groom even if he is shorter (30 years older) because he is the "Head" (just like Christ is the Head and the Church is his Mystical Bride.)

"On the Lot" 1-minute vignette http://jp2m.blogspot.com/2007/06/on-lot-mr-john-paul-ii-and-mrs_09.html MR. John Paul II was the Groom in white (only) and MRS. Josemaria was the Bride in Black (only). Those Mystical Marriages at the Vatican sure have a very gayish flair indeed. In this photo, Benedict XVI and Georg Gaenswein look very much like a clone of MR. John Paul II's Mystical Marriage to MRS. Josemaria de Opus Dei.

At 80 years of age, Benedict still doesn't get it - and he'll die not getting it - that he and John Paul II both "led" (therefore "caused") one of the greatest sins in the Catholic Church -- the heinous Culture of Priest Pedophilia for over a quarter of a century - with approximately 12,000 victims in USA alone.

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,148 priests - John Paul II and Benedict XVI

Watch on Google video Benedict's powerful role as he singlehandedly covered-up the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for over a quarter a century.


Amidst the splendor of the estimated 86 Billion Euro Vatican Museum, Benedict XVI lives with his handsome private secretary who is at his every beck and call. (By the way, the $2.3 Billion American Dioceses payout to the victims is only a penny's worth in the Vatican's piggy bank! http://jp2m.blogspot.com/2007/10/john-paul-ii-and-vatican-billions.html)

Father Gaenswein became personal secretary to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2003, and moved into the Vatican with him after he was elected Pope. When Father Gaenswein turned 50 last July he gave a rare interview to Vatican Radio revealing their daily routine.

“The Pope’s day begins with Mass at 7am, followed by morning prayer and a period of contemplation,” he said. “Afterwards we eat breakfast together, and my day then begins with sorting through the correspondence, which arrives in considerable quantity.” He said that he accompanied the Pope to morning audiences, followed by lunch together, a “short walk” and a rest, after which “I present to the Pope documents which require his signature, or his study and approval”.

What a gay life at the Vatican!
(No wonder Fr. Thomas Doyle and those poor children victims of Pedophile Priests NEVER get a chance with Benedict XVI since this Handome Secretary puts all their letters in the dustbin!


NY DAILY NEWS -- Pope Benedict has denounced gay marriage and is said to favor banishing gay seminarians from the priesthood. But none of that has stopped gay Italians from speculating that His Holiness is one of them.

On the day Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was voted Pope, Rome's popular gay TV host Fabio Canino opened his show with a shot of pink smoke wafting from a chimney at the Vatican.

Canino points to the pontiff's fondness for shopping and red Prada shoes as evidence that Benedict is a kindred spirit.

Catholic League president William Donohue finds the suggestion absurd.

"So the Pope is gay because he got his shoes at Prada and likes to shop," Donohue tells us. "Yup, that seals it. But does this mean that if we find out that Rosie [O'Donnell] gets her shoes at ­Buster Brown and loathes shopping, that she's really a closet breeder?"

Canino also asserts on Out.com, "Everybody knows he is gay, and his boyfriend is his private secretary, [Monsignor Georg Gänswein]."

Gänswein is a handsome, blond, 50-year-old amateur ­pilot, ­tennis player and former ski instructor. The Italian Web site Gay.it calls Gänswein "the new sex symbol of the Vatican City … It's no surprise that [Ratzinger] has decided to bring with him this young and fascinating collaborator."

read full article http://www.nydailynews.com/index.html


The fashion designer Donatella Versace revealed her new muse: the Pope's private secretary Father Georg Gaenswein. (BBC)

For her menswear collection, shown in Milan, she chose to emulate Father Georg Gaenswein, Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary, saying he's "austere, severe, ethical, and elegant." ... (Elle)

The Italians already call him "Don Giorgio" or "Gorgeous George", and he has apparently made quite an impression on Ms Versace. High-buttoned black jackets with crisp white shirts were seen on the catwalk this week, inspired by the Pope's private secretary.

Father Gaenswein can hardly be credited with inventing the look, but many would say the 50-year-old German wears it rather well. As a fashion icon, he is in good company. His boss Pope Benedict XVI has a penchant for Prada slippers and Gucci sunglasses. (BBC)

The Times
January 16, 2007
Richard Owen in Rome

Meet the inspiration for the latest Versace look - the Pope's secretary.

Donatella Versace has often raised eyebrows — and hemlines — with her outrageous designs for women. Yesterday, however, she stunned even blasé fashionistas by launching a “clergyman look” for men, inspired by Father Georg Gaenswein, the handsome 50-year-old private secretary to Pope Benedict XVI.

The outfit, modelled at the Milan menswear 2007-08 winter collection, features grey-black trousers and jacket with a clerical-style collar. “I was thinking of an austere, severe and ethical man. I find Father Georg’s austerity very elegant,” said Ms Versace.

Spirituality was “not the same as bigotry”, she said, adding that she was open to the idea of civil unions between gays or heterosexual couples. Proposals to make civil unions legal in Italy have divided the centre-left Government of Romano Prodi and aroused fierce opposition in the Vatican.

“It is the moment to display the muscles of the mind, not those of the gym,” Ms Versace said. “Fashion needs more rigour.” She said she had used a fabric that was “as soft to the touch as the wings of an angel”. The result was dubbed “priestly chic” by fashion writers.

Father Gaenswein, an amateur pilot and keen tennis player, hardly ever makes public comments, least of all on the frequent tributes to his good looks in Italian gossip columns. Last year he broke cover to complain about satirical sketches on Italian TV depicting the Pope. “Satire is fine. But these things have no intellectual quality and offend men of the Church,” he said. The sketches have been dropped.

Father Gaenswein became personal secretary to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2003, and moved into the Vatican with him after he was elected Pope. When Father Gaenswein turned 50 last July he gave a rare interview to Vatican Radio revealing their daily routine.

“The Pope’s day begins with Mass at 7am, followed by morning prayer and a period of contemplation,” he said. “Afterwards we eat breakfast together, and my day then begins with sorting through the correspondence, which arrives in considerable quantity.” He said that he accompanied the Pope to morning audiences, followed by lunch together, a “short walk” and a rest, after which “I present to the Pope documents which require his signature, or his study and approval”.

A Versace spokeswoman confirmed that the clergyman look had been inspired by Father Gaenswein, adding: “Few other places in the world are as influential as the Vatican.”

Prada for the Masses

(MSNBC) He may never make the best-dressed lists, but Pope Benedict XVI is nothing short of a religious-fashion icon, riding in the Popemobile with red Prada loafers under his cassock and Gucci shades. But his penchant for designerwear and a move to ditch the papal tailors who have dressed popes for more than 200 years are causing new wrinkles in the Vatican.

Benedict has favored his tailor from his days as cardinal, Alessandro Cattaneo, and the 20-year- old religious-fashion house of Raniero Mancinelli, which has provided the pope with dazzling new vestments (some with shimmering, sequinlike details). At risk of losing the papal-dress contract are the Annibale Gammarelli tailors, who have made papalwear since 1792. But they blundered when Benedict had to make his debut blessing in a cassock that was too short, ending just above his ankles. Subsequent celebratory vestments made by Gammarelli are reported to have made the pope uncomfortable.

The Vatican won't comment on papal attire, and Gammarelli denies it is getting the ax: "We are still in contact with the Holy Father. Perhaps there was only an occasional gift by some friend of the pontiff," the tailor says.—Barbie Nadeau


Thou shalt not take the mickey out of the Pope

John Hooper
Thursday November 16, 2006
The Guardian

Italians have always poked fun at popes. But now that Joseph Ratzinger is Benedict XVI, it has to stop. That was the message this week from his private secretary, Georg Genswein. On Tuesday, he was rung by a reporter from the Italian news agency, Adnkronos. She was after comment on a dispute that blew up when the daily newspaper of the Italian Roman Catholic church criticised a string of recent satirical acts taking, so to speak, the P out of the pope.

"I am aware of the controversy and I hope that broadcasts of this kind stop," Father Genswein said. "Satire is fine. But these things do not have any intellectual quality and offend men of the church. They are not acceptable."

Papal private secretaries rarely comment on anything. So Father Genswein's remarks suggest either he or the Holy Father is pretty steamed up (though he claimed neither had seen or heard any of the offending sketches).

There was a respectful pause after Benedict's election, but Italy's comics were unable to resist for long the temptation to laugh at a hardline pope with a distinct German accent or his handsome, sporty assistant. That said, it has been mild stuff. TV comedian Luciana Littizetto caused scandalised laughter when she joked about setting aside part of her taxes for the church to get an introduction to "gorgeous Georg". On channel La 7, impressionist Maurizio Crozza does a take-off of the pontiff and, on RAI radio, Rosario Fiorello and Marco Baldini do a double act in which his papacy is seen through the eyes of his secretary. It is much the same idea as the one behind the letters in Private Eye supposedly written by Denis Thatcher, only the skits are less barbed: "They've opened a restaurant in the Vatican - the Last Supper. Not bad. You order fish for one and get enough for 20."

Fausto Colombo, a lecturer in media studies at the Catholic University in Milan, summed it up best: "It is characteristic of satire that it does not amuse the victim."


CRUSH OF THE DAY: Monsignor Georg Gänswein

The NY Daily News brings to our attention rampant speculation in Italy that the new Pope Benedict, née Joseph Ratzinger (which we always read as though George Jetson’s boss were angry with him: “Raaaatzinger!”) is gay. The main reason? Namely, because Pope Benedict wears red Prada shoes. The rumor has been spreading since the day he took God’s office, when gay talk show host Fabio Canino kicked off his show “with a shot of pink smoke wafting from a chimney at the Vatican.” Apparently, the Pope’s boyfriend is his private secretary, Monsignor Georg Gänswein, the “handsome, blond, 50-year-old amateur ­pilot, ­tennis player and former ski instructor.”

Well. We had to know more. So we Google Image searched him and ohmahgawwwwww!!!! MONSIGNOR GEORG GANSWEIN IS DROP DEAD GORGE! No, all JK-ing aside, the guy is 2-DIE-4. As the Italians might say “Illay Fatchay ese muy puntamento ecstatico”, which actually doesn’t mean anything strangely enough. We gotta hand it to the Pope — well played, my good man! MERRY CHRISTMAS! If he wasn’t celebate and/or into guys, we’d have him stuff or holiday stocking every day of the week! And we mean that literally, because we love small toys.

But for serious, more shots of our new Numero Uno Monsignor after the jump… (with thanks to ONTD for calling our attention to this pressing matter.)



The PUBLIC papal Press Secretary is Fr. Frederico Lombardi, S.J., who is the director of Vatican Radio and Vatican Television. He is the public secretary. He only sees Benedict when Mrs. Georg the private secretary allow him to. But Jesuit Lombardi's days are numbered because another Opus Dei numerary like Navarro-Valls will take over again as public secretary. Lombardi is the 'consolation prize' token and the "adieu" of God's Rottweiler to the Jesuits. It is the Octopus Dei's tentacle leash on the Jesuits. The Opus Dei will take over the Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television soon -- they have been preparing ALL their priests and members to take over the Vatican communication system through their thousands of students at the Opus Dei Holy Cross Pontifical University in Rome.

The Vatican and the Papacy is owned and operated by the Opus Dei, believe it or not.

Private Secretary Georg will too become a Cardinal someday like the secretary of John Paul II did.

Here is his latest speech about the Muslims

Islamization threatens the West's Christian roots, warns pope’s sec’y

Catholic Online

MUNICH, Germany (Catholic Online) – Europe is facing its increasing Islamization and national leaders need to ensure that the continent’s Christian roots not be ignored, said the private secretary of Pope Benedict XVI.

In comments made in an interview with the respected German weekly Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin based here in an article released July 26, Msgr. Georg Ganswein decried misplaced political correctness toward Islam and called the pontiff’s controversial speech in Germany last September “prophetic.”

"Attempts to Islamize the West cannot be denied," Msgr. Ganswein was quoted as saying, making it clear that Europe’s Christian roots are under threat from a surging Islam.

"The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it,” he said, “should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness."

The private secretary’s remarks were published as the German-born pope was concluding his July 9 – 27 vacation in northern Italy.

In defending the pope’s speech in Regensburg, Germany, which led to Muslim protests and violence throughout the world, Msgr. Ganswein said the holy father’s focus on the connection between Islam and violence had been an attempt to "act against a certain naivety."

In the September speech, Pope Benedict quoted Manuel II Paleologus, a 14th-century Byzantine emperor, who said: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

“I believe that the speech in Regensburg,” he said, “is prophetic.” He added that the pope wrote his own speeches and that those remarks had not been edited.

The papal secretary said that the “harsh reactions” to the speech was “a big surprise, also to the pope.”

"The huge fuss that arose was because of newspaper reports that took a certain quote out of context and presented it as the pope’s personal opinion," he said.

The pope sought to speak to the fact that “no such thing” specifically defines Islam, Msgr. Ganswein said. “It does not have a voice that is obligatory and binding to all Muslims.”

"Under this term,” he said of Islam, “many different groups are put together that are partially hostile to each other, some even extremist, who refer their doings to the Quran and who use rifles for their goals.”

Msgr. Ganswein said that besides engagement with Islam, dialogue between Orthodox and Catholic churches must continue and must overcome its divisions.

"On the institutional level, the Holy See tries to make contacts and conduct talks in conjunction with papal advice to create interreligious dialogue and ties."

"The restoration of full unity in the faith is certainly a great goal,” he said, calling divisions among Christians a scandal.

So MRS. Georg wife of Benedict, preparing to be Cardinal made this speech.

Link: Cardinal Egan is gay! Cardinal Spellman was notoriously gay!

Benedict is the gays' Person of the Year http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/2006/10/pope-benedict-xvis-second-bite-gays.html.

Msgr Gänswein (the Pope's secretary) is beautiful!!!

Pope Benedict XVI Ratiznger was born German and speaks German. His "gorgeous" private secretary is German also, a man 30 years his junior who is the only man who sees and bath the naked old pope and dress the naked old pope in the morning and change the papal clothes at night. So, actually, they have a Mystical Marriage because they are like married couples bathing and dressing each other in the private papal apartment at the Vatican. Georg is his Mystical Bride.

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