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Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth lacks the "Parable of the Millstone"! Su libro falta la "Parábola de piedra de molino" !

QOUTATIONS and ANALYSIS from Benedict XVI's latest book

In his latest book, Jesus of Nazareth, Benedict XVI in chapter seven interprets "The Message of the Parables" and chooses the "3 Major Parables" of Christ to be The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, The Rich Man and Lazarus. Obviously the clone of John Paul II missed out one of the most important Parables of Christ in Mathew 18:6-7 --- which today is known better as "'The John Paul II Millstone' of Pedophile Priests"

See --

This is how Benedict preach - in his infallibilty as Pope - "The Parable of the Good Samaritan" as he singles out Africa as his main example of the wounded man - plus he justifies and defends the 2 Priests, the Levite and the Rabbi, who passed by and did nothing for the wounded man. My comments are in bold and (brackets) preceeded by hyphens and I put bold emphases on where Benedict missed out applying his infallible words to the wounded victims of pedophile priests.

p. 198 "One thing is clear: A new universality is entering the scene, and it rests on the fact that deep within I am already becoming a brother to all those I meet who are in need of my help."

---(The 12,000 American boys and girls wounded victims of priest pedophilia needed his help -as Cardinal Ratzinger and as Pope now -- but he did nothing to help them and he continue to do nothing for them today as Pope. Benedict XVI doesn't keep his papal word of "that deep within I am already becoming a brother to all those I meet who are in need of my help."

--- Benedict XVI was NOT a "brother" nor a "Holy Father" to these 12,000 little helpless altar boys and girls being sodomized and sexually abused and plundered by his own priests whom he covered up for over a quarter of a century -- with John Paul II.

--- This is a typical papal preaching - "Do as I say, not as I do".)

"The typical relevance of the parable is evident when we transpose it into the dimension of world society, we see how Africa, lying robbed and plundered, matter to us".

---(WHOA! Africa is continents away from the Vatican, hey, about those thousands of Catholic altar boys and girls lying wounded and helpless like that wounded man on the road -- don't they "matter to us" or matter to you, Your Holiness?

--- They were sexually plundered by thousands of parish priests in rectories and sacrities -- with full knowledge and consent of Cardinals and Bishops, and most of all tolerated by John Paul II and Benedict XVI?

--- These 12,000 victims' childhood bodies and souls were pillaged by priestly pedophilia and they are still suffering a "living Hell" from all those years like the wounded victims of Nazi holocaust.)

See the Google Video on how Benedict XVI covered-up the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

"Then we see how deeply they are our neighbors, that our lifestyle, the history in which we are involved, has plundered them and continue to do so."

---(History has written and no Catholic historian can un-write the roles of John Paul II and Benedict XVI in the perpetuation of priest pedophilia of the 20th century.)

"This is true above all in the sense that we have wounded their souls."

---(The Serranos whose son was sexually abused by a priest from age 9 to 16 calls it "death of a soul". The perception of the Pope of "wound of soul" is mild compared to the Serranos' "death of a soul". This shows who the Pope is and where he is coming from an un-real world, in the cocoon of the Vatican.

--- Surrounded by young male Swiss Guards and living with his handsome private secretary, the Pope does NOT KNOW how the laity are living and suffering. He throws a word on 'Africa' here and there and he thinks he is ruling the world through his papal throne proclaiming his empty-infallible words.)

See the Serranos

-- See his handsome private secretary who lives with him

-- See the June 5 "On the Lot" one-minute vignette of John Paul II and Josemaria Escriva of Opus Dei

"Instead of giving them God, the God who has come close to us in Christ, which would have integrated and brought to completion all that is precious and great in their own traditions, we have given them the cynicism of a world without God in which all that counts is power and profit, a world that destroys moral standards so that corruption and unscrupulous will to power are taken for granted."

---(Survivors of priest pedophilia cannot even bear to enter a church today, it makes them vomit to see and be near one.

-- See their testimonies and accounts in

"And that applies not only to Africa."

--- (Really? Where else? I thought he was getting closer to home, but no. It is hopeless to wait on this Pope to see and do something about the worst crime against children in modern history - priest pedophilia right within his own Church, within his own sacristies and rectories. This Pope is blind to the sin of priest pedophilia because he is wallowing and gazing on his young handsome Private secretary and young Swiss Guards!).

-- See his handsome private secretary, the first one he sees when he wakes up in his papal pajamas and the last one before he closes his eye, no it's not the Tabercale or the Crucifix

p.199 "We do of course have material assistance to offer and we have to examine our way of Life."

---(The way of life at the lap of luxury at the pompous 86 Billion Euro real estate of the Vatican! What kind of assitance has he given to victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army? See some of their faces and activities here

"But we always give too little when we just give material things. And aren't we surrounded by people who have been robbed and battered? The victims of drugs, of human trafficking, of sex tourism, inwardly devastated people who sit empty in the midst of material abundance."

---(WHOA! Sex tourism! How about the "free sex buffet" of pedophile priests sexually abusing and feasting on thousands of altar boys and girls in North America, Mexio, Latin America, Ireland...? Hello, Benedict XVI! Which planet are you living in?)

"All this is of concern to us, it calls us to have the eye and the heart of a neighbor, and to have the courage to love our neighbor, too."

(This Pope got a cross-eyed Holy See. Definitely as Pope he did NOT LOVE anyONE of the 12,000 American little boys and girls sexually abused by the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.)

"For --- as we have said --- the priest and the Levite may have passed by more out of fear than out of indifference. The risk of goodness is something we must reborn from within, but we can do that only if we ourselves become good from within, if we ourselves are "neighbors" from within, and if we then have an eye for the sort of service that is asked of us, that is possible for us, and is therefore also expected of us, in our environment and within the wider ambit of our lives."

---(Note the four words of Infallibility "As we have said" -- Benedict hypens these 4 letter word. His Holiness speaks of "good from within" and defends the 2 priests who pass by the wounded man. Holy Hubris!

-- If the Vicar of Christ can defend those 2 priests in the Parable of Christ, so can he defend and justify the Pedophile Priests Army of John Paul II and the Cardinals and Bishops COHORTS in CRIME!)

* * * * * *

Benedict XVI is the Responsible Leader of Priest Pedophilia - together with John Paul II

At 80 years of age, Benedict still doesn't get it - and he'll die not getting it - that he and John Paul II both "led" (therefore "caused") one of the greatest sins in the Catholic Church -- the heinous Culture of Priest Pedophilia for over a quarter of a century - with approximately 12,000 victims in USA alone.

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,148 priests - John Paul II and Benedict XVI

“If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea. How terrible for the world that there are things that make people lose their faith! Such things will always happen – but how terrible for the one who causes them!"
The Parable of the Millstone

Benedict "in Bed" with the Da Vinci Code: Sleeping with the Enemy

In Bed with the Da Vinci Code

The celebrity new book of Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth is in bed with his arch enemy the Da Vinci Code, sharing the same "Bed of Mammon Money" in the same publisher house. If the Pope really detested the Da Vinci Code, why doesn't he use another publisher house? There are hundreds of them out there, but of course, the Da Vinci Code was the best seller and Benedict who preaches against the "marriage of Mary Magdalene with Jesus" is using -- the same publisher who announces that "marriage of Jesus" to speak of the papal "Jesus of Nazareth who was celibate till death". Go figure, the same mouth speaking of two opposite things! Didn't Christ say, "If your left eye causes you to sin, cut it off rather than go to Hell with it"?

So why doesn't the Pope cut off with the Publisher that is causing millions of Catholics to sin about their faith in Jesus? By the way, as God's Rottweiler with his insatiable appetite for the Jesuits, he dishonored his original contract with Ignatius Press who have exclusive right to publish the Pope's writings in the USA, founded by the Jesuit Fr. Joseph Fessio, the instantly-newly-fired Chancellor of the secretly Opus Dei owned Ave Maria University in Florida. (See also Benedict XVI, God's Rottweiler appetite for the Jesuits and Jon Sobrino

Isn't 'the medium is the message'? The Catholics in India were "fasting until death" against the release of the movie of the Da Vinci Code in their country. The book is in the "Forbidden Index" of the Opus Dei and the Vatican. No wonder we have so much crisis in the Church - we cannot trust or count on the Hierarchy because their words mismatch and are contradictory -- they hate the book but they love its source and therefore uses it too. It is like blood money, the Vatican will take it and use it anytime. And look at the Church typical image of a Cardinal and Bishop -- this image of Cardinal Bernard Law. He can cite the entire Bible but he does not remember speaking with any of his pedophile priests.

And now this book by God's Rottweiler, the latest papal harangue by John Paul II's clone.

Mammon rules even in the Papacy and the Vatican, it is money that counts, not decent principles. The Pope is a chameleon - he can serve both God and Mammon; he does not walk his talk on the Da Vinci Code and he'd rather disobey Christ and keep his left eye to serve Mammon...and God.

Benedict's travel to Brazil

Whether he is writing or travelling as in his recent trip to Brazil, Benedict nowhere mentions - nor apologize - the Culture of Priest Pedophilia under the 26 year reign of John Paul II the Great. It's not a surprise since he is a real clone of JPII. His books and his trips like JPII are all but highfalutin, self-serving the autocracy of the papacy and totally useless for the suffering American victims especially for those claiming for some form of justice in Los Angeles, San Diego and USA courts today.

According to Allen, a Vatican reporter: The three "news flashes" from the trip -- the pope's comments on abortion and Catholic politicians, his condemnation of drug dealers and his criticism of both capitalism and Marxism -- were reported as distinct from one another but had a common thread in "the false promises of ideologies" that seek to replace Jesus in people's lives.

In his talk to the bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean, Pope Benedict made clear that "preaching Christ is not a distraction from the work of social justice; it is working for justice."

The new book "is much more than an academic exercise,it is the Magna Carta of Benedict's pontificate."

Magna Carta of Benedict's Pontificate? Hoity-toity. Highfalutin. Hogwash for the 12,000 American victims of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Benedict XVI, Your Holiness, Your Holy Hubris......

Jesus warned, "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." Wolves are the enemy of sheep, they eat sheep. They chew up the flock as sheep are their diet. Benedict XVI, John Paul II, the Conference of Bishops are wolves because they gave free buffet meals to the "John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army" to ravish on these American 12,000 victims, little boys and girls who even now as adults are in perpetual anguish.

Joseph Ratzinger, God's Rottweiler, Your Holiness, Holy Hubris......

Jesus warned us about those coming from within the church who teach that which is patently false. Since they are in the Church, they would teach from the bible as Paul states in 2 Cor.11:13-15 they are false apostles and messengers looking like those who teach righteousness. They may look good on the outside, their message will always be with scripture but they distort its meaning because their focus is on the church and its organizations instead of Christ. We have seen and continue to witness the parade of these false prophets : John Paul II, Cardinal Bernard Law, Cardinal Francis George, Cardinal Mahony, Bishop Brom, Benedict XVI......

John Paul II clones, Holy Hubris......

The Papal Cross of Benedict XVI


On the Lot: MR.John Paul II and MRS. Josemaria de Opus Dei
(A one-minute vignette of the Pope and Opus Dei)

Benedict XVI- God's Rottweiler's appetite for the Jesuits and Jon Sobrino

John Paul II Millstone -

John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army --

Allen - National Catholic Reporter.

Faces of guilty Cardinals and Bishops - Bishops



Benedicto XVI: su nuevo libro en Jesús falta la "piedra de molino" de Pedofilia de Sacerdote

La celebridad nuevo libro de Benedicto XVI Jesús de Nazaret (en la cama con su arco enemigo Da Vinci Code – la cama del mismo casa editor) perdió fuera uno de las lecciones más importantes de Cristo en Mateo 18:6-7.

"Al que escandalice a uno de estos pequeños que creen en mí, más le vale que le cuelguen al cuello una de esas piedras de molino que mueven los asnos... Es forzoso, ciertamente, que vengan escándalos, pero ¡ay de aquel hombre por quien el escándalo viene!"

En 80 años de edad, Benedicto todavía no lo comprende - y él se morirá no lo comprende - que él y Juan Pablo II ambos "dirigido" (por lo tanto "causado") uno de los pecados más grandes en la Iglesia Católica -- la Cultura atroz de Pedofilia de Sacerdote para sobre un cuarto de un siglo - con aproximadamente 12.000 víctimas en Estados Unidos de América sólo.

Compare los CRIMENES y a sus VICTIMAS en América

Las víctimas - Atacadores - Líderes Responsables

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - 3.000 víctimas - 170 aviones - Almirante Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 New York - 5.000 víctimas - 19 musulmanes - Osama bin Laden

Pedofilia de Sacerdote de EUA - 12.000 víctimas - 5.148 sacerdotes - Juan Pablo II y Benedicto XVI

Si él escribe o viaja como en su viaje reciente a Brasil, Benedicto en ningún lugar menciona - ni se disculpa - la Cultura de Pedofilia de Sacerdote durante los 26 años reinado de Juan Pablo II el Gran. No es una sorpresa desde que él es un clon verdadero de JPII. Sus libros y sus viajes quieren que JPII estén casi presuntuosa, egoísta la autocracia del papado y totalmente inútil para el sufrimiento a víctimas Americanas especialmente para esos reclamar para alguna forma de la justicia en Los Angeles, San Diego y los tribunales de los Estados Unidos de América hoy.

Según Allen, un periodista de Vaticano: Los tres "flash informativo" del viaje -- los comentarios de Papa en el aborto y políticos católicos, su condenación de narcotraficantes y su crítica de tanto del capitalismo como marxismo -- fueron informados a diferencia del uno al otro pero tenido un hilo común en "las promesas falsas de ideologías" eso procura reemplazar a Jesús en personas vive.

En su discurso a los obispos de Iberoamérica y el Caribe, Papa Benedicto aclaró eso "predicando a Cristo no es una distracción del trabajo de la justicia social; trabaja para la justicia".

El nuevo libro "es mucho más que un ejercicio académico, es la Carta magna de Benedicto pontifican".

¿La carta magna de Benedicto Pontifican? Presumido. Presuntuoso. La bazofia para las 12.000 víctimas Americanas del JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army “Ejército de Sacerdotes Pedófilo de Juan Pablo II”.

Benedicto XVI, Su Santidad, Su Santa Arrogancia. .....

Jesús advirtió, "Tiene cuidado con profetas falsos, que viene a usted en ropa de oveja, pero interiormente ellos son lobos hambrientos". Los lobos son el enemigo de oveja, ellos comen oveja. Ellos estropean la multitud como oveja es su dieta. Benedicto XVI, Juan Pablo II, la Conferencia de Obispos es lobos porque ellos dieron comidas buffet libres al " Ejército de Sacerdotes Pedófilo de Juan Pablo II " encantar en estos Americano 12.000 víctimas, chicos y chicas pequeños que aún ahora como adultos están en la angustia perpetua.

Jose Ratzinger, Rottweiler de Dios, Su Santidad, Santa Arrogancia. .....

Jesús nos advirtió acerca de esa venida de dentro de la iglesia que enseña el que es evidentemente falso. Desde que ellos están en la Iglesia, ellos enseñarían de la Biblia como estados de Pablo en 2 Cor.11:13-15 ellos son apóstoles y los mensajeros falsos que parecen a los que enseñan rectitud. Ellos pueden parecer buenos por fuera, su mensaje siempre estará con escritura pero ellos retuercen su significado porque su foco está en la iglesia y sus organizaciones en vez de Cristo. Hemos visto y continuamos presenciar el desfile de estos profetas falsos: Juan Pablo II, Cardinal Bernard Law, Cardinal Francis George, Cardinal Mahony, el Obispo Brom, Benedicto XVI. .....

Clonas de Juan Pablo II, Santa Arrogancia. .....

John Paul II Millstone -

John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army --

Allen - National Catholic Reporter.

Las caras de Cardinales y Obispos culpables –


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