Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Urbi et Orbi Benedict XVI contradicts 'Jesus of Nazareth' who never spoke Latin and never wore red shoes

Benedict XVI wrote the book Jesus of Nazareth and claims himself to be the ‘representative of Christ’ on Earth, but he contradicts everything that Jesus was. There is absolutely nothing that Benedict XVI has in common with Jesus of Nazareth. First of all, Benedict XVI speaks Latin and Jesus never spoke Latin. Benedict XVI imposes Latin as the Vatican ‘official language’ which makes it difficult for American lawyers to sue the Vatican regarding priest pedophiles. Second, Benedict XVI wears red shoes as the official ‘shoes of the fisherman’ but Jesus never wore red shoes. No Jews in Nazareth wear red shoes. Jesus wore sandals and fishermen don’t wear red shoes. Third, Benedict XVI wears white-robe-only and Jesus never wore white. No man in Galilee wears white. Fourth, Benedict XVI lives in the Vatican trillion$$$ Palace that rivals Herod’s Palace but Jesus lived in a modest home. Fifth, Benedict XVI is guarded and surrounded by tall handsome Swiss Guard Army but Jesus had only 12 Apostles. Sixth, Benedict XVI never dirtied his GAY hands and never worked with the poor but Jesus lived and worked among the poorest like the Jesuit Jon Sobrino, but Benedict XVI ‘silenced’ Jesuits because they speak up against the hypocrisy of John Paul II. Seventh, Benedict XVI with his magical formula of ‘transubstantiation’ turns the flour host into the ‘real flesh of Christ’ but Jesus underwent 9-months of gestation in Mary’s womb by the power of God the Holy Spirit. If Benedict XVI does not condone the wizardry of Harry Potter and Twilight, Benedict XIV and his exclusive men-priests are the epitome of wizards on the planet Earth because they can turn flour into the flesh of God, yes, God the creator of the Universe is being ‘instantly’ REINCARNATED DAILY in the MASS by sinful men, including the thousands of Mass by the bestial hands John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

See our earlier post: Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth lacks the "Parable of the Millstone"! http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html

Benedict XVI (in white) and his 'private secretary' Georg (in black) dressed like a wedding couple

The papal narcissism of Benedict XVI is unfathomable, but he does follow the papal narcissism of John Paul II. And he wants the whole world to recognize the criminal John Paul II as Venerable and beautify him next year. John Paul II and Benedict XVI are both cold-blooded popes who have no compunction for victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. Tom Doyle explains well papal cold-bloodedness and narcissism that is a pathetic mental disorder in itself.

Comments by Tom Doyle

In all probability his lack of a proper and appropriate emotional response is grounded in the radical formation he has experienced in the toxic clerical sub-culture of which he has been a part for all of his adult life. The clerical sub-culture creates a significantly different value system in its members. The highest value is placed in the clerical/hierarchical culture itself. The bishops are taught to believe that they are the hierarchical system and hence the Church. This of course lacks any foundation in history or scripture but that matters not.

The hierarchical system is a breeding ground for a deadly psychological disorder known as “Acquired Situational Narcissism.” This disorder prevents the person from truly valuing anything other than himself for its own sake. In other words, if something is of value it is based on its benefit to the narcissist and in this instance to the narcissistic system. Consequently had Moriartity stated publicly that he knew that sex abuse of children by clerics was horrendous and evil and admitted that he allowed it anyway because he did not want to tarnish his image, then he would have been accurate and either a “recovering narcissist”, of which there is no such thing, or a budding convert to honesty which is almost as rare.

complete article here: http://reform-network.net/?p=2471


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