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Latin is not a mother tongue and therefore cannot be the “official language” of the Vatican. Why must the Vatican Bank be above all banks?

Benedict XVI has no moral authority and has no business over other nations in this world because those countries are all secular and he is a religious head of the Vatican, a mere building and a garden (not a state or country). He should simply mind his own business especially his crimes against humanity when he aided and abetted the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions committed by the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

What planet are the Vatican and the Pope living on? (Why must we allow their Canon Law to be above all laws, their Latin to be above all languages, their Vatican Bank to be above all banks, and the Pope and priests to be above all men? We must stop their superiority and annihilate all their privileges once and for all.) “Latin as mother tongue” does not exist in any country and in all countries in this world. There is no woman on earth who speaks Latin and therefore there is no child and no family on Earth who can speak Latin. No mother, no father, no parent, no children can speak in Latin -- not in this planet or in any other planet, not in the original Garden of Eden and not even in Heaven. Has Mary the Mother of God ever appeared speaking in Latin? NEVER! In Lourdes, in Fatima and in Guadalupe, she spoke in the vernacular language of those children. Did Jesus and the 12 Apostles speak in Latin? NEVER! But they are the most sacred of men. If the (sinner)Pope is the Vicar of Christ and the successor of Peter, he should therefore speak the real language of Christ and Peter - Armenian! Why must we kowtow to this medieval “sacred language Latin”? -- we are in the 21st century -- and we see the Vatican’s proven crimes against humanity over and over again. WE must denounce and stop this “official language Latin” of the Vatican and dethrone the "infallible" Pope (so that he will be accountable to secular justice) - once and for all. If WE do not do it, then WHO will?

No Primary School and no High School teach in Latin. There are no tribes or societies that speak Latin. Even Pope Benedict XVI cannot speak Latin. He can “read” in Latin but he cannot converse in Latin. No pope ever spoke or converse in Latin, not even John Paul II who spoke many languages. Those Vatican Latin documents are translated only by a handful of old scholars, a dying breed, at the Vatican. The daily function, offices and business transactions in the Vatican are not conducted in Latin. They are conducted mostly in Italian and whatever those Cardinals in position are comfortable with from their original mother-tongue or countries. Benedict speaks mostly in German with his immediate staff like his Private Secretary Georg. Cardinal Sodano speaks mostly Italian; Cardinal Marc Ouellet speaks mostly in French and they surround themselves with similar language speaking staff.

Pope Benedict XVI Ratiznger was born German and speaks German. His "gorgeous" private secretary is German also, a man 30 years his junior. See his "Mystical Bride" German Georg here

Latin can never be an “official” language of the Vatican because it is not used in daily life, in commerce, in politics, in daily functions at the “independent state or country” of the Vatican.

Even the Vatican Radio does not have a Latin audience. There is no Latin journalist on the Planet Earth. Not even the highest paid Vaticanista journalist John L.Allen Jr of All Things Catholic in NCR, he neither speak Latin nor write in Latin. John Allen is paid in millions by the Vatican Bank to continue deceiving the English speaking Catholics in the USA and the world and to mislead them to continue worshiping the Pope as the "representative of Christ on Earth". Latin is the biggest mask of the phantom of the Vatican. (See John L. Allen Jr the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

No country, state, province, city or town conduct Mass or the Sacrament of the Eucharist in Latin. The only ones who have the Mass in Latin are the Opus Dei elite numeraries (celibate men and women) and the Legionaries of Christ and very few groups (won’t waste our time on them). Opus Dei members want to make themselves feel superior to others by conducting the Eucharist in Latin. Whether it is said in Latin or vernacular languages, the Eucharist are sorcery of Christ’s flesh – because, really, no man can re-incarnate Christ’s flesh. If Mary, the Mother of God had to carry Christ in full term of 9-months, no sinful priests can make God’s flesh in 9 seconds. See Magisterium Benedict VERSUS Holy Mary: Priests' transubstantiation instant reincarnation of Christ VERSUS Mary’s 9 months pregnancy& child birth

No one at the Vatican Curia or Vatican political State can speak Latin. When there is election of a new Pope, they do not speak Latin at the conclave. All those political campaigns for a new pope like they did for Ratzinger were not conducted in Latin but in one of the 5 official languages of the United Nations.

This “Latin as official language” of the Vatican is pure Roman Catholic fantasy and media-spin strategy to make the Vatican “above-the-law”. By making Latin its “sacred language”, the Vatican makes itself “untouchable” by all countries that have their own common languages and it forces these other countries to spend money to deal with the Vatican in Latin – especially the litigations against Ratzinger Benedict who is the most guilty living person of the most heinous crimes against children – and humanity – as he aided and abetted the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Go figure, at the same time, the Vatican want to be recognized as a political (secular) state.

Benedict XVI condemns secularism but he wants to be part of secularism and have secularism’s benefit. Benedict XVI is the biggest pathological liar alive on Earth.

Benedict XVI is fighting “secularism” because it is his only card left. The European Union is supposed to be secular because it does not mention Christianity one bit in its constitution. But because the Vatican Bank has many European royalties and politicians and multi-millionaires investing in it, especially it is an off-shore haven for corrupt politicians like Marcos – Heads of States will always give papal treatment like the Queen of England recently did to Benedict XVI. Unless we, the people of the world, stop this corrupt political recognition of the Pope and the Vatican Bank once and for all in our lifetime. See news below, ‘Pope for Hire’, where those secret millionaires invested in the Vatican Bank had private photo-ops with the Pope.

The Vatican bank is not like any other bank (says who)

So the Vatican want Latin as its official language because no one else on the planet earth can speak or understand it. They also have their own Canon Laws that act to be above-all-laws on the Planet Earth – because “Salvation is found ONLY within the Catholic Church”. (See our archives on Dominus Iesu) Then they also want the Vatican Bank as “different” from all other banks (see news below, the Jesuit hypocrisy is at work again through the Fr Federico Lombardi, the public puppet of the Pope and the Opus Dei)

The Vatican Bank is being investigated for money laundering because it sent 23 million dollars to JP Morgan in Germany – were those business transactions done in Latin, NO. They were done in German. The Vatican also sent the other three million euros to the Italian Banca del Fucino; how was the transaction done? In Italian. No bank and no banker understand, speak or work in Latin. So the Vatican is a pathological liar for saying that its official language is Latin. Like these transactions in Germany and italy, that is how the trillion Vatican Bank keeps itself afloat – by sending back off-shore or corrupt and ill gotten monies to other different international Banks. That is why those political heads have to protect their own investments and banks in their own countries because their banks are heavily invested and controlled by the Vatican Bank.

How long will the world tolerate the Vatican as an independent political state and the pope as a Head of State like the Queen or Presidents and Prime Ministers? The Vatican is a mere building with a public square and garden. But as long as the Vatican and the Pope are political entities, all pedophile priests will always be above-the-law and all crimes against humanity committed by the Popes and priests will always escape secular justice.

Benedict XVI went to England – he spoke ONLY English there - and all Catholic media-spinners (paid by the trillion dollars Vatican Bank) said it was a success. That was the first time that more than 10 thousand protesters gathered to the streets of London. Maybe there were 80,000 attendees at the papal prayer vigil and papal mass, but 10,000 is not a mere 10%. That was a 1 to 8 ratio of people against the Pope and that is quite significant to prove that the Pope is no longer accepted as a second-in-line to Christ. The demise of the papacy is imminent because of the Priestly-Sodomy of Biblical Proportions committed by the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army which was successfully covered by by Cardinal Ratzinger now Pope Benedict XVI. The crimes against humanity by the Vatican will stop here and now in this 21st century. A “free pass” will and MUST no longer be tolerated.

So those corrupt millionaires believe that they will go to Heaven as they have shaken the hands of the pope and they can simply go on stealing the money of poor people – like Marcos did. And those pedophile priests will believe they will go to Heaven because of the Sacrament of Confession and because Benedict XVI has blamed the Devil and made the hocus pocus of the Eucharist. The Sacrament of Confession is the worst instrument of INJUSTUICE in the world. ALL SINNERS go scot-free for all their crimes because the holy priests and pope have “forgiven their sins.

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leader

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - Vatican Trinity: John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Opus Dei

See our related articles

Benedict XVI and Jon Sobrino. Did Christ speak Latin?

So how can the Vicar of Christ make Latin the "official language" of the Mystical Body of Christ?

Faith, BLESSED NEWMAN, prayers, Christ-CRUCIFIX never protected children and can never bring justice to victims of John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Benedict XVI Ratzinger, God’s Rottweiler is barking and mauling people’s minds again – by doing what he does best – that is pointing attention away from his own personal guilt and personal crime and the Vatican’s own accountability – by laying the blame on the Devil -- and by putting the entire burden upon Christ suffering on the Cross. In Rome at the spectacular closing ceremony for the Year for Priests, he blamed all the sins of pedophile priests on the Devil. See Benedict XVI and Eve: affiliation with the Devil.

Vatican Bank Under Investigation for Money Laundering

The Vatican is not a Country as other European Countries. It’s an artificial State created by Mussolini in 1929. With its wealth, its diplomatic service, its influence on political parties, its willingness to exploit its treaties and privileges, the Vatican seems determined to consolidate its position in the corridors of power of the European Union. Hence, the visit of the Pope to England is one of the first step to this consolidation with the EU.


Jesus won’t have any part of it

London Free Press (Canada)

By BOB RIPLEY, Special to QMI Agency

Last Updated: October 2, 2010

There was a reason why Jesus had a wardrobe that consisted of the robe on his back. Money tends to complicate things.

I say this because it is getting hard to square the penniless peasant with the opulence of parts of the movement he birthed.

The chairperson and the director-general of the Vatican Bank known as IOR (Istituto per le Opere di Religione or Institute for Works of Religion) are under investigation for possible violations of Italian money laundering regulations. The Vatican Bank handles all the accounts of its religious orders and the thousands of other Catholic associations using the offshore status of the Holy See.

At the heart of this investigation are two transfers - one for 20 million euros (about $28 million Cdn) to JP Morgan in Frankfurt Germany and the other for three million euros (about $4 million Canadian) to the Italian Banca del Fucino. The IOR is alleged to have failed to provide enough information, thus prompting the Bank of Italy to automatically suspend the transactions.

Vatican stands by its IOR execs

Financial Times
From Fr Federico Lombardi.

Sir, The Institute of Religious Works (IOR) has returned to international media attention in the wake of a surprise investigation by the Procurator’s Office in Rome (“Vatican backs bankers in laundering probe”, September 22).

Given that the activities of the IOR take place at an international level, and that its president is well-known in the world of international finance, it is appropriate that I should seek to avoid the spread of inaccurate information and to ensure that no damage is caused to the institute or the good name of its managers.

The IOR is not a bank in the normal definition of the term. It is an institute that administers the assets of Catholic institutions, who aim to further a religious and charitable apostolate at an international level. The IOR is located within the territory of Vatican City State, beyond the jurisdiction and surveillance of various national banks.

Vatican bank readies court action over funds

Financial Times
By Guy Dinmore in Rome
Published: October 2 2010

A dispute between the Vatican bank and the Italian judiciary over a suspected breach of anti-money laundering regulations is set to intensify. Rome magistrates are investigating the Pope’s two most senior bankers while funds belonging to the Holy See remain frozen by court order.

Vincenzo Scordamaglia, a lawyer representing the Institute of Religious Works, as the Vatican bank is formally known, said the bank would challenge the seizure of its funds if the funds were not released.

Papal observers said they could not recall a case of the Vatican, a sovereign state, seeking redress through the Italian judicial system and that the move reflected its sensitivity over the issue.

'Pope for hire' row as rich pay millions and then get to meet him

By Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 10:57 PM on 25th September 2010

The Pope’s visit to Britain came under fresh scrutiny last night after it was revealed that multi-millionaires funded a significant proportion of the trip and were granted a coveted private audience with the Pontiff.

Insiders said the bulk of the £6.5 million raised so far by the Catholic Church to finance the visit came from businessmen including JCB boss Sir Anthony Bamford.

During the four-day visit, many of the donors met Benedict XVI at a series of gatherings, one of which took place just before Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

The Pope vs. Britain's Secularists: Who Won?

By Nick Assinder / London Monday, Sep. 20, 2010,8599,2020269,00.html#ixzz10OGSoyUk

As protest chants go, "What do we want? A secular Europe! When do we want it? Now!" isn't exactly catchy. But it was a message Pope Benedict XVI heard loud and clear during his historic four-day state visit to Britain, the first ever by a Pope. And it was one he had determined to meet head-on by getting his retaliation in first, even before he touched down in Glasgow at the start of the trip.

With the child-sex-abuse scandal and the Vatican's stance on contraception, abortion, and gay and women's rights fueling much of the protests — which culminated in a 10,000-strong Protest the Pope march in London on Saturday — Benedict chose his visit to the U.K. as the moment to express "deep sorrow and shame" over the scandal, confessing it "undermined the moral credibility" of the church and insisting cases should be treated as crimes rather than, as has previously been suggested, a matter for the church to handle. As has become his habit, he also held a private, face-to-face meeting with five victims ages 40 to 50, during which he pledged to ensure that abusers were "brought to justice," said a spokesman. (See pictures of the Pope's trip to the U.K.)

But Benedict arrived in the U.K. armed with a wider message, making repeated warnings against what he claimed was a growth in "aggressive forms of secularism" in British society. It was that same phenomenon, he suggested, that led to the birth of the Nazis in his native Germany.

The theme had been set out, albeit in a less nuanced fashion, three days before the Pope arrived in Britain, when an article in the German magazine Focus quoted Benedict's close aide Cardinal Walter Kasper likening Britain to a third-world country, with the declaration, "Above all, an aggressive New Atheism is widespread in England. If you, for example, wear a cross at British Airways, you'll be disadvantaged." (See more on the reaction leading up to the Pope's U.K. visit.)

Vatican bank probe targets 'numerous individuals' over millions of euros

Guardian (United Kingdom)
John Hooper in Rome, Thursday 23 September 2010

Italian investigators are trying to identify "numerous individuals" who appear to have received more than €2m (£1.7m) through an account at the Vatican bank.

On Tuesday, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the president of what is properly known as the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), and his director general were formally placed under investigation by prosecutors in Rome, suspected of violating Italy's money-laundering regulations.

The Vatican has expressed astonishment at the move, which related to attempts to transfer some €23m (£19.5m) from an Italian bank account, allegedly without disclosing the identity of the party for which it was acting. ...

Extracts from the judge's warrant that blocked the transfers, published in the Italian media, suggest there is more to the affair than a simple misunderstanding or oversight, though not necessarily anything that indicates Vatican wrongdoing.

La Repubblica quoted the warrant as saying that between January 2008 and November 2009 the IOR's account with Credito Artigiano received bank drafts worth €2,132,297. But the deposits "referred to drafts drawn by other people on third-party banks in favour of numerous individuals ... none ever coinciding with the IOR".

Italian church abuse victims want clerical abuse declared a crime against humanity

Winnipeg Free Press

VERONA, Italy - Italian victims are seeking to have abuse carried out by Catholic priests declared a crime against humanity.

They launched the appeal Saturday during the first public gathering of Italian clerical abuse victims ever in a country reluctant to confront the Vatican in its own backyard on any issue.

Organizer Salvatore Domolo, a victim and ex-priest, says campaigners are looking abroad for solidarity because justice is hard for pedophile victims to come by in Italy, which has a statute of limitations of 10 years.

Vatican stands by its IOR execs

Financial Times
From Fr Federico Lombardi.

Sir, The Institute of Religious Works (IOR) has returned to international media attention in the wake of a surprise investigation by the Procurator’s Office in Rome (“Vatican backs bankers in laundering probe”, September 22).

Given that the activities of the IOR take place at an international level, and that its president is well-known in the world of international finance, it is appropriate that I should seek to avoid the spread of inaccurate information and to ensure that no damage is caused to the institute or the good name of its managers.

The IOR is not a bank in the normal definition of the term. It is an institute that administers the assets of Catholic institutions, who aim to further a religious and charitable apostolate at an international level. The IOR is located within the territory of Vatican City State, beyond the jurisdiction and surveillance of various national banks.

Vatican asked by judge to serve Pope papers

By The Associated Press, Updated: October 1, 2010
Vatican asked by judge to serve Pope papers
A U.S. judge is asking the Vatican to co-operate in serving the Pope and two other top officials with court papers that stem from decades-old allegations of sexual abuse by a priest in Wisconsin.

The request is an incremental — and long shot — step in a lawsuit that accuses the officials of conspiring to keep the allegations against a Milwaukee priest quiet. The Vatican is not obliged to comply with the request.

Under similar circumstances, the Vatican has made service difficult, time consuming and expensive by insisting, for example, that documentation be translated into Latin, one of the Vatican's official languages.

Mike Finnegan, lawyer for the Chicago-based plaintiff, said Friday he's not holding out hope that the Vatican reverses course and begins to co-operate now.

"Based on what they've done in other cases, I don't expect them to do the right thing," he said. "I expect more delay and obstruction."

A message left Friday with the Vatican's U.S.-based lawyer, Jeffrey Lena, was not immediately returned.

The lawsuit, filed in April in U.S. Federal Court, names as defendants Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI; Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state; and his predecessor, Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

It claims the three men knew about allegations of sexual abuse at a Milwaukee-area school for the deaf and called off internal punishment of the accused priest. Rev. Lawrence Murphy, who died in 1998, was accused of sexually abusing some 200 boys at the school from 1950 to 1974.

'Publicity stunt'

Lena has called the lawsuit a publicity stunt with no merit, and said it rehashes theories already rejected by U.S. courts.

The court order requesting the Vatican's co-operation was signed Sept. 24 by U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa. It was released Friday by the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP.

"The court requests the assistance described herein as necessary in the interests of justice," Randa wrote.

Plaintiffs in two other U.S. cases have also sued the Vatican under similar arguments. The three plaintiffs in the Kentucky case dismissed their case last month, and a case in Oregon is ongoing.

SNAP spokesman Arthur Budzinski called the Wisconsin court order a "hopeful sign."

He said he hoped it would lead to the Pope testifying directly under oath about what he knew about Murphy's actions when, as then Cardinal Ratzinger, he headed a powerful office that oversees the discipline of priests.

For first time ever, judge asks for Vatican’s help in sex suit

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
For more information: Professor Marci Hamilton 215 353 8984,
Attorney Mike Finnegan 612 205 5531 cell, 651 227 9990 work,
Attorney Jeff Anderson 612 817 8665 cell,
Peter Isely 414 429 7259 cell,
David Clohessy 314 566 9790 cell,

A deaf man is one step closer to forcing Pope Benedict and two of his top aides to answer for their actions in the case of a notorious serial predator priest.

For the first time ever in a clergy sex abuse case, a US federal judge has issued three, two-page court documents asking for the Vatican’s cooperation in serving a suit on the Catholic church’s three highest-ranking officials - Joseph Ratzinger, Tarcisio Bertone, and Angelo Sodano.

Ratzinger is Pope Benedict’s given name, Bertone is the Vatican Secretary of State and Sodano is Bertone’s predecessor.

Judge Rudolph T. Randa of US District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin in Milwaukee is formally asking “in the interests of justice. . .the appropriate (Vatican) judicial authority. . . to effect service of process of the Amended Summons in a civil action, complaint and certified translations” on the three church leaders.

"The Vatican routinely makes service of process difficult for child sex abuse victims,” said Professor Marci Hamilton. “The judge’s decision will remove the first technicality the Vatican typically uses to try and delay and avoid liability for its actions that created the conditions for childhood sexual abuse by its clergy. The Court has moved the victims of heinous crimes closer to justice."

The case involves Terry Kohut of Wisconsin who was repeatedly molested by Fr. Lawrence Murphy at St. Johns School for the Deaf in Milwaukee. Some estimate that Murphy abused more than 200 boys at the boarding school.

Long secret church records obtained by Kohut’s attorneys show that then-Cardinal Ratzinger delayed defrocking Murphy long after multiple allegations of his extensive abuse had surfaced. Milwaukee’s archbishop repeatedly begged the Vatican to act but Murphy died still a priest in good standing.

Kohut filed his suit in April as a “John Doe,” but last weekend disclosed his identity and was featured on a one hour CNN special called “What the Pope Knew.”

“This brave victim is one step closer to forcing the world’s top three Catholic officials to answer for their callous disregard for children’s safety,” said Mike Finnegan of St. Paul Minnesota, one of the alleged victim’s attorneys. “We hope each of the 200 men who were assaulted by this predator can take comfort in the fact that the Pope and his closest aides are moving closer toward a day of reckoning for their recklessness.”

“We’re encouraged that a judge is helping to move this arduous process forward,” said Finnegan.

“We applaud any step that speeds up an already a dreadfully long and tough effort to expose clergy sex crimes and cover ups,” said Peter Isely of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest, a Chicago-based support group. “While our hearts ache for the suffering of Terry and his classmates, at the same time, we are very grateful to him for his tenacity.”

The formal legal term for the judge’s request for is “letters rogatory.” Copies of the judge’s decision are posted at

The case was filed on April 22 and the request for letters rogatory were sent to the court on Sept. 9.

Review: The Case of the Pope by Geoffrey Robertson QC

Irish Independent
(Penguin Special, £6.99)

Why the pope is in the dock

Saturday September 25 2010

This book is the first Penguin Special in over 20 years. Published periodically between 1937 and 1989, Penguin Specials covered subjects of public concern and The Case of the Pope is in that tradition. The issue is the part played by the present Pope in the abuse cover-up and the case against Benedict is made by the most eminent human rights lawyer in Britain, Geoffrey Robertson QC.

For Irish readers there is not much new in this little book (it's less than 200 pages) but the legal manner in which Robertson constructs the case makes it compelling reading. For British readers less familiar with the abuse scandal (the book was published to coincide with the Pope's visit) it will be a shocking eye-opener.

Robertson details the role played by the then Cardinal Ratzinger in the two decades he ran the CDF, the all-powerful church body that dealt with abuse cases, when he insisted that all cases be handled under the "pontifical secrecy" provisions of Canon Law, which meant the civil authorities were not informed.


At Wednesday, October 13, 2010, Blogger JeannieChurchLady said...

The Vatican wouldn't even be considered a country had Mussolini, the Fascist head of Italy, not given the Vatican that status. What I ask is this: Would the world have acknowledged the Vatican as a country if Hitler had given her that status? Of course, not! Another question: Someone asked a question recently, which bears repeating. Would we allow Mecca to be called "A country" and Sharia law to be validly acknowledged in our country, like Canon Law has been for allowing the RCC to control Her Pedophile Priests? It's time to put an end to recognizing the Pope as a "Head of State." He's just the Head of a world-wide religion, which harbors and protects Pedophiles!


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