Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Benedict XVI no show at Jesuit press release

January 23, 2008

Those Opus Dei run newspapers and media saying that the 35th General Congregation is a "secret conclave" will swallow their own lies because the Jesuits just invited the press for an encounter with the new Father General and a free visit to their aula or meeting room. Now when did the Opus Dei ever invited the press to their secret villa in Rome where they orchestrated and twisted the arms of Cardinals to vote for Ratzinger at the secret papal conclave?

Nota Bene: The new Father General will meet the press before meeting Pope Benedict XVI whose B16-OD Titanic Ship has just been hit by the Galileo Iceberg at Sapienza University in the heart of Rome! Oh, freedom is coming!

General Congregation

S.J. Press Office, Rome, Italy,

Rome, January 23, 2008


On January 25, Friday, at 11:30, the newly elected General Superior of the Society of Jesus, Father Adolfo Nicolás, will be available for a brief encounter with journalists. It is not a press conference but an encounter to greet all those who have covered the recent events regarding the Society of Jesus and the General Congregation. Father Nicolás will address the journalists but will not entertain questions. Taking of photographs is allowed. A formal press conference is planned perhaps at the end of the General Congregation.

After the encounter those who are interested in visiting the aula where the members of the Congregation meet, will have the opportunity to do it. Again, photos are allowed.

The access to the place of the meeting – “Sala Nadal” is from Borgo S.
Spirito, 4. An accreditation card is necessary.

= END =


General Congregation 35
S.J. Press Office, Rome, Italy

23 JANUARY 2008

At 09.00 sharp, the clear pure sound of Father Vlastimil Dufka’s clarinet pierced the
conversation of those gathered in the Aula announcing the call to prayer. The music was an opportunity to raise the mind and heart to God before discussing the “down-to-earth” realities of our world and our lives as Jesuits.

Using a selection from the Gospel of St. Matthew (Mt 28:18 – 20) and a passage from the General Congregation 34 document entitled “Our Mission”, the prayer revolved around the Jesuits’ call to be “Servants of the Mission of Christ.” For those who believe that “Jesuits cannot sing” the hymn Go to the World abundantly demonstrated a different and more beautiful reality.

The morning’s work consisted of dividing the Congregation into linguistic working groups to discuss the four themes arising from various sources. There are ten groups discussing mission and identity; three groups focusing on governance; three groups looking at the various aspects of obedience and five groups studying the question of collaboration with others.

By Thursday, 24 January each group is to present a written report to the Secretary of the Congregation on the fruit of their discussions. The reports will include: the important points raised; possible outline for a document and suggest a “tone” or approach to the topic.

This phase of the Congregation moves at a slower pace due to the need to identify and
organize work to be completed. Within a few days the speed of progress should increase as commissions are established to study various topics and questions.

= END =

Video of Fr. Nicolas first news conference

A news conference is the most official thing an elected officer can do -- because he DECLARES and faces the whole world......and Fr. General Nicolas has declared and faced the world WITHOUT the "approval of Benedict XVI" and Opus Dei!

HOORAH! Mille Grazie Sapienza University!


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