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Opus Dei Pope #2-Benedict XVI celebrates US trip at the Vatican

Book of the names of victims of Priest Pedophilia presented to the Pope "to try to humanize him" which proves Benedict XVI is really out of touch with reality (like King Herod was) from his grand Vatican palace. If Cardinal O'Mailey tried to "humanize the Pope" with this book, it proves that Benedict XVI is truly inhuman and inhumane and he is not a real Vicar of his red shoes do not resemble the sandals of the feet of Christ. (More comments on this book below.)
The deceased, many of whom died from suicide or drug overdose, are remembered with a gold cross next to their name.
(John Souza Photography)

Dust in the Wind - theme song of SNAP & survivors of Priest-Pedophilia

The Pedophile Cross of Pope Benedict XVI

After King Herod ordered the killings of 14,000 Little Boys for his self-glory and to make sure he would not have any competitor as King of Jerusalem, he celebrated and feasted with his cronies. He and his friends could "stomach" the murders of babies because they were living in a lavish palace and could not hear the cries nor taste the tears of mothers and fathers who lost their boys - for the sake of his glory. Like Herod the same is true of Benedict XVI living in the lavish Vatican Palace with his cronies who do everything for the Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA and the SELF-GLORY of the Pope. Benedict as Cardinal Ratzinger and the Opus Dei covered-up for 27 years "the Feast of Pedophilia" of more than 12,000 American little boys (and girls, still counting) by more than 5,445 John Paul II Pedophile Priets Army. Like Herod, Benedict XVI and John Paul II and the Opus Dei live in the lavish Vatican and are thousands of miles and years away from the "American 27 Years of Priests-Pedophilia". For the sake of the glory of John Paul II whom they are in a hurry to canonize, these American victims were ignored and suppressed in the Vatican for 27 years by Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei.

And now Opus Dei will make sure SNAP and the survivors are nothing but Dust in the Wind (theme song of SNAP) Below is an article by an Opus Dei member who speaks of the 2 huge NY banner for the Pope "Thank you, Benedict" - well of course Opus Dei can thank him because he used all his energy to build the Prelature of Opus Dei and now only serve the Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA meanwhile for 27 years he let 12,000 American boys suffer under his pedophilia-altar.

So what if King Herod was welcomed with pomp and ceremony everywhere he went like Benedict was welcomed in America - they both are criminals within their hidden heart and mind. And both are heads of state controlling the journalists and current historians to portray them as "Great": John Paul II the Great vis-a-vis King Herod the Great, Benedict XVI the Great ala King Herod the Great. It is pathetic that the same Bible quoting journalists like John Allen and the Jesuits of America Magazine cannot apply the facts of King Herod as "history repeats itself" in Benedict XVI. Benedict XVI is the King Herod of the 21st Century.

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,448 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + Opus Dei (the new Roman Catholic Trinity!)

The Pedophile Cross of Pope Benedict XVI


Here is a survivors's testimony to how he "feels offended and insulted by Benedict XVI's apology. Following it, we also quote several articles of Opus Dei media spinner in full swing -- to glorify Benedict the Great like King Herod the Great. Their Opus Dei job is to paint Benedict XVI trip as "triumphant trip to America" the cost of 12,000 American little boys and girls all hidden in his papal-pedophiliac-belly.

Pope must address sex criminals in church

Monday, April 28, 2008
By Charles L. Bailey Jr. Baldwinsville

As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a Catholic priest, I don't know if I'm more deeply hurt or offended by the pope's visit. As head of the Catholic Church, he should talk less and do more about his offending bishops and priests.

For Pope Benedict to say he is "ashamed" by the sex scandal is an insult to us survivors. To say he feels bad about the damage to the church is very offensive. What about the damage to the children? Meeting with a few survivors doesn't cut it.

He should have met with the National Leadership of SNAP, the Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests. SNAP followed proper channels to meet with the pope in advance of his visit, but received no response.

It is past time for the pope to address these men as what they are. They are criminals, felony criminals at that. In every other sect of society it is a felony crime to rape a child, as I was raped.

The charter for the protection of children states: "Complete openness and transparency" with regard to the sex abuse scandal. How can our bishop have a list of 49 suspected priests, going back to 1950, and be able to keep it secret? If a school district had a list of 49 suspect teachers, wouldn't there be public outrage and demand for the names? Why is our bishop allowed to keep such secrets?

The abuse is documented by Father Doyle, Sipe and Wall in their new book, "Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes The Catholic Church's 2,000-year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse."

Pope Benedict has kept the most notorious of all American bishops in handling the clergy sexual abuse on the job in the literal and figurative center of Catholic power. That's Cardinal Bernard Law, the disgraced former archbishop of Boston, whom the Vatican plucked for a prominent position in Rome after Law resigned over public outcry because of his cover-ups of predator priests.

Pope Benedict, since becoming pope, hasn't disciplined or spoken out against a single U.S. bishop who failed to enforce the 2002 policy on child sexual abuse. Among these bishops is Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. George's failure to heed warnings about pedophile priest Daniel McCormack led to more children being abused between 2004 and 2005. McCormack was arrested in 2006 and sent to jail.

Pope Benedict ignored the Dallas Morning News report on "Runaway Priests" about several proven, admitted and some credibly accused U.S. pedophile priests who fled the country to where? To Rome, where they live and work in and around the Vatican.

Pope Benedict hasn't disciplined or spoken out against diocese or religious orders, including St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minn., which allows a convicted clergy sex offender to repeatedly lead retreats on its grounds, and misleads the public about its so-called monitoring of predator monks. In fact, the pope just welcomed the abbot and others from the abbey to the Vatican a few weeks back to promote a Bible the abbey publishes.

Cardinal Ratzinger ignored repeated complaints from eight Legion of Christ seminarians who came forward in 1998 to say the order's founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, sexually abused them. As cardinal, he slapped ABC-TV investigative reporter Brian Ross on the wrist (literally) for even asking a question about the case. (In 2006, Pope Benedict "invited" Maciel to live a "life of prayer and penance" but prohibited a church trial, much less turn him over the police). For articles, go to

Charles L. Bailey Jr. lives in Baldwinsville.


Book presented to the Pope "to try to humanize him" which shows that his apologies were hollow words to damage control the Church and it was all for show like pompous Pontius Pilate who said: I wash my hands...and I leave this man's (Christ) fate in your hands.

Our Comment on this book: The problem with this kind of nicely written book is it looks like one of those decorative book possessions at the Vatican archives, it does not show any of the beastly pain and priestly pedophiliac activities of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army whom Benedict XVI covered-up for 27 years. So, Benedict will not be "humanized" by it but will only think this is another "nice book" part of his papal trip trinkets (to be put away in the basement of the Vatican or as a prop for papal apology propaganda).

(John Souza Photography)

In book crafted for pope, a list, a legacy

Boston Globe

By Michael Paulson
Globe Staff / April 28, 2008

The book has no title, no author, no explanatory words - just a few quotes from The Bible, and page after page of first names.

Robert Jeffrey Michael Michael Kim Curtis

Richard Scott John Steven Peter Michael

Jackie Robert Wayne Stephen Paul Linda

Much ink has been spilled over the clergy sexual abuse crisis in the last six years, but this work is different: a hand-painted list of 1,476 men and women who have reported being sexually abused by a Catholic priest, deacon, or nun in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the book of names the Archdiocese of Boston gave to Pope Benedict XVI was an unusual effort to humanize a crisis of unimaginable scale, in this case for a pontiff who had once minimized the scope of abuse within the church. Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley of Boston presented the book at the historic Washington meeting between the pontiff and five abuse victims from Boston on April 17, midway through a papal trip to the United States during which Benedict spoke out four times about the pain and damage caused by clergy sexual abuse.

O'Malley later described the book as "a symbolic way of helping the Holy Father to experience the dimensions of the problem." ("Symbolic"? Benedict is living out-side-of-this Planet, victims and survivors are committing suicide and are "living-in-Hell" because of their years of sexual abuse by pedophile-priests covered-up by Benedict for 27 years! Oh "Symbolic" as the Pope dance with his GAY live-in lover at the Vatican to the tune of Dust in the Wind)

"We were trying to find a way that we could make present all of those who have been so hurt," said Barbara Thorp, the social worker who heads the archdiocese's victims' outreach efforts. "It isn't just 'the sexual abuse crisis,' but these are real people, with individual lives, and we felt a great responsibility to carry them with us in some tangible way." (bold emphasis added)


"When the pope saw it, I think the realization of how huge this has been really hit him," Johnston said. "It helped him to realize there were real people, individuals, who were hurt by this."


The following are Octopus Dei machine media spinners, world-class journalists, liars at their best!

Pre Benedict trip: Opus Dei ensure the Herod's welcome of Benedict XVI in America:


NY Welcomes Pope Benedict XVI
Opus Dei Awakens to Pope's Visit

© Susan Gosine
Apr 13, 2008

Protest, chants and cheers for Pope's visit. Thousands of police officers deployed to keep Pope Benedict safe during his three-day visit to New York City.

New Yorkers are gearing up for the first visit of Pope Benedict XV1 next week. Opus Dei is preparing two giant banners, millions of faithful are expected to flock to the city and the NYPD and Secret Service are pooling all their resources to ensure the visit passes without incident. And New York City Catholic teachers are planning to greet the Pope with picket lines and chants.

The Opus Dei Headquarters in New York is practicing chants, cheers and songs to perform for the pope. The group hopes to attract his attention with two 30-foot banners. One will portray the New York City skyline with the words "Omnes cum Petro," calling on all Christians to see the pope as the head of the church. It was taken from the opening of an Opus Dei prayer. The second banner will portray the pope's coat of arms splayed across an American flag with the words "Gratias tibi Benedictus XV1" ("Thank you, Pope Benedict").

The New York City Police Department will deploy thousands of officers to form a tight security net around the pope to ensure his safety. The bullet proof Pope mobile will be surrounded by armed plain clothes and uniformed officers with thousands others interspersed throughout the city and in the throngs. Snipers will be positioned on roof tops and national security helicopters will patrol the air space over the city. Streets will be blocked and traffic diverted. Subway services and buses will be affected. Bags and backpacks will be searched. Manholes and garbage will bins checked. Every measure will be taken to ensure that Pope Benedict XV1 will be safe as a babe in its mother's womb while visiting New York City.


Post Benedict XVI trip -- full media spin in Opus Dei owned-media magazines and newspapers: Newsweek, the NY Times, the UK Tablet. Read on the reign of the beast Octopus Dei at its zenit-power dictating the lies and deception of journalists-liars par excellence!


The End of the Caricature
Americans got to see the real Pope Benedict, not the cartoon Rottweiler.


April 25, 2008

By George Weigel

Forty-eight hours into his visit to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI had done something remarkable: he had successfully buried the cartoon Joseph Ratzinger, a nasty caricature created decades earlier by his theological enemies and subsequently marketed to the world press. From his first moments at Andrews Air Force Base, however, it was clear that this was no hard-edged theological enforcer, no Rottweiler. Instead of the cartoon Ratzinger, America was introduced to a modest, friendly man, a grandfatherly Bavarian with exquisite manners and a shock of unruly white hair, full of affection and admiration for the United States.

Nor was Ratzinger's cartoon image the only thing crumbling on the brilliant spring morning of April 16, when President George W. Bush formally welcomed the pope to America. Forty-five years before, a White House fearful of the political backlash from anti-Catholic prejudice insisted that a brief meeting in Rome between President Kennedy and Pope Paul VI be described as informal and unofficial. Now an evangelical Texas Methodist pulled out all the ceremonial stops to welcome the Bishop of Rome on the south lawn of the White House—and the Bishop of Rome, a former American POW, could be seen singing the refrain of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" along with the U.S. Army choir. It all seemed a very long way indeed from the days when the Know Nothings bludgeoned the marble sent by Pope Pius IX for the Washington Monument and threw the fragments into the Potomac. What historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr., used to call the deepest prejudice in American history—anti-Catholicism—was largely a thing of the past, save in the fever swamps where ancient bigotries and hatreds fester.

The transformation of the papal image was complete when Benedict XVI surprised everyone (including many senior churchmen) by meeting privately for conversation and prayer with five Boston-area victims of clergy sexual abuse. On the flight to America the pope had forthrightly seized control of this issue, speaking of his own "shame" over the behavior of priests who had abused the young; he later acknowledged the parallel and related disgrace of bishops who had failed in their duty to protect the flock. Still, it took that meeting with those who had suffered at the hands of something both they and he loved—the Catholic Church—to drive home the point that Benedict XVI was not just a friendly scholar. By meeting, praying and even crying with those who had been deeply hurt, Benedict made unmistakably plain what those who had known him already knew: that he is a man with a pastor's heart and a true priest's compassion.


Voyage of discovery

The Tablet

By Robert Mickens

Tens of millions across the United States were entranced by the visit of the Pope of 'faith and reason' to their country and engaged by his frankness, especially over the matter of clerical sexual abuse. But there was as much unsaid as spoken

. . .

But image was only part of the allure. Benedict XVI won points from nearly everyone for expressing "deep shame" over the clerical sex-abuse scandal and, even more dramatically, for meeting several of the victims - a private encounter that the Franciscan Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston helped arrange. The Pope admitted that the sex-abuse problem was "sometimes very badly handled" by the US bishops, though he later said they were now dealing with it "effectively".

The overall effect of his repeated references to the abuse crisis throughout his time in the United States was a sign for many Catholics that "the Pope gets it". Before the visit many wondered if he really did. Even leaders of Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the group that has been most critical of church authorities for the way they have handled this issue, voiced appreciation for the Pope's words and gestures, while also demanding further action be taken against bishops who reassigned the abusing priests.

. . .

Understandably, perhaps, few people were willing to recall the major role Cardinal Ratzinger played during the post-conciliar period and how it may have contributed to, or healed, the divisions in the Church he spoke about. Neither did anyone publicly cite the tensions in the 1980s between the once-robust US bishops' conference and the Vatican - including the then Ratzinger-led Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - or that those tensions were resolved by the appointment of bishops more docile to Rome. Whether this was owing to collective amnesia or just a desire for a more serene period in the Church, the long-standing neuralgic issues such liturgical reform, women's ministry, contraception, human sexuality and lay authority were never seriously discussed during the papal visit. It would be a mistake to think these have been resolved. As one seasoned New York priest said: "It was like having your father-in-law over for a visit. You hide all the mess and then, after he leaves, you bring it all out again."

Pope Benedict and the Lasting Impact of His U.S. Trip


April 26, 2008

By Peter Steinfels

Pope Benedict XVI has come and gone. To a population that knew little about him, he almost certainly left a favorable impression. Once the afterglow fades, however, what will remain?

There are a variety of categories, of course, for sorting through the messages and images. But here are two useful ones: the God crisis and the church crisis.

. . .

The pope certainly addressed the personal dimension. He exhorted the bishops to be "engaging and imaginative." He worried out loud about the state of the liturgy and whether preaching had "lost its salt." He underlined the need for more priests. He urged the healing of divisions in Catholic ranks. He called on all Catholics to take their beliefs into public life. Most of all, in meeting with victims of sexual abuse by priests, he offered a model of pastoral sensitivity.

Benedict's conversion


April 16, 2008

By David Gibson

While Pope Benedict voiced his revulsion at the sexual abuse scandal for the first time yesterday, it is important to understand that the genesis of his statements went back to a meeting that took place more than four years ago, not with other bishops, but with leaders of the lay review board set up to keep an eye on how the American hierarchy was complying with their own guidelines.

The National Lay Review Board, as it is known, had a rocky start, as the first head, former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating (now a Catholic advisor to John McCain) was sent packing after comparing the bishops to the Mafia--always a fast way to the bad side of the episcopacy.

A well-respected Chicago jurist, Anne Burke, was then named to lead the blue-ribbon panel of 13 lay leaders, and while she was more politic in public, she found it tough going as she tried to arrange meetings with various bishops about the issue. She got nowhere, and in frustration, Burke and other board members started calling and faxing various Vatican offices asking if they could fly over, at their own expense, to meet with them. A few offices responded, among them the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by Cardinal Joseph Raztinger.

In January 2004, Burke and several other board members met with Ratzinger and his aides in his offices, for a full two-and-a-half hours. They set out the scope and depth of the scandal, which Ratzinger (and other Vatican officials) said they had not known. The U.S. bishops, Burke said, weren't giving the Vatican the full story. Ratzinger listened attentively, and at the end of the meeting stood up and promised the lay leaders he would get back to them. His time and response was something that one of the cardinal's top aides told Burke was very unusual.

"Cardinal Ratzinger was far more open to meeting with members of the national review board than our own bishops and cardinals," Burke later told Newsday [see The New Pope, by Carol Eisenberg, April 21, 2005]. Burke said Ratzinger was very engaged in the topic, beyond the fact that his department was charged with dealing with most cases to determine whether a priest should be defrocked, or "laicized" in church terms. "He took in everything we had to say and answered our questions. And we pulled no punches: We told him what was going on in terms of the extent of the actual abuse by the priests and about our dismay with the U.S. church hierarchy."

Victims of abuse recall meeting with pope


April 23, 2008

By Patricia Rice

Olan Horne, 48, a survivor of clerical sex abuse, believes that Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States marks a turning point in the way victims of sexual abuse are treated in the Catholic Church.

"I saw it in his face, heard his voice. He understands," said Horne, one of six survivors who met Thursday with the pope. He spoke with the St. Louis Beacon from his Massachusetts university food service office.

Benedict himself brought the shameful issue up last week at three masses at Washington Nationals and Yankee stadiums and at St. Patrick's Cathedral, at a New York seminary campus and at a press conference aboard his plane Shepherd One. He also discussed the issue with the bishops in Washington.


Opus Dei Pope #2-Benedict XVI stomped Barbara Blaine & David Clohessy & SNAP protesters & victims of Priest-Pedophilia --- like Dust in the Wind

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John Paul II Christmas gift to Totus Tuus Mary

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Opus Dei Pope #2 - Benedict XVI effeminate voice is GAY Pope


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