Thursday, April 17, 2008

Opus Dei Pope #2-Benedict XVI red shoes versus sandals of Christ

Opus Dei Pope #2-Benedict XVI wears read shoes and the most expensive papal ballgowns. The Vicar of Christ is the spitting image of what money can buy and does not resemble Christ one bit.

Did Christ speak Latin?

So how can the Vicar of Christ make Latin the "official language" of the Mystical Body of Christ?

When did Christ ever wear red expensive shoes, don on ornate ceremonial albs, be surrounded and protected by a private army, be a political head of state, write Ph.D books no one can understand except himself and by a few men, oppress those who work with and for the poor like Jon Sobrino? If Christ were to visit Rome today, what would he say about the worse sins of pedophile priests seething beneath the Vatican archives (Crimen Sollicitationis) which are worse than the sins at the Temple of Solomon?

Would he recognize the Peter-the-Rock clones residing at the grand palace of the Vatican rivaling the palace of the Ceasars of Rome? Christ would gag at his ostentious "Vicar of Christ" when they meet for the first time, they'd be like the Prince and the Pauper, the Pope being (and dressed as) the Prince!

Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and he would do like what he did when he got very angry with the marketeers at the Temple and turned the tables upside down because they have "made God's temple a den of thieves" . But this time the Temple of the Vatican has become the Opus Dei (Ambrosiano Bank)den ... worst of all now the Vatican has become a "den of High Priests-pedophiles"! So Christ would repeat the curse of the Temple of Solomon that "not one stone will be left standing" about the Temple of the Vatican now owned and operated by the Octopus Dei.

We follow-up on the autocracy of Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei Archbishop of El Salvador and their Galileo-style persecution on Jon Sobrino



At Sunday, April 20, 2008, Blogger leo said...


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I love your satire on those self proclaimed prophets of pure Christianity who pretend to be all about caring for the poor and neglected and then spend time and money on the internet and with computers instead of being out there and actually changing something, which - of course - wouldn't yield the same amount of satisfied self-righteousness. I especially love your hint at their inconsistencies ("Did Christ speak Latin?" and then "What would he say if he came to Rome today?" Answer: You wouldn't know, because according to your own standards he'd speak Aramaic, which you wont understand).

Great Job!


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