Thursday, March 06, 2008

Benedict XVI 'not part of Jesuit joy' -- video of 30 minutes meeting with Benedict XVI at the Vatican

Closing Mass of GC35 at Gesu Church in Rome presided by new Superior General Alfonso Nicolas

After we threw a brick on the head of Francis de Mello SJ telling him "Shame on you!", he wrote this final blog without mentioning the name of Benedict XVI and the Jesuit obedience to the pope but spoke about obedience in this way:

"...Jesuit obedience as one where, following the example of Ignatius, a Jesuit will exercise creativity in carrying out his mission as he sees circumstances require and will go beyond what has been asked in the true spirit of the magis."

Apparent translation means Jesuit obedience is "'beyond' obedience to the Pope. Alas, the word "obedience to the Pope" or "approved by the Pope" as Pinocchio John Allen in his ncr cafe keeps feeding Octopus-Dei-Lies to his thousands of readers is nowhere to be found. No, Benedict XVI did not have the last word in this last blog of the Jesuit General Congregation 35 in Rome.

That's because the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg at La Sapienza University and Humpty Dumpty Pope Benedict XVI cannot be put together again by the Opus Dei eunuchs!


Leaving full of hope and joy

Francis de Melo, SJ

We end today. 5 decrees worked and reworked, discussed to fine detail, and finally passed. And a whole list of 20 “suggestions” presented to Fr. General for implementation through the normal governance procedures of his office.

These 2 months – we started on January 7 and end today, March 6 – have been tiring trying to capture the new way of being demanded of us Jesuits in a world “marked by profound changes”, and to put it into words that would truly convey this to the differing views of different cultures and experiences.

Here are some of the key ideas that emerged in our decrees. We see ourselves anew in the decree on our identity, “A Fire that Kindles Other Fires: Rediscovering our Charism” which tells our Jesuit story particularly at its source, bringing back the experience that places a Jesuit, quite simply, with Christ at the heart of the world. (cf. CN 246, 4°; 223 §§ 3-4.) Its central image is of Jesuits entering, with Christ who offers living water,(Cf. John 4: 10-15) into a world that is confused about why it is turning the wonders of life and the opportunities of technology in a dry and life-killing lifestyle that does not satisfy.

Globalisation was a major background to our new vision, with its new global culture, the vast numbers to whom it brings bitterness while bringing great opportunities to many. As the decree “Challenges to our Mission Today: Sent to the Frontiers” says, “…our commitment to the poor calls us to see the world from the perspective of the poor and marginalised, acting with and for them.” It calls us to use new communications technologies, which have a tremendous impact on all of us, and “in this changing post-modern culture to walk with young people, learning from their generosity and compassion and helping them to grow through their fragility and fragmentation to an integration of their lives with God and others”.

The decree “Collaboration at the heart of Mission” presents our way of working with the many who have chosen both to work with us and to share our sense of mission. It calls for us to share leadership positions with these collaborators - whether lay, religious or diocesan, Christians or those of other traditions – and to develop opportunities and structures for the formation of these to know the Jesuit spirit and history and choice of mission.

The spirit of always doing more than just what is expected is seen in the decree on Obedience which presents Jesuit obedience as one where, following the example of Ignatius, a Jesuit will exercise creativity in carrying out his mission as he sees circumstances require and will go beyond what has been asked in the true spirit of the magis.

The “suggestions” presented to Fr. General for further action covered areas like ecology, youth, migrant peoples, modern communications, the intellectual apostolate, etc.

This morning, as a conclusion, 4 of us presented prayerful sentiments of what we felt. There was a clear sense that we leave full of hope and joy. There is a shared sense of satisfying accomplishment, that while what we have expressed is not perfect, it says much about where God is calling our Society today.


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