Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Benedict XVI Delusion of Jesuits at GC35

The Jesuits are hemorhaging due to the "Benedict XVI Delusion of Jesuits at GC35" in Rome - a hemorhage which unfortunately they will spread and contaminate the world after the General Congregation is over. Christopher Hitchens could easily write a book about the Jesuit Delusion...but while waiting for him we'll point it out here.

It is aptly called the "Benedict XVI Delusion of Jesuits at GC35" because of 7 things:

1. The new Father General Nicolas and the Jesuits "obey" Benedict XVI with "like a dead man" obedience. The Jesuits should learn from the young people of La Sapienza University in Rome who protested and forced Benedict XVI to cancel his visit and speech for their opening school day last January.

Benedict XVI is a criminal, a clone of the criminal John Paul II, who committed the crime-of-cover-up-of-priests-pedophilia for more than a quarter of century.

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,448 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + St? Josemaria de Opus Dei (the new Roman Catholic Trinity!)

The new Fr. General and Jesuits of GC35 -- listen and obey– this criminal Pope Benedict XVI.

2. The Jesuits at GC35 say that the Pope's prayer and the Jesuits' prayer are one "His prayer and ours are one". Benedict XVI is a great actor clone of John Paul II and this Ignatian prayer of Take, Lord, Receive is one of the greatest papal lie of this new century.

Jim Corkery, SJ, wrote "His ending with St Ignatius’s prayer, the Take and Receive, which he did not so much read aloud as pray aloud in our presence, was the most unforgettable moment of all. At that moment, in a striking way, his prayer and our prayer were one."

Corkery's Jesuit delusion is so crystal clear here, he is simply Jesuitically blind and does not see that the end of the prayer says: "Lord, Your grace is enough for me". Benedict XVI is lying because the only thing that will be "enough" for him and the Opus Dei is - absolute obedience to the Pope and the absolute parroting of his words and decrees. Proof? Take a look at Jon Sobrino who was served "Notification" by Benedict XVI and "Silence" by the Opus Dei Bishop of El Salvador -- because he refused to kowtow to John Paul II. The "grace of God" was not enough in El Salvador. The Jesuits at GC 35 said: "The Church can exist without the Jesuits but the Jeusits cannot exist without the Church". The 'grace of God' is never enough for an Opus Dei member ...only the 'grace of the pope' is absolute...and therefore if the Jesuits are to remain within the Church they must be tied by an Octopus Dei leash.

What does Benedict XVI God's Rottweiler have against this frail old man Jesuit Jon Sobrino who has dedicated his entire lifetime to the Crucified Peoples of El Salvador - while Benedict XVI couldn't give a hoot or lift his papal finger to help these poorest of peoples as he wallows in the lap of luxury at the Vatican.
Read the answers here.

3. Fr. Vincent Cooke -- This New York Jesuit's blindness to the Octopus Dei leash is a tamed giant elephant Jesuit tied to the Opus Dei. In his article “Differences then and now” he said that "there are no tension between the Jesuits and Benedict XVI today". This means the Jesuits have become elephants tamed and tied onto the Octopus Dei leash. We post an indepth analysis here.

4. Fr. General's speech at the private audience at the Clementine Hall is a white-flag surrender to the Opus Dei. He doesnot defend Jon Sobrino and other Jesuits mauled and silenced by the criminal Benedict XVI.

5. Fr. General shrinks before Benedict XVI 30-minutes “absolute-power” photo-op

For a new Father General to concede to a "doctored" photo such as this is to show how stupid well-educated men can get...and how successful are the Opus Dei in their media spin for their Opus Dei-WORLD DOMINATION agenda

The faculty and young students of La Sapienza are smarter than the Jesuits because they refused such 30-minutes ceremony of BXVI in their university turf. It is the laity that will cleanse the Church and make the papacy obsolete and thrash the Octopus Dei back to the depths of the ocean where those Opus Dei eunuch gladiators belong.

6. The Jesuit Delusion is dying for the Pope, not for the Cause or the Lord. Jesuits "obey the pope" till death and do all for the "greater glory of the Pope" -- not for the greater glory of God......but rather for the self-interest, self-ego, self-glory, power and honour of John Paul II and Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei!

MOU with God
Hector D' Souza, S.J.
(MOU: Memorandum of Understanding)

If my cause in the Lord has to be a success
Then I should be ready to die for the Cause.
My cause is the Lord’s, dying is to the self:
My self-interest, my self-ego, my self-glory, power, honour.

7. Finally Benedict XVI mentions Padre Arrupe's JRS (because we pointed it out that he has ignored JRS since its conception). What the tamed-Jesuits on Octopus Dei leash cannot see are the refugees of JRS (photo) and the pope whom they obey "like dead men" are different like day and night.

Notice the simple poor clothes of Jesus the Rebel as he sits on the crude soil.

Benedict XVI

Humpty Dumpty sits on his Infallible Throne -- with GAY image makeover by GAY Zeffirelli

The Opus Dei Vatican Palace will soon turn into rubbles like the Temple of Solomon and not one pillar will be left standing!

Francis de Melo wrote in "Why does the Pope count on the Jesuits"
"Today’s is a world of abject poverty and opulent extravagance..."
Here is a picture that speaks a thousand words, the abject poverty of Africans and the opulent extravagance of Benedict XVI!

The Jesuit Refugee Service JRS refugees sit on simple plain wooden seats.


Listen to Fr. Tom Doyle interviewed in YouTube
explaining how the Pope covered-up clergy sexual abuse...and the Jesuits obey this same Pope to their death...how stupid a bunch of intelligent Ph.D men can be!

Last year after Mahony paid off the $660 million to victims of hundreds of pedophile-priests he covered-up, we wrote this article which is fitting to reprint here because Janet Hauter and her team of newly elected VOTF Opus Dei officers will be official mouthpiece of the Octopus Dei for at least 2 years.

It is quite a coincidence that as we reveal for the first time the role of Opus Dei in the cover-up of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for more than 26 years these giant squids suddenly appear on the shores of southern California.

God is sending the sign (through these giant predators) to confirm that we are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth about the Octopus Dei who is the ultimate cover-upper of the priest pedophilia of the 20th century and is the modern predator in the Catholic church today.

Shame on the City of Angels as NOT ONE Los Angeles theologian raised his voice to denounce Cardinal Mahony and asked for his resignation. Shame on the City of Angels as representatives of SNAP and Catholics did not protest Cardinal Mahony's hypocrisy and demand him to step down and leave town. Shame on the City of Angels that has lost its sense of decency and justice - for the children who are least of the brethren of Christ who suffered the most heinous crime of priest pedophilia in the Catholic church in the 20th century.

We in Boston did our job well for the victims of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and we got rid of Cardinal Bernard Law (one of the commanders of the Third Reich of the JPIIPPA). Cardinal Law was not a good American citizen and so we did not want to see him walk in our Bostonian soil. We refused to hear his liar-voice preaching everyday in our diocese and churches . It was not a surprise that John Paul II took him to Rome to join his other cohorts-in-crime, JPII clones Benedict XVI and Opus Dei eunuchs, Masters of Deceit at the Vatican (prime Opus Dei real estate)where they continue to rule amidst pompous ceremonies like the Tsars using their OD cunning tentacles.

Shame on the City of Angels so immune to sex that it clasps the 508 pedophile priests and kowtow to Cardinal Mahony, Master of Cunning and Deceit. The City of Angels breaths easy amidst LA landscape stenched with sex. Perhaps this is not a surprise as Hollywood reels with sex films; and the Catholic church seething with the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army blends well into the sex scene.

Video of giant squids off California coast http://cbs11tv.com/pets/local_story_093132302.html
"They feed like a pack of wolves, and what they'll do is they will force their prey to the surface." (Opus Dei preys on anyone who demand justice for the poor and the downtrodden and who dares point out the truth about their secretive OD schemes.)

"And they just get themselves into an absolute feeding frenzy. These things are literally eating machines." (Opus Dei are literally eating machines on anyone who speaks the truth like the Jesuits).

"Giant squid make for good eating (like Opus Dei may look good in Latin Mass and in their piety). They can be broiled, baked, fried or barbecued. And are considered a delicacy. Just know they are also cannibalistic..." (right, cannibalistic like the holy Opus Dei who mauls on their prey the Jesuits - e.g. Jon Sobrino who has given his entire life to serve the poor people of El Salvador was silenced and prohibited to publish and teach -- by the Opus Dei Bishop who wouldn't dare dirty his hands to serve the poor).

See May 7, 2007 of http://pope-ratz.blogspot.com/
for the complete story on Jon Sobrino.

"The squids have been described as looking 'like aliens'" (like Opus Dei holy aliens)

"They get up to about 100 pounds, (and) eight feet long! Eight feet of fighting fury".

Hell knows no fury like the Opus Dei scorned.

(Images: Getty, BBC,AP)


This was written by a Jesuit delegate and it shows how the Jesuits obey ultimately the Pope and Opus Dei...all for the "Cause of WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA of Opus Dei"!

MOU with God
Hector D' Souza, S.J.

(MOU: Memorandum of Understanding)

We have an MOU with God.
Our Vows so fervently proclaimed at the novitiate;
Our promises publicly made at the ordination,
They are but an MOU.
Being faithful to MOU is
To be committed to the cause, we espouse.

My cause is the Lord, His mission.
The identity, the mission, the structures, the collaborators
And my obedience are at the service of this ‘Cause’.

Some groups are a success and some have failed in their movement.
The history reminds us that those who are ready to die for the Cause
Have succeeded, others have not!

Founding Fathers had a cause and they were ready to die for it.
We have inherited those ‘genes’ and call them
‘Our Way of proceeding’.
GC 35 once again brings us back to that ‘patrimony’
To ‘re-culture’ afresh where we have inbred too much with our ‘self,’
And to go at it with renewed vigour, the Cause, the Mission.

If my cause in the Lord has to be a success
Then I should be ready to die for the Cause.
My cause is the Lord’s, dying is to the self:
My self-interest, my self-ego, my self-glory, power, honour.

If we have 9, 500, 1000,…..36,000,…20,000, 18000+… Jesuits
Ready to die to self and if the people of God
Could find as many holy men whom they could go to
Then what stops us, “men at the cross-roads, men at the periphery”?

We are signing a fresh MOU with the Lord, at this GC 35
Are we ready to die to self and live for the cause of the Master


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