Saturday, February 16, 2008

Benedict XVI blind to open-book Jesuits

Fallacy of the GC35

The biggest (and only) fallacy of the GC35 prayer (video) is the phrase "strenghten our fidelity to the Pope" -- it should instead say "strenghten our fidelity to Jesus Christ and make us worthy to be his Companions...and help us hold the Pope accountable for his job as CEO of the Church and make him pay the price of his failures (like Enron's CEOs) i.e.the cover-up of priest-pedophilia for 30 years ...and give us the courage to stand up and defend our Jesuit brothers like Jon Sobrino, Roger Haights, Peter Phan...who are endlessly bullied by God's Rottweiler..."

Open Book Jesuits

The General Congregation 35 of the Jesuits in Rome is an open book. The delegates write a daily blog for the entire world to read and daily pictures are taken for the entire world to see. There is nothing secretive about the Jesuits unlike the secretive Opus Dei. So while the Jesuits are busy at work, what is Benedict XVI doing everyday in his Vatican Palace with his GAY private secretary and Opus Dei eunuchs? He is managing the wealth of the Vatican and dressing up to match the celebrities that he meets each day.

Benedict XVI is blind to the open book Society of Jesus. He doesn't even care to invite those Jesuits for cofee. They have been in Rome for more than a month now. He is simply waiting for the final result and then either approves or disapproves the book that the General Congregation 35 will put out. And then let John Allen in his ncr cafe cook up more Octopus Dei lies - about "Approved by the Pope" stamp - to reinforce the autocracy of Opus Dei.

St? Josemaria abhor the Jesuits

I hope those Jesuits are smart enough to see that the Opus Dei rule the papacy and whatever “vow of obedience” to the pope they may do is in essence a “vow of obedience to the Opus Dei" whose founder St? Josemaria Escriva said: "I would prefer a million times that a daughter of mine die without the Last Sacraments than that they be administered to her by a Jesuit". St. Ignatius Loyola could not foresee the Octopus Dei beast that would emerge 5 centuries later . But God is fair because the Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg at Sapienza University in Rome and those poor Jesuits will be vindicated by Galileo in heaven.

Here is an open book blog of a Jesuit delegate at the General Congregation 35 today. This blog proves there are no Jesuit Assassins and Black Pope because the Jesuits are not catering to the selfish whims of God's Rottweiler and the Opus Dei but are "moving toward the edges will lead us to the center, to the heart of Jesus Christ".

Moving toward the edges . . . .

Robert Scullin, S.J.

This week we spent important days working with an inspiring document rich in images of Jesus. We were attempting to describe our mission and identity for these times. A wide-spread sentiment around our large plenary meeting room—the Aula—was that we had tapped into “living waters.” We contemplated engaging images of God at work in the world today—especially God’s presence on the edges where poor people are often pushed out of the way. We are also looking to the edges where hope and imagination see the presence of God refashioning, redeeming, and renewing us beyond our original “image and likeness” into the likeness of Jesus Christ “who is the image of God” (2 Cor 4:4).

Tonight we will move to the edges in our Eucharist and celebrate “communion: the way of indigenous peoples.” In our working group on the topic, I was struck by two observations that echo concerns raised by many Jesuits as well as our friends around the world. The first insight is sadly a familiar one: indigenous peoples bleed when nature bleeds; they are uprooted when trees are uprooted; they and their cultures are destroyed when their lands are destroyed by mining. The second observation has a ring of newness: indigenous peoples have something to offer us. They do not ask what the Society of Jesus can do for them. Rather, they ask what indigenous peoples themselves can do for the Society: help promote our mission of a faith-justice that respects difference and seeks to enhance the dignity not only of indigenous people but people of every situation.

We heard a particularly “edgy” comment in the Aula this week about our outcomes. Even though we are currently in the business of writing Decrees, some have suggested that we also need a cinematic, less linear way of communicating the proceedings and outcomes of this General Congregation. Could we be a little more “edgy” in the message we develop and the way we communicate the message?

The week has been bumpy at times. At one point, the Aula rose up to call for a kind of recess or time out to allow important insights to mature. We are hearing more voices from the “edges” of the Aula. And as we celebrate the feast of St. Claude de la Colombière today, we remember moving toward the edges will lead us to the center, to the heart of Jesus Christ


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