Saturday, January 26, 2008

Benedict XVI meets new Father General

I must dress simply
To meet the new Jesuit Father General
He has been working with the poor migrants in Asia
If I wear my ostentatious OpusDei robes
Feisty Paris Arrow will keep pointing it out
GISU...I tremble, tremble before thee

After all the official Jesuit press releases WITHOUT Benedict XVI approval -- (contrary to what the Opus Dei and Zenit media spinned papal autocracy) Benedict XVI finally met the new Father General of the Society of Jesus which he is trying to suppress in the most subtle way.

Benedict XVI must have said: "Kneel before me or I'll have your Society disbanded in no time like I did with the Vatican Observatory".

Fr. Nicolas must have said: Be my dismantled the Vatican Observatory and GISU hit your B16-OD Titanic Ship...without me and my companions lifting a finger!

Well, Father General Nicolas did not kneel but stood and sat on the same level as the Pope. That kneeling down Opus Dei crap did not happen...(yet?)

So the Roman coliseum of St. Peter's Basilica is now a Roman gladiator spectacle as thousands rallied to support the "Silenced Pope". But will the machinery of the Octopus Dei be able to force the gates of Sapienza University to allow in Benedict XVI to deliver his Opus Dei written speech?

We'll see how the 67 faculty of physics and scientists and students will beat the Octopus Dei to run scowling back into the ocean deep of the Vatican gutters.

PRESS RELEASE of Jesuit Curia

Father General Adolfo Nicolás capped an eventful week as the newly elected superior general of the Jesuits with a private audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. The Saturday audience began with a photo session and then the two sat down for a warm and friendly conversation. The Holy Father was pleased to hear that that the general congregation had formed a committee to study his letter to Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the previous superior general, and then the conversation turned to Japan, where Fr. Nicolas had served for 33 years. The Holy Father encouraged the Jesuit leader to continue with dialogue with culture and evangelization and to ensure a thorough formation of young Jesuits. It was the opportunity for the new General of the Jesuits to reaffirm his personal respect for the Vicar of Christ as well as the esteem of the whole Society of Jesus; it was an occasion also to convey the desire of the Society to serve the Church all over the world.

Then Father Nicolas told Pope Benedict that the Jesuits have a custom that the newly elected superior general should renew his vows before the pope. Father Kolvenbach had done that in writing, so Father Nicol?s had written out his vows, which he had in an envelope. The pope opened the envelope right away and read the vows; then he said, 'This is a very good custom.'


January Saturday

Plenary Session

Plenary session: continuation of the discussion to prepare the election of Father General’s Assistants.
Sharing on the process for the discussion on one of the topics studied by the working groups: the ordinary government of the Society.

NOTE: Zenit did not cover this meeting of Benedict XVI and Father General in Zenit English section today, in the French section yes, but not for their majority of English readers. Typical Octopus Dei tentacle strategy: Ignore your enemies and they'll disappear in time!


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