Thursday, January 24, 2008

Benedict XVI sits on hot charcoals waiting for Jesuits in Rome

General Congregation 35

Phase Two of the congregation begins

Benedict XVI is sitting on burning hot charcoals on his golden infallible throne at the Vatican because so far the Jesuits have NOT called on him nor visited him nor ask for his approval. Benedict XVI is waiting anxiously for help. His Opus Dei eunuchs are busy cooking up his autocracy papal statements for the press. The B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg shortly after Benedict XVI dismantled the Jesuit Vatican Observatory on January 4th on the eve of the opening of the General Congregation. What an irony that the Sapienza University did the Jesuits (and Galileo) justice...and the Jesuits did not need to lift a finger to defend themselves...they simply suffered silently as they watch their beloved century old Observatory dismantled to make room for a museum of papal and Opus Dei wealth show-off.

Today is January 24, almost 20 days have passed since the General Congregation started, no Jesuit has walked over to the Vatican as Reuters, AP and John Allen have been reporting in their Opus Dei owned media spin. The Vatican is only a few steps nearby from the Jesuit Curia. So the Opus Dei thinks they got their Octopus Dei tentacle around the neck of Fr. Lombardi, the Pope's public press secretary? Not so fast, B16, your papal octopus dei days are numbered. Watch out! the Jesuits are used to having Jesuit martyrs and if you harm Lombardi, another iceberg from Sapienza shall hit you soon again...and you'll sink faster than expected...and no wave roaring Opus Dei thousand members rallying at St. Peter's Square shall save your B16-OD Titanic Ship from sinking.

Today the 35th General Congregation just created a "study group that will answer to the letter of the Pope to the Society"...yeah all that "obedience and fourth vow to the Pope" crap. I hope the Jesuits will delete that vow from their Constitution once and for all. Ignatius in the 16th could not foresee the Octopus Dei beast in the 21st century.

This is the daily update of the General Congregation in the Jesuit Roman Curia :
January 24


Work groups continue

New groups created

Today, at the Congregation, the various linguistic groups established yesterday continue their task: reflection on some major topics that the Congregation will want to address.

Also, Fr. General has created a study group to reflect on the follow up to be given to the report on the present situation of the Society and to propose, eventually, avenues of answer to the pope’s letter to the Congregation.


Father General Adolfo Nicolás met with the staff of the Curia on 24 Jan. Fr. Elias López (right) is assistant director of the Jesuit Refugee Service International Office; Fr. Ignacio Echarte is the general's delegate in charge of the Roman houses as well as serving as assistant secretary for the second phase of the congregation

Nota Bene: The Father General is tending to his flocks first like meeting the Curia staff on Jan. 24 and he sure is making Benedict XVI wait for him to finish his family business first. The Pope is not a priority and that "approved by the Pope first" crap of AP, Reuters and John Allen is a desperate line of the B16-OD sinking Titanic Ship!

Video of Pope writing letter to former Fr. General Kolvenbach and Letter to the General Congregation......"answers" to which he awaits now from his hot charcoal infallible throne.


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