Friday, January 25, 2008

Benedict XVI absent in Father General first news conference

On Friday, 25 January, Father General Adolfo Nicolás met with around 60 members of the press for an initial 'encounter' in which he introduced himself and explained his background, especially his experience in Asia.

The press were allowed to take pictures and visit the aula where the General Congregation is taking place.

Where was Benedict XVI? Where is his "papal approval" in all these? NADA! Opus Dei media spin on the pope's autocracy will keep sailing on until the GISU sink into them!

So BXVI was at the Vatican being consoled by his Opus Dei eunuchs as they try to salvage the B16-OD Titanic Ship.

Now we'll see the best fight Rome has yet to offer since the times of the Gladiators! No its isn't animals in the form of tigers and lions but rather power-hungry Opus Dei members who want to achieve Josemaria Escriba's WORLD DOMINATION agenda...200,000 rallied at St. Peter's Square to support the "Silenced Pope". Why can't they see that their Bishop of Rome is in reality a mauling God's Rottweiler...who already mauled Jon Sobrino like he did with Galileo?

Maybe the Opus Dei has 87,000 members. But can they flung open the Sapienza University gates for the Pope to speak before those protesting science professors and students?

La Sapienza University versus the Octopus Dei!

The star of Galileo of heaven versus the Octopus Dei beast of the ocean.

The heavens versus the hades!

May WISDOM win!



Phase Two of the congregation begins

25 January
Work groups continue

In the morning, the groups finish their preliminary work on the following themes : « mission and identity », « work with others », « apostolic obedience » and « governance of the Society ».
In the afternoon, plenary session to prepare the elections of the assistants "ad providentiam", the main advisors to the General.


26 January
Plenary Session

Plenary session: continuation of the discussion to prepare the election of Father General’s Assistants.
Sharing on the process for the discussion on one of the topics studied by the working groups: the ordinary government of the Society.

Official website of General Congregation 35

Official photos: A picture speaks a thousand words


Report. Friday January 25 ------------------------------------

The Press Office of the Society of Jesus had invited journalists based in Rome to a first encounter with the new Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás. More than 60 professionals from the written press, from radio and from television came to the event. The Italian press was very well represented, but media people from Spain and even from other continents were present.

Fr. Nicolás talked for more than 15 minutes, in Italian, a language he had learned for his theological studies at the Gregorian University, during the ‘60s. If this “encounter » did not include a question period, the General was able to answer a certain number of concerns that his audience probably had in mind.

He said he was grateful to the press for the interest it had shown toward his election; he insisted on the fact that he was different from his predecessors and that comparisons between him and them were not helpful. He underlined the fact that there is no reason to envision tensions between himself and Pope Benedict XVI, the Society of Jesus being faithful to the service of the Church all around the world.

The new Superior General mainly highlighted his knowledge of Asia, where he has spent the largest part of his life as a Jesuit; he emphasized how much his Asian experience had been an opportunity for openness to some new dimensions, on the human as well as on the spiritual levels.

Finally, he made clear that he did not yet have any programme to propose or to offer at this time since it is the General Congregation, presently in session in Rome, that will give him the orientations for the future of the Society of Jesus. He looks forward to other opportunities to meet the press after the end of the Congregation.

Those present were then invited to visit the aula, the deliberation room of the General Congregation.

NOTE: Zenit did not report about this news conference of Father General in Zenit -- to show the Octopus Dei strategy - that "ignoring the Jesuits is the best way to suppress them"!


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