Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Benedict XVI and the Black Pope

Benedict XVI has hired the movie producer GAY Zeffirelli as his image consultant and we can expect movie production of papal appearances everyday.

Jesuit myths perpetuators accusing the Jesuits of having the Black Pope and subverting governments can go to the the General Congregation 35 homepage http://www.sjweb.info/35/index.cfm to find the Jesuits are open-book and the most transparent religious group in the Catholic Church. Daily proceedings and their daily activities are pictured and recorded. So where is the Black Pope and political agenda in all these? the Jesuit Black Pope is total fiction.

The biggest proof that there is no Jesuit Black Pope is that the Jesuits never bother to defend themselves like the Opus Dei defended themselves against one book and one movie the Da Vinci Code. With all the pack of lies being said about Jesuits for centuries, the Jesuits have never wasted time defending themselves. Instead they simply go about their daily business of helping the poor and saving souls for Christ.

Here is the new Father General and his love for the poor in Asia and the world.

Below is a video with some added fictitious audio to make it more dramatic. There was no thunder and the weather was clear for a go-ahead for Fr. Nicolas from the Holy Spirit. The "Pope approved" is an Opus Dei desperate lie as this was not mentioned in the General Congregation 35 Hompage http://www.sjweb.info/35/index.cfm

The Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg at La Sapienza University in the heart of Rome...the Pope and Opus Dei are now crippled and sinking...


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