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Benedict XVI proves Jesuit myths right

"The Plan" of Opus Dei works......
the world buys the Jesuit Black Pope myth......
the Jesuit Assassins myth...
the Jesuit Oath myth…
the Jesuit Infiltrators myth…...
I rule the world and
I fool the world with Octopus Dei......
with “The Plan”......

The biggest proof that these are Jesuit myths is that the Jesuits NEVER defend themselves like the Opus Dei did (and still do) against the Da Vinci Code movie and book.

Benedict XVI proves Jesuits myths right -- myths are they and only myths.

1) Jesuit Black Pope myth

Benedict XVI proves that Fr. Kolvenbach was a "Black Pope" myth because he met with the Jesuit Superior General only on their annual traditional Christmas SHORT meetings and on some rare occasions. So how can the Jesuit General be a "Black Pope" when he rarely meets with the real Pope? The fact is the Jesuit General do not have a free access to the Vatican, he has to apply for a papal audience if needed (which he rarely did).

Vatican Bank (proof)

The fact is, the Vatican was literally "seized" by Opus Dei founder St? Josemaria Escriba when he bailed out the Vatican Bank for $1 Billion from the Banco Ambrosiano fallout in the 70's. Then he PLAN_ned and orchestrated that only Opus Dei members will surround the Pope starting with John Paul II, when Opus Dei eunuch (numerary) Joaquin Navarro-Valls became the only secretary of Pope John Paul II for 26+ years. Navarro-Valls and other Opus Dei Cardinals and Bishops wrote most of John Paul II's speeches and homilies – especially evident when the Pope could no longer speak or write with his shaking hands due to debilitating Parkinson disease.

For the $1 Billion Opus Dei bailout of the Vatican, they got in return the $1.6 Trillion (or more) wealth of the Vatican, therefore no Jesuits, Benedictines, Franciscans can ever touch or manage the coffers of the Vatican Treasury again, except the Opus Dei who now owns it SOLELY.

Opus Dei "twin-pope" (proof)

The real twin pope is the Opus Dei Bishop of Rome, Bishop Javier Echevarria who resides in one of the most expensive villas of Rome. The proof that the Opus Dei Bishop is the twin Pope: He is the ONLY Bishop ever allowed to preside Mass at St. Peter's Square other than the Pope himself -- on the occasion of the canonization of Opus Dei founder St? Josemaria Escriba on October 7, 2002 in their Opus Dei Thanksgiving Mass. Bishop of Rome Echevarria holds regular weekly meetings with Pope. His Opus Dei eunuchs - numeraries - surround Benedict XVI as his only staff allowed near him. Benedict XVI's GAY Private Secretary is a secret Opus Dei member. The Jesuit Fr. Lombardi who is the public secretary of the Pope does not enter (nor allowed) the personal quarters of the Pope, he only gets from the GAY secretary what the Pope wishes him to announce in public. He is different from Joaquin Navarro-Valls who controlled the ins and outs of the papacy of John Paul II for 26+ years, hence co-covered-up the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

No Jesuit advisors to Pope

There are no Jesuit advisors to the Pope since Pope Paul VI. So how on earth can the Jesuit Superior General be the Black Pope when he himself has no access to the Pope but have to wait for months for a papal appointment from the Opus Dei guards? Father General Kolvenbach was so busy visiting all the Jesuits worldwide and did not sit in a villa in Rome like the Opus Dei Bishop Echevarria. A statistics of his number (handful) of entry and meetings with John Paul II and Benedict XVI will prove that he is no way near the Black Pope Opus Dei and the real pope Benedict XVI.

2. Jesuit Assassins myth

this is one of the most famous Jesuit myth but I don't want to give space in my weblog for this "pack of lies" and therefore will not provide links to them . It is so preposterous that JFK was assassinated by the Jesuits. Promoters of this Jesuit myth should spend more their time investigating the relationship of St? Josemaria Escriba with General Pinochet and General Franco who were proven murderers in history.

3. Jesuit Infiltrators myth

Guys who don't know where east or west is and has only some cartoons and a few anti-Jesuit slogans has posted anti-Jesuit campaigns in some YouTube videos. They cannot prove their myths with substantial facts like I do with current events and historical facts. These anti-Jesuits have only theories of Jesuit involvements in Illuminati and Knight of Malta which are all ceremonial organizations without powers and belong to the artifacts of history's archives.

Anti-Jesuit critics claim that the Illuminati used a Jesuit book to start their order, but Jesuits have written about mathematics, the stars, insects, love, irrigation system, name it, they have studied and written about it. It isn’t the Jesuits' fault if their book is used as a textbook by others. If a Jesuit write about the reality of evil and Satan, it isn't to encourage the occult of Satanism. The Jesuits are merely pointing to the truth and not being part of it. Just like a healthy doctor can write about cancer without having the disease himself.

4. The Jesuit Oath myth

This is the most preposterous statement against the Jesuits especially that they are the forerunners of ecumenism and dialogue with other faiths. One of the biggest proof that this Jesuit Oath is total hogwash fiction is the Jesuits' own Jesuit priest Jacques Dupuis who was "Silenced" by Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II because of his thick book Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism

In this video craftily juxtaposed with the Jesuit Oath, Fr. Kolvenbach speaks to the (Jesuit) Sophia University in Japan. "Sophia" in Latin means "wisdom" and "Sapienza" in Italian means "wisdom". The 21st century is coming of age in wisdom. Isn't that quite a coincidence that the lay secular Sapienza University of Rome that just hit the Benedict 16-Opus Dei Titanic Ship is also named after "wisdom". Sapienza University of Rome however has no relations with the Jesuits and therefore these anti-Jesuit Opus Dei footsoldiers cannot blame the Jesuits for the Galileo Iceberg.

5. Jesuit subversion of governments myth

This is one of the worst myths about the Jesuits because they have many universities and schools worldwide, they are accused of using these Jesuit schools to subvert governments and perpetuate the poverties of the poor. On the contrary, the Jesuits live WITH and work with the poor through Liberation Theology.

The new Jesuit Father General, Fr. Nicolas, lived with poor in the Philippines until his election. The Jesuit Refugee Service helps the plight of the poorest displaced people on the planet. Just look at the list of Jesuit apostolates with the poor.

Opus Dei's "The Plan" (proof)

The Opus Dei’s slogan is “The Plan” and their number one priority is to discredit the Jesuits, first, by depriving them of access and power at the Vatican, meaning no more Jesuit Cardinals to be appointed until the end times, and second, to make hostile takeovers of their Jesuit universities by slowly but surely planting many Opus Dei professors who will qualify to become presidents and school board of trustee members. The Opus Dei campaign to abolish the Jesuits is well planned and followed with vindictive obsession.

6. The newly elected Black Pope myth

Fr. Adolfo Nicolas in his first homily as Father General said: "Newspapers and magazines these past few days have been toying with a number of clichés, namely, the Black Pope, the White Pope, power, gatherings, discussions...But it is all so superficial, so artificial! These are but crumbs for those who love politics, but they are not for us."

Here is a video of Fr. Nicolas released in Spain. There is nothing ostentatious about him, or political, just a humble man from a humble family. He proves all Jesuit myths are fictions of the desperate Opus Dei Third Reich. Fr. Nicolas is not a Bishop of Rome like Opus Dei Bishop Echevarria who lives in the wealthiest Opus Dei villa in pompous style like his counterpart Benedict XVI at the Vatican Palace. Opus Dei has only one goal: WORLD DOMINATION under St? Josemaria Escriba and St? John Paul II.

Video of Father General Nicolas

The irony is the more Opus Dei try to suppress the Jesuits, the more they shoot themselves in the foot and in the mouth -- "The Plan" of Opus Dei in the B16-OD Benedict XVI Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg at La Sapienza University right in the heart of Rome and Humpty Dumpty Benedict XVI is sinking into his deep Octopus Dei sleep......

Benedict XVI-Ratzinger strategy in keeping Vatican sex abuse secrets with threat of excommunication


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