Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Benedict XVI mauls new Father General on the forehead

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Benedict XVI God's Rottweiler mauled the new Father General on the forehead, the "seat of the soul" in eastern religions.

Take a look at the first photos of the new Father General beside the retired Father General Kolvenbach. Fr. Nicolas is smiling and happy...and his brows do not knit so deeply!

Bowing to Benedict XVI's pressure and Opus Dei tactics of dismantling more Jesuit mission ala Vatican Observatory, Father General Nicolas finally went to meet with the Pope Benedict XVI for the first time on Saturday AFTER his official meeting with the Press on Friday -- without "papal approval" (papal autocracy crap of Opus Dei and John Allen and Zenit).

What did Father Nicolas get from his first encounter with Benedict XVI was a dent on his forehead! And his Jesuit dent is deeper than 80 year old Benedict! The new Father General looks burdened after meeting God's Rottweiler! That is what the Jesuits get when they kowtow to the Pope and Opus Dei, a dent on the forehead of their new Father General which is really an aftermath shocking effect of the GISU Galileo Iceberg of Sapienza University that has hit the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship.

Beware and be-aware Jesuits, they "who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Do you want to sink with the B16-OD Titanic Ship and get the Society of Jesus suppressed again?

Next time Father Nicolas kowtow to Benedict XVI, he might get two black eyes... God's Rottweiler can be vicious...or worse suffer like Pedro Arrupe for 10 years after John Paul II mauled him...Jesuits, learn from La Sapienza University, those scientists and young students no longer wish to kowtow to the Pope and no rallying of thousands of Opus Dei and Legion of Christ supporter will salvage the sinking autocratic B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic ship.

Mille Grazie Sapienza University of Rome!


John Paul II meddled so much on the Society of Jesus that he drove Pedro Arrupe to his sudden and decade long illness. Fr. Nicolas, be careful in your dealings with Benedict XVI who is the perfect-clone of JPII and better not follow in Arrupe's footsteps of "pleasing" the Opus Dei Rottweiler!

Padre Arrupe on the day Fr. Kolvenbach was elected

I was present in the Curia when the Pope appointed Father Dezza as his delegate to govern the Society, with Father Pittau as a replacement should there be need. It was a tense time with everyone bewildered and not knowing what to say or do. Father Dezza inaugurated his mission with a community Mass in the house chapel. At the greeting of peace Father Arrupe, attending in a wheel-chair in the corner, began to get agitated and make signs. Since his infirmarian failed to calm him, Father Dezza went over to see what the matter was. Father Arrupe stretched out his arms and embraced him in front of the whole community. It was his way of saying he accepted the Pope’s decision and inviting us to do likewise.

We accepted Arrupe’s resignation and elected Peter-Hans Kolvenbach as his successor. Arrupe waived his right to attend the Congregation but came into the aula (hall) immediately after the election, leaning on his infirmarian’s arm and peering around trying to see who the new General was. But Father Kolvenbach walked across to meet him and they embraced to a huge standing ovation.The same was true when his moving farewell message was read out. It fell to me to provide the English version and I had the greatest difficulty in keeping my voice steady. At Arrupe’s request we all joined him in a special farewell Mass at La Storta where, as Lainez recounts, Ignatius had a vision of Christ on the Cross and heard the words “I shall be favourable to you in Rome”. He adds: “Not knowing what these words might mean, our Father said, ‘I don’t know what will become of us; perhaps we will be crucified in Rome’”. We also said goodbye to Don Pedro at a party in the Curia gardens to which all the Jesuits in Rome were invited.

Father Arrupe spent ten years in the little infirmary in the Curia slowly dying...

May the Queen of Angels protect Fr. Nicolas from God's Rottweiler and Octopus Dei.


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