Thursday, February 14, 2008

Benedict XVI human predictability

Benedict XVI as God's Rottweiler and reinforcer of the petrified forest of 2,000 year old church dogmas and doctrines - has the mark of human predictability and a predictable dog. As head of the CDF Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he made sure church traditions and dogmas were parroted out by Jesuit theologians or he sacked them such as Roger Haights and Jacques Dupuis. Soon as he became pope, his first bite was the Jesuit Thomas Reese and a year later, the Liberation Theology Jesuit Jon Sobrino. And he is in the process of "silencing" Fr. Peter Phan of Georgetown University. On his third year as pope, on the eve of the General Congregation of the Jesuits he dismantled the (Jesuit) Vatican Observatory because he couldn't stand the unpredictability of the Jesuit astronomers. Very soon he will also let go of the Jesuits at the Vatican Radio and let the predictable Opus Dei establish the Vatican Television and incorporate the Vatican Radio with it. The Opus Dei Santa Croce University in Rome has been preparing thousands of communication students and Opus Dei priests to staff the Vatican Radio and upcoming Vatican Television network.

But justice is fairly rewarding - Benedict XVI who has no master like the Titanic Ship because he and the Opus Dei are the only masters of the Catholic Church - with the Galileo Iceberg.

There is a Jesuit humour that says:
The pope does not know
1. how much the Franciscans have in their bank account
2. how many women congregations there are and
3. what the Jesuits will do next.

Note that the Franciscans of Padre Pio (founded by St. Francis of Assisi with his mark of poverty) drive Mercedes Benz and BMWs and their robes are made from the most expensive wool. As for the nunneries they are so numerous it makes the pope's head spin at the mention of their names. And well the Jesuits, they are unpredictable as the weather and the Octopus Dei with its tentacles can't keep up with what they are up to next. The mythologists of Jesuits Assassins and Jesuit Infiltrators have to invent fictitious legends about the Jesuits subverting governments because it is the most predictable way to smear the Jesuits. The Octopus Dei and their mythologists can't comprehend one iota the "engine" of the Spiritual Exercises that drives the Jesuits to unstoppable innovations.

This article written by a Jesuit at the General Congregation 35 explains best the "Jesuit's Divine Unpredictability".

Jesuit Identity: Divine Unpredictability
Francis de Melo, SJ

God never does the predictable. Who else would create amoebas, galaxies, giraffes, two sexes, millions of species, tenderness, despair? And that’s rather like the Jesuits. These days in the General Congregation we are trying to put into words what it is to be a Jesuit: watch out for a likely decree on Jesuit Identity and Mission. So who are we?

From the start, the Jesuit way broke predictable forms. Monastic traditions were startled in 1538 with the proposal of Ignatius of Loyola where he wanted that the members of his new Order should work freely in the world and have little of community practices. Ignatius had wanted his Jesuits to be open at all times to discern what God was calling them to in each new situation each new day in each new place and culture. “Indifference”, he called it, by which he meant going with the wonderfully unpredictable flow of God´s doings in life. And wherever they were, Ignatius wanted them to always feel the urge of life to the more... the “magis”... like a tree always putting out little new shoots that make it slowly but surely grow to an amazing size and complexity.

Naturally they did the unpredictable. So Xavier went to India, Japan, and almost entered forbidden China. The Jesuits started the first printing press in India in 1556. Two Jesuit missionaries, Gruber and D'Orville, reached Lhasa in Tibet in 1661. Jesuit history has been volatile. They were creative, and naturally were loved and hated. For two centuries they had enjoyed high favor among the people, kings, and popes, and by 1764 the Jesuits had 41 provinces and 22,589 members. Suddenly they became the object of frenzied hostility, and that year they were actually suppressed by Pope Clement XIV!

The Jesuits were restored 1814 in and the unpredictable range of their doings grew. Matteo Ricci went to China, mastered Chinese, and became an advisor to the Emperor. Alexander de Rhodes first gave Vietnamese a script. 37 lunar craters are named after Jesuit astronomers. Alfred Delp, a German Jesuit was hanged for his opposition to Hitler. Gerard Manley Hopkins was a poet and founder of the Romantic movement in English poetry. Karl Rahner was one of the greatest theologians of the Catholic Church.

Today the Jesuits run hundreds of educational institutions worldwide including 28 universities in the US. About one third of the Jesuits work in social action. In India, Jesuits work among the poor Harijans of Tamil Nadu and Bihar, among the tribals of Maharashtra to those in Chotanagpur and in Santal Parganas. The Jesuit refuge Service runs camps and schools helping hundreds of thousands of refugees. Little wonder that over the years countries have issued more than 500 stamps honouring Jesuits or Jesuit institutions.

So how do you describe these men, diverse yet bound together in their commitment to bring to all Jesus´ promise of life in overflowing abundance? How do you catch a dream and pin it down?


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