Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Benedict XVI "not physically close" to Jesuits

This is the FIRST TIME these Jesuits have set foot in the Vatican and are stunned by the Swiss Guards of the Pope. They were snubbed by Benedict XVI who couldn't invite them for tea because he was busy trying on his Emperor's Clothes with GAY Zeffirelli and his GAY private papal Secretary Georg!

At the 25/01/2008 "First Encounter with Journalists" of the newly elected Superior General, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas instinctively said: We [the Jesuits] are not physically close with the Pope and the Vatican, spiritually yes..."


Listen to the video

25/01/2008 Rome Reports TV Agency

Fr. Adolfo Nicolas was last week elected Superior General of the Jesuits. Today, he had his first encounter with the mass media. The first thing he did was to thank the journalists for how they have received him.

Fr. Nicolas explained that he is now listening to the proposals of the General Congregation of Jesuits which is meeting in Rome. And when it’s finished, he said, the action starts. Moreover, he spoke loud and clear about the relationship between the Jesuits and the Vatican.

”The differences that are presented between the Jesuits and the Vatican are not real,” he said. “The Jesuits have always been near the Vatican and the Holy Father. Moreover, we are happy to be so. If a problem arises, it is precisely because we are very close, not physically, but spiritually.”

And he stressed that he doesn’t like comparisons with his predecessors. So much so that as he said goodbye, he remarked bluntly: "I am not Arrupe”.


Proofs of Jesuit Myths

This statement by the Father General that "the Jesuits are not physically near the Pope and the Vatican" proves that the Pope is surrounded and controlled – physically - by the Opus Dei just like Pope John Paul II was controlled by the Opus Dei and by [numerary] Joaquin Navarro-Valls for more than 26 years.

Note that Fr. Nicolas met the public first - before he met with Benedict XVI - because he was "waiting to be called" and when he went it was rather very "briefly" - the following day. They didn't have much to say to each other. Note also that the GC35 Jesuits went to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Pope snubbed them.

To Jesuit Assassins and Jesuit Infiltrators mythologists, butt off!

It is impossible for the Jesuits to be the Black Pope if the actual Pope is “not physically close” to the Pope and the Vatican. Even John Allen, the herald of Octopus Dei lies, is lying with his balding head and teeth out – by writing in his ncr café that “the Pope was informed and he approved the new Fr. General BY CELL PHONE”. How desperate is the Opus Dei to claim that the Pope is the “infallible ruler”. The Galileo Iceberg has hit the B16-OD Benedict XVI Titanic Ship; it is sinking right at the Tiber River… Opus Dei has a short shelf-life!


On January 25, Friday, at 11:30, the newly elected General Superior of the Society of Jesus, Father Adolfo Nicolás, will be available for a brief encounter with journalists. It is not a press conference but an encounter to greet all those who have covered the recent events regarding the Society of Jesus and the General Congregation. Father Nicolás will address the journalists but will not entertain questions. Taking of photographs is allowed. A formal press conference is planned perhaps at the end of the General Congregation.

After the encounter those who are interested in visiting the aula where the members of the Congregation meet, will have the opportunity to do it. Again, photos are allowed.

The access to the place of the meeting – “Sala Nadal” is from Borgo S. Spirito, 4. An accreditation card is necessary.

= END =


In view of the strong desire shown by the media for an “interview” with Father General, Fr. General decided to meet the strong desire of the media for an ‘interview’ halfway. As this was not yet the moment for Father General to talk about the Congregation before he had received indications and even “mandates”, it was decided to invite the journalists for an encounter in which Father General would greet them and say a few words. No questions would be entertained. Around 65 journalists (three TV stations) accepted the conditions and came to meet him. Father General made a 20 minutes speech which was very well received. Then the journalists visited the aula of the Congregation.

Vatican Radio, recorded, transcribed and translated Fr. General’s talk which given in Italian as follows:

Meeting with the Press
In the Nadal Room
25 January 2008

First of all, I want to thank you for the interest you have shown in the Society of Jesus, in this General Congregation, and the positive view that you are taking of me….

About the future there is little I can say. The reason is simple: I have just begun. When in the Congregation meeting they speak of Father General, I always think they mean Fr. Kolvenbach; I do not yet realize that it is me. My current attitude is to listen, listen and obey. As you know, the General Congregation has authority over Fr. General. During the General Congregation I am subject to the Congregation. If the Congregation tells me what needs to be done, what direction to take in the future, I should obey, that is my mission. Therefore what is important to me now is to know what the General Congregation wishes; as well as how to respond to the challenges that the Holy Father has sent us, about which we are reflecting very seriously, so as to give a response that can help the Church, not ourselves. I hope to meet with the Holy Father soon whenever he calls me to have an initial meeting. After all this, when the Congregation Fathers have gone, I will begin to work, to see how to respond and make all of this into reality.

I hope that then we can have a meeting to respond to your questions. Now I have no answers; I can only respond “this depends, that depends….” In the dialogue which we will have I hope to follow the principles of Ghandi, who said that when we speak, it first must be true, because if it is not true it is not interesting; second, it must be charitable, and do good; and third, it must do good for others. Thus, news that, although true, does not do good but creates misunderstandings will not be interesting, and if it does not help people I think it is worthless.

I intend to be transparent. I have learned this in Indonesia, from a couple who were not Christians. In a context where there is fear of evil spirits, this couple took transparency as their spirituality to defend themselves against those threats, so that any evil that came passed on without leaving a trace and the good that arrived was passed on to others. I think this is a symbol we should keep in mind. Transparency is an attitude of responsibility for the good of others, not for ourselves. It is not so important what people think of me; more important is the good of others.

So, I am happy to have met with you, and I thank you for the positive tone I have found so far. I understand the difficulties you have found but I hope in the future we can work together. Thank you.

= END =


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