Monday, February 11, 2008

Benedict XVI snubs GC35 Jesuits

Official caption: On Saturday February 9, a group of delegates visited the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

Jesuits from all over the world who are in Rome for the General Congregation 35 went to visit the Sistine Chapel on Saturday -- but Benedict XVI had no time even to greet them into his Vatican Palace that rivals that of the Kings and Queens of Europe. Benedict XVI was too busy preparing his wardrobe and rehearsing his Zeffirelli vain papal appearances. Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei own the Vatican and all its Euro 1.6 trillion assets and wealth. This absence of the Pope proves the Jesuit myth of the Black Pope -- because these are the top men of the Jesuits and if they are really part of the Vatican autocracy, they would have been greeted by the Pope.

Imagine the Jesuit Black Pope's men snubbed by Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei at the Vatican! Benedict XVI snubs the GC35 Jesuits because they have no say in his Opus Dei controlled papacy...and therefore the Jesuit Black Pope is a myth! A picture speaks a thousand words.

The Church together with the Kings and today's Jesuit Assassins and Jesuit myths propagandas were and are wrong about the Jesuits as they were about Copernicus and Galileo.

The Jesuit Suppression and expulsions history show Jesuits NEVER had political interests nor had political powers in the subversion of governments. Jesuits go to countries to build schools for everyone, for the poor and the wealthy alike -- Jesuits have been burned, martyred, ALL their ASSETS STOLEN (confiscated) -- yet from their ashes they went to build more 144 universities today.

The Jesuit Suppression history shows and proves that even Kings and governments cannot kill the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The Piarists who lived up to 350 years old are dead and gone. Not so the Jesuits...inspite of modern 20th & 21st century Jesuit Assassins propagandas...and John Allen's Opus Dei lies.

The Jesuits in France today -- WHERE is the government subversion in France? With President Sarkozy? Preposterous! Likewise in other parts of the world, Jesuit MYTHS will always abound about Jesuit Infiltrators and Jesuit Assassins!

"Never has a religious order been so hated in the history of the Church" -- why?? -- because human nature "hate" (envy) that which is true and good. And Opus Dei now hate the Jesuits.

The new Father General went to meet Benedict XVI "for a brief encounter" -- why "brief" -- because they have nothing much to say each other -- the Opus Dei control the papacy, the Vatican and the Catholic Church as invisible tyrants. Opus Dei are incapable of dialogues and compromise. WORLD DOMINATION is their agenda -- through papal writings and Escriba's books --- but the good news is Galileo Iceberg has hit the B16-OD Titanic Ship!

Mille Grazie La Sapienza University for proving me right and my weblogs right...and the Jesuits right!


The Piarists

Catholic Church's Patron Saint of Education

Fallen Order: Intrigue, Heresy, And Scandal In The Rome Of Galileo And Caravaggio

The Piarist Order of priests has for hundreds of years been known for its history of important contributions to education, science, and culture. Yet in 1646, the Piarist order was abruptly abolished by Pope Innocent X. Fallen Order is the stunning story of how the sexual abuse of children, practiced by some of the leading priests in the order, led to the Piarists' collapse. Karen Liebreich spent several years researching in the order's archives and in the Vatican Secret Archive, and discovered how the founder of the Piarist Order, Father José de Calasanz (later honored as the patron saint of Catholic schools) knew of the scandal and tried to keep it a secret. Cardinals and bishops actively participated in the cover-up in an effort to protect the reputation of an important cleric with influential family connections. A brilliant portrait of seventeenth-century Rome, and the politics, personal rivalries, and Byzantine workings of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, Fallen Order is an explosive account of a history of cover-ups, deception, and shuttling known abuser priests from school to school that is frighteningly similar to the Catholic Church's response to child abuse in the priesthood today.

Published 2004, Grove Press

The Piarists founder was canonzied by the pope and declared as the Patron Saint of Catholic Schools. This shows the error of "papal infallibility" and the inevitable errors of many recent canonizations by the John Paul II at his Opus Dei saint-factory at the Vatican.

John Paul II canonised an Italian-missionary-rapist in China and fascist-Franco ally Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriba


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