Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benedict XVI "absolute-power" photos

At their first meeting last January, Fr. General Nicolas is 2-3-4 inches taller than Benedict XVI.

February 21, in front of the 200 delegates of the General Congregation 35, physically, the Pope is shorter than the new Father General.

February 21, after the group photo, suddenly Benedict XVI is taller and bigger than new Father General Nicolas!

Poor Jesuit photographer on an Octopus Dei leash -- he better take this "doctored" photo if he wanted to leave the Vatican alive!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Benedict XVI insist on parading his "absolute-power" in every photo-op and the 30-minute private audience with the Jesuits of the General Congregation was one major opportunity: Look at the first photo of Feb. 21 with the new Father General Alfonso Nicolas shaking hands in front of the Jesuits, Fr. Nicolas is taller than the pope (as in his first meeting last January)...but in the second photo, alone with Father General Benedict XVI is taller and can this happen? -- B16 is standing on a stool or step to make him appear taller, with dark walls and dim lights to emphasize his white robe and stature. If the Jesuits are to voluntarily stoop down lower than the Octopus Dei powers of Benedict XVI, it is the laity who will bring justice into the Church...most of all the Galileo Iceberg has hit the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship at La Sapienza University and not even the Jesuits can put together Humpty Dumpty Benedict XVI together again.

Alas, Benedict XVI trembles before GISU!

Benedict XVI speaking on the papal Mass in You Tube


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