Monday, February 18, 2008

Benedict XVI not part of Jesuit flame

I Benedict XVI is not part of the "Jesuit flame"
and I don't give a damn about the Spiritual Exercises
that fuel the Jesuits......
My papal flame is GAY Georg...
our gay-love is fueled by Opus Dei
St? Josemaria Escriba and John Paul II deceptive writings...

There is no image of Benedict XVI in the homepage of the General Cognregation 35...which proves Benedict XVI is not part of the Jesuit flame!

Benedict XVI (with his Opus Dei eunuchs) is not part of the "Jesuit flame" as this old Hungarian Jesuit reveals in his radio interview in Rome. Listen to the entire conversation and pay attention to the fact that not once does he mention the Pope's name -- which proves that the Jesuits are NOT Jesuit Asassins and Jesuit Infiltrators or part of the Vatican autocracy and Vatican wealth.
briefs [18/02/2008]
Szabolcs Sajgó, SJ
Szabolcs Sajgó is from Hungary, a former Provincial of that Province that had to live in exile for a long time during the Communist regime.

Meanwhile, the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Icerberg at La Sapienza University in Rome...and Benedict XVI trembles before GISU...

BRIEFS From the open book Jesuit
General Congregation GC35

Ad Providentiam Assistants

Election of the Ad Providentiam Assistants
[18/02/2008] The last of the elections prescribed by the General Congregation took place on February 18.

The four General Assistants (ad providentiam in the original Latin) elected today, in alphabetical order, are:
Fr. Lisbert D’Souza (Bombay)
Fr. James Grummer (Wisconsin)
Fr. Federico Lombardi (Italy)
Fr. Marcos Recolons (Bolivia)

Fr. Marcos Recolons (Bolivia) has been elected admonitor of Father General.

The process by which the General Assistants have been elected follows closely the one adopted for the election of Father General. There is a period of four days to obtain information about possible candidates (murmuratio), an oath pronounced in similar terms regarding the selection of the candidate, individual paper ballots are used rather than voting electronically for each one of the Assistants, and a stern prohibition in virtue of holy obedience to have oneself or another elected as General Assistants. Only “electors”, excluding those who were called to the Congregation to deal with issues, have a voting right for the General Assistants.
After the election of the four Assistants all the members of the Congregation (including those called to deal with particular issues) are called into the aula to vote for the admonitor.

The election of the General Assistants and of the admonitor “has to be done keeping in mind the General Counsellors appointed by Father General but with freedom of the Congregation remaining intact to choose other persons” (Complementary Norms no. 364).
The function of the four General Assistants is to assist the Superior General on behalf of the whole Society. Chapter IV of the Constitutions (no. 768) spells out the meaning of this statement. The assistance called for deals with external matters “such as clothing, food and any expenditure touching upon the General’s person”, preventing him “from going beyond measure in labours or excessive severity”, and attending “to his soul in case necessity might arise”

Father General does not run the show by himself

The assistants' first responsibility is to give advice to the Jesuit General, "who doesn't run the show by himself."

"His work involves a steady dialogue with these ten Jesuits who are in daily contact with what is happening in the part of the world where they come from," the CBCP said in a statement.

The assistants also contribute with their experience and skills to Jesuit projects that have international dimension as well as to the global orientations of the society.

Each one of the ten "assistancies" represents the geographical gathering of Jesuit provinces. Each of them share first and act advisers over the next few years as each of them have broader knowledge of the needs of the society and apostolate in different parts of the world.
- GMANews.TV


Benedict XVI image consultant GAY Zeffirelli

Benedict XVI has hired "Jesus of Nazareth" movie producer openly-GAY Zeffirelli. The Jesuits are not like the Opus Dei and Benedict XVI who are obsessed with their public image.

Nota Bene: This election today proves that the Jesuits are not part of the Vatican wealth and the ostentatious lifestyle of Benedict XVI. These 4 persons will mdoerate the Father General's expenditures -- “such as clothing, food and any expenditure touching upon the General’s person”. The Jesuits do no waste money like the Benedict XVi does on his banal clothings to match the celebrities he meets each papal gown can feed an entire African village for a wholw month!

The Jesuits dress simply and casually and rather donate their time and donations given to them to the JRS Jesuit Refugee Service


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