Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benedict XVI 30-minutes maul the Jesuits

After more than 7 weeks of the General Congregation, Benedict XVI finally received 200 of the 217 Jesuit delegates in Rome. (The 17 who didn't go were the wise virgins who knew how to save their necks!) For 30 minutes he mauled them fast as God's Rottweiler. If there is any proof that there are no Jesuit Illuminati, this gotta be it - Jesuits are NOT PHYSICALLY CLOSE to the pope, therefore, there are no Jesuit Illuminatis or Jesuit Assassins (today). The Pope cannot stand Jesuit presence and so 30-minutes was enough... No chit-chat, only 1 speech short-and-sweet, click-click photo and GOOD-BYE. Benedict XVI behavior is similar to tigers in San Diego Zoo who mauled their caretaker within minutes - the same tigers he has been caring for for years mauled him and left only a piece of his skeleton and this was seen by witnesses. Benedict XVI, God's Rottweiler also mauled the Jesuits within 30-minutes, he did't waste time. After he cited a few historical Jesuit evangelical works, he mauled them and told them: "Don't come back here again, this is now Opus Dei papal palace and Opus Dei Vatican bank. Thanks for the memories and good riddance". Benedict XVI was in a hurry to go back to his GAY-live-in love Georg, his private secretary...and to his private Opus Dei eunuchs staff.

Benedict XVI was dressed in white because he instructed the Jesuits to all go in black. Zeffirelli gay image consultant was the photo-op director. When BXVI meets royalties and celebrities he always wear a red cape because he looks really ugly and pale sick in white and if you look on the magnified version , he really is a scary old scrooge.(Click on "photos" in for enlarged version and you'll see his face like this in YouTube)

Papal audience

On the morning of 21st February, there was no session in the Aula of the Congregation. At ten o’clock, the first delegates already started to make their way towards the Vatican, where his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI received the members of the 35th General Congregation in a private audience.

A little after 11.30am, the Pope received the more than two hundred delegates in the “sala Clementina” inside the Vatican, in an encounter that lasted half an hour. After the initial greetings, Father General Adolfo Nicolás addressed the Holy Father, expressing gratitude for the audience and informing him on the proceeding of the General Congregation, particularly in relation to the letter that Benedict XVI had sent Father Kolvenbach at the beginning of the Congregation.

The speech of the Holy Father began with a grateful acknowledgement to Father Kolvenbach for the service that he had provided as guide of the Society of Jesus during almost a quarter of a century. Then His Holiness listed examples from the history of the Society in order to inspire the Jesuits to renew their commitment to the service of the Church and of humanity. In his speech, Benedict XVI reminded the Society of the urgency of the proclamation of faith in a world that changes constantly and that needs words of hope and salvation. The Holy Father brought to mind the courage of the first Jesuits and encouraged the Society to engage even more in its mission of theological research and of interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

The Pope also urged the Jesuits to pursue their mission with and for the poor and remarked on the specifically Jesuit ministry of giving the Spiritual Exercises.



Governance, Community and Formation

During the morning the aula will work on the second draft about “Governance.” The afternoon will be time for ordinary government issues, discussing the topic of “Community and Formation.”


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