Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benedict XVI golden throne & Jesuit plastic chair & Jesus' seat

Benedict XVI Humpty Dumpty sits on his Infallible Throne -- with GAY image makeover by GAY Zeffirelli

The new Father General on a plastic chair on the roof-garden of the Jesuit Curia in Rome. (This plastic chair cost $20 at Wal-Mart).

Jesus 2000 years ago sat on the earth without any plastic chair or golden throne. The Jesuits are the "Companions of Jesus" who obey "like dead men" the wealthy Pope.

Notice the simple poor clothes of Jesus the Rebel as he sits on the crude soil.

Click on image to enlarge and read history of what the Pope did in Ireland using his "Chair of Peter".

Read especially Appendix iii on how the Church was armed and killed natives by order of the Pope from his "Chair of Peter"!


On the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, the Apostle

Robert Scullin, S.J.

Last Thursday, Congregation members along with a good number of our support staff were invited to meet with the Holy Father in one of the audience halls of the Vatican—in the Clementine Hall (named for Clement VIII). After Father Nicolás greeted Pope Benedict on our behalf, the Holy Father addressed us all with great warmth. He used using Ignatian language and key phrases from recent General Congregations encouraged the Society to continue its work “on the frontiers,” including the frontiers of cultures. He ended his remarks with the words of the Suscipe: Take, Lord, receive . . . .

With my minimal Italian, I was caught by his words and images that are part of our active vocabulary: the Gospel . . . global challenges . . . mission . . . the poor. He called us once again to a new evangelization aimed at the cultures (more than at the geography) of our world today. We are wrestling with these themes in a number of documents these days on Mission, Collaboration, Apostolic Obedience, and Governance.

Benedict XVI asked us early on in our preparation for the congregation to reflection on the importance of formation in the Society. I found it a real moment of grace when the working group on Formation presented the idea of the whole body of the Society as the major formator for Jesuits not only in the years leading up to final vows as a priest or brother but throughout a Jesuit’s life.

For me, the Holy Father’s words clashed with the formal, ornate elegance of the Clementine Hall. But I did hear him speak of faith, justice, culture, dialogue, and the poor. He asked us keep on the path that St. Ignatius set us on in our core mission set out in the Formula of the Institute.

While we were waiting for the Holy Father to arrive, I contemplated the ceiling frescoes and noticed four words writ large at the top of the four walls: religio, justicia, clementia, and charitas. Even without their Latin nuances, the words are reminders as powerful today as in the early 1600’s when the Hall was finished. The Society is about all four—living a faith (religio) that does justice which involves both charity and mercy or reconciliation (clementia).

We’ve been pretty “clement” to and with one another as we wrestle with written texts and spoken “interventions.” We are still able to override our growing meeting-fatigue with a strong desire and even passion to embrace the Lord’s invitation as best we can recognize it and articulate for one another these days. More and more we are considering how to share this experience with Jesuits and our apostolic partners back home.

Seat of refugees in Africa


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