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Benedict XVI difference of Jesuit GC33 & GC35

During over a quarter of century of John Paul II and Benedict XVI papacy, the Jesuits have been continuously fed with Octopus-Dei-lies by John Allen at his ncr cafe. We expose how snaky Allen can be in his Opus Dei media spin style...just like Fr. Richard McBrien. The successful effects of John Allen's Octopus-Dei-lies is evident in this New York Jesuit's essay in the GC35 blog (Feb 23) on the "Similarities and Differences of the GC 33 & 35" (see below).

We point out the key phrase in Fr. Vincent Cooke's reflection that shows that he is getting older and like a tamed elephant has surrendered to the Opus Dei agenda of WORLD DOMINATION:

"GC 33 began with a tense relationship between the Society and the Holy Father. Today the Holy Father has expressed great confidence in the Society, and those at the congregation are eager to be of greater service to the Church and the missions he assigns to us."

This New York Jesuit, Fr. Vincent Cooke is Opus Dei OD-drugged! GC33 had a tension between the Society and the Holy Father because Arrupe refused to kowtow to the Opus Dei and the Devil's Advocate still existed and Jesuits sat at this most important office at the Vatican. John Paul II abolished the Devil's Advocate and fired ALL Jesuits attending to the papal offices and surrounded himself only with Opus Dei eunuchs with Joaquin Navarro-Valls as his private and public secretary for more than 26 years. During over 26 years, the Jesuits were like elephants tamed and tied by the Octopus Dei tentacles. And like circus elephants - just for show - the giant Jesuits are to do what the Opus Dei and the Pope want them to do which are:

1) Absolute power is owned by the Opus Dei -- who'll control the Vatican wealth, the papacy and appointments of Bishops and Cardinals. Notice there are no Jesuit Cardinals since Dulles of New York). Vatican wealth includes the Vatican Radio which is now fully staffed by Opus Dei student graduates.

2) John Paul II and St? Josemaria writings are to be absolute "Word of God" and norms in the Catholic world...that is why John Paul II must be canonized as soon as possible so that he can be cited together with his Mystical Bride the androgynous Josemaria.

3)Jesuits are to tend to the poor countries where Opus Dei don't dare dirty their hands or waste their time because Opus Dei will only deal with the echelon and heads of states and judiciary systems and media empires of countries , classic example is El Salvador where the Opus Dei Bishop "Silenced" Jon Sobrino. But the Pope must get ALL credits for ALL Jesuit good works ... as if the Pope approved and did the work himself.

An example of Jesuit work that has been stolen by the Opus Dei is the congregaiton of Blessed Mother Teresa. The Jesuits have always been the Spiritual Directors of Mother Tersa before, at the beginning, during and up to today (one of her Spiritual Director is wanted for pedophilia). But the Opus Dei has put her as a permanent link in their official homepage and they made sure that the Jesuits are almost non-existent within her website. The Opus Dei put Mother website to make it appear as if Opus Dei have works with the poor. The fact is Opus Dei live only in million-dollar neighborhood complete with uniformed servants and would never waste time serving as Mother Teresa's Spiiritual Director -- because Opus Dei priests are to say Mass and serve only their Opus Dei members...Infinite Octopus-Dei-lies!

In the United States. one major example of a Jesuit used and abused by the Opus Dei is Jesuit Fr. Fessio. Fr. Fessio was the founder of Ignatius Press in San Francisco and got exclusive rights to publish all of Ratizinger's writings in USA. Soon as he became pope, the Opus Dei took over all copyrights and annulled that initial contract between RAtzinger and Fessio. Then Opus Dei hired (for free) Fr. Fessio to help build and get accreditation for the Opus Dei owned Ave Maria University in Naples Florida, financed by billionaire Tom Monighan of Domino Pizza.

After Ave Maria University got all the accreditation and prestige it needed in the USA, thanks to the 28 Jesuit universities expertise of Fr. Fessio, Opus Dei fired Fessio "without explanation". (Google this up and you'll find tons of articles).

So this New York Jesuit Fr. Cooke has been cooked up by chef John Allen who incidentally moved to New York from Rome because he can earn more money by speaking around the states of USA spreading his Octopus-Dei-lies.

Well, balding long-nose-Pinocchio John Allen, your ncr cafe within the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship will soon sink because you have been hit by the Galileo Iceberg and your Octopus Dei kitchen soup will go the bottom of the sea where you all belong!

Similarities and Differences
It is 25 years since GC 33, which I attended in 1983 as Provincial of the New York Province. I am now an elected delegate at GC 35, and the similarities and differences between the two congregations are striking.

Vincent M. Cooke, S.J.

Both congregations were called to elect a new General. Both had swift elections, Fr. Kolvenbach on the first ballot, and Fr. Nicolas on the second ballot. Both elections left the delegates with a clear sense that the Holy Spirit had guided our discernment process, and a conviction that we had elected men who love the Society greatly and who would provide great leadership. We also learned that community discernment really can work, but it requires much more prayer than we usually give it in our local communities. Each day the delegates privately prayed for hours before the Blessed Sacrament.

The differences are even more striking. GC 33 began with a tense relationship between the Society and the Holy Father. Today the Holy Father has expressed great confidence in the Society, and those at the congregation are eager to be of greater service to the Church and the missions he assigns to us. The international character of the Society is much more apparent today, especially due to the prominent role played by numerous Jesuits from India, Africa, and the Far East. GC 33 still had some of the vestiges of tension between the faith and justice aspects of our mission that surfaced conspicuously at GC 32. Today one is struck by how that tension has disappeared, and how faith and justice have been well integrated with our missions to dialogue and culture. The Jesuits of India especially give voice to the need for dialogue between religions and cultures.

The second part of the congregation dealing with the writing of decrees is much better prepared for and organized today than at GC 33. A new tension has however arisem that was not present 25 years ago, a tension between those who prefer that our decrees be written in a more poetic inspirational narrative style and those who prefer a more rationalistic or juridical approach. With 225 Jesuits trying to write texts a safe bet is that this tension will be resolved by compromise.

Vincent M. Cooke, S.J.


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