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Benedict XVI 'not part of Holy Spirit' in Jesuit General Congregation 32

Alas, there is no mention of the Opus Dei Holy Father Benedict XVI in "The Enkindling Experience in the Spirit" in the General Congregation 35 of the Jesuits in Rome. And that is the way it should be because Pope Benedict XVI is not the alter ego of Christ just like John Paul II is not the "other Christ" as we have continuously exposed in the John Paul II Millstone. These two popes and the Opus Dei are the ones responsible in the cover-up of the most heinous crime of priest-pedophilia in the 20th century...therefore there is nothing godly about matter how holy-like-Pharisees they appear to be in their Latin Mass and rosary chantings.

Read this final Jesuit blog which shows the Pope (in essence the Opus Dei) is not part of the Holy Spirit that has enkindled the Society of Jesus. It is this same Holy Spirit that sent the Galileo Iceberg that hit the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship at La Sapienza University last January on the onset of the Jesuit General Congregation after Benedict XVI dismantled the Jesuit Vatican Observatory:

The Enkindling Experience in the Spirit
Hector D' Souza, S.J.

“I will send my Spirit, He will guide you…do not be afraid”
Couldn’t have been better felt, experienced and relished
At the GC 35, as the Spirit moved, directed, inspired and enkindled.
There was a lurking fear and a deep abiding anxiety,
As we searched: This one, that one, which one?
The media in different continents had projected many names…
The Profile suggested was a demanding picture of a saint.
Who will fill in the shoes of Ignatius, Laynez …Arrupe, Kolvenbach?

Day one, some names shared, considered and contemplated on,
Day two, lots of mumuratio, but very few spotted the fragile man
Day three, some movement of the spirit, there is sage with an age,
Day four, ‘bit by bit the spirit rained’, there was a focus.
Day five, the first was a mere indication of the gush of the Spirit,
Aloha, at the second vote, we had the General, Spirit triumphed!
Adolfo Nicolas. The Spirit reigned gracefully and danced eternally.

Then the ad negotia stage, it was the third week, Spirit was sleeping.
Fourth, the first drafts appeared, shared and discussed
And they disappeared as fast, ‘troubled waters’ knee deep.
Fifth, Ordinary Governance topics shaped up, pondered upon
The elections for Ad Providentiam, a bit of relaxation to recoup,
Sixth, second drafts were criticized, shredded and thrown.
Troubled Spirit, “Where are thou?” we asked, “How is it possible?”

Seventh week, the fatigue is setting in, prayers intensified
Light at the end of the tunnel, third drafts were shaping up
Inspiration, mission, structures, collaborators, obedience
And accountability were falling in line, finally the “the gentle breeze”
The “detectives of grace” were spotting the hovering Spirit all over.

Eighth week, “A Fire that kindles more Fires” was sighted,
New Provincials were announced in each continent
With the thunderous applause, Spirit became more active
The movement was on and the light was seen, the end is near.
Another morn, a fresh direction, a new resurrection!

The Spirit acted, “Veni Creator Spiritus” on the First Day
Often laudate, at times miserere, regularly suscipe,
Until the “Te Deum” to erupt on the last day in gratitude.
The Spirit has set the spark, kindled the ‘being and doing’
Thanks to the thousands of “Friends in the Lord” all over
Storming heavens, for the Spirit to enkindle, round the clock


This is the Holy Spirit of the Opus Dei -- the Mystical Marriage of St? Josemaria Escriva and Pope John Paul II (whom Opus Dei is in a hurry to canonize)

If I were to enter a one-minute vignette on John Paul II in the new reality TV show 'On the Lot' this is how it would be.

Title: MR. Pope John Paul II and MRS.Saint Josemaria de Opus Dei

Subtitle: The new Mystical Marriage in the Catholic Church of the Pope and Opus Dei

Wedding song: You and Me against the World

Reality: The Groom Pope John Paul II wears robe in white (only) and the Bride Saint Josemaria de Opus Dei wears robe in black (only).

The Groom's name John Paul is a composite of two males (same-sex, gay), the Bride's name Josemaria is androgynous - one name of a male and a female (go figure, like the Androgynous Devil in the Passion of the Christ movie)) Actually, heshe has mutated hisher name so many times it taste bitter to pronounce hisher name

The Church is the Mystical Bride and Christ is the Bridegroom, so it is said (and taught)in Catholic Catechism. That wedding took place in the first century. In the 20th century a new mystical gay wedding took place at the Vatican when MRS. Saint Josemaria 'bought' the Vatican for 1 Billion to bail it out of the scandal of the Ambrosiano Bank. This was hisher mystical Opus Dei bridal dowry.
(see and for the wealth of Opus Dei)

MR.Pope John Paul II abolished the office of the Devil's Advocate -- the office that proved anything negative and why a person must not be canonized a saint. That is why he was able to canonize his bride, MRS.Saint Josemaria as the fastest saint to be canonized in modern times.

So instead of spending his gay time examining his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and using his gay papal powers to stop their heinous gay pedophiliac activities during his 26 years papacy, MR. John Paul wallowed in narcisstic self-glory with MRS. Saint Josemaria as they spent their honeymoon in the gay papal bed at the Vatican -- and prepared also for his own imminent canonization by his papal clone Benedict XVI -- their mystical marriage gay love child.

Ending: St. Michael the Archangel pushes the John Paul II Millstone...... and MR.John Paul II rolls into the deep Tiber River...... and MRS.Saint Josemaria is weeping as an androgynous widow with blood dripping from hisher black cossack ......surrounded by wailing Opus Dei members beating their heads against the walls of the 86 Billion Euro Vatican real estate they've acquired......with blood dripping also from their pants - because of the cilice they wear around their thighs!


This is posted on the occasion of the the feast of Saint(?) Josemaria and June monthlong celebrations of the Opus Dei with the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops concelebrating Mass in cathedrals -- as they want to show-off their imperial power worldwide.

These are the SAME Cardinals and Bishops COHORTS in the CRIME of priest pedophilia --- who control the judges handling survivors abuse cases -- to protect the Opus Dei vested interest at the Vatican and the papacy!

Link: The John Paul II Millstone


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