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Opus Dei Pope #2-Benedict XVI own the NY Times

The Opus Dei masterminds the papacy and all its financial holdings. The NY Times is one of them. When the new Jesuit General was elected in Rome, the NY Times mentioned it in one small paragraph in one of its insignificant page (which proves the Jesuits are not Illuminatis). The NY Times serves the Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION Agenda through the Pope and now they are doing it again in the papal trip to America, in their Octopus Dei media spin.

Here is the NY Times first coverage of the papal trip from the papal plane mentioning the clergy sexual abuse. This paragraph is the most deceitful as it mislead readers. We analyze the words and their meanings. Below, in the second article of the NY Times of the B16 in full Zeffirelli pageantry and movie production, there is no more mention of the clergy sexual abuse. All is for show, people believe what they see. The Americans suffer the Pope Delusion as they do with the Shrek Delusion. America is a an addicted consumer of Hollywood and OctopusDeiwood.

Contrast of first and second news articles of NY Times.

This paragraph of the NY Times betray all victims of clergy abuse. Just imagine the Pinocchio John Allen and his Opus Dei media spin in his ncr cafe. I don't read his columns anymore as I have lost all respect for him - he has sold his soul to the devil and he serves only the Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION Agenda.

The NY Times in its 2nd article of Benedict's presidential welcome made no mention of SNAP and victims. (See full article below with Zeffirelli photos of the Pope). And that is the way it's gonna be. No more SNAP, a dust in the wind!

As you can see in this first NY Times article (NY Times is owned by Opus Dei, believe it or not) -- it has the pope's photos, but no photos of any victims of clergy sexual abuse.

The papal and Opus Dei strategy is to apologize to victims right at the beginning of his trip and then the abuse issue will fade away and be drowned by more international issues to show that the Pope is a global leader. Yes, the clergy abuse was a minor insignificant pit stop.

Analysis of NY Times article from the papal plane before Benedict XVI lands in Washington, D.C.

The pope began his visit by addressing an issue that has wounded the Catholic Church in the United States(1), telling reporters on his aircraft(2) that the sexual abuse of children has caused "great suffering" for the church and "me personally."(3) The scandal has produced thousands of sexual abuse victims (4) and about 5,000 accused priests(5) since it erupted in 2002 and has cost the church more than $2 billion in settlements (6). (numbers added for analysis)

1. "that has wounded the Catholic Church in the United States"

--- the wound is small, a small cut that can be cured by band-aid, a wound that has been paid for $2 Billion, paid in full so shut up. a peanut small change out of the 1.5 trillion euro wealth of the Vatican,

2. --- he address this issue in the aircraft, not in a formal setting that would have attracted the hundreds of TV and news media covering the papal visit and in front of thousands. It is a small chit-chat with the journalists on the plane, like "how did you enjoy your plight, would you like more coffee (which he didn't offer to the 225 Jesuits at their General Congregaiton in Rome. Those journalists are treated better than the Jesuits. The NY Times mentioned only in one paragraph the election of the new Jesuit Genral in Rome last January. )

3. ---- "great suffering... for me personally" is horseshit. B16 is living in pageantry from the Vatican to the White House to another.

Yet the NYTimes is buying and selling this fairy tale of Benedict XVI.

4. --- "The scandal has produced thousands of sexual abuse victims"

-- thousands, how many exactly or approximately?

--- this is the WEAKEST link with SNAP and the MOST DECEITFUL LINE by the NY TImes and other media outlets.

9/11 and its 5,000 victims incite immediate American patriotism and thousands are willing to join the war against Iraq and die for America. Bush and the nation are willing to spend trillions to fight the Muslims because of 19 MUSLIMS -- 4,000 young Americans have already died fighting. Our economic resources are being depleted because of 19 Muslims.

What does Bush care about the 12,000 American victims as compared to the 5,000 victims of 9/11? He doesn't give a hoot. He welcomes Benedict XVI as if B16 had done NOTHING wrong. George Bush is under the Octopus Dei leash.

NY Times does not mention an approximate number of American victims, 12,000 American boys and girls. Why? because Opus Dei does not want Americans to see the magnitude of clergy sexual abuse in comparison to 9/11.

I have been telling this for years but few seems to believe me, so clergy abuse victims pay the price that Americans do not want to support them and neither are they willing to fight for clergy victims like they want to fight for 9/11 in revenge.

Look at the millions of Benedict XVI momentos, stickers, prayer books, statues, B16 PILLOWS - who is the American who would want to sleep on the pillow with Osama ben Laden face on it? But they would with B16 because he is their "Holy Father" -- the title that Opus Dei want mankind to embrace - their Holy Father...horseshit!

Never say "Holy Father" say "Pope" and you burn charcoals in Opus Dei heads.

5. --- "and about 5,000 accused priests since it erupted in 2002"

Hmmm, accused, never proven guilty. They are innocent until proven guilty. They are only 1% or 4% of the total American clergy. Peanuts.

6. --- and has cost the church more than $2 billion in settlements.

Look at those American Catholics, 60,000 at the stadium for the papal Mass will spend at least $100 in papal momentos (an underestimation, with papal books, medals, etc) that is already $6,000,000 that should gone to build SNAP Memorial.

60,000 at Washington stadium and another 70,000 at the Yankee stadium. These American Catholics still cannot comprehend the clergy sexual abuse that is why they keep giivng their millions to the Catholic Church and the Pope and ultimately to the Bank of Opus Dei.


New York Times -- 2nd article -- no more mention of clergy abuse and their victims

April 17, 2008

Bush Welcomes Pope and They Meet at White House

Doug Mills/The New York Times
Pope Benedict XVI waved to crowds in Washington on Wednesday after an arrival ceremony at the White House.

Published: April 17, 2008

WASHINGTON — With a blend of the religious and secular, a fife and drum band and a soprano singing the Lord's Prayer, President Bush welcomed Pope Benedict XVI to the White House Wednesday morning, telling the pontiff that Americans "need your message that all of life is sacred."

More than 9,000 people, including senators and other Washington celebrities, crowded the South Lawn for the historic arrival ceremony, conducted under clear, cloudless skies.

The 81-year-old pontiff, who celebrates his birthday on Wednesday, was greeted by the peal of trumpets and a 21-gun salute, and treated to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" by the crowd.

Benedict called for "support for the patient efforts of international diplomacy to resolve conflicts and promote progress" around the world.

The pope and the president had a private meeting in the Oval Office after the public ceremony. The White House issued a statement afterward saying the two "devoted considerable time in their discussions" to the Middle East, particularly resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict, as well as "their common concern for the situation in Iraq and particularly the precarious state of Christian communities there and elsewhere in the region." The pope has in the past expressed his opposition to the war.

Crowds lined Pennsylvania Avenue as the pope left, craning to get a glimpse of him as he rode in his Popemobile to the papal residence near the vice president's residence. ( No mention of SNAP protesters)

It was Benedict's first time in the United States since he ascended to the papacy, and only the second time the leader of the world's Roman Catholics has visited the White House. The first was in 1979, when Jimmy Carter was president.

Dressed in his traditional white cassock and skullcap, the pontiff delivered a message celebrating the greatness of American democracy, as well as the nation's embrace of religion. His speech was laden with references to American history, including the struggle against slavery, the civil rights movement and George Washington.

"I come as a friend, a preacher of the Gospel and one with great respect for this vast pluralistic society," the pontiff said, adding, "Democracy can only flourish, as your founding fathers realized, when political leaders and those whom they represent are guided by truth."

Mr. Bush, who has made his own Christian faith a central tenet of his life as an American politician and who has assiduously courted religious conservatives during his tenure as president, used his speech to affirm the role that faith plays in American society.

"Here in America you'll find a nation that welcomes the role of faith in the public square," the president said. "When our founders declared our nation's independence, they rested their case on an appeal to the 'laws of nature, and of nature's God.' We believe in religious liberty. We also believe that a love for freedom and a common moral law are written into every human heart, and that these constitute the firm foundation on which any successful free society must be built."

There was no mention of the war in Iraq — an issue on which the two disagree — or any explicit discussion controversial issues like abortion, embryonic stem cell research, on which the two agree. (And no mention of clergy sexual abuse)

But Mr. Bush did get applause when, in an obvious reference to those issues, he said, "In a world where some treat life as something to be debased and discarded, we need your message that all human life is sacred." And the president adopted a phrase the pope himself has used when he said the nation needs the pontiff's "message to reject this dictatorship of relativism." (really, who is the dictator here?)

The term is considered the defining phrase of Benedict's papacy; he first uttered it, in a strongly worded homily, when he was still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, on the day that his fellow cardinals went into the conclave that elected him as pope. In using the phrase, Mr. Bush signaled common cause with the pope's brand of religious conservatism.

The ceremony was among the most elaborate the White House has ever conducted, even more so than the one last year honoring the queen of England. The opera singer Kathleen Battle sang The Lord's Prayer, her clear voice pealing out in the soft spring air. Little girls in flowered print dresses carried signs welcoming the "Pope of Hope," while the presence of dozens of bishops and cardinals, in their traditional black vestments set off by magenta and red skullcaps and sashes, lent a European air of solemnity to the occasion.

When the ceremony was over, the announcer declared, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us in singing 'Happy Birthday' to the Holy Father."

The crowd obliged.

After the ceremony, Mr. Bush and the pope ascended the steps into the White House, where the two waved to the crowd from the Truman Balcony before retreating inside for their private meeting. On the way there, Mr. Bush stopped the pope while the two were in the White House Rose Garden, and Benedict flashed the photographers a big smile.

Ian Fisher contributed reporting.


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