Sunday, February 15, 2009

Benedict XVI the MONARCH Pope being undermined from within

The Opus Dei has controlled the Vatican since the 26 years papacy of John Paul II and will continue to control this papacy of Benedict XVI.

But Opus Dei inspite of their intelligent lawyers and doctors members are not really that smart like the Jesuits. So when Opus Dei is incompetent they shut down an institution like the Vatican Observatory.

All Opus Dei care about is the WORLD DOMINATION of St. Josemaria Escriva and Latin is their official language. Opus Dei own many publications and mass-media TV and newspapers where they control the news about the Pope and feed only what they want as propaganda of the church.

We see very clearly the fallacy of Opus Dei in making the Pope welcome back Bishop Williamson.

Opus Dei will self-destruct and the Vatican will self-destruct with them like the Temple of Solomon and not one pillar will be left standing.

Opus Dei shall weep before a Vatican wailing wall – which they rightly so deserve.
see the John Paul II Millstone for indepth coverage on St. Josemaria Escriva .


Pope being undermined from within

Charles Lewis, National Post
Published: Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The reign of Pope Benedict XVI has seen controversy, most recently due to his decision to reinstate a bishop known to hold views that the Holocaust never happened.

The papacy of Benedict XVI is being undermined by an incompetent inner circle and an archaic view of how the head of the Roman Catholic Church needs to relate to the world.

"I think the fundamental problem is he still thinks like a German professor," said Father Thomas Reese, a Jesuit scholar at the Woodstock Theological Center in Washington. "Rather than thinking like the pope he thinks he is speaking to a classroom of deferential students who won't challenge him. And that's not the world he is working in anymore."

The end result, said Fr. Reese, is that all the good things that Pope Benedict stands for are being lost in a string of public disasters.

"This is the same Benedict who opposed the war in Iraq, who has spoken out about concern for the poor and refugees and for getting humanitarian aid to Africa. All of these disasters tend to block that part of him from people's attention. And that's really sad because he does have a positive message about justice and peace and the economic crisis."

On Jan. 25 the Vatican announced it was lifting excommunications on four bishops from the ultra-traditionalist Society of St. Pius X. Not only are the four bishops unrepentant enemies of Vatican II, which completely transformed the Church over the past decades, but one of the men turned out to be a vocal anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. Richard Williamson has said that Jews are plotting world domination, that women should never be allowed to wear pants and that the movie the Sound of Music is pornographic. He also thinks 9/11 was a hoax.

The Vatican announcement about the bishops was made on the 50th anniversary of Vatican II and Holocaust remembrance weekend in Europe.

On Wednesday the Vatican was still in full damage control, saying they now wanted Bishop Williamson to recant his extremist views. But even then the blunders kept coming. According to news reports, the Vatican said Bishop Williamson's views were not known to Pope Benedict when he lifted his excommunication.

But Fr. Reese said even admitting that shows how deep the problems in the Vatican are.

"The issue was there were too few people in the room when the decision was made and probably none of them know how to use Google. The people who were in the room wanted to bend over backwards to bring the Society of Saint Pius X back into the church. There was nobody to say, ‘Wait a minute, let's think about how people will respond to this.'

"Frankly, loyalty is more important than competence. They need some people who will challenge the Pope, argue with him. He's got to make the final decision but he needs to be protected from these kinds of disasters."

Since the start of his papacy there has been Regensburg, where the Pope gave a lecture about the possible intrinsically violent nature of Islam. That led to riots, the destruction of several churches and the death of one nun. Then there was the declaration that Protestants churches are impaired, which many saw as a set-back for Christian unity. Then there was the call to bring back the old Latin mass that contained a prayer for the conversion of the Jews, something that was dropped after Vatican II.

John Allen, who writes a column on the Vatican for the National Catholic Reporter, said recently that there is an emerging pattern with how the Vatican reacts to self-made disasters.

"The story [of Williamson] has followed a familiar arc," he wrote. "The Pope says or does something obviously destined to set off fireworks; nonetheless, the Vatican purports to be surprised by the reaction; then damage control follows."

Some have argued that the present story is being inflated by sensationalism and a lack of understanding of how the Catholic Church works.

But Father Richard McBrien, who teaches theology at the University of Notre Dame, and who has written extensively on the papacy, said the problem lies squarely with the Vatican."

"There is no excuse for their not having knowledge of Bishop Williamson's views. The media are not to blame for this; all the blame falls on the Vatican."

Fr. McBrien said there is still the issue that the four bishops are such vocal opponents of Vatican II. Since their opposition could not be "heretical in the technical sense" because the council issued no dogmatic pronouncements. "Heresy is the formal and deliberate rejection of a dogma of the Church."

Fr. Reese said what all this points to is that the Vatican's model for the papacy is outdated.

"Absolute monarchs don't have to worry about what the people think. In the modern world where you have an educated populace that reads, you have to worry about these things. You have to worry how people receive what you say. Back in the times of the absolute monarchies they didn't. They had illiterate populations. You could do what you wanted and everyone would have to salute. That day is gone."


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