Sunday, December 28, 2008

Benedict XVI LIAR LIAR says "He is totally, and only, the vicar."

Benedict XVI is a pathological liar who succeeds the Devil, the Father of Lies. Now at Christmas, he wants to be known as the Vicar of Christ and of the Catholic Church. Of course there is absolutely nothing in common between Benedict XVI and Christ.

Did Christ speak Latin?

So how can Benedict XVI the Vicar of Christ make Latin the "official language" of the Mystical Body of Christ?

When did Christ ever wear red expensive shoes, don on ornate ceremonial albs, be surrounded and protected by a private army, be a political head of state, write Ph.D books no one can understand except himself and by a few men, oppress those who work with and for the poor like Jon Sobrino? If Christ were to visit Rome today, what would he say about the worse sins of pedophile priests seething beneath the Vatican archives (Crimen Sollicitationis) which are worse than the sins at the Temple of Solomon?

Would he recognize the Peter-the-Rock clones residing at the grand palace of the Vatican rivaling the palace of the Ceasars of Rome? Christ would gag at his ostentious "Vicar of Christ" when they meet for the first time, they'd be like the Prince and the Pauper, the Pope being (and dressed as) the Prince!

Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and he would do like what he did when he got very angry with the marketeers at the Temple and turned the tables upside down because they have "made God's temple a den of thieves" . But this time the Temple of the Vatican has become the Opus Dei (Ambrosiano Bank)den ... worst of all now the Vatican has become a "den of High Priests-pedophiles"! So Christ would repeat the curse of the Temple of Solomon that "not one stone will be left standing" about the Temple of the Vatican now owned and operated by the Octopus Dei.

We follow-up on the autocracy of Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei Archbishop of El Salvador and their Galileo-style persecution on Jon Sobrino

International theologians views on the Notification
Free e-book 316 pages

Video clip of Jon Sobrino in PBS discussing Salvadoran war


"He is totally, and only, the vicar" the Pope said

VATICAN CITY (AP) - He may draw adoring crowds, but Pope Benedict XVI said Monday he's no rock star.

And the Catholic Church's World Youth Day celebrations, which take place every three years in different cities around the globe, are more than just a party for young faithful, he said.

Benedict's predecessor Pope John Paul II, often described as having a rock star-like following among Catholic youth, began the World Youth Days to inspire the faithful.

"Popular analysis tends to consider these days a church version of modern youth culture, as a type of rock festival with the pope as star," Benedict said in his Christmas greetings to the Vatican Curia.

But he said the ability of young Catholics to create a sense of community during the meetings shows they are more than just parties.

"In this way also the pope is not the star around which everything revolves," he said. "He is totally, and only, the vicar."

Benedict attended the youth event in Cologne, Germany in 2005, this past summer in Sydney, Australia, and has said he plans to attend the next one in Madrid, Spain in 2011.
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