Saturday, December 06, 2008

Benedict XVI at peak of secular power laughs at American victims of pedophile priests

These comments confirm what we have been saying all along: that Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei have absolute control in America and the political world and therefore will delete SNAP and all victims records like Dust in the Wind from history books.

But we also believe that inspite of their absolute powers Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei's days are numbered because the Vatican will be reduced to rubbles like the Temple of Solomon as predicted by the Third Secret of Fatima by Our Lady.

That is why the Pope will never reveal the Third Secret because the world will be watching the demise of the Vatican with the clock ticking......right at St. Peter's Square.


Don’t you get it! The bishops do not care what you think. They have arrived at the peak of secular power.

When you demonstrate, or make statements on Youtube or anywhere, they do not care.

That is why they are where they are.

They break their sides laughing at efforts like SNAP. I know, I talk to them.

They do not care how or what you organize.

The pope, with his use of canon law can place the entire United States under interdict.

He can close down the entire Jesuit order as popes have done in the past. There is nothing that you can do to the massive power of Rome.

The only slight hope is to have someone of the temper and guts of Martin Luther. There is no such person on the world scene.

Then Benedict can shrug his shoulders and say that ‘the catholic church does not impose anything’.

Withold all the money you want. They do not need your money. They can live off the interest of old money, and the sale of real estate. And the Sunday take in the United States is about $700 million each week.

December 3, 2008 at 6:29 am

Sad to say but I think Dr. Henry is right. The bishops “do their thing” or “have their orders” or “continue with their mind set”, however you want to say it. To be effective money must be withheld every week, put in a pot to be used to lobby for elimination of SOLs in every state, educate the laity, further any and all kind of legal action against the organization untill it crumbles. A reformation was begun years ago only to have hundreds of “denominations” of Christians. There has never been an actual reform of the organization. Will it ever come?


John Wirtz
December 6, 2008 at 3:45 am


You speak the absolute, unvarnished truth, Dr. Henry.

But with the exception of the excellent you point you make about the hierarchy being able to survive indefinitely on the interest alone of its vast wealth, I made the same point a while back, and if I am not mistaken, Frank had my post taken down.
In any event, Catholics are so firmly hooked that they can’t escape their church and even if all they do is remain members, their massive membership gives the church the very power they then strive in vain to overcome.

Rev Ray Dubuque
December 6, 2008 at 3:53 am


Catholic Reform Group Launched With Extensive Press Coverage, Wide Grassroots Participation

Fast Start for Send the Bishops a Message

Tucson, AZ — Dec 1, 2008 –

“Send the Bishops a Message” is a recently launched group of reform-minded Roman Catholics deeply disappointed, saddened, and exasperated about Catholic Church officials’ two major, ongoing failures: to protect children from dangerous clerical predators and to provide acceptable levels of stewardship for hard-earned donations. The group advocates that all Catholics withhold financial donations (cash, check, and credit card) on designated “Withholding Sundays,” to send a message to the bishops that business as usual will no longer be tolerated.

A news conference at Our Lady of the Angels cathedral in Los Angeles on November 10th launched Send the Bishops a Message. The Los Angeles Times featured Send the Bishops a Message in a story by Duke Helfand published in the paper’s November 11th edition. Two L.A. radio stations, KFWB News 980 (Reporter: Bill Cooper) and 89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio (Reporter: Brian Watt) also participated in the news conference. Gustavo Arellano, a reporter for the OC (Orange County) Weekly and prolific chronicler of Catholic clergy sex abuse of children and the cover up of the abuse by Orange Bishop Tod Brown, featured Send the Bishops a Message on his blog. The Burbank Spanish language TV station Telemundo on November 10th also interviewed Frank Douglas, the group’s national director.

Send the Bishops a Message advisory board member Linda Pieczynski carried the Send the Bishops a Message banner in a news story published November 11th in a Chicago area newspaper. Linda underscored the group’s main goal: “We want to make Catholics aware that they can change their church,” she said.

Advisory board member Jim Jenkins was interviewed on November 17th for one hour during the prime time evening rush hour on the Andy Caldwell AM 1440 talk radio show that broadcasts in the Central California Coast area.

Advisory board member Vinnie Nauheimer in a November 29th opinion piece in the Journal News, a Gannett Co. Inc. newspaper serving Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties in New York, said, “It is time for the bishops to [drop] …visions of grandeur and airs of self-importance. Continuing this charade only hurts the church, its priests and most importantly, the laity; for it is they who bear the brunt of the embarrassment and monetary burdens created by an out-of-touch hierarchy.”

As of November 30th, Catholics from 43 U.S. dioceses and one foreign country (Australia) have either joined the Send the Bishops a Message campaign or reported that they withheld financial donations on November 16th, the 1st international Withholding Sunday. The 43 U.S dioceses are: Albany, Arlington, Atlanta, Baltimore, Belleville, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Hartford, Kansas City (KS), Lansing, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York, Oakland, Ogdensburg, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland (ME), Rochester, Rockford, Rockville Centre, Saginaw, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Fe, St. Louis, Santa Rosa, Seattle, Tampa, Tucson, Washington, Winona, and Youngstown.

CONTACT–Frank Douglas at (520) 404-2489
FOR MORE INFORMATION–Visit our website at


At Sunday, April 12, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just the Opus Dei, but also the Jesuits...the Jesuits actually wield more power in certain areas than the Opus Dei, and they manipulate and coerce political systems, especially in third world countries, they promote Communism as a means for social change,,,would it not be better if they promoted the word of GOD for change?

At Sunday, April 19, 2009, Blogger Paris said...

There is this myth about the Jesuits and the Black Pope Father General weilding secular powers -- a myth that Opus Dei are spreading against the Jesuits.

It is the Opus Dei and St. Josemaria Escriva who were and are are friendly with Pinochet and Franco and those governments in El Salvador -- which we have exposed extensibly in the John Paul II Millstone and this weblog.

It is the Jesuits who have the most number of martyrs because they are fighting against communism and educating the people and helping them to overthrow communist and dictatorial governments like that of Marcos in the Philippines. Many Jesuits were tortured and killed before he was finally deposed after 20 years of theft and killings. Today the Opus Dei control the papacy and the Vatican and all appointements of Cardinals and Bishops who are cohorts with opporessive governments around the world. the Hell with Opus Dei and all you their Opus Dei fanatics!


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