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Withhold Financial Donations on First Withholding Sunday, November 16, 2008 -- to Benedict XVI and the Vatican

The American Catholics are finally waking up to the reality that the Vatican and the Catholic Church is the wealthiest institution on the earth. Benedict XVI dresses up each day to welcome diplomats with diplomatic immunity to get their 5 BILLION EUROS deposit each year. Benedict XVI and Opus Dei do not "hold the key to Heaven" -- Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei are powerless and so they create their own power and make Catholics the most stupid followers on the planet -- especially believing that the host-is-turned-into-the-real-flesh-of-Christ at Mass.

If God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil -- would he let man eat his - only begotten son's flesh??? Cannibals in Africa are pagan and so eat their own brothers and relatives and prominent men's flesh to get their powers.

Likewise, the Pope and Opus Dei make hocus pocus of the flesh of Christ to eat him to get God's powers. And they act like gods on this earth!!!

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei priests are cannibals with theological and Latin flavors!

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei priests mocks the 9-month pregnancy of Mary -- by stem-celling the flesh of God through their sinful words.

That is why the priest-pedophilia thrived under the reign of John Paul II because he was the "Source and Summit" of the papacy, yeah right, "John Paul II the Great" as Peggy Noonan wrote in her book, she is a puppet of the Opus Dei...and all she did was thrash Sarah Palin, the real Godly woman of the Bible...


From the Send the Bishops a Message website.

Withhold Donations on November 16th

New Group Urges Catholics to Withhold Financial Donations on First Withholding

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tucson, AZ - Nov 10, 2008 -

"Send the Bishops a Message" is a group of reform-minded Roman Catholics who are disappointed, saddened, and exasperated enough with unaccountable and secretive Catholic bishops to take targeted action.

The group plans to get its message across by advocating that all Catholics withhold financial donations (cash, check, and credit card) on designated "Withholding Sundays."

The ongoing failure of Catholic Church officials to protect children from dangerous clerical predators and to provide acceptable levels of stewardship for Catholics' hard-earned donations compels us to take this action. These officials have adamantly refused to accept responsibility for their grave moral failures in the clergy sex abuse crisis. They repeatedly "apologize," but neither admit to covering up sex crimes against children nor accept their part in the horrendous scandal brought down upon Catholics everywhere.

More than 6 years after the Dallas Charter of 2002, high-level Church officials still protect both clerical sexual predators and those who shield these predators. Boston's Cardinal Bernard Law enjoys a high-profile, comfortable job in Rome even though he habitually transferred serial pedophile priests from parish to parish without notifying parents their children were at risk. Los Angeles's Cardinal Roger Mahony approved a $660 million settlement with clergy sex abuse victims, yet still uses every legal maneuver at his disposal to maintain the secrecy of Church files he agreed to hand over to victims' attorneys as part of the settlement. Chicago's Cardinal Francis George, the current head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), refused to follow his own sex abuse review board's recommendation that he, George, suspend a priest who had been arrested for sexual abuse of a minor. Three months after Cardinal George's refusal to act against the priest, the priest molested at least three more boys in Chicago's inner city. One of the children, prosecutors say, had been assaulted "on an almost daily" basis.

The emotional, physical, and spiritual destruction of so many lives must stop. The compassion and justice that Scripture teaches must be restored. The hierarchy has cost the Catholic people billions of dollars in legal fees and settlements, yet there seems to be no end in sight. Why? Because bishops and other high-level Church officials still believe it is their duty to shield perpetrator priests, even though they are a criminal and financial ticking time bomb. If Church officials don't change their ways, more children's lives will be ruined, the financial hemorrhaging will continue resulting in more parish closings, and the people of the Church will continue to bear the burden of this madness.

We Catholics have no elections, recall procedures, or impeachment processes that allow us to replace those who have cost us so much. Withholding donations is the best way for a disenfranchised laity to send, with one voice, a message to church officials in the only language they understand-MONEY!

The bishops have squandered our trust. Now is the time to send them a strong message. We urge all Catholics to Send the Bishops a Message by withholding cash, check, and credit card donations on designated "Withholding Sundays."

The first Withholding Sunday is November 16, 2008.

We understand that many Catholics will find it culturally and psychologically difficult to withhold their donations. However, if we fail to use the only power bishops listen to, the power of money, we will have more abuse, more scandal, and more financial mismanagement. Ask yourself, can we afford to put more children at risk? Can we afford to bear the brunt of more sexual abuse settlements? Can we afford to have more parishes close because of financial mismanagement? Can we afford a secretive, unresponsive, unjust system of governance any longer? Clearly, we cannot.

Therefore we urge you to exercise the power of the purse on Withholding Sundays, starting on November 16th , to send a unified message to the Church hierarchy:
Business as usual will no longer be tolerated.

We want to be clear: we are not opposing any Catholic doctrine or dogma. We want our children safe. We want our parishes intact. We want our donations to be managed openly according to the principles of good stewardship, accountability, and transparency.

Our Goals

Make Catholics aware that they have the power to change Church governance policies by selectively withholding financial donations

Give Catholics an opportunity to speak with a strong united voice

Send a message to the bishops that business as usual-abusing our children, covering up these crimes, putting children at risk by shielding criminal priests, and mismanaging financial resources-will no longer be tolerated

* * *

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message to a colleague, friend, or family member.


Note on Sarah Palin the Godly woman that Opus Dei and main-stream media attacked like a pack of wolves.

Moving Forward


The dust has settled. Barack Obama is the President-Elect, Joe Biden is moving into the Naval Observatory, John McCain is headed back to the Senate, and Sarah is going back to Alaska...hopefully to continue the dramatic progress she has made in upsetting the political establishment and making government work for the people.

Meanwhile, those of us who supported Sarah in her run for Vice President get to begin the process of moving forward. So, as we launch a new phase in our movement, I think it's time to start talking about what we want to see in the future from the Republican Party, Sarah Palin, and our own movement. I have a few thoughts on each. Some of this is stuff I've already read, some of it isn't.


Forget about the 2012 presidential race for two years. We're never going to unseat Obama if we don't unite the party and build a solid foundation. Instead of lining up behind our respective horses for the next round of primaries, we need to focus on getting good leadership in place in Congress and the Republican National Committee (RNC). In Congress, I think this means turning the House Leadership over the the "Young Turks" of the party. More than likely, this will involve the eventual installation of a new Minority Leader from a younger generation (likely Eric Cantor of Virginia). For the time being, John Boehner has indicated his desire to remain Leader, and Cantor is probably going to run for Minority Whip. However, in the next few years, there should be moves to eventually replace Boehner with Cantor and trade the aging leadership team in for dynamic new faces like Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), Thad McCotter (Michigan), and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Washington). They will be able to produce and market 21st Century conservative alternatives to President Obama's proposals.

At the RNC, there needs to be a new Chairman who can rev up the party faithful, rebuild the GOP fundraising machine, and help new Republicans win election. The Democrats figured out how to find such a person in 2005 when they elected Howard Dean, a charismatic former presidential candidate who could barnstorm the country. We could replicate that phenomenon by turning to Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani.


1. Don't pay much attention to 2012 speculation and focus on being Governor. Cement yourself as a presence on the national scene, but top priority is getting that gasline built (thereby giving yourself another major accomplishment as Governor and potentially lowering energy prices down here in the lower can run on that in 2012)

2. Launch "SarahPAC" as soon as possible. You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fundraising potential, and lots of people will be happy to give you lots of cash to distribute to candidates around the country (this also gives you an excuse to occasionally go on campaign trips). You can use SarahPAC (or whatever you decide to call it) to establish a reputation for helping other Republicans win, and gain some loyalty from the Congressmen that you want to endorse your eventual candidacy.

3. Write a bestseller. The subject is irrelevant, though including a good deal of policy talk would probably be helpful. The American public needs to know that you are an intelligent and capable leader, so show them how smart you are. Plus, it never hurts to have to do a bunch of interviews to promote your new book, and if you wrote on energy policy, you could establish yourself as a "preeminent authority" on the subject.

4. DO NOT RUN FOR THE U.S. SENATE. You need to stay far away from Washington and continue to build your resume (and ensure that you get the credit for that shiny new gasline). If you want to run for something, run for re-election.


Sarah cannot start openly tooting her 2012 horn for at least two years, and frankly neither can any other high level GOP operative or major media personality. On the other hand, we "internet nuts" are bound by no such standards of propriety. Our job moving forward is to wave pom-poms and yell "Sa-rah! Sa-rah!" at the top of our lungs for the next few years. We're the ones who will be making sure that Sarah's accomplishments in Alaska continue to be highlighted (need I mention the gasline again?) and that she stays at the top of any and all lists of potential 2012 candidates. This is what we do best, and we need to get back to that sort of operation.

We also need to pursue two objectives from an operational standpoint: institutionalization and decentralization. Institutionalization means putting in place mechanisms to ensure that the Palin Movement remains intact and cannot be broken up. Decentralization means making sure that there are multiple sources of pro-Palin chatter. We've already done well at decentralizing, with a plethora of Palin sites popping up earlier this year (,,, etc.), but we need to continue to build stronger networks and more sites. This will ensure that we cannot be shut down by the departure of one or two bloggers. I'll be honest here, I have no clue what I will be doing in four years or whether my career path will allow me to continue an independent partisan blog. We need to make sure that NO ONE can kill this movement or this site, not even me. Hence, I will be looking to build a stronger network of Pro-Palin blogs and re-networking with some of the connections that I have not been able to keep up during the recent frenzy. I will probably also be looking to add new bloggers the team here at

If we take these steps, we should be able to set up a sustainable movement that, God willing, will help propel Sarah to the Presidency in four years.

God bless America.


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