Thursday, December 04, 2008

Benedict XVI the Chief Enabler of Pedophile Priests

There are still American victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who are coming forward but the Bishop clones appointed by John Paul II spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to suppress their cases in courts.

Benedict XVI is the foremost Enabler of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army but sadly there are very few Catholics who have the courage to say this fact of history.


1.Richard Orareo Says:
November 30, 2008 at 11:50 pm

Amazing as it may seem, Pope Benedict, as the Vatican Secretary of State, affirmed into Canon Law the regulation that say when a priest is accused of criminal solicitation, the documents must be sealed in a secret file and the priest re-assigned to a different location. All of the Bishops of the world were informed of this directive; the secrets were kept and the offending priests were sent to different schools and churches where they re-offended by sexually molesting other boys and girls.

that canon law is presently in effect. You can find it in the section: Criminalis Solicitiationis. It has been translated from the Latin into English.
So, the Pope, the Bishops, and the offending priests are all guilty. The priests who were aware or were suspicious of the offending priests are complicit in these crimes. What about the lawyers, the insurance executives, the police and district attorneys? Are they also complicit? What of the parents who didn’t believe the children? What of the people who remain in the pews and contribute to the church; are they abetting criminal behaviour? You may ask “Where does it end?”

“When will it end?” Let your conscience be your guide.

2.Michael Skiendzielewski Says:
December 1, 2008 at 1:59 am

Time after time, story after story, I am reminded of the image of Pontius Pilate, a feckless leader who washed his hands of all responsibility at the time of Our Lord’s Passion. Sadly and ironically, this tragedy is played out over and over again by our Catholic Church leaders throughout the United States as they “wash their hands” of responsibility and accountability in the devastation and destruction that clergy sexual abuse has wrought on every single Catholic child, young adult, parochial school child and Catholic high school student over these many, many years.

Withholding church contributions on select dates is a fine idea to send a message. I think an equally important one would be to send cards with the image of Pontius Pilate to those Church leaders who have clearly shown the kind of behaviour, decision-making and moral strength that was exhibited by the real Pontius Pilate in the Bible.

Better yet, maybe on a given date in the future, advocates for victims of clergy abuse nationwide can deliver “washing bowls” to Church leaders at the headquarters of dioceses and archdioceses throughout the country.

2 responses to

Church enablers

November 25, 2008

Re: “Archdiocese defends chaplain,” (News, Nov. 21).

I would challenge Colleen Dolan, communications director for the archdiocese of Chicago, to provide more specificity when she says, “accusations that Rev. Daniel Coughlin, the current chaplain to Congress, failed to report sex crimes are ‘reckless and irresponsible.’”

What is “reckless and irresponsible” is if Coughlin did not report to the police immediately any individuals he knew had sexually abused children.

The responsibility of the institutional Roman Catholic Church is, and always has been, to protect the most vulnerable among us. How difficult can this possibly be to understand? These are horrific accusations that should to be investigated with a fine tooth comb so that the truth comes out.

When the Grand Jury Report on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was published in the fall of 2005, there was a name for individuals who did not do what they were morally and legally bound to do instead of waiting for criminal and civil statutes of limitation to expire.

They were called enablers. Unfortunately they were not jailed for their crimes against humanity.

–Sister Maureen Paul Turlish

Victims’ Advocate


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