Sunday, November 30, 2008

Benedict XVI's Church Age is dead

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei are concocting themselves as HOLY and PERFECT like John Paul II and God the Father - but actually they are all deceivers in the obsession of St. Josemaria Escriva for WORLD DOMINATION. So as they control justices with their judges and lawyers and politicians, they will try to crush and delete the memory of the 12,000 victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

But Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei’s Church Age is dead and it will be completely demised in the disappearance of the Vatican building by the Act of God…that is by NATURE…and not by mankind.

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei members are all CLONES of St. Josemaria Escriva and John Paul II...

Discernment: Is RCC Inc seriously disordered and full of BS from top to bottom? Yes. Response: leave and speak out about the disorder inherent down to its most fundamental roots at every opportunity.

November 26, 2008 at 2:24 pm
clevelandgirl Says:

I think frankly that the Holy Spirit is moving away from all the churches. The RCC is an easy target because of its age, its size and its readily discernable dysfunction but this problem of the Holy Spirit being kidnapped by the various leadership cliques within the many Christian congregations and groups is there for all to see, and see plainly. The Church Age is dead as one prominent American preacher has written in his books (Harold Camping). He is a strict fundamentalist and a strong believer in predestination but that is off the point. He has spent his long life in Christian theology and preaching and he believes all churches are now demonic, in the sense that they no longer serve God but serve themselves. I think we need to take a cue from him.

To state this simply, in this regard our fundamentalist brother is almost certainly spot on. The Church Age is dead. The Holy Spirit dwells in the desert among those who have been caste off by the churches as “too progressive” or “unruly” or simply “non theological”.

In my view, discernment is all about quietly, prayerfully determining the will of the Holy Spirit in the life of each and every Christian. Can any of the churches assist in that? I don’t think so. We are beyond that now.

The Church Age is dead.

Thomas Michael Barnes Says:
November 26, 2008 at 7:56 pm


What do ya mean “no longer serve God?”, I do think anything has changed in over 2,000 yrs. It has always been that way, and nothing will stop it, but the ALMIGHTY HIM/HER self.

As long as the same “school of thought” (theology of God) is taught nothing will change.

All of the Doctors of the church came up with a distorted truth about God and in seeking their perfection aka “holiness” continue to teach/preach “the followers” sheep & future clergy the distorted truth.

They have produced “clones” and these clones produce more “clones” and so on. (it’s global history).

How can anything change when clergy are taught that they are vicars of Christ, and believe that they are.

They are taught that they are suffering for mankind? so, if they are taught to believe that they are truly Vicars of Christ…who can tell them anything right? they are Christ and Christ is perfect right? well, this is what is taught and breeds future clones.

Man’s dignity is robbed from him because his uniqueness is constantly trying to bend to the distorted truth through the workings of the Iron Clad staff of the so-called sheppard.

and yet, the sheppards can preach and teach till the cows come home and never heed his won words.

all I know is that I have been tested and tested by them, and yet who tests them?
I am done with “their” church.

Thomas Michael Barnes Says:
November 26, 2008 at 7:56 pm


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