Sunday, August 02, 2009

Benedict XVI declares 'Year for Priests'

So Benedict XVI and those Latin Opus Dei priests wizards (worst black magicians - transforming the wafer into the REAL body and blood of GOD - than fictitious Harry Potter) have declared June 19, 2009 to June 19, 2010 as the year of priests. Of course, from the Inquisition brutal treatment of women, the Vatican continues to put women as lower-class citizens in the church. John Paul II Millstone shows the male clones of John Paul II with the only female Sr. Angelica of EWTN at her $50 Million dollars diamond studded chapel where priests hocus-pocus the wafer into the imaginary body and blood of Christ -- wow overpowering the 9-months pregnancy of Mary...... see Stella Maris no wonder those John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army succeeded in sexually abusing thousands of American altar boys because they have enchanted Catholic to believe that "priests are representatives of Christ -- yeah BALONEY representatives...liars and deceivers Opus Dei clones!


Year For Priests

From June 19 of this year to June 19, 2010, a worldwide celebration to mark a 'Year for Priests began with Pope Benedict XVI choosing to start the year on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a day of prayer for the sanctification of all priests. The pope also designated St. John Vianney as the universal patron of all priests on the 150th anniversary of the saint's death. What most stands out in the life of this saint, said Benedict XVI, "is his complete identification with his ministry. He used to say that a good pastor, a pastor after God's heart, is the greatest treasure the good Lord can give a parish". Most Catholics would absolutely agree with this and do support and respect their priests however there are some misgivings over the philosophical underpinning of the Year for Priests.

Special interest...

CIRCLES post 2144 - discussion on Year for Priests
Summary of the debate regarding women priests
Does a woman's vocation come less from God than a man's?

How do you know you are called.


The case is closed.

One reaction to the announcement has been a feeling of dismay at the insensitivity of the Vatican in ignoring the vocations of other orders in particular those of deacons and women. Would it not have been less offensive to dedicate a Year of Priests and Religious?

Whilst we are profoundly grateful for priest's wonderful gift of themselves to God and God's people perhaps we should ask for the Pope and our Bishops that in the light of what women have achieved in other fields, to look afresh at the question of whether women might be allowed to offer the same gift.

What qualities, virtues and aspirations are essential or desirable in a seminarian? The only question I have ever heard asked of a seminarian was 'Have you ever been in love?' He was told afterwards that he would not have been accepted if he had said 'No'.

The Pope has said 'Motivating seminarians and priests to develop virtue, elevate the intellect and will in communion with Jesus, and participate in his mission is essential in the life of the Church and requires faith-filled human formation.' Does the Pope truly believe that these characteristics are purely male and necessarily exclude women?

Women and men share a common humanity, are equally capable of being loving ministers of God's word - what is the logic of banning one sex completely from the priesthood.

We appeal to readers of this newsletter to seize the opportunity of this Year for Priests to make an effort of writing individually to Pope Benedict and to his/her own bishop and ask for the question of women's vocation to the diaconate or priesthood to be discussed with openness and directed by the Holy Spirit.

Leonie Russell Editor

Joanna Dixon Producer


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