Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"No mandate from the Times"... oh really, why don't you tell that to the Boston Globe who ousted Cardinal Bernard Law in Boston

Has anyone noticed lately that Catholic Culture and Phil Lawler have been picking on every post that the New York Times write and reveal about Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican and their roles in the cover up of pedophile priests? Below is their latest article. But what is striking this time is that Phil Lawler says:”no mandate from the Times”. “no” was not capitalized because perhaps he wants to make sure his readers do not miss it is the Times he is attacking, “Times” with a capital “. We disagree with Phil Lawler on this headline because the media has a mandate all the time. Secular media is written by the people for the people. Secular media’s souls cannot be bought by the Vatican Bank who owns the Swiss Banks in Switzerland. It is the secular media who had, who has and will always have the freedom to expose the hidden secret crimes of the powerful Popes and the Vatican so now the New York Times is taking on Benedict XVI and the Vatican – just like the Boston Globe took on Cardinal Bernard Law and send him into permanent exile.

This is a Vatican pathological lie that there is “no mandate from the New York Times” because there was a mandate for the Boston Globe in 2002 which run a series called “Spotlight Investigation Sexual Abuse Investigation in the Catholic Church”. We would like to remind Catholic Culture and Mr. Phil Lawler to go back to the beginnings of the eruption of priest pedophilia revealed first by the Boston Globe in 2002, in the United States, which to this day still outnumbers all other countries with the number of pedophiles rapists-priests and victims. John Paul II and his Cardinals, especially Cardinal Hoyos said this was “an American problem”. But Boston Globe persevered (even if Cardinals and Bishops and the Vatican mock them that they did not have any mandate as a newspaper.

Boston Globe was the only one who started and persevered among the media to expose Cardinal Bernard Law and the 80 pedophiles rapists-priests he transferred from one parish to another. A few months later he confessed and resigned-in-disgrace, the first (unfortunately only) Cardinal to resign for a crime. But of course his pal John Paul II, to mock us Bostonians, elevated Cardinal Bernard Law as Archpriest of the most prestigious “mother of all basilicas in Rome” the St. Mary Major. His criminal face graces the basilica’s website.

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 rapists-priests - John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Opus Dei (the Vatican Trinity: Opus Dei controlled the 26+ years papacy of JP2)

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no mandate from the Times

Catholic Culture

By Phil Lawler |
January 24, 2011


Last Friday, January 21, a New York Times editorial chastised the Vatican for failing to promote a worldwide policy that would require bishops to report any charges of sexual abuse by clergy to local law-enforcement officials.

That sounds like a good idea, and perhaps in countries like the US it is a good idea. But again, the Times was calling for a worldwide policy. Now suppose a bishop in, say, Pakistan hears a complaint about one of his priests. The priest may be guilty, in which case he should certainly be prosecuted. But he may also be innocent. We know that some Pakistani Muslims have exploited their country’s blasphemy laws to settle grudges against Christian neighbors, by bringing false complaints. Guilty or innocent, the accused Christians become the target of Islamic zealots; even if the courts absolve them of guilt, their lives will remain in danger. If bishops were obliged to report all abuse complaints, it’s easy to predict that militant anti-Catholics would begin lodging complaints, just to watch the system grind up the accused clerics.

Is this really so hard to understand? Bishops should report substantiated accusations to legitimate public authority, if and when they can expect justice from the legal system. But in today’s world, in which dozens of nations are controlled by anti-Christian governments, a universal policy would be foolish.

(By the way, the Times editorial bears the headline: “Missing Mandate from Rome.” That’s an improvement over an earlier posted version, with the headline: “Vatican still lacks a mandate.” That would be a surprise for faithful Catholics, who think that Matthew 16:18 will do nicely as a mandate for the Holy See, at least until the New York Times grants its editorial approval.)



Missing Mandate From Rome

The New York times

Published: January 19, 2011


The Vatican’s insistence that it never impeded criminal investigations of pedophile priests has been thrown into doubt by a 1997 letter from the pope’s representative in Dublin warning against a mandate by Irish church leaders for full cooperation with criminal authorities.

Throughout the mushrooming scandal, Rome officials have denied trying to foil secular law by allowing child-abuse allegations to be shrouded in halfhearted diocesan inquiries and cover-ups. But the newly discovered letter undermines those claims and reinforces evidence of foot dragging that still has not been adequately addressed by the Vatican.

The letter from the papal representative rejected a 1996 decision by Dublin church leaders to respond more candidly to the suppressed scandal in Ireland by ordering that child-abuse allegations be referred for criminal investigation. The “strictly confidential” letter from Rome — leaked this week amid continuing inquiries into the Irish scandal — emphasized the priority of in-house handling of pedophilia cases under church, not civil, law.

This was hardly the needed prescription for what an Irish government investigation eventually described as “endemic” abuse of thousands of children over decades by rogue priests who were routinely shielded from criminal penalties.

It was disclosed recently, for example, that Tony Walsh, a notorious abuser of children who was convicted and defrocked in a secret church court in Dublin in 1993, got his collar back a year later when a Vatican court believed his appeal and reinstated him as a priest. He was eventually imprisoned after raping and molesting scores of youngsters.

Rome officials insist that the letter from Rome is outdated, misinterpreted and superseded by tougher church rules. Unfortunately, the latest policies of the Vatican do not mandate the zero-tolerance reforms that ranking officials in the United States and elsewhere were forced to proclaim as the scandal demoralized church faithful worldwide.

It is commendable that Pope Benedict XVI has been apologizing and promising a firmer hand. But current Vatican policy, updated last year, offers merely a nonbinding advisory — not a firm mandate — that diocesan officials should report crimes to police.

This is cold comfort to worried Catholic parents or anyone else relying on the rule of law.


Boston Globe

July 18, 2002

(This was published one week in the Boston Globe before John Paul II arrived in Toronto for his last World Youth Day and where Paris Arrow saw her vision of St. Michael the Archangel tie the giant millstone to John Paul II neck after his last speech to the youth on July 28, before he went straight to Guadalupe Mexico for the last time. See


With the grown-ups having botched things so thoroughly, kids wonder who is in charge. Their elders may recall Pope John Paul II as the robust figure he was for much of his papacy, but teenagers see the leader of their church as old, frail, and distant. And Cardinal Law, the voice of authority in the archdiocese for as long as they have been alive?

All this has made the job of Michael Mahan, director of youth ministry at St. Gerard's, a lot harder. Not since the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when President Clinton tried to parse his way out of trouble, has Mahan felt on such shaky ground when discussing sexual ethics with young people. The reaction by some, Mahan said, is: ''These guys made these rules, they broke them, so they can't be a big deal.''

The headlines spoke, as they so often have in the past seven months, of a crisis that has torn through the heart of the Catholic Church: the sexual abuse of children by priests. This time, though, the news was of bishops finally moving to safeguard the church's youngest members. We have learned our lessons, the bishops promised. In voting to remove alleged abusers from active ministry while allowing them to remain priests, we have gone as far as we can, the bishops insisted.

Ryan Masciarelli, 16, wasn't buying. He glanced over at the newspapers on sale in front of the church, then offered his view of the new guidelines without a trace of doubt or deference in his voice: ''If they have committed those crimes - and that's what they are - they should be stripped of the priesthood.''

The series

Priests have been charged, bishops pressured to resign. But the enduring impact of the clergy sex-abuse scandal may be in the pews, where many parishioners are demanding a fundamental power shift from church leaders to the laity. With the lay empowerment group Voice of the Faithful convening in Boston Saturday, the Globe visits one suburban parish, St. Gerard Majella in Canton, where the revolution is underway.

With the grown-ups having botched things so thoroughly, kids wonder who is in charge. Their elders may recall Pope John Paul II as the robust figure he was for much of his papacy, but teenagers see the leader of their church as old, frail, and distant. And Cardinal Law, the voice of authority in the archdiocese for as long as they have been alive?


The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is the largest church in Rome dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilica_di_Santa_Maria_Maggiore)

"Widely believed to be the most important church dedicated to
Mary in Western Christendom"--Santa Maria Maggiore.


The name of the church reflects two ideas of greatness ("major"), that of a major (or papal) basilica and that of the largest (major) church in Rome dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

After the Avignon papacy formally ended and the Papacy returned to Rome, the Basilica became a temporary Palace of the Popes due to the deteriorated state of the Lateran Palace. The papal residence was later moved to the Palace of the Vatican in what is now Vatican City.

Cardinals created by John Paul II http://www.gcatholic.com/dioceses/organizations/b04.htm


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