Monday, April 11, 2011

Opus Dei's USA mouthpiece Bill Donohue is paid $400,000 to belittle the New York Times and anyone against Opus Dei World Domination Agenda

This is what the trillion dollars Vatican Opus Dei Bank can buy -- lots of wasted millions of dollars to knock down anyone seeking justice in the Catholic Church because the Opus Dei goal is absolute control and absolute obedience from Catholics in the guise of "holiness". John L. Allen Jr is the highest paid journalist and his millions are safely stashed in the Vatican Swiss Banks in the Alps. Read our related articles below but here is the 26 million dollars Catholic League Opus Dei asset in the USA alone -- for Phil Donahue to rattle some condemnations -- to the New York Times and others every now and then.

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Holy Heist! John Paul II WYD had no role with Arab youths who liberated Egypt from Mubarak who stole then deposited billions into Vatican Swiss Banks


Why Donohue’s $400,000 salary is a public scandal

Posted on December 21st, 2010 by James

- Bill Donohue
- Catholic League
- finances
This week, Catholics United released some shocking information about the finances of the Catholic League (CL) and its president, Bill Donohue. Although the numbers speak for themselves, some may wonder why it’s important. Here’s the information that we released to the media:

$399,196 – Bill Donohue's total salary and benefits package in 2009.
$26,200,000 – The Catholic League's total cash and assets.
$943,516 – The amount of money the CL pocketed after expenses in 2009.
$1,350,000 - The amount of money the CL pocketed after expenses in 2008.
$203,727 – CL vice president Bernadette Brady's total salary and benefits package.
$335,914 – The annual rent on the CL’s Manhattan high-rise office.
$57,826 – The CL’s office supply expenses in 2009.

For anyone familiar with the non-profit sector, these numbers are astonishing. The Catholic League's "non-profit" work involves little more than sending out inflammatory press releases and conducting PR stunts in the name of defending Catholicism. And this is ironic because Bill Donohue's work "defending Catholicism" and his frequent appearances in the media make little mention of core principles of Catholic social teaching, such as solidarity and the preferential option for the poor.

Bill Donohue has literally gotten rich by cashing in on neglecting the poor.

One of the defining virtues of the Catholic faith is its strong emphasis on direct service. Catholics run food pantries, homeless shelters, medical clinics and orphanages across the country. We do so because we take Jesus Christ’s teaching to love our neighbor seriously. Because of this mission-focused work, Catholics know the value of a dollar and how to stretch it so that it has the biggest effect. And that’s why the finances of the Catholic League are so shocking. These numbers reveal that Donohue is a rich New Yorker who is out of touch with the reality of millions of his fellow Catholics who work and live with poverty.

Donohue doesn’t talk about the need for comprehensive immigration reform or the effects of poverty on families because it doesn’t make for good TV - and that's bad for business. This helps to illustrate why there is a crisis in American Catholicism. Young Catholics are abandoning their faith in droves because they are tired of people like Bill Donohue and his fabricated culture war. Young Catholics don’t want a faith defined by Bill Donohue’s divisive politics. Young Catholics want a faith that reminds us that life is about something greater than ourselves.


Bill Donohue The Overpaid Political Shill

Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Jane Yavis

Once I was able to realize the motives of Bill Donohue and identiry a political pattern that started late in the 1990's - my choice to read his poitically motivated feedbacks was to re-confirm my every fear. Mr. Donohue was the man what he referred to as the "Anti-Catholic" Media that was chosen to speak for the church,,,, and then I realized,,,, Yes Only an anti-catholic Media would choose him to speak for the church. I firmly believe the actions of Bill Donohue, his defense and friendships with the many "Evangelical" politicians who have converted (Deal Hudson for just one) and the way our Church is being dragged into Political Issues in the name of Religion will be the death of our church. Standing arm in arm with any politician, a single spot on a political stage can sell us doen the river forever.

On several occasions, I notified the Catholic League of outright anti-Catholicism,,,starting with the Don Imus mimick of our Cardinal,,,, then the mimick of our church and its teachings - (All was OK if it ended with an attack against either Hillary Clinton or Nanc Pelosi.

MY greatest and continuing outrage and something that EXPOSED the Catholic League for exactly what it is was the Outright Public Support of Rick Santorum and President Bush had when they fund-raised, ensorsed, supported and came to Philadelphia during the 2004 Republican Primary to stump for the LOOSING in the Polls CHOICE Specter, over the then WINNING in the Polls LIFE Toomey. There was not so much as a peep regarding that action from any member of the Catholic League,,,, or for that matter any Politically connected Church Spokesperson,,,,,, and that "Code of Silence" has never been broken. His feedbacks are political in nature, and the poor sick sould has devended Dr.Laura AND mel Gibson (at least three times for Mel)-- This is the best the Church has??

Bill Donohue represents everything the church does not stand for,,,, he is arrogant,,, a name caller,,, literally stalks those he feels is unworthy of Communion, Threatens Muslims, calls Nuns "Lady and dame", refers to a pedophile as a homosezual,,,,call for boycotts in order to have Customers greeted in a manner proper to an Angry Bully,,, AND actuall SOLD MOTHER TERESA "T" Shirts for a Protest Rally attended by Evangelical Politicians whil CATHOLICS were with the Biship praying.

On several occasions I ask out loud for the leaders of other evangelical denominations t o speak agains those claiming to represent their denomination..... WHere is the leadership of our Church. Donohue has accepted himself as the spokesperson for the Church and the Pope,,,, and no one seems to have the courage to say it isn't so.


The Spinmeister

National Survivor Advocates Coalition

By Vinnie Nauheimer

One of the sad truths that history teaches us is that hand in hand with a great evil comes the great spinmeister. Whether the Minister of Propaganda is drawn into the vortex of evil or is intrinsically evil himself can be debated like the chicken and the egg. The answer is irrelevant, but the fact that they feed the evil and are responsible for the perpetuation of evil will always be relevant.

The twentieth century has given us two extraordinary spinmeisters: Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, and Squealer the Pig in George Orwell’s Classic book “Animal Farm.” The first part of the twenty-first century has given us, in my opinion, another: William Donohue, the president of the Catholic League.

Mr. Donohue recently published a brilliant PR piece in the form of a paid advertisement in the NY Times. This is right out of Goebbels’ playbook, “Goebbels’ Principles of Propaganda” Number 6: “To be perceived, propaganda must evoke the interest of an audience and must be transmitted through an attention-getting communications medium.” thus the paid advertisement in the NY Times. Subterfuge, distortions, omissions and denial were intricately woven to portray the church as the object victim in what is now considered the Global Clergy Abuse Scandal. Such a fine piece of work cannot and should not go unnoticed. Mr. Donohue is indeed a master manipulator of language.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, knew the importance of a scapegoat. Hitler is reported to have said of Goebbels that his success was due to both his mastery of language and intellect. Mr. Donohue has both these qualities as does Squealer in Animal Farm. Goebbels chose for his scapegoat the Jews and subsequently through the force of language and sheer intellect, led an entire nation to believe that the source of their problems were the Jews. Although Donohue mentions the clergy abuse problem among Rabbis, he was careful not to go too far for fear of being branded anti-Semitic.

Goebblel’s eighteenth dictum in his principles of propaganda is as follows: “Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.” The scapegoat selected by Donohue is none other than the pariah of the Catholic Church, Homosexuals! Notice how the clever Donohue never uses the words homosexual priests together in the entire length of his essay! (see dictum 18 above) Notice how deftly Donohue omits the preposterous presumption that there would ever be homosexual priests in an organization that considers homosexual acts to be depraved. ( 0407sbs.asp ) Blame without an in depth examination is the trademark of a great spin doctor. Throw it out, let it stick to the wall and then move on. Donohue defines the clergy abuse scandal as a homosexual problem. The beauty of ignoring the relevance of homosexual priests is that it avoids embarrassing questions such as: Why does a church so profoundly anti-gay ordain so many gay priests?, Why upon discovering the homosexual acts with minors, did it actively protect these priests and what do theses actions say about the sexuality of the hierarchy? Donohue believes he has found his true calling. He is single handedly shielding his church from the homosexual horde that seeks to undermine his church and those that promote them.

Consider the outlandish proposition that the victims are not children! In this case Mr. Donohue makes a blanket statement that would make both Goebbels and Squealer turn green with envy. “let’s get it straight—they weren’t children and they weren’t raped” This statement is made with authority. It is confusing and meant to confuse, which was the hallmark of Squealer. The spinmeister speaks as if he is the first and last word on what constitutes a child; speaking from authority is a benchmark of a great spin doctor. Without saying what they were, he implies that the abused weren’t children. Notice how the propaganda leaves out ages. The readers say to themselves well if they weren’t children, they must have been older. Does older mean its okay? Does it make a difference if a child was ten, thirteen or fifteen when they were assaulted by their priest? Though the former may be termed a child and the latter an adolescent among those who utilize psychobabble (Spinmeisters) to make the act more palatable to their audience, does the rape, sodomization or molestation make the crime any less heinous? A good propagandist knows it does and employs the tactic every chance they get.

Goebbels seventh law part d.: states that the propaganda must be boomerang proof. Donohue does a masterful job of omitting young girls from the equation by insisting the clergy abuse scandal is all about homosexuality. By minimizing the number and nature of crimes against female minors he makes his argument about homosexuals boomerang proof. Quoting numbers such as over 80% of the abuse cases were of a homosexual nature he sets the parameters of clergy abuse. Once this is ingrained in the readers head, they will completely ignore the fact that the Vatican itself states that worldwide 30% of the cases of sexual abuse by priests is of a heterosexual nature and 10% is other. Donohue skips by this so fast that one never has the time to ponder either what the 10% other is or the fact that thirty percent plus ten percent equals forty percent so it is mathematically impossible to have over 80% of the sexual abuse be of a homosexual nature. Like Squealer and Goebbels, he knows that if he is ever called on it in the future, he can say he included the numbers, but in true fashion, he expects no one to call him on his numbers and if somebody did, he would dismiss them with the wave of a hand.

Who could possibly deny the brilliance of framing his argument as a dalliance among priests? A mere touch, a palpable touch nevertheless. “Minimization of the act” is the operative mandate. The acts of raping, sodomizing and molesting minors are considered felony crimes in most countries, Donohue never goes there. He avoids the criminal aspect like the plague for it would not do well to have anyone associate the Catholic Church with criminal activity or see the words criminal priest in a sentence. Like Squealer, Donohue utilizes his command of language to justify the unjustifiable acts of priests who abused children and the hierarchy who covered up these acts. He has the traits of a lap dog and a pit bull: blind allegiance to his church and the tenacity to never let go. Bringing in teachers and other organizations says to the public: yes, we have a few problems, but there are other groups such as the schools, other religions, etc that have problems too. “Its not only our problem” is another minimization tactic that is hard to rebuff. To his credit, Donohue cleverly avoids the global scale of Roman Catholic Clergy Abuse because it serves no purpose to let people know that there are credibly abused priests in over thirty countries around the world. Schools aren’t global and don’t move priests, bishops and cardinals around the world at will so Donohue localizes the issue to minimize it.

One cannot overrate the need for minimization of clergy abuse. A church that professes to be the one true church, whose priests are chosen by God, whose pope is the spiritual descendant of Christ and whose stated mission is to speak for the poor and vulnerable simply cannot either be associated with or guilty of sexual abuse. Donohue knows this and it is in this framework he tirelessly expends his energy.

In the neighborhood where I grew up, we had an expression when someone was trying to con us. It was, “Stop pulling my chain!” In the spirit of that expression, I nominate William Donohue for the “Pull It Sir Award.” for his first rate propaganda. This BOOH is for you!


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