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Commentary on John L. Allen Jr 'Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis' in All Things Catholic

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said that he now sleeps better at night knowing that the most notorious Irish pedophile priest Tony Walsh is in prison “and not walking the streets of Dublin”. Tony Walsh was caught and jailed and thus is no longer free to walk in the streets of Dublin and sodomize more boys. But John Paul II and Cardinal Ratizinger and the Opus Dei slept in peace at night at the Vatican palaces during the 26+ years papacy of John Paul II while hundreds of thousands of little boys across the United States of America, Ireland, Germany, across Europe and around the world were successively raped by the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions by thousands of pedophile priests hence are aptly called the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. John L. Allen Jr the premier Vaticanista also slept in peace in Rome as he wrote his weekly column called “The Word from Rome” as he walked in and out freely and with unlimited pass into the Papal apartments and the Vatican offices but Tom Doyle could not even get in, not once, and those victims of pedophile priests from around the world who gathered to make their voices heard (who are asking the United Nations to call pedophilia as « crime against humanity”) were sent away from St. Peter’s Square by Italian Police and Benedict XVI refused to meet with them for one minute but Benedict XVI gave a standing ovation to topless acrobat men inside the Vatican Christmas papal show. See and John Paul II protected two of the most notorious pedophile priests and watch video

Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston also could sleep in peace in Boston as he transferred more than 80 pedophile priests from one parish to another where they sodomize more little boys. He was the first Cardinal to resign in disgrace but John Paul II elevated him quickly into grace as Archpriest of the prestigious ‘mother of all basilicas in Rome’ the St. Mary Magiorre. And both Cardinal Bernard Law and John Paul II continued to sleep in peace in Rome. Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles also continue to sleep in peace even until now while his 600 pedophile priests (he paid $660 million to cover-them up) are free to roam the streets of Los Angeles and sodomize and rape more boys.

John L. Allen Jr in his most recent article December 24 in All Things Catholic entitled “Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis” shows how he can play around with words and make all Catholics “feel good” about Benedict XVI and the “abuse” (very general vague term, he never use the word pedophile priest. We analyse here from what Abuse Tracker has posted today).

In the title John Allen cunningly and finally "unite in peace" Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle. Benedict XVI never granted an audience to Tom Doyle during his 20 years reign as Head of the CDF under John Paul II. Tom Doyle has blamed Cardinal Ratzinger now Benedict for the massive complicity and cover-up of thousands of pedophile priests' sexual abuse in Crimen Sollicitationis videos. Tom Doyle could not get in even once inside the Vatican, he was never heard when he wanted to present his scholarly research of the pedophile priests in New Orleans in 1985 to John Paul II and he was fired from his job as Chaplain of the US Navy in Washington for that research and his prediction that it will cost the USA Catholic Church millions of dollars. The US Catholic Bishops and Cardinals thought they were invincible and it was all a media ploy and Catholic persecution of some sort and John Paul II never acknowledged this "crisis" until his death in 2005. See Tom Doyle interviews on video

So John L. Allen is now trying to rewrite history from 1985 to 2010 here and make Benedict XVI like a good guy side-by-side Tom Doyle.

The title of John L. Allen Jr in his article "Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis" is a classical Pied Piper deceiving trick of John Allen when he calls it "crisis" in the most vague and general term and (nice Chinese word for crisis).

Crisis of what? food crisis, water crisis, climate change crisis, crisis in Iraq, health crisis? The main mission of John L. Allen Jr as the highest paid journalist by the trillion dollar Vatican Bank is to "sweeten" the history and make Catholics and the world "feel good" about the papacy especially Benedict XVI and John Paul Ii so that these two will be worshipped as giant popes of the 20th and 21st century.

We highlight the first three paragraphs that Abuse Tracker has published because we no longer read John Allen's articles as they are total tricky lies coming out of the Devil's bowels. The highlighted words are the deceitful words of John Allen to misguide Catholics and the world at large. We put our comments in parenthesis.

Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis
National Catholic Reporter
by John L Allen Jr on Dec. 24, 2010 All Things Catholic

By any objective standard (John Allen Jr waste no time declaring that his column is " objective" and is with “standard" deceives readers right away that he himself and his articles are "objective and he has “standards”), the sexual abuse crisis would have to rank as the top Vatican story of 2010 (John Allen is trying to make up for his "Biggest top 10 stories of the decade of last year when he compared the sexual abuse to worst fashion). Though the crisis has been around for a long time (how sweet and mild "for a long time"), this was the year in which critical attention came to rest squarely on Rome ("rest squarely" is sweet and mild, and on Rome is too general in spite that he mentions Benedict later on), including the personal track record of Pope Benedict XVI.

As fate would have it (typical Vatican media-spin by using the word "fate" like fate in romance, as in ‘fate brought us together and so we got married. What John L. Allen Jr is not saying is that it is no mere fate that Tom Doyle never got his foot into the door into the Vatican, he was knowingly and intentionally refused by John Paul II and Cardinal Ratazinger and the Opus Dei who controlled the 26 years papacy of John Paul II. So it is not mere sweet fate while he had unlimited access, as he said it in his own words see links below), two different assessments washed across the radar screen this week (across the radar is gentle and mild common jargon to soften the most heinous crime against children in Christendom), both from people whom any court would sanction as “expert witnesses.” The contrast suggests that while everyone can agree (John Allen is steering the Catholics and the world and the victims are finally agreeing, so never mind the financial compensations and the Catholic Registry that victims are asking the Pope and the Vatican, it is now all a nice big family party) the crisis has been devastating, the questions of what caused it, and what to do about it, remain far from settled (again very ambiguous terminologies of "questions" and "what to do about it" as if we are talking about an elementary science project).

One of those assessments came from the pope himself, in the form of his annual year-end address to the Roman Curia (John L. Allen was not even present in Rome for this. He no longer need to be in Rome to cover the Pope as he bragged in his speech at the Catholic University in Washington DC in 1994, see our articles links below. Today John L Allen lives in New York in his multi million dollar apartment where he can control the American media and make more millions as he travels giving speeches around the USA brainwashing and controlling Catholics minds about the propagandas and pathological lies of the Vatican. Today Rome simply calls or email him on what to write about and he knows how to trick and media spin) . The other is from a priest today seen as perhaps the church’s most determined in-house critic on the crisis (most-determined does not justly describe Tom Doyle): Dominican Fr. Thomas Doyle, who has decades of experience in documenting priestly abuse (priestly abuse of what, food, wine, alcohol?), working with victims, and consulting with plaintiffs’ attorneys (what kind of plaintiff, financial plaintiffs of Conrad Black see links below).

John L. Allen Jr. is the most cunning deceiver that Catholics and journalism has seen on earth. John L. Allen Jr endless Vatican media-spin can only come from the gutters of Hell. The Devil's bowels smell like roses in John L. Allen Jr writings in All Things Catholic as he glorifies Benedict XVI and prepares for the beatification and sainthood of John Paul II.

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Premier Vaticanista John L. Allen Jr describes his unlimited access into the Vatican and Papal apartments

Benedict XVI and the Vatican are the worst pathological liars on earth. Benedict XVI is the mythomaniac of the 21st century!!!

Benedict XVI is a pathological liar to claim Latin as the Holy See's "official language" because he does not speak Latin

Note that John L Allen Jr wrote the "official" biography of the Opus Dei because he alone was granted unlimited access to this most secretive society and controller of the Vatican Bank

John L. Allen Jr the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

John L Allen Jr. cements Benedict’s pathological lies

Why does Benedict XVI not call it RAPE for “child sexual ‘abuse’”

Conrad Black and Benedict XVI are of the same feather. Conrad Black speaks for and glorifies up Benedict XVI’s papacy

Reasons why Opus Dei covered-up the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for decades: Words of Opus Dei Joaquin Navarro-Valls
Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II,
Benedict XVI & Opus Dei (Vatican Trinity)

Opus Dei's same old tricks in Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, new Archbishop of Los Angeles: ODAN

Deceptions in Opus Dei

Dear Friends of ODAN,

On April 9, 2010, the Catholic News Service announced the appointment of Opus Dei member Archbishop Jose H. Gomez to be the coadjutor archbishop of Los Angeles, one of the largest Catholic dioceses in the world. In this CNS story it stated, “Archbishop Gomez is one of 24 Opus Dei Bishops around the world, although like any priest, once a member becomes a bishop, he answers directly to the pope and no longer to his bishop or religious superior.”[1]

The important question being asked is how much influence will Opus Dei have with Gomez in this powerful position? “Will he be accountable to Los Angeles first and to Opus Dei second?” Archbishop Gomez says he is no longer a member of Opus Dei but are his loyalties going to cease to an organization that he has been associated with since his college days? “Anyone who has read the governing documents or is familiar with Opus Dei, knows that his loyalties are going to be with Opus Dei. He will be required to have a spiritual director, who is going to be a member of Opus Dei, and he will have an obligation of obedience to his spiritual director, with all of the fine shades of meaning that would accompany his official statements about his loyalty.[2]

ODAN was the first to post the Opus Dei Constitution and its Statutes to its website in English. Without these translations, who would know many of the inconsistencies that exist between what Opus Dei says is its Church-approved mode of operation and what it actually does in practice? When ODAN released those secret documents to the public, it forced Opus Dei to reveal more of itself than it had ever done before. For years, the Opus Dei Constitution/Statutes were only written in Church Latin, a hard translation to accomplish.

Recently a former member of Opus Dei told of how the Constitutions of Opus Dei (10 S1) say the priests will not accept stipends for saying Mass, but when the former member’s mother, some years ago, offered a priest of the Work a stipend to say a Mass for the Dead, he said the price had gone up. It leads to having secret documents that tell the Church their priesthood is doing something more noble than is required of priests, but then it is not lived in practice.

Another important and troubling discrepancy is Opus Dei’s “contract” or ‘agreement’ pertaining to its membership. What is the nature of membership in Opus Dei? Why is it not defined? It seems as if the cart came before the horse. Dennis Dubro, former numerary member of Opus Dei, writes:

The same old tricks

Opus Dei continues to put forward its same old message of being fully approved by the Church without any secrecy. In the leaked 1982 Statutes on ODAN's website the closing paragraphs say that "All of the members are bound by the same obligations and conserve the same rights which they had in the preceding juridical government (secret 1950 Constitutions), unless the prescriptions of this Code expressly establish something else." That says quite explicitly that the 1950 Constitutions remain in effect except for the changes approved in the 1982 Statutes. Members continually try to deny this, saying the Statutes replace the Constitutions. This is not even logical since Constitutions establish the basic operating rules for an organization and then Statutes are the laws that are made, based upon those Constitutions. The Constitutions of Opus Dei explicitly foresee and make way for any future Statutes that may be approved in Paragraph 89.

In John Allen's book on Opus Dei (Opus Dei: An Objective Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church), John asked Opus Dei why the governing documents were kept secret. The answer, quoting his book on Page 153, is "The deeper logic, according to Opus Dei insiders, is that some essential terminological questions have not yet been settled in canon law. For example, is the relation between a member and Opus Dei best described in terms of a 'contract' or an 'agreement'? ... and many canonists feel it's inappropriate for describing the nature of a bond in the Church". This raises a clear question how the Vatican can have approved an organization when such critical things as membership are not acceptably defined in the Law of the Church?

Anyone familiar with the operation of Opus Dei knows that Opus Dei says everyone is free to leave at any time. Yet Paragraphs 102 and 103 of the Constitutions say that anyone who leaves his assigned Center can be declared a fugitive and an apostate. Why would anyone incur such penalties if they were truly free to leave?

If you have donated to ODAN in the past and continue to do so, thank you for your years of support. If you have donated in the past, but not recently, please consider supporting ODAN again this year. If you have never donated to ODAN before, please consider a donation this year. ODAN runs solely on your generosity. Since the economic crisis, ODAN, like all non-profits, has experienced a downturn in our donations. This year your donation is critically important to continue our important work. There is no other source in the United States where a person can find factual, truthful commentary about Opus Dei’s questionable practices.

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Sincerely yours,

Dianne R. DiNicola

Executive Director

[1] Catholic News Service,`.htm Apr-9-2010
[2] Dennis Dubro, former numerary Opus Dei member Dec-10-2010

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Opus Dei Bishop Appointed Head of Los Angeles Diocese

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez was announced coadjutor and future archbishop of the Los Angeles diocese on April 6, 2010. Ordained as an Opus Dei priest in 1978, Gomez is the first Latino archbishop in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles diocese is the largest diocese in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Gomez will succeed Cardinal Roger M. Mahony in February 2011 when Manony turns 75, the age when bishops must submit their resignation to the Pope.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1951, Gomez joined Opus Dei when in college. He has degrees in business and philosophy from the National University of New Mexico (1975) and a doctorate in theology from the Opus Dei-run University of Navarre. Previous to his appointment in Los Angeles, Gomez was archbishop in San Antonio, Texas since 2005. Gomez became a US citizen in 1995.

News reports predict that it is likely Gomez will be appointed a cardinal in the years ahead. In an article written by John Allen Jr., Gomez is quoted as saying that "he is not a "member" of Opus Dei, but rather that he was ordained a priest in Opus Dei and that his spirituality reflects that background. If he's a "member" of anything now, he says, it's the diocese he leads."

For more information:

"Four Points to Make about Gomez and LA" by John Allen Jr., April 9, 2010
Catholic News Service,`.htm Apr-9-2010

Testimonies about Opus Dei:

"Opus Dei Recruits Minors and Deceives Church Officials"
"Opus Dei Superiors Lied to Church Officials"
"Government, Direction and Control in Opus Dei"
"Fathers, don't let your sons grow up to be Opus Dei recruits"
Included with these testimonies are the guidelines issued by the now deceased Cardinal

Basil Hume in 1981 in England (Cardinal Hume Guidelines) directing Opus Dei to comply
with a number of criteria, including not allowing minors to make any commitments to
Opus Dei; requiring that minors discuss the matter with their parents or guardians before making any commitments; allowing Opus Dei members to choose their own spiritual directors (in Opus Dei or not) and enter or leave the organization without undue pressure.

The testimonies show clearly that Opus Dei before, during and after that time period, has clearly violated all those guidelines while making false statements to church officials. While several of the authors have chosen to remain anonymous for various reasons, including fear of repercussions from Opus Dei, ODAN has verified that they are true accounts written by sincere individuals who contacted ODAN with the desire that their stories be known. It is ODAN's hope that by posting this information for public perusal it will lead to a change in Opus Dei's
deceptive and unethical practices.

The testimonies can be found under Testimonies and Other Writings.

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Benedict XVI & Opus Dei media maul Jon Sobrino

Benedict XVI & Opus Dei-owned media maul Jesuit Jon Sobrino

Benedict XVI and his Opus Dei entourage are in Lourdes mocking Our Lady of Lourdes and overpowering her 9-months pregnancy by cloning the flour-into-flesh-of-Christ.

The media - especially in wealthy nations as the USA - is owned and controlled by the Opus Dei as we have been expounding in detail in the John Paul II Millstone and in this Benedict XVI- God’s Rottweiler weblog.

The US media treated Benedict XVI like King Herod when he visited Washington and New York and made it appear that his few words of “apology” has wiped out his 26 years cover-up of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Osama ben Laden led the 9-11 WTC attacks from the caves far in Afghanistan while the Vatican Trinity, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei led the priest-pedophilia-phenomenon from their Vatican Palace.
Osama ben Laden’s crime was evident with bloodshed and apparent death of 5,000 victims while the Vatican Trinity’s crime was hidden in the “death of souls” of more than 12,000 American little altar boys and girls. The victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army are more than double those of Osama ben Laden’s army (see

Opus Dei media universities worldwide

The Holy Cross Pontifical University in Rome and many Opus Dei universities like the John Paul II the Great University in San Diego are all communications universities which have prepared (and will continue to train) battalions of professional journalists who are now writers for Associated Press and Reuters (also owned by Opus Dei). These professional journalists carry out the Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION Agenda!


Opus Dei Washington elite Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a Catholic and is a member of the Catholic elite in Washington controlled by the Opus Dei Father John McCloskey whom we expose in detail here

Opus Dei owned media pack of wolves

The Opus Dei modus operandi was to silence with the Jesuit Jon Sobrino and fire the prophet Father Tom Doyle who predicted it would cost the Catholic Church hundreds of millions of dollars in court settlements to the victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

Opus Dei want to have WORLD DOMINATION and they will destroy their critics like a pack of raging wolves like this cartoon illustrates.

The Jesuit Jon Sorbino has worked all his life for the poorest in El Salvador but he was silenced by Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei because he criticised Pope John Paul II's visit to El Salvador. Opus Dei wolves devour their enemies - very subtly - like what they did to the humble Jon Sobrino of the Crucified People of El Salvador.

Let us always remember:

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + Opus Dei (the new Vatican Trinity, Roman Catholic Trinity!)

There are hundreds of thousands of victims… of tens of thousands pedophile priests unaccounted for because the Opus Dei will continue to suppress

Benedict XVI and the Bible, the Immoral Bible

A new CD of Benedict XVI and A-list of Hollywood reading the entire Bible is being marketed this Christmas. This was how it was recorded last year in Italy. But the Bible contains many immoralities in today's standards and they would be outlawed and ruled out completely by the United Nations Charter of Rights. There are two books, one in French, La Bible Immorale that list and explain every single immorality contained in the Old and New Testaments, and the Sins of Scriptures, see below.

Benedict XVI (with his GAY effeminate voice) will read and lead the Bible marathon on Italian Television (as advent to the Opus Dei-owned Vatican Television). Benedict XVI the faultiest « Conscience of our Age » will lead the reading of the Bible followed by Opus Dei handpicked elite famous people. What a group of out-of-touch elite.

Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei “silenced” the Jesuit missionary Jon Sobrino who has given his entire life working with the poorest people on earth – while Benedict XVI and Opus Dei eunuchs live in luxury.

Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei condemn Liberation Theology and forbid Jon Sobrino to preach, teach and publish in all Catholic venues. Why? Because the Jesuits are smarter theologians than the Opus Dei who only know how to parrot in Latin and make clanging cymbals empty theological books like the ones they wrote for John Paul II. That is why Benedict XVI is in a hurry to canonize John Paul II so they can say: “Do this… because John Paul II said it so.” But John Paul II is not the Word of God in fact he is the worst pope in history because he is the greatest LIAR who covered-up the priest-pedophilia under his 26 years papacy.

Now Benedict XVI and Opus Dei elite will read the Bible, the Book of Criminals but the greatest criminal is not King David or King Herod but John Paul II who led his John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army to sodomized more than 12,000 American boys and not counting the tens of thousands worldwide.

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei’s voices will be heard on Italian Television but not the humble voice of Jon Sobrino and Jesuit Liberation Theologians. Woe to the Vatican Palace that shall sink into the depths of the earth like the Temple of Solomon with all its treasures disappearing like smoke for what they have done to Jon Sobrino and the Jesuit missionaries among the poorest of Christ.

Benedict XVI used his Opus Dei Bishops and Cardinals to silence Jon Sobrino and the Jesuit Liberation Theologians in South America.

Benedict XVI and Opus Dei attack Jesuit Jon Sobrino

John Paul II the Pope of Pedophilia (by Danish cartoonist of Mohammed)

"I am against Homosexuality, but for Pedophilia"

The Bible is the foundation and source of “infallible” Papal power. To be more truthful, Benedict XVI is the “Father of Lies” and the Opus Dei are the “Fathers of Lies” because they covered-up the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for over 26 years. Those 12,000 plus American boys (and girls) sodomized by pedophile-priests meant NOTHING to the WORLD DOMINATION Agenda of St. Josemaria Escriva and John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the new Vatican Trinity.


Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + Opus Dei (the new Roman Catholic Trinity! the Vatican Trinity)

It would be more helpful if Catholics read this book, Sins of Scripture, by John Shelby Spong and meditate on its truths – instead of those papal books written by John Paul II who is deep in the fires of Hell for the “living Hell” he caused to the tens of thousands of altar boys and young children sodomized under his papacy.

Sins of Scripture reveal the sins of the Bible which is the most violent book that has caused the most death, violence, injustice to women and wars as compared to other religions.

The Sins of Scripture

Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love -- Search inside book

Search inside this book

Pope to lead marathon Bible reading on Italian TV

Oct 2 01:13 PM US/Eastern

Pope Benedict XVI will kick off a week-long reading of the Bible on Italian television starting Sunday, with readers to include three former presidents and Oscar-winning actor Roberto Benigni. Some 2,000 people will take turns reading the Bible's 73 books, from the Old Testament's Genesis to the New Testament's Book of Revelations, at Rome's Holy Cross in Jerusalem basilica. The pope will record the first reading at the Vatican. Senator for life Giulio Andreotti, former presidents Francesco Cossiga, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro and Carlo Azeglio Ciampi as well as several ministers in the centre-right government of Silvio Berlusconi including his top aide Gianni Letta will be among the readers. From the world of entertainment, Benigni ("Life Is Beautiful") will be joined by filmmaker Michele Placido and blind tenor Andrea Bocelli. A number of Muslims and Jews will also take part, but Rome's grand rabbi Riccardo Di Segni declined an invitation, telling Italian media the event seemed "too Catholic" for him though he had total respect for the initiative. Di Segni will however become the first Jewish holy man to take part in a bishops' synod to open Sunday at the Vatican. The Jewish holy book the Torah comprises the first five books of the Old Testament, while the New Testament is exclusive to Christianity. Muslims consider the Bible as a precursor to their holy book, the Koran. Copyright AFP 2008, AFP

Comment YO

Perhaps the pope should read Matthew chapters 23 and 24, after-all, it’s all about him and his corrupt church. Then he should read 2 Peter chapter 2. And he should stop allowing folks to call him holy father, as there is only One YHVH…read it for yourself, or be lead astray by the ways of man. The pope has dung on his face, and worships stone and wood idols in churches built by the hands of man; exactly what YHVH warns against. Woe to thee.


Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
Ivan Parent
Tribune libre de Vigile
mercredi 2 juin 2010 378 visites 8 messages

Caché sous la mitre pourpre d’un cardinal, Marc Ouellet de Québec, est allé récemment à Ottawa approuver notre hypocrite en chef Stephen Harper dans sa lutte intestine contre l’avortement. Bien sûr, il ne s’agit pas ici d’être pour ou contre l’avortement. Personne ne peut être pour, cela demeure toujours une dernière alternative à un problème de grossesse insoluble. Dans des cas extrêmes, ça demeure toujours la décision de la mère. Je qui m’a frappé et je ne suis pas le seul, comment peut-il parler de sexualité, n’en ayant, théoriquement, jamais expérimenter les joies et les peines. (du moins on le suppose) Par contre, le plus surprenant pour un représentant de l’Église catholique, c’est de mentionner qu’il faut conserver la vie. Cette Église, à ce sujet, a une histoire dont ces membres de la clergitude de toutes les couleurs devraient avoir honte et s’empresser de cacher.

J’ai reçu il y a quelques jours un courriel résumant quelques crimes religieux de celle qui prétend protéger la vie. Le voici :

Titre : Les mensonges de l’Église

Dans le débat sur le l’avortement et l’euthanasie, des théologiens et des évêques ont le culot de nous rappeler le respect de la vie dans les Saintes Écritures et dans l’histoire de l’Église. Or, rien de plus faux.

L’Ancien Testament méprise la vie. Tous les personnages bibliques se moquent du commandement "Tu ne tueras pas". Yahvé lui-même ne respecte pas la vie en noyant son humanité par le déluge. Moïse tue un garde égyptien, massacre des milliers d’Égyptiens avec les dix plaies d’Égypte, décapite 3 000 adorateurs du Veau d’or, enterre vivant Coré et ses 250 porteurs d’encens, brûle les deux fils d’Aaron, massacre les dix éclaireurs en Canaan, envoie contre son peuple une Plaie qui fait 14 700 victimes, envoie également les serpents du désert contre son peuple ce qui fait encore de nombreuses victimes, fait empaler les juifs qui ont eu commerce avec les prostituées de Madian, massacre les prostituées madianites et leurs petits garçons, sans compter que le grand prophète commet soixante génocides contre soixante villes cananéennes.

Josué commet pour sa part 31 génocides pour conquérir la terre de Canaan. La Bible précise que, à chaque ville, Josué ne laisse aucun survivant, même pas les enfants. David commet aussi un génocide contre les Amalécites qu’il massacre du soir au matin. Le grand prophète Élie égorge 450 prêtres de Baal et les Maccabés multiplient les massacres contre les Grecs.

Dans le Nouveau Testament, ce n’est pas plus rose. Hérode fait massacrer les enfants en bas de deux ans et fait décapiter Jean-Baptiste. Les juifs menacent à plusieurs reprises de lapider Jésus. Les Juifs et les Romains vont finalement réussir à le crucifier. Les Juifs sont prêts à lapider à mort la femme adultère. Saint Paul fait lapider à mort saint Étienne et Pierre assassine Ananie et Zaphyre. Jésus lui-même ne respecte pas la vie lorsqu’il dit que celui qui scandalise un enfant, on devrait lui mettre un meule au cou et le précipiter à la mer. Jésus est donc pour la peine de mort. Dans la parabole du festin, le maître jette à la géhenne celui qui ne porte pas la robe blanche. Dans la parabole des vignerons, on assiste à un massacre de serviteurs et à la vengeance du maître qui fait torturer les vignerons et les fait tuer. Où est le respect de la vie dans les Saintes Écritures ?

L’histoire de l’Église n’est qu’une longue suite de massacres. Pendant 2 000 ans, l’Église accuse les Juifs de déicide, ce qui est faux puisqu’il est impossible de tuer Dieu, mais cette accusation va multiplier les pogromes, les autodafés pour finalement être couronnée par la Shoa, crime commis par des nazis chrétiens, luthériens et catholiques. L’Église va multiplier les crimes : Pie XII ne condamne pas Hitler ce qui aurait épargné des milliers de vies, le Vatican organise une filière pour permettre à des criminels nazis de trouver refuge dans d’autres pays, et finalement Elle va attendre 20 ans après la guerre avant que Paul VI ne lève l’accusation de déicide.

Pendant vingt siècles, l’Église va justifier et même pratiquer l’esclavage qui a fait des millions de victimes.

Pendant 200 ans, les papes vont lever des croisades qui vont faire des milliers de victimes, hommes, femmes et enfants, non seulement des musulmans, mais aussi des chrétiens lors du sac de Constantinople en 1204.

Pendant 700 ans, l’Inquisition va faire des dizaines, peut-être des centaines de milliers de victimes, responsabilité directe de l’Église. Sous la direction surtout des Dominicains, on va torturer et brûler de soi-disant hérétiques.

Pendant un siècle, l’Église va faire des milliers de victimes avec sa chasse aux sorciers et aux sorcières. Là encore, on va torturer et brûler surtout des femmes pour des motifs futiles comme le soi-disant commerce avec le diable.

Pendant deux siècles, l’Église va attiser les guerres de religion entre catholiques et protestants qui vont faire des dizaines de milliers de victimes.

Pendant deux siècles également, l’Église va se faire complice du colonialisme des peuples chrétiens qui vont ravager la planète en commettant génocides et massacres.

Des millions de victimes !

Le pape Pie IX a osé appeler les chrétiens à son secours, armes au poing, lui, représentant d’une religion de paix.

L’Église a favorisé la peine de mort pendant vingt siècles. Elle vient juste de l’abolir en 2007.

Le pape Jean-Paul II a interdit le condom au risque de faire mourir des milliers de femmes et d’enfants, victimes du Sida.

Je m’arrête ici, la liste est trop longue, mais je pense que la démonstration est suffisante. Comment théologiens et évêques peuvent-ils mentir aussi effrontément en nous parlant du respect de la vie ?

PS : L’auteur, M. Normand Rousseau, a publié chez Louise Courteau éditrice, un ouvrage incroyable de recherches sur justement les crimes religieux de la Genèse à l’Évangile, « La Bible Immorale ». Je vous le conseille fortement. Enfin, quelqu’un a osé !

Ivan Parent

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Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
2 juin 2010

Monsieur Parent, je pourrais recommencer la liste interminable des crimes de l’humanité : Staline (30 millions de morts) ; Lénine, (on sait que ce sont des millions) ; les Goulags soviétiques, Hitler ( 6 à 8 millions dans les camps de concentrations que j’ai visités) ; le génocide du Cambodge ; le Rwuanda ; les deux guerres mondiales ; les 65 millions d’enfants qu’on tue chaque année, avant de naître, etc...Que de violence ! Et on n’est pas dans la Bible. On est collé sur le moderne et le contemporain.

La loi de Moïse est là, cela ne veut pas dire que tout le monde l’applique, même ceux qui disent qu’on devrait l’appliquer, ne l’appliquent pas toujours. Je présume, vous, que vous l’appliquez toujours, du matin au soir. Ce qui vous permet de condamner ceux qui ne l’appliquent pas. Pour ma part, j’essaie et je n’y arrive toujours pas de l’appliquer à 100 %. J’essaie de ne pas trop juger les personnes. Je me contente des faits, en n’oubliant jamais de les siturer dans leur contexte.

L’Ancien Testament propose une morale naturelle. Le peuple ne suit pas toujours. C’est ainsi qu’il faut lire l’histoire du peuple hébreu. Le Christ est venu proposé la loi d’amour, sans abolir la première. Il dit qu’il fallait essayer d’être parfait comme le Père céleste est parfait. Certains y arrivent plus que d’autres. Moi, j’essaie et je suis loin d’y arriver. Ce qui ne m’empêche pas de voir tout le mal qui est dans le monde et de me poser LA question de son origine. J’ai donné, en philosophie, à MATANE, un cours de 45 heures sur l’orgine du mal, et cela, pendant plusieurs années. La classe débordait. J’étais obligé de refuser des étudiants. Pourtant, jamais une époque a autant nié le mal que la nôtre.

On s’excuse de nos frasques collectives et personnelles en se projetant dans le passé, en affirmant qu’ils ont fait bien pire que nous, ce qui permet de nous excuser en grande partie du mal que l’on fait dans l’insousiance.

La Bible n’est pas un livre immoral. Il raconte le mal de l’homme, dans un peuple, et propose une voie de salut. Certains la rejette. C’est leur plus stricte liberté. On ne peut forcer personne à passer dans le camp de l’amour.

Et à pardonner. Malgré les bêtises de certains membres du christianisme, je continue à croire que cette voie est hautement supérieure à toutes les autres. Je ne condamne pas les personnes qui optent pour autre chose. Je n’osrais pas. Mais, après des années d’étude, j’ai fait le choix de l’amour et du pardon. C’est difficile à vivre et ça permet de planter sa tente dans une terre d’humilité.

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
2 juin 2010, par Grand-papa

Les fruits de l’arbre de la science du paradis terrestre :

« Jéhovah, qui, de tous les dieux qui ont jamais été adorés par les hommes, est certainement le plus jaloux, le plus vaniteux, le plus féroce, le plus injuste, le plus sanguinaire, le plus despote et le plus ennemi de la dignité et de la liberté humaines, ayant créé Adam et Ève, par on ne sait quel caprice, sans doute pour tromper son ennui qui doit être terrible dans son éternellement égoïste solitude, ou pour se donner des esclaves nouveaux, avait mis généreusement à leur disposition toute la terre, avec tous les fruits et tous les animaux de la terre, et il n’avait posé à cette complète jouissance qu’une seule limite. Il leur avait expressément défendu de toucher aux fruits de l’arbre de la science. Il voulait donc que l’homme, privé de toute conscience de lui-même, restât une bête, toujours à quatre pattes devant le Dieu éternel, son Créateur et son Maître. Mais voici que vient Satan, l’éternel révolté, le premier libre penseur et l’émancipateur des mondes. Il fait honte à l’homme de son ignorance et de son obéissance bestiales ; il l’émancipe et imprime sur son front le sceau de la liberté et de l’humanité en le poussant à désobéir et à manger du fruit de la science. »

Mikhaïl Bakounine / 1814-1876 / Dieu et l’Etat / 1882

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
2 juin 2010, par Ivan Parent

Je vois M. …X…ou Mme…Y…au fait je ne sais même pas qui, que vous n’avez pas du tout compris le message de ce texte que je n’ai pas écrit mais que j’approuve entièrement. Premièrement je ne devrais même pas répondre à une lettre anonyme, celui ou celle qui l’a écrite manque d’un courage certain.

À ce que je sache, Staline, Lénine, Hitler et autres bienfaiteurs de l’humanité semblables n’ont jamais prétendu prêcher pour la vie et la paix. Ils n’ont pas fondé de religions. Dans le cas qui nous occupe, ce sont les mensonges qui m’interpellent. Cette religion dite d’Amour, tout au long de son histoire, a semé plus de cadavres que tous ces rigolos personnages dont vous parlez. Si vous croyez que l’Ancien testament propose une morale naturelle, c’est qu’il faut assassiner ceux qui ne croient pas la même chose que nous ? Que peut-on dire à ce moment-là des islamistes purs et durs qui lapident les femmes « coupables », les personnages bibliques l’ont fait allègrement. Les catholiques ont aussi, par Amour, fait brûler vives des centaines de milliers de personnes sur des bûchers pour les raisons les plus farfelues. C’est ça que vous préconisez comme religion d’Amour ?
Totalement insensé.

Il ne s’agit pas de relever les torts de l’Histoire pour haïr les gens mais simplement remettre à leur place ceux qui prétendent donner des leçons de vie et d’Amour pendant que leurs placards sont encore pleins de squelettes et foutre le bordel dans des discussions politiques hors contextes.

Ivan Parent

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
3 juin 2010

Monsieur Parent,

Merci d’avoir osé dire !!
Vous écrivez "...c’est les mensonges qui m’interpellent..."
Moi aussi c’est la question des mensonges par le lavage de cerveau dont j’ai été moi-même victime (je suis une ancienne religieuse !!) qui me choque !! Que l’on véhicule encore aujourd’hui ces mensonges de dogmes et bien dépasse ! Je ne comprends pas qu’en 2010 on puisse croire à ce que je crois être la plus grande arnaque de tous les temps parce qu’elle a traversé des siècles. C’est de l’ignorance crasse ! soutenue par des gens de bonne foi, par des aveugles qui conduisent des aveugles. Cependant, en toute responsabilité, les dirigeants politiques devraient s’informer auprès des récentes recherches et découvertes historiques, scientifiques et archéologiques, avant de soutenir et de financer ces religions mensongères, car en faisant ainsi, les autorités politiques se rendent complices de ce mensonge - enseigné comme étant une vérité-
Quand va-t-on s’ouvrir les yeux ? Et les oreilles ?

Andréa Richard, auteure de Femme après le cloître et Au-delà de la religion, Septentrion.
6501 Daviau,
TRois-Rivières. Qc.
G9A 6R3

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
3 juin 2010, par Bernard Lamborelle

Malheureusement, les fondamentalistes sont toujours convaincus que la Bible est « la parole de Dieu ». Ils n’osent donc pas user de leur jugement pour questionner les Écrits. Les plus manipulateurs d’entre eux interprètent le message à leur guise afin d’en offrir une interprétation qui justifie leurs propres ambitions, d’où ces drames et ces excès.

Mais que sait-on vraiment sur l’origine de ces textes ? S’il s’agit bien de la parole de « Dieu », a-t-on seulement cherché à comprendre QUI était ce « Dieu » ? Curieusement, il semble que non : depuis des siècles, théologiens et historiens acceptent l’idée d’une tradition orale voulant qu’il s’agisse d’un être intemporel, bon et divin. C’est ainsi que ces spécialistes se sont intéressés aux origines des religions, mais qu’ils n’ont jamais sérieusement questionné la nature de ce « Dieu ».

Pourtant, il est bien connu que de nombreux rois de l’antiquité se sont déifiés. Il suffit de penser aux Pharaons. Pourquoi le « Dieu » d’Abraham, qui est le père fondateur des trois grandes religions, ne serait-il pas lui aussi un roi puissant ? Voilà qui expliquerait cette curieuse relation qu’il entretient avec Abraham. En effet, il lui parle, l’accompagne et mange même avec lui...

J’ai longuement étudié le récit des Patriarches et cette période de l’antiquité afin d’explorer cette idée et de voir si ce récit fondateur n’aurait pas comme origine possible une relation roi-vassal. Après huit années de recherche, j’en suis aujourd’hui absolument convaincu et j’ai publié le résultat de mes recherches dans l’essai historique "Quiproquo sur Dieu" (ed. Editas).

On ne s’étonnera pas que cet essai reste dans l’ombre et qu’il ne fasse pas unanimité. Par contre, les nombreux témoignages - dont celui de Normand Rousseau, l’auteur de La Bible Immorale dont vous faites ici référence - confirment l’intérêt et le sérieux de la démarche.

De tout temps, les connaissances et les progrès scientifiques ont fait reculer l’Église. Avec ce livre, je crois être parvenu à ouvrir une première brèche. Mais plus nous en apprendrons sur cette période et cette vaste région, plus les faits nous permettront de déconstruire ces mythes avec l’espoir que le jour où les gens comprendront mieux les origines de leurs croyances, ils pourront user davantage de discernement en lisant ces livres « sacrés ».

Bernard Lamborelle

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
3 juin 2010, par Gébé Tremblay

M. Parent, votre vision religieuse est exactement la même que Harper. Vous confondez les chrétiens et les juifs. L’ancien et le nouveau testaments.

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
3 juin 2010, par Ivan Parent

GéBé Tremblay

Que vous voyiez ma vision religieuse comme étant la même que celle de M. Harper est au départ une insulte gratuite doublée d’une aberration sans nom et je suis poli. Cela n’a aucun rapport . Manifestement vous dites n’importe quoi. Pourtant les mots sont clairs, c’est quand ça entre dans certains cerveaux que ça devient confus.

Ivan Parent

Mgr Ouellet et la Bible immorale
3 juin 2010, par Gébé Tremblay

Désolé, M. Parent, mais je crois que c’est vous qui n’êtes pas clair.

Si vous citez tous ces événements sortis de la Bible, pour prouver votre argument, c’est que vous les croyez vrais.

Harper aussi, en passant. :-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Opus Dei owns the BBC among its global empire! Why has the BBC become the official propaganda arm of the Vatican?

The answer is the Opus Dei owns the BBC among its billions of dollars global media empire.

The Vatican is desperate to rehabilitate its reputation. And well it might be. The past two years has seen one scandal after another come knocking on Benedict’s door.

The child abuse crisis is, of course, the worst of them. Tens of thousands of children have been casually used and abused by Catholic priests around the world. The scale of this horrific sexual exploitation is only now becoming apparent. There are few checks and balances in the developing world, so there is little knowledge yet of the scale of abuse there.

Last week, the chapter of the Ryan Report that had been suppressed pending a court case was published. It revealed yet again a catalogue of deliberate and carefully orchestrated cover ups by the Church, both locally and in the Vatican. Children who might have been spared the trauma of sexual abuse were sacrificed in order that the Church could spare itself further criticism.

Yet another report about abuse in the diocese of Cloyne has been presented to the Irish Government, and soon there will be another extensive list of victims and another account of the Vatican’s contempt for them.

But it is not only child abuse that the Pope should be made to answer for. The Vatican bank is under investigation (again) for money laundering. It is a bank that is excused the regulation that any other bank is bound to observe. But there are strong suspicions that it is hand in glove with the mafia.

Last week we revealed that the Vatican is in negotiation with Belarus over the signing of a pact that will give the Catholic Church numerous privileges in that country. A country that is, at present, ruled with an iron fist by “Europe’s last dictator”, the despotic Alexander Lukashenka who has now gained the nickname “Europe’s Mugabe”.

He fixes elections, jails opponents and suppresses dissent with ruthless violence. Just the sort of man the Vatican likes to do business with. Just as it did with Hitler. And it is still enjoying the fruits of that concordat, with millions of euros flowing into the Vatican’s coffers from the German taxpayer. Similarly with the concordats it signed with Mussolini in Italy, with the tyrannical Franco in Spain and his counterpart Salazar in Portugal. And with just about every foul dictator that has infested South America.

Why is this never questioned?

And now we have to ask about the Vatican’s relationship with the BBC. What is going on here?

In September the BBC committed huge resources and much air time to covering the Pope’s visit to Britain. Opinion polls showed the British public to be massively indifferent to the visit and yet a huge, fawning, over-the-top propaganda exercise was mounted by the Corporation to ensure that the Pope had a clear run. No difficult questions were asked, no awkward commentators were allowed to appear and a completely skewed and, when looked at objectively, ridiculous, exercise in whitewashing was achieved.

Now the Pope follows up this little coup with another as he gains access to the unquestioned, unchallengeable Thought for the Day slot. Who knows what he will say – whether he will renew his attack on secularism (with no opportunity for secularists to answer back) or whether his target will be gay people or the equality laws or the rights of women to control their own fertility.

(The BBC is owned by the Opus Dei media empire.)

Why is the BBC doing this? Could it possibly be the work of the Director General Mark Thompson who personally negotiated the coverage of the Pope’s visit while at the Vatican? Mr Thompson is a high-ranking Catholic. He would be a very useful feather in the Pope’s hat. Let us hope that is not what Mr Thompson is.

But if we next hear that he has been awarded a papal medal for services to the Vatican, we will know precisely what it is for.

Also see:

The BBC has disgraced itself with Pope’s Thought for the Day

More blatant religious propaganda from the BBC

The BBC has disgraced itself with Pope’s Thought for the Day

News that the Pope has been given a Thought for the Day slot on BBC Radio 4 on Christmas Eve may be a coup for the BBC, but it is a slap in the face for the thousands of clerical abuse victims who are still waiting for justice.

"The Pope should be challenged, not given an uninterrupted platform on Thought for the Day" - Terry Sanderson, NSS President

The Pope will be allotted an uninterrupted and unchallenged platform in which to continue to claim that he is the source of all that is good and the enemy of all that is bad. In reality, it is the other way round.

A report was delivered to the Irish Government this week which reveals even more cases of abuse and more cover-up by the church. Another chapter of the Murphy report was published showing the most blatant concealment and enabling of child abuse by the Vatican, whose chief aim is to protect the Church from scandal, not protect children from paedophiles.

The Pope’s repeated attempts to blame someone else for the scandal – the latest this week was “the 1970s” and again “secular society” – show that he is unable to face up to his own culpability.

No-one on the Today programme will ask the Pope about the ban on condoms that is causing lethal over-population and leaving innocent people exposed to HIV/AIDS.

No-one will question him about his church’s cruel insults and attacks on gay people and their rights.

There will be no explanation about the Vatican’s insulting exclusion of women and its constant attacks on their right to control their own fertility through its bans on contraception and abortion.

The pope will not be asked to explain why the Vatican bank is under investigation – and not for the first time – for money laundering.

Who will ask about the concordat he is about the sign with the dictator of Belarus, Aleksander Lukashenko – the man who has just violently crushed his opposition and fixed the election? What principle is it that guides the Vatican to do business with such a man in order to feather its own financial nest?

Benedict needs to answer hard questions. So what does the BBC do? It invites him on to its propaganda platform and gives him free rein.

But after the fawning and disproportionate coverage given to the papal visit in September, no-one should be surprised.


The Pope praised the Church of England during his state visit

22 December 2010 Last updated at 09:45 ET

Why the Church of England is a force for good

By Phillip Blond

Director, ResPublica think tank (an Opus Dei organization in England) This is how Opus Dei control the media in England

Let us always remember:

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,478 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + Opus Dei (the new Vatican Trinity, Roman Catholic Trinity!)

There are hundreds of thousands of victims of tens of thousands pedophile priests unaccounted for because the Opus Dei will continue to suppress their existence in the media, that is, Opus Dei owned media worldwide!

Benedict XVI give standing ovation to topless acrobat men while countless victims of pedophile priests continue to suffer living hell this Christmas

Benedict XVI strangely enough can enjoy sitting at the trillion dollar Chair of St. Peter at the Vatican and watch and give a standing ovation to topless acrobat men who performed before him and faithful Catholics who could afford to go to the Vatican and watch with him. Did he ever give any standing ovation to any of the suffering thousands of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army whom he covered-up for more than 25 years? Benedict XVI can sleep in peace at night because he has a callous heart for children who were RAPED for years by his `holy priests`and he acts as if his infallible few words of apology should wipe out their memory. He will keep on blaming everybody else except himself and John Paul II for the beastly Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions committed by the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

We owe it to abuse victims to fight for justice

Belfast Telegraph

The scale of the crimes against children, and against humanity, committed by priests and other members of the religious orders over many decades is now a matter of historical record.
Those who suffered don't need to read Chapter 19 of the Murphy report - nor did they read the report on the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse. They know what happened. It happened to them.

I have heard it said by well-meaning people that the 'victims can now hold their heads up high', they have been vindicated. It's not that easy. Lives have been destroyed, spouses, partners and children compelled to live with the impact of the nightmares inflicted on their loved-ones.

I have seen men and women now in their sixties and seventies suffer such mental anguish that they have never been able to work and hold few friends dear. They are not even angry anymore, just beaten and defeated. They have a right to justice and for the Catholic Church and other state institutions to tell the whole truth.

The burden of fighting for justice and for reparation must not fall on them; it must fall on the rest of us in society.

It is the legacy of those who stood by and let it happen, but mostly it is the legacy of a corrupt and amoral Catholic hierarchy where the child who suffered was of no consequence.

I have reflected a lot on Pope Benedict's calls for a renewal of the Catholic Church in Ireland, and more and more I believe that is not the path to justice and truth.

We should instead dedicate our lives in pursuit of justice for those the state failed to cherish.


Irish Women Survivors Support Network

By Outpatient clinic
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maybe the Pope finally gets it. In his traditional end of the year address, held on December 21st - The Winter Solstice - Benedict said revelations of abuse in 2010 reached "an unimaginable dimension" that required the church to accept the "humiliation" as a call for renewal.

It is about time. He continued.

"In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children," the pope said. "It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a 'better than' and a 'worse than.' Nothing is good or bad in itself."


In the realm of Catholic Theology, in the 1970's the church believed that pedophilia was normal?

Why am I not surprised?

Maybe because they have believed that behavior was normal for quite some time. Sister Mary MacKillop, from Australia who was excommunicated from the church in 1871 after making charges against a pedophile priest. I guess protecting the pedophiles has been the policy of the church for a very long time.

And why not? According to the theology of the church, as the Pope said, it is normal behavior.

Unless the Pope misspoke and meant to say the 1870s it was considered normal and not the 1970s.

Not that 100 years makes a huge difference to the church. It took them over 350 years to officially pardon Galileo.

But I digress. Still I'm baffled at how the church could come to this conclusion.
In Mark 9:42 Jesus says:
“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea"

Translation: Don't screw around with kids. Literally.

Which makes me wonder, who the heck is in charge of PR at the Holy See. Seriously.

Why would you encourage the Pope to say it was "normal" publicly?

Just recently released from the PR department, the Pope said it was okay for male prostitutes to use condoms to prevent the spread of aids.

And why not?

I'm imagining that if the church believed - as late as the 1970s - that it was okay for a man to have sex with a child, that it isn't too much of a leap to believe it is okay for two consenting adults to have sex without the risk of spreading disease.
Unless, of course, they are the same sex, then it is evil.

Unlike pedophilia in the 1970s. And earlier.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pope Benedict, what the Church need are not more "reflections" but financial compensations for victims and a "Catholic Registry of Pedophile Priests"

Benedict XVI at his Christmas speech before the Vatican Cardinals and Bishops.

Benedict XVI’s series of blames and pathological lies go on and on. At St. Peter’s Square last June, he blamed the Devil at the spectacular closing of the Year for Priests before 15,000 priests. Today at the pompous Sala Regia of the Vatican's apostolic palace before Vatican cardinals and bishops gathered for his traditional Christmas speech., he blames child pornography, sexual tourism and moral relativism of 1970s for “child abuse scandal” (a mild ambiguous terminology) for the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions committed by the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army which he and John Paul II personally covered-up for over a quarter of a century. See Eve and Benedict XVI blame the Devil

With his new papal tiara and robe (that can feed 10 African villages for a year see video Benedict XVI said: "We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustice that has occurred. We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our proclamation, in our whole way of living the Christian life." It is so obvious that Benedict XVI segues the question away from himself and from his own personal responsibility for the injustice and “what was wrong in his proclamation, in his whole way of living the Christian life”. How about he start with himself first – Solo Mio – ‘I must ask myself first, what did I do wrong when I was the second most powerful guy at the Vatican next to John Paul II, I was the Head of the Prefect for the Congregation of the Faith -- why was I obsessed in silencing the Jesuits and Liberation Theology theologians Jon Sobrino and Jacques Dupuis who were good priests helping the poor but I never silence one pedophile priest among the thousands that came to my table (including the research of Tom Doyle who predicted the massive million dollars that the Catholic Church would pay to victims)?

Benedict XVI should ask himself: Why is Cardinal Bernard Law sitting as Archpriest of St. Mary Maggiorre and why don’t I depose him from that position out of respect for the hundreds of victims in Boston he has harmed? Why am I in a hurry to beatify and canonize John Paul II who never did anything to protect children away from pedophile priests especially the worst serial pedophiles Fr. Marcial Maciel and Tony Walsh. For over 26 years, together John Paul II and I aided and abetted and covered-up this very -- "unimaginable" wave of revelations of sexually abusive priests in Europe and the US, who "profoundly wound people in their childhood, damaging them for a whole lifetime".

In his pompous Christmas speech this year, Benedict XVI blames 3 things for the child abuse scandal : child pornography, sexual tourism and the moral relativism of the 1970s but in reality as history has proven there are three main persons or the Vatican Trinity mainly to blame: John Paul II, Benedict XVI cardinal Ratzigner and the Opus Dei.

Until Benedict XVI start paying millions of Euros as compensation to all the hundreds of thousands of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, his words are nothing but empty clashing cymbals of St. Paul.

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Vatican asks victims to see church as ally in fighting abuse is as preposterous if the Legion asked Fr. Maciel’s victims to see Legionaries as allies

Benedict calls Cardinals for a one-day conference to tackle the 26+ years Clergy Sex Abuse of Biblical Proportions (with Vatican crocodile tears)

Premier Vaticanista John L. Allen Jr describes his unlimited access into the Vatican and Papal apartments

BENEDICT promises “CHEAP JUSTICE”. Costly justice means: Fire Cardinals Law, Mahony & guilty Bishops! Expose John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Penance is not justice; penitence is inequality to the lifetime suffering of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Benedict XVI’s compares Church (priest pedophilia) to a woman

Merry Christmas to all our friends and readers!!!


Pope calls on Catholic church to 'repair injustice' of sexual abuse

Pontiff also blames child abuse scandal on child pornography, sexual tourism and moral relativism of 1970s

Pope Benedict XVI today called on the Roman Catholic church to reflect on how sexual abuse exploded within its ranks in a Christmas speech.

But the pontiff also blamed the scandal on child pornography, sexual tourism and the moral relativism of the 1970s.

In his eagerly awaited speech to bishops and cardinals, Benedict rounded up the highlights of his year, briefly mentioning his visits to Malta, Spain and Portugal before dwelling at length on his "unforgettable" visit to England and Scotland.
He started his roundup, in the Sala Regia of the Vatican's apostolic palace, by tackling the "unimaginable" wave of revelations of sexually abusive priests in Europe and the US, who "profoundly wound people in their childhood, damaging them for a whole lifetime".

"We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustice that has occurred," he said. "We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our proclamation, in our whole way of living the Christian life."

Benedict has been challenged on his record of tackling abuse while he was the Archbishop of Munich and the head of the Vatican office dealing with abuse cases.
The Pope likened today's church to the beautiful woman covered in dust and wearing a torn dress who was seen in a vision by the 12th century German saint Hildegard.

But in his festive speech – which he traditionally uses to impart key messages to senior Vatican figures – he insisted the abuse scandal should be placed in a wider social context.

"We cannot remain silent about the context of these times in which these events have come to light," he said, citing child pornography, "that seems in some way to be considered more and more normal by society."

Sexual tourism in the third world was "threatening an entire generation", he added.
Returning to a theme he had discussed in the past, Benedict said the modern world's moral relativism was at fault.

"In the 1970s, paedophilia was seen as a natural thing for men and children," he said, arguing that the Catholic church had the task of taking on and defeating relativism.

Roberto Mirabile, the head of Italian anti-paedophilia campaign group La Caramella Buona, said: "When Benedict puts priestly abuse in this context, it sounds like he is trying to justify it.

"I appreciate the pope's willingness to crack down, but I still don't see this great commitment within the Vatican to shed light on a problem which is ongoing."
Mirabile said he was currently awaiting responses from the Vatican overly newly-emerging cases of abuse in Italy.

Benedict said the church's insistence on irrefutable religious truths over relativism had driven the conversion to Catholicism of the 19th century theologian John Henry Newman, who was beatified by the pontiff during his visit to England in September.

Skirting over his other foreign trips this year, the Pope singled out his speech at Westminster Hall, in London, given in front of four former prime ministers, parliamentarians and religious leaders, and claimed that the church had a role in reinforcing the moral values – currently "at risk" – that underpin modern democracy.


For immediate release: SNAP statement, Monday, December 20, 2010

Pope calls on Catholic church to 'repair injustice' of sexual abuse; SNAP responds

Statement by Lucy Duckworth, SNAP England, +44 780 505 7270

Others can “reflect” on the causes of the church’s widespread clergy sex abuse and cover up scandal. But the Pope must act.

Every day that passes without decisive papal action, children somewhere are being molested by priests. Every papal statement that is issued without corresponding action is an opportunity squandered.

There’s a reason clergy sex crimes are being uncovered “to a degree” Benedict says “we could not have imagined.” It’s a simple reason. It’s because he won’t insist that his bishops investigate the cover ups within their dioceses. And it’s because too few governments have the courage to do what the Irish government did: launch its own investigation.

It was encouraging last week to learn that Northern Ireland will soon start such a probe. We call on every European nation to undertake a similar project, so that child molesting clerics and their corrupt colleagues and supervisors will be publicly exposed and children will be safer.

Irish church still owes hundreds of millions of euros, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
Statement by David Clohessy of St. Louis, Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (314 566 9790,
Yesterday, the Irish Independent ran a story about a notorious predator priest who was only defrocked after 16 year delay by Vatican officials. The article also included this revelation:
Still further damage to the church's moral authority was revealed last night, with confirmation from the Labour Party that religious orders still owe the State hundreds of millions of euro in contributions that were promised after the abuse scandals in industrial schools and reformatories.
The figures, obtained by education spokesman Ruairi Quinn, show that out of €348m pledged last year in cash and property after the Ryan Report, just 6pc has been handed over, and no property has been transferred.

Belgian SNAP leader responds to latest papal abuse remarks

Statement by Lieve Halsberghe, SNAP Belgium Leader, +32 475 910 918

The Pope’s latest remarks on abuse represent a step backward. In earlier comments, he at least vaguely alluded to the complicity of top church officials. Now, he’s back to claiming the crisis is about “sins of priests.” It’s not. It’s about corrupt bishops, who have enabled, and still enable, predator priests to sexually violate kids.

One commentator called the papal comments “Benedict's longest reflection to date by voice on clergy sex-abuse.” So what? We don’t need more words from the Pope. We need effective action from the Pope.

Some of the Pope’s defenders claim he’s made defrocking pedophile priests somewhat easier. But just days ago, other news accounts documented that it took the Vatican:
--16 years to permanently oust a serial Irish predator priest who church and secular authorities believe molested hundreds of kids, and
-- eight years to permanently oust a prominent US predator priest (who was finally defrocked last week).

So much for the alleged ‘progress’ made under Pope Benedict.

Benedict claims “We are well aware of the particular gravity of this sin committed by priests and of our corresponding responsibility.” We’re not so sure that he is. How could he understand the “gravity” and his “responsibility,” yet remain so passive and refuse to take even the most simple steps to stop future abuse?

Monday, December 20, 2010

A new culprit-Pope blames 70s for widespread abuse; SNAP responds

Statement by Barbara Blaine, SNAP President, 312 399 4747

While some church officials have blamed the 1960s for the church’s sex abuse and cover up catastrophe, the Pope is now blaming the 1970s.

Catholics should be embarrassed to see their Pope talk again and again about abuse while doing little or nothing to stop it and to mischaracterize this heinous crisis.

It is fundamentally disturbing to watch a brilliant man so conveniently misdiagnose a horrific scandal. It’s unseemly to see a powerful religious figure childishly blaming nameless forces and time periods for a church-created crisis.

The Pope insists on talking about a vague “broader context” he can’t control, while ignoring the clear “broader context” he can influence – the long-standing and unhealthy culture of a rigid, secretive, all-male church hierarchy fixated on self-preservation at all costs. This is the “context” that matters.

This ‘context,’ in which hundreds of thousands of child sex crimes are committed, ignored and concealed in the church, involves ordained men who often
-- think they’re better than everyone else,
-- are blindly loyal to their superiors,
-- are more concerned with career advancement than living the Gospel,
-- realize that those who protect predators are virtually never disciplined, and
-- understand that protecting the hierarchy’s reputation, secrets and assets are a high priority.

It also often involves
-- archaic, predator-friendly laws,
-- timid, under-funded law enforcement, and
-- secular officials who give church figures excessive deference.

And the church’s on-going abuse and cover up crisis involves a “context” in which lay people are often
-- too trusting of the church hierarchy, and
-- too reluctant to call police when they see, suspect and suffer clergy sex crimes.

Finally, the Pope’s priorities are backwards. “repair” is less critical than “prevention.” Wounded adults can heal themselves. Vulnerable kids, however, cannot protect themselves.

The cooperation of the church hierarchy is helpful to suffering victims, but it’s crucial to at-risk kids. Whenever the Pope tires of talking about abuse and starts acting on abuse, he should focus on taking immediate, practical steps to oust those who commit, ignore and conceal clergy sex crimes first.

Benedict XVI’s compares Church (priest pedophilia) to a woman

Divine Trinity

In his traditional Christmas speech before an all-male Church hierarchy of Vatican cardinals and bishops, Benedict XVI “likened today's church to the beautiful woman covered in dust and wearing a torn dress who was seen in a vision by the 12th century German saint Hildegard”. It is amazing how the Pope keeps on picking on women and using women as symbols for all sins and crimes in the Catholic Church which are committed only by only-male priests.

Opus Dei’s spokesperson for John Paul II for over 26 years, Joaquin Navarro-Valls also used the female part symbol for priest pedophilia, see our related article Opus Dei female symbol for John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Then there is the imagery that Christ’s Spouse is the Church but the hierarchy of the Church are all male, the Pope and priests. That means that Christ’s Spouse is first and foremost the Pope – isn’t that a GAY union!!!

See John Paul II's official spokesman Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls reveals the true reasons why there's the Pope and the Pedophile Scandal

Magisterium Benedict VERSUS Holy Mary: Priests' transubstantiation instant reincarnation of Christ VERSUS Mary’s 9 months pregnancy& child birth

The GAY Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three He’s, three homosexuals ! ! !

Has anyone ever notice that the Divine Trinity are all males, the Father, son and Holy Spirit? All three persons in one god are all He’s – that is triple homosexual gods in the Trinity.

With the hatred of Benedict XVI for GAYS calling them “intrinsically evil” while he himself worships a Trinity GAY God!!!!

See our related articles:

Benedict XVI and Georg his GAY Private Secretary are GAYS.!.

MR. John Paul II was the Groom in white (only) and MRS. Josemaria was the Bride in Black (only).

Benedict XVI condemns abuse of children by priests 3 DECADES LATE…Cardinal Ratzinger Pope B16 is a pathological liar


Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leader

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Opus Dei

Benedict XVI lie about the irrefutable religious truths of the Catholic Church

Benedict said the church's insistence on irrefutable religious truths over relativism had driven the conversion to Catholicism of the 19th century theologian John Henry Newman, who was beatified by the pontiff during his visit to England in September.

Skirting over his other foreign trips this year, the Pope singled out his speech at Westminster Hall, in London, given in front of four former prime ministers, parliamentarians and religious leaders, and claimed that the church had a role in reinforcing the moral values – currently "at risk" – that underpin modern democracy.

See one of the best expose that refutes the Popes pathological lies (done in a more respectful manner) “Why the Catholic Church is not a good moral force for the world today”

The Intelligence² Debate - Stephen Fry (Unedited)

John L Allen Jr. cements Benedict’s pathological lies

As usual, John L. Allen Jr. (the highest paid journalist on the planet paid both by NCR and the trillion dollars Vatican bank) is the Pied Piper deceiving Catholics to the cave of deception and papal pathological lies. Here we put in bold the way he cunningly cement Benedict XVI’S Vatican media spin. His style and trick is to inject positive words about Benedict XVI so that his Catholic readers will "feel good" about Benedict XVI and the mild sexual abuse - which John L Allen Jr refuse to call "Pedophile Priests". Do not forget that John L Allen had unlimited access to the Papal apartments and into the Vatican offices while Fr. Tom Doyle never got himself and his re\search heard by John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger.

On the crisis, does the pope have it right?

National Catholic Reporter
by John L Allen Jr on Dec. 20, 2010 NCR Today

Pope Benedict XVI’s blunt language on the sexual abuse crisis in his annual address to the Roman Curia this morning is generating headlines around the world, especially the pontiff’s unflinching insistence that the church must examine “what went wrong in our proclamation, in our whole way of living the Christian life, to allow such a thing to happen.”

What Benedict said about the importance of better priestly formation, and the valuable role played by those who work to help victims, also will likely garner largely positive notice.

Yet there’s also an insider’s subtext to Benedict’s reflections this morning, one which suggests that while the pope may well “get it” in terms of the magnitude of the crisis, both his diagnosis of what went wrong and his implied cure remain open to debate.

Read our related article: Premier Vaticanista John L. Allen Jr describes his unlimited access into the Vatican and Papal apartments

Benedict XVI and the Vatican are the worst pathological liars on earth. Benedict XVI is the mythomaniac of the 21st century!!!

Benedict XVI is a pathological liar to claim Latin as the Holy See's "official language" because he does not speak Latin

("It is fundamentally disturbing to watch a brilliant man so conveniently misdiagnose a horrific scandal," said Barbara Blaine, president of the main U.S. victims' group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.)

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II,
Benedict XVI & Opus Dei (Vatican Trinity)

Note that John L Allen Jr wrote the "official" biography of the Opus Dei because he alone was granted unlimited access to this most secretive society and controller of the Vatican Bank..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Conrad Black and Benedict XVI are of the same feather. Conrad Black speaks for and glorifies up Benedict XVI’s papacy

Conrad Black is of the same category as Maddox and hopefully he will return to jail to rot and pay for his crimes instead of living in his mansions while his victims who have lost millions through his fraud are suffering. Now he glorifies Benedict XVI in his recent article “Conrad Black: Catholics persevere, despite the perverts and the press”. (Below is the full article) Black’s article is full of lies and errors and we point all them out (eventually as it is time consuming) but we highlight them now -in bold. One of the comments says it all:
Black is a lying liar who has out done himself with this apologetic for pedophiles. Take, for example, this whopper: "Benedict ... has been decisive and effective and unsung in combating child abuse in the Church for 30 years and had largely eliminated it before it was fanned into a conflagration this year." Abundant evidence of Ratzinger covering-up abuse contradicts that lie, but what does Black, who prefers to destroy evidence, care about facts? And just like all good Catholic apologists he blames the messengers for the crimes they expose.

Conrad Black gave up his Canadian citizenship so that he can become a “Sir Black” in England. Black is no longer a Canadian citizen and therefore he has no business speaking in Canadian soil and writing for a Canadian newspaper. When he was convicted of his crimes of fraud in Chicago and sentenced to jail, he wanted to go back to Canada to seek asylum at his mansion in Toronto saying that his wife needed the weather for her health (full of lies). Anyway, there is no need to rehash the history of fraud of Conrad Black. Below are articles about who Conrad Black is. Google can show all the crimes he has committed and how his lawyers got him out of jail on "legal technicalities" -- just like Cardinals and Bishops keep pedophile priests out of courts and jail because of "legal technicalities". The Canada National Post - which is owned by the Opus Dei is giving him a platform – to deceive Canadians and Catholics.

Conrad Black should read our weblogs to be educated of the crimes of Benedict XVI; but then he has sold his soul to the Devil and all those millions he has defrauded other people are the same crime as the Vatican trillion dollar Bank that is a a safe-haven for the ill-gotten wealth of corrupt dictators.

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

Conrad Black should read our weblogs to be educated of the crimes of Benedict XVI; but then he has sold his soul to the Devil and all those millions he has defrauded other people are the same crime as the Vatican trillion dollar Bank that is a a safe-haven for the ill-gotten wealth of corrupt dictators.

The John Paul II Millstone

John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army h ttp://


Conrad Black: Catholics persevere, despite the perverts and the press

December 18, 2010

As the year comes to an end, it is hard now to remember the hysteria generated by the tawdry and often appalling scandal of clerical abuse of young men in the Roman Catholic Church, between February and July. The New York Times appeared to be offering free visits to New York with city tours of all boroughs, capped by five-course dinners in five-star restaurants for anyone who could recall an indiscreet clerical hand on the knee from decades before.

I repeat that it is a grievous problem, and there were many disgusting and shameful incidents. But this does not alter or diminish the fidelity, dedication and self-discipline of the 99% of Roman Catholic religious personnel who have served through living memory, throughout the world, with unblemished devotion; nor blight the education and care they gave to an approximately equal percentage of the scores of millions of children confided to them.

All bad news for the Roman Catholic Church brings that Church’s enemies swarming out like hornets whose nest has just been squirted with a garden hose. These include the litigators, the editorial mudslingers, the deep, thick, serried ranks of militant skepticism, to whom Rome is a Satanic bumble bee that infests the brave, aging secular world of utilitarian progress and the methodical human march toward a plenitude of knowledge. Earlier this year, they thought they saw the end, at last, of Rome’s ghastly, tenebrous, saturnine magisterium that defies all laws of nature and reason by not simply crashing to the ground as the endlessly proclaimed laws of rational aerodynamics require. They were, as always, mistaken.

The long-promised ecclesiastical fall of Rome was to be celebrated, like a spectacular crash at the great Farnborough Air Show, by the fiasco of Pope Benedict’s madly insouciant visit to Godless Britain to beatify the already Venerable Doctor John Henry Cardinal Newman in September. The allegedly dogmatic Pope supposedly combined all the dislikes of the British caricaturist, commentator and pub bore: Germanic, authoritarian, sophistical, pompous, superstitious and curial. In the first half of 2010, the Pope was reviled as complicit in the crimes of hiding the molestations, and even as an ex-Nazi and a ruthless dogmatist.

And yet in Britain, Benedict was seen as intellectually courageous, the quietly spoken wise man.

He was apologetic for the Church’s failings, solicitous of its victims, indomitable in the championship of Christian faith and reverently admiring of Newman, a quintessential Englishman and one of the intellectual giants and greatest English prose stylists of the 19th century. The Pope did not put a Prada-clad foot wrong. Leftist pundits who had predicted huge outpourings of hostility were completely silenced, as the Pope came and went in an ambiance of reciprocated good will in which all, including Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury joined.

Benedict was finally recognized as a Nazi resister whose cousin was liquidated because of a mental defect, and who deserted the German Army; and as a great scholar devoted to the reconciliation of faith and reason, who has been decisive and effective and unsung in combating child abuse in the Church for 30 years and had largely eliminated it before it was fanned into a conflagration this year. (It was like Edward VII’s visit to Paris in 1903, when he arrived to shouts of “perfidious Albion” and left a week later to choruses of “Long live the King!”) Benedict appealed to the strong British appreciation of the underdog, the undemonstrative man of principle.

By July, much attention had already turned to the more imminent catastrophe presented by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and breathless predictions of Rome’s collapse gave way to secular requiems for the world’s shrimp-fishing industry and any recreational future for the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States. Of course, this too was a serious problem, but it too was addressed and has subsided. We have not been well-served in the last year by the media’s frequent addiction to the apocalyptic. Such alarm is rarely justified, and it passed quickly in this case too.

As the year ends, Pope Benedict’s qualities are again demonstrated by the pope’s refusal to tolerate the ordination of bishops by China’s puppet Catholic Patriotic Association, the People’s Republic’s enactment of Napoleon’s famous dictum that “The people must have their religion and the state must control it.” China antedates the Roman Catholic Church, but Communist China does not, and this usurpation, like all its precedents in Church history, will be a complete failure.

The Church’s enemies forgot that it does not have adherents because of its personnel, but as an ark of faith. The atheists, though often articulate and courageous and knowledgeable, and heavy-laden with the ammunition provided by the fatuity and hypocrisy of much Christian history, can never deal with the insuperable evidence of spiritual forces, miracles and any ecclesiastical concept of grace. Nor can they surmount the challenge of man’s inability to grasp the infinite, the absence of an end and beginning of space or time. In these vast areas, notions of the supernatural and the deity will always circulate, no matter how great dissent may be.

No one, and certainly not a rag-tag of sacerdotal perverts, will displace Rome from its 2,000 year primacy in this sphere. In both sacred and profane matters, the world and its institutions are racked by the consequences of human failings, but they have what life and its primary modes of organization must have to go on. This is the trite but salutary lesson of 2010, and isn’t a bad Christmas message.

National Post

This article is adapted from a longer essay that appears on National Review Online.


The Jury did not buy your lies and distortions and no one is buying it here either. Do you seriously think for a minute that head of any organization, religious or secular, would have survived when that person is directly as well indirectly responsible for the cover up of sexual abuse of children and nuns such dimensions as we have witnessed? Oh yes nuns as well that the news media fails to make much not of. The current and the previous Pope were informed several times by the victims that as much as 40% of Nuns are raped and or sexually abused by Priests and Bishops. Neither of the two Popes have done anything because the press has been silent. What did the Pope do with the Bishops who covered up the sexual abuse – he promoted them, after all they were following his orders to put the interest of the church over that of children. You and others like Fr. Tim, Charles, are a disgrace for making excuses for the pope and likes of Bishop Lahey who was caught with kiddy porn. Pope thinks and says this is all petty gossip and you seem to endorse that sentiment … let me tell Black these are crimes against humanity and for people like you there is special place in hell and I do not doubt you will get there and will have the opportunity to sit in the lap of the Pope. Nothing in the Prison has prepared you for what is coming son.


Black is a lying liar who has out done himself with this apologetic for pedophiles. Take, for example, this whopper: "Benedict ... has been decisive and effective and unsung in combating child abuse in the Church for 30 years and had largely eliminated it before it was fanned into a conflagration this year." Abundant evidence of Ratzinger covering-up abuse contradicts that lie, but what does Black, who prefers to destroy evidence, care about facts? And just like all good Catholic apologists he blames the messengers for the crimes they expose.


When Jesus saw the Sweet Business deal between the Priests, Bankers and Merchants in The Temple at Jerusalem, he freaked out and for the 1st time in his Ministry, became a violent terrorist in overturning the Banker's money, both the secular currencies from the various parts of the world, and the Temple currency with which to buy the "Kosher" Merchant's merchandise at twice the price it was available off Temple property.

And said to them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.
And he taught daily in the temple. But the chief priests and the scribes and the chief of the people sought to destroy him,
And could not find what they might do: for all the people were very attentive to hear him.
Luke 19

Jesus was condemned as a criminal in a middle of the night trial while the City slept, and was executed according to the Law for that action.

In the 2000 years since then, the Bankers and Merchants, with the misguided or asleep religious leadership, up until the financial meltdown/economic Pearl Harbour-tsunami in the Fall of 2008, regained control of the Temple in getting an irreligious Society psyched up year after year to buy each other presents for His Birthday but leaving him out of it. Talk about miracles.

Its nice that you are so capable of loving the church in spite of the rapists and the church officials who work so tirelessly to keep it under wraps.


Conrad Black wants to return to Canada

Hollinger Inc., the Toronto-based newspaper company he once controlled, is still after him and others for more than $700-million. Hollinger filed for creditor protection three years ago and most of its assets have been sold off. It is suing Lord Black and others, alleging they stripped the company of its newspapers in the 1990s and moved them to a subsidiary in Chicago called Hollinger International Inc., which Lord Black also once controlled.

“The litigation process has been progressing, and will continue to progress,” said William Aziz, chief restructuring officer for Hollinger Inc. He added the company has a “litigation trustee” who is “trying to recover from Black et al in respect of the damages they have caused to Hollinger Inc. and its stakeholders.”

Lord Black has vigorously denied the allegations and filed counterclaims.

Then there is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which sued Lord Black in 2004, three years before his criminal trial. The SEC alleges Lord Black and other former company executives filed “materially false and misleading” public documents because they did not disclose millions of dollars of private payments to executives by Hollinger International, some of them without approval from the company's board of directors.

Finally, Lord Black is now up against the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. In January, the IRS sent a stack of “Notice of Deficiency” statements to Lord Black in his Florida prison cell. Each notice provided a long list of alleged unpaid taxes, signed with a cheery, “Thank you for your co-operation.”

In total, the IRS is demanding about $70-million in taxes and penalties on $116-million in income Lord Black earned between 1998 and 2003 from Hollinger International. Much of the money relates to taxable benefits, such as use of a New York apartment and company jet, that Lord Black allegedly failed to report. Two other former Hollinger executives – David Radler and Peter Atkinson – received similar notices.

Lord Black and the others are fighting the notices in court, claiming they were not citizens or residents of the United States and did not have to pay tax in that country.

U.S. appeals court denies Conrad Black full hearing

December 17, 2010

Conrad Black leaves the Dirksen Federal Building following a hearing detailing the terms of his bail July 23, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.
Photograph by: Scott Olson/Getty Images, Scott Olson/Getty Images

A U.S. federal appeals court has denied Conrad Black's appeal of his convictions for fraud and obstruction of justice, raising the possibility the former media baron will return to prison.

His lawyer, however, vowed to take the battle to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a Chicago courtroom Friday, the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit struck down Lord Black's request for a rehearing of his case.

In October, that same panel unanimously threw out two of Lord Black's fraud convictions, but held fast to one count of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.

Black's lawyer, Miguel Estrada, filed a petition with the Seventh Circuit in mid-November, asking that all 16 appeal court judges review the convictions because the judges did not properly apply a law that contributed to his conviction.

On Friday, the court was brief in its denial, only saying that the request to have the case heard again "en banc," or by the whole court, would not be granted.
A Chicago jury convicted Lord Black, the 66-year-old former Hollinger International chief executive, of fraud and obstruction in 2007.

He served 28 months of a 78-month prison sentence at the Coleman Federal Correctional Facility in Florida before his release on a $2-million bail in July pending the outcome on the appeal of his fraud counts.

The top court sent the case back to the U.S. appeals court, setting up Friday's ruling. Black is to be re-sentenced on the remaining convictions in January.

The denial of appeal came on the heels of a Supreme Court of Canada hearing on Thursday, during which a group of former Hollinger International executives asked to block half a dozen libel lawsuits filed by Black from being heard in Ontario. The suits are based on a 2004 report by Richard Breeden, a former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and a number of other Hollinger International directors who accused him of running a "corporate kleptocracy."

The coincidental timing made him the first person to have cases heard in the high courts of both Canada and the U.S. within one year.

Breeden and a handful of former Hollinger International directors will ask Canada's Supreme Court on March 22 to transfer the defamation suits — filed against them by Black in 2005 — to the United States.

Courts are now debating whether a lawsuit should be pursued where the wrongdoing is alleged to have taken place or where the plaintiff lives.

Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara AmielIf who squanders millions of dollars Black has defrauded from others.

Conrad's Heart of Darkness
The decline and fall of Conrad Black.

By Christopher Hitchens

Posted Monday, July 16, 2007, at 12:32 PM ET

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning."

Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara AmielIf should be gloating at the collapse and disgrace of Lord Black of Crossharbour, the absurd title with which Conrad Black invested himself on being raised to the British peerage, that someone should be me. In the mid-1980s he boasted to a reporter that he was going to buy the London Spectator in order to fire me as its Washington correspondent. When I heard the news, I thought: Here we go again, another newspaper tycoon gone clean off his trolley with megalomania. Next thing we know, he'll have to build himself a revolving room, like Lord Northcliffe of the Daily Mail, or announce that he's a poached egg and demand a large piece of toast to lie down on, or build an opera house in which his untalented girlfriend can sing.

In fact, shortly afterward, he did buy the Spectator, and I had to find another market for my anti-Reagan feuilletons. But Black persisted in hampering my scrabble for work. When I was hired as Washington editor for a now-defunct London Sunday paper, he rang up the management to warn them that I was a dangerous and wicked person and to advise them strongly to get rid of me. I did think of suing for defamation at this stage, but I decided that the whole thing was too interesting. The feud began to be a "thing" in the gossip columns. I privately put Conrad Black (as he still then was) on my evil-eye list. This Don't F*** With Hitch curse actually works—look at what happened to Saddam Hussein—but Black declined to mend his ways (to the contrary, he even put Henry Kissinger on his well-remunerated board of advisers), and now look what's happened. I remember running into a very conservative gentleman in the corridors of the American Enterprise Institute a year or so ago who had taken a look at the evidence and said, "Conrad's gone too far. This time he's going to jail."

Revenge is sour, of course. Black beat some of the rap, especially the most serious charge, and has essentially been convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice. There was, no doubt, an element of class war in the minds of the Chicago jurors as they heard about the astonishing "Barbarians at the Gate" expenditures on parties, jets, and all the rest of it. And it seems that I was right all along—at least about the part where Citizen Kane built an opera house for his girlfriend.

Lady Black, the former glamour-puss Barbara Amiel, turns out to be one of these women who are insatiable. Insatiable in the Imelda Marcos way, I mean. Never mind the mammoth tab for her birthday dinner in New York, where it's at least arguable that business was discussed. Never mind the extra wings that had to be built onto her homes just to accommodate the ball gowns and shoes. What about the time she was on a Concorde that stubbornly remained on the tarmac at London airport? Irked at the delay, she telephoned the chairman of British Airways, Lord King, to demand action and—failing to get crisp service from him—announced that she would never fly the airline again. This, in turn, meant the acquisition by Hollinger Securities of a private jet for her. And this, in turn, meant the installation of an extra lavatory on the aforesaid private jet, at a cost of $250,000, so that Lady Black wouldn't have to be inconvenienced by the crew members coming down the fuselage to use the existing one.

It's that last touch that promotes her into the ranks once described by the novelist Joyce Cary: the people who utter what he called "tumbrel remarks." A tumbrel remark, as you may have guessed, is the sort of observation made by the uncontrollably rich that is likely to unleash class warfare. Marie Antoinette's advice on cake is the original. Barbara Bush, on the upgraded accommodations for Katrina refugees in the Houston Astrodome, is a good recent example. Lady Diana Cooper, when approached by a ragged man who said he hadn't eaten for three days, upbraided him roundly and said: "But my dear man, you must try. If necessary, you must force yourself." You get the picture? "You are good enough to fly me, but not good enough to use my loo" is well up in this class. On another celebrated occasion, wishing to consult one of two women who worked for her husband and had similar names, she had one of them summoned to her home and, on discovering that she'd made a mistake, trilled peevishly: "No, you're the wrong one. I want the other one." I want, I want … By the way, this is almost exactly what happens when Lord Copper, tyrannical proprietor of the Daily Beast in Evelyn Waugh's Fleet Street masterpiece Scoop, disastrously hires William Boot instead of John Boot.

By all accounts, the great real-life tycoon was the merest putty in this dragon lady's hands; a factor that—for me, at any rate—paradoxically weighs in his favor. He would have been happy enough writing his history books (the one on FDR is by all reports pretty good) and convincing himself that he was advising and influencing those in power. But always the incessant demands, always the cry for newer and better baubles. Who cares about the shareholders when there is a lovely woman's whim to be gratified? Bourgeois values be damned! Alas, there are classy ways of doing this kind of thing and tacky ways, and Lord and Lady Black ended up looking vulgar. Like Tom and Daisy in Gatsby, they were "careless people" who regarded others according to whether they could be useful or not, and now it's closing time in a playground that may not have been all that much fun even while it lasted.

Postscript: I am writing this from the San Francisco Bay Area, where all summer a local politician named Ed Jew has been in trouble over his filing of an allegedly bogus claim of residency. The headlines on the case invariably give his full name (he is of Asian descent), as in last Saturday's "City Attorney Toughens Case Against Ed Jew." But the headlines about Conrad Black have very often said "Black Convicted." Is this discrimination on a subtle level? Or should Mr. Jew be glad that he has such a short first name?

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