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Opus Dei Pope #2-Benedict XVI stomped Barbara Blaine & David Clohessy & SNAP protesters & victims of Priest-Pedophilia --- like Dust in the Wind

Party at the Vatican: Benedict XVI and Cardinal Bernard Law and Opus Dei eunuchs laugh and sneer at Americans

GAY Benedict XVI and his GAY private secretary and Opus Dei eunuchs are waltzing to SNAP's theme song: Dust in the wind. The Pope mobile simply stomped, ignored,rolled over and passed by the dust in the wind-Barbara Blaine, David Clohessy and SNAP protesters and the survivors of Priest-Pedophilia (this PP should be used and not CSA Clergy Sexual Abuse because these 2 words, like the word "Pope" instead of "Holy Father") burn coals in Opus Dei heads. The SNAP protests were like "Dust in the wind", insignificant protestors with the same old tunes of protests (like Women for Priests and GAY movements). SNAP was merely "a drop of water in an endless sea" of people hailing Pope Benedict the Kind Herod triumphant visit in America. America the land of Shrek embraced Benedict the Shark Pope.

Theme song of SNAP: Dust in the Wind YouTube

Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind

"Meek and Mild" Barbara Blaine and weakling David versus B16-Goliath

The fact is SNAP president Barbara Blaine and director David Clohessy are "meek and mild" compared the the Jesuit little mouse Jon Sobrino who makes the Pope and Opus Dei tremble that they had to use their fiercest Vatican weapons of "Notification and Silence" on him in little country of El Salvador. David Clohessy faced Benedict XVI the Goliath in his own turf in the big country of USA, yap in his own turf of American soil but his SNAP-pebble sadly was merely made of dust in the wind.

"Holy Father" of Barbara Blaine

Now that Benedict XVI is back at the Vatican Palace, he is partying with Cardinal Bernard Law and the Opus Dei and laughing at how they have successfully fooled the Americans. Cardinal Law remains seated on his glorious throne and 7 Vatican posts which demosntrate that those shoutings by president Barbara Blaine & David Clohessy and SNAP protesters did not move the hair of the Pope one bit. At the rate that Barbara Blaine keeps calling the Pope "Holy Father" in her 9 minute interview with Washington Post (see below), she only perpetuates the autocracy and hypocrisy of the Pope and the powers of Cardinal Bernard Law who is also the "Holy Father" of the St. Mary Maggiore, the Mother Basilica of Rome's churches and all churches inthe world!

Apology of Enron crooks and Osama ben Laden enough?

The Octopus Dei mastermind has a Midas Touch and succeed in every Octopus media spin they orchestrate as evident in the Opus Dei owned New York Times and Washington Posts, et al, who are "praising" Benedict and his few words of apologies. Even the Jesuit Andrew Greeley is on Octopus Dei leash as he attacks SNAP in their protests. Would the Americans simply accept apology from Osama ben Laden and the crooks of Enron (and Conrad Black) -- and not put them to jail? Why is the standard of justice for the Church different from the secular world?

Crimen Sollicitationis and Canon Law

So now Benedict XVI with his GAY Private Secretary, Georg and the Opus Dei will tinker with Canon Law, what a joke. Right, Benedict who with his Crimen Sollicitationis threatened all priests and Bishops with excommunication if they spoke about priest-pedophiles and who covered-up more than 5,485 pedophile priests for over 27 years -- will suddenly "touch" Canon Law for the sake of the survivors. Who is kidding hwo here. How stupid Americans can be to "keep waiting for justice" from the Pope and the Vatican. These victims would rather continue living a "living hell" than speak-up against the Vicar of Christ (who does not resemble Christ one bit with his papal red shoes and ostentatious lifestyle).

Canonization of John Paul II with his Pedophile Priests Army...unscathed

Well, the truth is, Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei are more focused on getting John Paul II canonized so that they can quote his words as the "Word of God". That's right, MR. John Paul II and MRS. Josemaria Escriba de Opus Dei, the new Mystical GAY Marriage in the Catholic Church -- GAY Marriage as it can get even in death.


Barbara Blaine, president of SNAP, interview with Washington Post.

Note that the 3 interviewers simply cannot get it, they say that "Benedict XVI has already apologized so 'what more do you want'". And Barbara Blaine couldn't even convince them that Cardinal Bernard Law should be demoted. Why did Barbara fail -- because she did not use the only allegory that these Opus Dei media spinners can understand :

9/11 had 5,000 victims and the Priest-pedophilia had 12,000 American victims.

Barbara Blaine failed to tell the American media that the Pope and Cardinal Bernard Law and Mahony, et al are all "crooks like Conrad Black and Enron " - who should be prosecuted and jailed.

Barbara Blaine failed to tell the American media that the Pope played the biggest leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary by the BBC... and other films and in YouTube which these media people would have galdly watched and thus get enlightened - visually.

Barbara Blaine failed to pitch to these 3 interviewers and to the American media the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law and her letter to Benedict XVI on the eve of his arrival to America. If she cannot get Benedict XVI to demote Cardinal Law, all her words are dust in the wind...


Here is the "meek and mild" SNAP statement to the Pope's 25 minutes meeting with some hand-picked survivors.

SNAP Press Statement

April 17, 2008

Pope meets with victims, SNAP responds

Statement by Joelle Casteix of Newport Beach CA, SNAP southwestern regional director (949 322 7434)

This is a small, long-over due step forward on a very long road. We're confident the meeting was meaningful for the participants and we're grateful that these victims have had the courage to come forward and speak up.

But fundamentally it won't change things. Kids need action. Catholics deserve action. Action produces reform and reform, real reform, is sorely needed in the church hierachy.

Some talk is OK. A meeting is better. Decisive reform is crucial.

We do vulnerable children a severe disservice if we set extraordinarily low expectations for a brilliant, experienced, powerful global leader like the Pope.

In the Gospel of Luke, we're told "To whom much is given, much is expected." The Pope has been given the reins of a vast, wealthy, powerful global monarchy. He must use those reins to safeguard the vulnerable.

We cannot confuse words - even sincere, eloquent ones - with deeds. The stakes are too high.

(SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is the nation’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. We’ve been around for 17 years and have more than 8,000 members across the country. Despite the word “priest” in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, and Protestant ministers. Our website is SNAPnetwork.org)


Another "meek and mild" SNAP reaction to the Pope's plan to modify canon law for the sake of the victims.

SNAP Press Statement

Statement on the proposed reforms to Canon (Church) law

Statement by Peter Isely, Midwest Regional Director 414-429-7259, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Kids are safest when predators are exposed and jailed. That requires civil and criminal legal actions. That is where real reform must happen. Rather than tinkering with internal church processes the bishops should be lobbying for serious civil and criminal reforms. Floating a nearly meaningless proposal protects no kid. Taking real action protects kids.

Five years ago church officials also "considered" a national online database on pedophile priests that obviously is not happening. When the heat is on they publicly ponder many reforms. And when public attention shifts they enact virtually no reforms.

List of "meek and mild" SNAP Press Statements on the papal visit


SNAP must learn from Jesuit Jon Sobrino

Many Jesuits suffer the same fate as survivors of priest-pedophilia. They are not all like Andrew Greeley tied tothe Octopus Dei leash and do media spin for Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA.

SNAP should learn from the little mouse Jon Sobrino who wrote a couple of paragraphs about John Paul II's visit to El Salvador in 1996 and scared the daylight out of the Pope and the Opus Dei. Because of these paragraphs in one book, Benedict XVI served Sobrino "Notification" (soon as he became Pope) and the Opus Dei Bishop in El Salvador finished it to the guillotine by serving him "Silence" - meaning Sobrino cannot teach or publish anything in Catholic Universities. La Sapienza University was right in protesting Benedict's visit and speech, that is why we call it the GISU Galileo Iceberg that has hit the Benedict XVI Opus Dei B16-OD Titanic Ship...because the Americans and SNAP are too "meek and mild" to do anything to touch a hair of Benedict XVI and cut off one tentacle of the mighty Opus Dei.

Jon Sobrino hit the bull's eye of John Paul II papal trip to El Salvador Jon Sobrino is the real David fighting the Goliath Benedict XVI and no Vatican power arsenal will be able to silence him like Nelson Mandela.

Page 141. Important ecclesial events, like a papal visit, are often organized in such a way that they too produce a feeling of unreality. In the Pope’s 1996 visit to El Salvador, it is true that most of the people who attended were poor. But all one could see of their reality was their religious enthusiasm, more or less effectively organized. One didn’t see their poverty, their fears, their discouragement and helplessness, not even their true faith and hope; one didn’t see their reality. As the event was organized, the poor served more as a backdrop than as the reality of the country; in the foreground were minorities that do not represent the reality: the government, legislators and politicians, the rich and powerful, and the Church beside them. The Pope’s visit neither reflected reality nor, to judge from the consequences, had any important effect on it.

On page 140. This applies to the allocutions and homilies of the Pope to the Congregation when he was an "adult-pope’. And that is still a serious problem: humanistas without sarx, factuality without reality (in the world of the poor). To give a few examples: one often gets a feeling of unreality from homilies, documents and messages that do not make central - although they may mention it - the poverty of reality, the injustice and corruption that cause it, and the cover-up that accompanies it. The feeling of unreality comes especially from the lack of commitment to get involved in the conflict, to struggle against injustice and to suffer the consequences. Words, words, words, as J. Comblin calls such messages in the article mentioned above. At another level, one gets the same feeling of unreality from a seminary formation that protects the seminarian from reality; or from the spiritualities and pastoral practices promoted or tolerated by movements that lead the human being into an a-historical transcendence with infantilizing consequences. (From Martyrs of El Salvador. By Jon Sobrino)(Bold emphases added)


YouTube: Benedict XVI led the cover-up of priest pedophilia for over 27 years.

Updated October 27, 2015

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