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Benedict XVI is THE Jesuit Delusion

In his blog today, "Why does the Pope count on the Jesuits?", Francis de Melo writes: "Millions kill themselves for money and fame"... but hey, the Jesuits are doing the same thing too -- except that Jesuits kill others (first and sometimes themselves) for money and fame of the Pope. Jesuits do not kill themselves because they know how to stay alive; they have (which laity don't) political and religious immunity when they travel worldwide amassing "money and fame" for the Pope!

It is amazing how this Octopus Dei leash-tied Indian Jesuit, Francis de Melo uses media spin ala Opus Dei style...yeah, Octopus-Dei-lies! In his blog today (see below) he cites some of our words such as "rebel" referring to our post of "Benedict XVI versus Jesus the Rebel". It is getting more clear why the Jesuits at GC35 are playing the Octopus-Dei-lies game because the Opus Dei has not appointed any Jesuit Cardinal since Cardinal Dulles. The Pope has appointed only over 81 year old Jesuit scholars who have no voting powers at the conclave. As their main strategy for their WORLD DOMINATION agenda Opus Dei want to eradicate the Jesuits and make hostile takeovers of all their Jesuit universities worldwide ...meanwhile they make them strictly Opus Dei and papal parrots...writing articles such as these by Francis de Melo.

To have a slower death the Jesuits are like giant elephants doing all the circus act the Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI is telling them to do. The Opus Dei founder St? Josemaria said it all about Opus Dei's hatred for the Jesuits till death we are apart: "I would prefer a million times that a daughter of mine die without the Last Sacraments than that they be administered to her by a Jesuit".

The Opus Dei recently created a new institute to usurp the SJ Jesuit initial -- SJI St? Josemaria Institute. The Pope, the Opus Dei and the Zenit liberally uses the copyrighted word "Spiritual Exercises" in their daily news - to usurp the uniqueness of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Wake up Jesuits at GC35, you are stupid elephants tied on Octopus Dei leash! St? Josemaria Escriva is laughing at you from his grave while Ignatius and Xavier are turning in their graves because of the Octopus Dei beast that have swallowed up all the Jesuit wealth at the Vatican...and is on its way to swallow up your Jesuit universities. Many secret Opus Dei members are already faculty and Board of Trustees members ready to takeover these Jesuit universities ASAP!

We post these century-old proofs of the Jesuits as "servants of the Pope" and how they have helped make the papacy the wealthiest institution on earth, such as transferring Marcos gold and billions to the Vatican. Unfortunately it is the Opus Dei who now harvest, enjoy and control these Jesuit-raised funds at the Vatican!

Hey Francis de Melo, you said in your article "Millions kill themselves for money and fame"...well, well, well, so do you Jesuits who would "obey the Pope like dead men obey" and obey the Pope to your death. That makes you no different from the laity you are criticising in this article. The Pope is a hypocrite and a criminal and he breeds followers who are the same...and YOU are made of the same cloth as the Pope and you are the Pope's blind and "dead-obedient-servants" -- what a shame to teach this to your lay students. What a bad example of blind obedience. Benedict XVI is a CEO guilty as those Enron CEOs.

(See article "Beginning of the end" written by the same Francis de Melo!)

Proofs of covert Jesuits amassing "wealth and fame" for the Pope and the Vatican: (more to come)

By Blaise Pascal

October 23, 1656
If I had merely to reply to the three remaining charges on the
subject of homicide, there would be no need for a long discourse,
and you will see them refuted presently in a few words; but as I think
it of much more importance to inspire the public with a horror at your
opinions on this subject than to justify the fidelity of my
quotations, I shall be obliged to devote the greater part of this
letter to the refutation of your maxims, to show you how far you
have departed from the sentiments of the Church and even of nature
itself. The permissions of murder, which you have granted in such a
variety of cases, render it very apparent, that you have so far
forgotten the law of God,
and quenched the light of nature, as to
require to be remanded to the simplest principles of religion and of
common sense. (bold emphasis added)

(complete Letter XIV)


Why does the Pope count on the Jesuits?
Francis de Melo, SJ -- "blog"

Pope Benedict XVI met the whole General Congregation in the Vatican on 21 February, and told us Jesuits “…the Church needs you, counts on you, and continues to turn to you with confidence, particularly to reach the geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach or find it difficult to reach.”

The Pope pointed out in the same address that we are now “in a time of great social… changes, with sharp ethical, cultural and environmental problems.” And he was not asking for tame, blind following of the usual. He deliberately chose to present in his address the example of Jesuits like Robert de Nobili in India and Matteo Ricci in Japan. De Nobili had been considered very controversial by Church authorities because he pioneered new methods of evangelism, wearing saffron robes and adopting many other Brahmin customs. The Pope went on to say, “Today I feel I have the duty to exhort you to follow in the footsteps of your predecessors with the same courage and intelligence…” Sounds like a call to tame, blind stuff?

Obviously it’s easy to simply follow the known and familiar. But that is not what the Pope expects of the Jesuits. It’s also easy to be a rebel: throw away all tradition and come up with wild new theories and practices. Certainly not what anyone expects of the Jesuits. But to work with courage and intelligence… to think, courageously, out of the box… bring new relevance to life in today’s world. That’s just what Jesuits do.

Today’s is a world of abject poverty and opulent extravagance, of amazing benefits from technology and ecological disaster. Millions kill themselves for money and fame, but there are many who seek the truth, wanting to live as fully as they can the mystery of life. They give of themselves freely at great cost to create a better world. Some are finding ways to live beautifully in a rushing world, discovering unbelievable powers in the body to stay healthy and joyful where there would otherwise be stress and pain. Many more are searching. Pope Benedict expects us Jesuits to be able to respond to such persons: “…to reach those spiritual places where others… have difficulty to arrive.” (Of course B16 expects you Jesuits to do the dirty jobs the Opus Dei wouldn't waste their time on. Opus Dei recruits the elite and leave the poor for the Jesuits, the crumbs of society. Like the poor of El Salvador where Jon Sobrino is. Have you forgotten and abandoned your poor Jesuit brothers victims of Benedict XVI's injustice?)

As Jesuits called by the Pope to work at such frontiers in today’s complex world, we will have to build up our own personal calibre of mind and heart to match the demands. As for everyone else these are new areas which we have to search, try out, share findings, and so discover the wonder that God has made us to be, so that we may then lead others to this. (The Pope calls Jesuits to go to frontiers like Alaska where Opus Dei will not waste their time on. And so this is what Jesuits do - be slaves of Opus Dei Pope Benedict XVI!)

Now you know why the Pope counts on the Jesuits?

John Paul II the Pope of Pedophilia (by Danish cartoonist)
"I am against Homosexuality, but for Pedophilia"

The Jesuit Pedophile-Priest in Alaska that cost the Society $50 Million!

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Benedict XVI Delusion of Jesuits at GC35

The Jesuits are hemorhaging due to the "Benedict XVI Delusion of Jesuits at GC35" in Rome - a hemorhage which unfortunately they will spread and contaminate the world after the General Congregation is over. Christopher Hitchens could easily write a book about the Jesuit Delusion...but while waiting for him we'll point it out here.

It is aptly called the "Benedict XVI Delusion of Jesuits at GC35" because of 7 things:

1. The new Father General Nicolas and the Jesuits "obey" Benedict XVI with "like a dead man" obedience. The Jesuits should learn from the young people of La Sapienza University in Rome who protested and forced Benedict XVI to cancel his visit and speech for their opening school day last January.

Benedict XVI is a criminal, a clone of the criminal John Paul II, who committed the crime-of-cover-up-of-priests-pedophilia for more than a quarter of century.

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,448 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + St? Josemaria de Opus Dei (the new Roman Catholic Trinity!)

The new Fr. General and Jesuits of GC35 -- listen and obey– this criminal Pope Benedict XVI.

2. The Jesuits at GC35 say that the Pope's prayer and the Jesuits' prayer are one "His prayer and ours are one". Benedict XVI is a great actor clone of John Paul II and this Ignatian prayer of Take, Lord, Receive is one of the greatest papal lie of this new century.

Jim Corkery, SJ, wrote "His ending with St Ignatius’s prayer, the Take and Receive, which he did not so much read aloud as pray aloud in our presence, was the most unforgettable moment of all. At that moment, in a striking way, his prayer and our prayer were one."

Corkery's Jesuit delusion is so crystal clear here, he is simply Jesuitically blind and does not see that the end of the prayer says: "Lord, Your grace is enough for me". Benedict XVI is lying because the only thing that will be "enough" for him and the Opus Dei is - absolute obedience to the Pope and the absolute parroting of his words and decrees. Proof? Take a look at Jon Sobrino who was served "Notification" by Benedict XVI and "Silence" by the Opus Dei Bishop of El Salvador -- because he refused to kowtow to John Paul II. The "grace of God" was not enough in El Salvador. The Jesuits at GC 35 said: "The Church can exist without the Jesuits but the Jeusits cannot exist without the Church". The 'grace of God' is never enough for an Opus Dei member ...only the 'grace of the pope' is absolute...and therefore if the Jesuits are to remain within the Church they must be tied by an Octopus Dei leash.

What does Benedict XVI God's Rottweiler have against this frail old man Jesuit Jon Sobrino who has dedicated his entire lifetime to the Crucified Peoples of El Salvador - while Benedict XVI couldn't give a hoot or lift his papal finger to help these poorest of peoples as he wallows in the lap of luxury at the Vatican.
Read the answers here.

3. Fr. Vincent Cooke -- This New York Jesuit's blindness to the Octopus Dei leash is a tamed giant elephant Jesuit tied to the Opus Dei. In his article “Differences then and now” he said that "there are no tension between the Jesuits and Benedict XVI today". This means the Jesuits have become elephants tamed and tied onto the Octopus Dei leash. We post an indepth analysis here.

4. Fr. General's speech at the private audience at the Clementine Hall is a white-flag surrender to the Opus Dei. He doesnot defend Jon Sobrino and other Jesuits mauled and silenced by the criminal Benedict XVI.

5. Fr. General shrinks before Benedict XVI 30-minutes “absolute-power” photo-op

For a new Father General to concede to a "doctored" photo such as this is to show how stupid well-educated men can get...and how successful are the Opus Dei in their media spin for their Opus Dei-WORLD DOMINATION agenda

The faculty and young students of La Sapienza are smarter than the Jesuits because they refused such 30-minutes ceremony of BXVI in their university turf. It is the laity that will cleanse the Church and make the papacy obsolete and thrash the Octopus Dei back to the depths of the ocean where those Opus Dei eunuch gladiators belong.

6. The Jesuit Delusion is dying for the Pope, not for the Cause or the Lord. Jesuits "obey the pope" till death and do all for the "greater glory of the Pope" -- not for the greater glory of God......but rather for the self-interest, self-ego, self-glory, power and honour of John Paul II and Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei!

MOU with God
Hector D' Souza, S.J.
(MOU: Memorandum of Understanding)

If my cause in the Lord has to be a success
Then I should be ready to die for the Cause.
My cause is the Lord’s, dying is to the self:
My self-interest, my self-ego, my self-glory, power, honour.

7. Finally Benedict XVI mentions Padre Arrupe's JRS (because we pointed it out that he has ignored JRS since its conception). What the tamed-Jesuits on Octopus Dei leash cannot see are the refugees of JRS (photo) and the pope whom they obey "like dead men" are different like day and night.

Notice the simple poor clothes of Jesus the Rebel as he sits on the crude soil.

Benedict XVI

Humpty Dumpty sits on his Infallible Throne -- with GAY image makeover by GAY Zeffirelli

The Opus Dei Vatican Palace will soon turn into rubbles like the Temple of Solomon and not one pillar will be left standing!

Francis de Melo wrote in "Why does the Pope count on the Jesuits"
"Today’s is a world of abject poverty and opulent extravagance..."
Here is a picture that speaks a thousand words, the abject poverty of Africans and the opulent extravagance of Benedict XVI!

The Jesuit Refugee Service JRS refugees sit on simple plain wooden seats.


Listen to Fr. Tom Doyle interviewed in YouTube
explaining how the Pope covered-up clergy sexual abuse...and the Jesuits obey this same Pope to their stupid a bunch of intelligent Ph.D men can be!

Last year after Mahony paid off the $660 million to victims of hundreds of pedophile-priests he covered-up, we wrote this article which is fitting to reprint here because Janet Hauter and her team of newly elected VOTF Opus Dei officers will be official mouthpiece of the Octopus Dei for at least 2 years.

It is quite a coincidence that as we reveal for the first time the role of Opus Dei in the cover-up of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for more than 26 years these giant squids suddenly appear on the shores of southern California.

God is sending the sign (through these giant predators) to confirm that we are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth about the Octopus Dei who is the ultimate cover-upper of the priest pedophilia of the 20th century and is the modern predator in the Catholic church today.

Shame on the City of Angels as NOT ONE Los Angeles theologian raised his voice to denounce Cardinal Mahony and asked for his resignation. Shame on the City of Angels as representatives of SNAP and Catholics did not protest Cardinal Mahony's hypocrisy and demand him to step down and leave town. Shame on the City of Angels that has lost its sense of decency and justice - for the children who are least of the brethren of Christ who suffered the most heinous crime of priest pedophilia in the Catholic church in the 20th century.

We in Boston did our job well for the victims of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and we got rid of Cardinal Bernard Law (one of the commanders of the Third Reich of the JPIIPPA). Cardinal Law was not a good American citizen and so we did not want to see him walk in our Bostonian soil. We refused to hear his liar-voice preaching everyday in our diocese and churches . It was not a surprise that John Paul II took him to Rome to join his other cohorts-in-crime, JPII clones Benedict XVI and Opus Dei eunuchs, Masters of Deceit at the Vatican (prime Opus Dei real estate)where they continue to rule amidst pompous ceremonies like the Tsars using their OD cunning tentacles.

Shame on the City of Angels so immune to sex that it clasps the 508 pedophile priests and kowtow to Cardinal Mahony, Master of Cunning and Deceit. The City of Angels breaths easy amidst LA landscape stenched with sex. Perhaps this is not a surprise as Hollywood reels with sex films; and the Catholic church seething with the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army blends well into the sex scene.

Video of giant squids off California coast
"They feed like a pack of wolves, and what they'll do is they will force their prey to the surface." (Opus Dei preys on anyone who demand justice for the poor and the downtrodden and who dares point out the truth about their secretive OD schemes.)

"And they just get themselves into an absolute feeding frenzy. These things are literally eating machines." (Opus Dei are literally eating machines on anyone who speaks the truth like the Jesuits).

"Giant squid make for good eating (like Opus Dei may look good in Latin Mass and in their piety). They can be broiled, baked, fried or barbecued. And are considered a delicacy. Just know they are also cannibalistic..." (right, cannibalistic like the holy Opus Dei who mauls on their prey the Jesuits - e.g. Jon Sobrino who has given his entire life to serve the poor people of El Salvador was silenced and prohibited to publish and teach -- by the Opus Dei Bishop who wouldn't dare dirty his hands to serve the poor).

See May 7, 2007 of
for the complete story on Jon Sobrino.

"The squids have been described as looking 'like aliens'" (like Opus Dei holy aliens)

"They get up to about 100 pounds, (and) eight feet long! Eight feet of fighting fury".

Hell knows no fury like the Opus Dei scorned.

(Images: Getty, BBC,AP)


This was written by a Jesuit delegate and it shows how the Jesuits obey ultimately the Pope and Opus Dei...all for the "Cause of WORLD DOMINATION AGENDA of Opus Dei"!

MOU with God
Hector D' Souza, S.J.

(MOU: Memorandum of Understanding)

We have an MOU with God.
Our Vows so fervently proclaimed at the novitiate;
Our promises publicly made at the ordination,
They are but an MOU.
Being faithful to MOU is
To be committed to the cause, we espouse.

My cause is the Lord, His mission.
The identity, the mission, the structures, the collaborators
And my obedience are at the service of this ‘Cause’.

Some groups are a success and some have failed in their movement.
The history reminds us that those who are ready to die for the Cause
Have succeeded, others have not!

Founding Fathers had a cause and they were ready to die for it.
We have inherited those ‘genes’ and call them
‘Our Way of proceeding’.
GC 35 once again brings us back to that ‘patrimony’
To ‘re-culture’ afresh where we have inbred too much with our ‘self,’
And to go at it with renewed vigour, the Cause, the Mission.

If my cause in the Lord has to be a success
Then I should be ready to die for the Cause.
My cause is the Lord’s, dying is to the self:
My self-interest, my self-ego, my self-glory, power, honour.

If we have 9, 500, 1000,…..36,000,…20,000, 18000+… Jesuits
Ready to die to self and if the people of God
Could find as many holy men whom they could go to
Then what stops us, “men at the cross-roads, men at the periphery”?

We are signing a fresh MOU with the Lord, at this GC 35
Are we ready to die to self and live for the cause of the Master

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Benedict XVI difference of Jesuit GC33 & GC35

During over a quarter of century of John Paul II and Benedict XVI papacy, the Jesuits have been continuously fed with Octopus-Dei-lies by John Allen at his ncr cafe. We expose how snaky Allen can be in his Opus Dei media spin style...just like Fr. Richard McBrien. The successful effects of John Allen's Octopus-Dei-lies is evident in this New York Jesuit's essay in the GC35 blog (Feb 23) on the "Similarities and Differences of the GC 33 & 35" (see below).

We point out the key phrase in Fr. Vincent Cooke's reflection that shows that he is getting older and like a tamed elephant has surrendered to the Opus Dei agenda of WORLD DOMINATION:

"GC 33 began with a tense relationship between the Society and the Holy Father. Today the Holy Father has expressed great confidence in the Society, and those at the congregation are eager to be of greater service to the Church and the missions he assigns to us."

This New York Jesuit, Fr. Vincent Cooke is Opus Dei OD-drugged! GC33 had a tension between the Society and the Holy Father because Arrupe refused to kowtow to the Opus Dei and the Devil's Advocate still existed and Jesuits sat at this most important office at the Vatican. John Paul II abolished the Devil's Advocate and fired ALL Jesuits attending to the papal offices and surrounded himself only with Opus Dei eunuchs with Joaquin Navarro-Valls as his private and public secretary for more than 26 years. During over 26 years, the Jesuits were like elephants tamed and tied by the Octopus Dei tentacles. And like circus elephants - just for show - the giant Jesuits are to do what the Opus Dei and the Pope want them to do which are:

1) Absolute power is owned by the Opus Dei -- who'll control the Vatican wealth, the papacy and appointments of Bishops and Cardinals. Notice there are no Jesuit Cardinals since Dulles of New York). Vatican wealth includes the Vatican Radio which is now fully staffed by Opus Dei student graduates.

2) John Paul II and St? Josemaria writings are to be absolute "Word of God" and norms in the Catholic world...that is why John Paul II must be canonized as soon as possible so that he can be cited together with his Mystical Bride the androgynous Josemaria.

3)Jesuits are to tend to the poor countries where Opus Dei don't dare dirty their hands or waste their time because Opus Dei will only deal with the echelon and heads of states and judiciary systems and media empires of countries , classic example is El Salvador where the Opus Dei Bishop "Silenced" Jon Sobrino. But the Pope must get ALL credits for ALL Jesuit good works ... as if the Pope approved and did the work himself.

An example of Jesuit work that has been stolen by the Opus Dei is the congregaiton of Blessed Mother Teresa. The Jesuits have always been the Spiritual Directors of Mother Tersa before, at the beginning, during and up to today (one of her Spiritual Director is wanted for pedophilia). But the Opus Dei has put her as a permanent link in their official homepage and they made sure that the Jesuits are almost non-existent within her website. The Opus Dei put Mother website to make it appear as if Opus Dei have works with the poor. The fact is Opus Dei live only in million-dollar neighborhood complete with uniformed servants and would never waste time serving as Mother Teresa's Spiiritual Director -- because Opus Dei priests are to say Mass and serve only their Opus Dei members...Infinite Octopus-Dei-lies!

In the United States. one major example of a Jesuit used and abused by the Opus Dei is Jesuit Fr. Fessio. Fr. Fessio was the founder of Ignatius Press in San Francisco and got exclusive rights to publish all of Ratizinger's writings in USA. Soon as he became pope, the Opus Dei took over all copyrights and annulled that initial contract between RAtzinger and Fessio. Then Opus Dei hired (for free) Fr. Fessio to help build and get accreditation for the Opus Dei owned Ave Maria University in Naples Florida, financed by billionaire Tom Monighan of Domino Pizza.

After Ave Maria University got all the accreditation and prestige it needed in the USA, thanks to the 28 Jesuit universities expertise of Fr. Fessio, Opus Dei fired Fessio "without explanation". (Google this up and you'll find tons of articles).

So this New York Jesuit Fr. Cooke has been cooked up by chef John Allen who incidentally moved to New York from Rome because he can earn more money by speaking around the states of USA spreading his Octopus-Dei-lies.

Well, balding long-nose-Pinocchio John Allen, your ncr cafe within the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship will soon sink because you have been hit by the Galileo Iceberg and your Octopus Dei kitchen soup will go the bottom of the sea where you all belong!

Similarities and Differences
It is 25 years since GC 33, which I attended in 1983 as Provincial of the New York Province. I am now an elected delegate at GC 35, and the similarities and differences between the two congregations are striking.

Vincent M. Cooke, S.J.

Both congregations were called to elect a new General. Both had swift elections, Fr. Kolvenbach on the first ballot, and Fr. Nicolas on the second ballot. Both elections left the delegates with a clear sense that the Holy Spirit had guided our discernment process, and a conviction that we had elected men who love the Society greatly and who would provide great leadership. We also learned that community discernment really can work, but it requires much more prayer than we usually give it in our local communities. Each day the delegates privately prayed for hours before the Blessed Sacrament.

The differences are even more striking. GC 33 began with a tense relationship between the Society and the Holy Father. Today the Holy Father has expressed great confidence in the Society, and those at the congregation are eager to be of greater service to the Church and the missions he assigns to us. The international character of the Society is much more apparent today, especially due to the prominent role played by numerous Jesuits from India, Africa, and the Far East. GC 33 still had some of the vestiges of tension between the faith and justice aspects of our mission that surfaced conspicuously at GC 32. Today one is struck by how that tension has disappeared, and how faith and justice have been well integrated with our missions to dialogue and culture. The Jesuits of India especially give voice to the need for dialogue between religions and cultures.

The second part of the congregation dealing with the writing of decrees is much better prepared for and organized today than at GC 33. A new tension has however arisem that was not present 25 years ago, a tension between those who prefer that our decrees be written in a more poetic inspirational narrative style and those who prefer a more rationalistic or juridical approach. With 225 Jesuits trying to write texts a safe bet is that this tension will be resolved by compromise.

Vincent M. Cooke, S.J.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benedict XVI "absolute-power" photos

At their first meeting last January, Fr. General Nicolas is 2-3-4 inches taller than Benedict XVI.

February 21, in front of the 200 delegates of the General Congregation 35, physically, the Pope is shorter than the new Father General.

February 21, after the group photo, suddenly Benedict XVI is taller and bigger than new Father General Nicolas!

Poor Jesuit photographer on an Octopus Dei leash -- he better take this "doctored" photo if he wanted to leave the Vatican alive!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Benedict XVI insist on parading his "absolute-power" in every photo-op and the 30-minute private audience with the Jesuits of the General Congregation was one major opportunity: Look at the first photo of Feb. 21 with the new Father General Alfonso Nicolas shaking hands in front of the Jesuits, Fr. Nicolas is taller than the pope (as in his first meeting last January)...but in the second photo, alone with Father General Benedict XVI is taller and can this happen? -- B16 is standing on a stool or step to make him appear taller, with dark walls and dim lights to emphasize his white robe and stature. If the Jesuits are to voluntarily stoop down lower than the Octopus Dei powers of Benedict XVI, it is the laity who will bring justice into the Church...most of all the Galileo Iceberg has hit the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship at La Sapienza University and not even the Jesuits can put together Humpty Dumpty Benedict XVI together again.

Alas, Benedict XVI trembles before GISU!

Benedict XVI speaking on the papal Mass in You Tube

Benedict XVI golden throne & Jesuit plastic chair & Jesus' seat

Benedict XVI Humpty Dumpty sits on his Infallible Throne -- with GAY image makeover by GAY Zeffirelli

The new Father General on a plastic chair on the roof-garden of the Jesuit Curia in Rome. (This plastic chair cost $20 at Wal-Mart).

Jesus 2000 years ago sat on the earth without any plastic chair or golden throne. The Jesuits are the "Companions of Jesus" who obey "like dead men" the wealthy Pope.

Notice the simple poor clothes of Jesus the Rebel as he sits on the crude soil.

Click on image to enlarge and read history of what the Pope did in Ireland using his "Chair of Peter".

Read especially Appendix iii on how the Church was armed and killed natives by order of the Pope from his "Chair of Peter"!


On the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, the Apostle

Robert Scullin, S.J.

Last Thursday, Congregation members along with a good number of our support staff were invited to meet with the Holy Father in one of the audience halls of the Vatican—in the Clementine Hall (named for Clement VIII). After Father Nicolás greeted Pope Benedict on our behalf, the Holy Father addressed us all with great warmth. He used using Ignatian language and key phrases from recent General Congregations encouraged the Society to continue its work “on the frontiers,” including the frontiers of cultures. He ended his remarks with the words of the Suscipe: Take, Lord, receive . . . .

With my minimal Italian, I was caught by his words and images that are part of our active vocabulary: the Gospel . . . global challenges . . . mission . . . the poor. He called us once again to a new evangelization aimed at the cultures (more than at the geography) of our world today. We are wrestling with these themes in a number of documents these days on Mission, Collaboration, Apostolic Obedience, and Governance.

Benedict XVI asked us early on in our preparation for the congregation to reflection on the importance of formation in the Society. I found it a real moment of grace when the working group on Formation presented the idea of the whole body of the Society as the major formator for Jesuits not only in the years leading up to final vows as a priest or brother but throughout a Jesuit’s life.

For me, the Holy Father’s words clashed with the formal, ornate elegance of the Clementine Hall. But I did hear him speak of faith, justice, culture, dialogue, and the poor. He asked us keep on the path that St. Ignatius set us on in our core mission set out in the Formula of the Institute.

While we were waiting for the Holy Father to arrive, I contemplated the ceiling frescoes and noticed four words writ large at the top of the four walls: religio, justicia, clementia, and charitas. Even without their Latin nuances, the words are reminders as powerful today as in the early 1600’s when the Hall was finished. The Society is about all four—living a faith (religio) that does justice which involves both charity and mercy or reconciliation (clementia).

We’ve been pretty “clement” to and with one another as we wrestle with written texts and spoken “interventions.” We are still able to override our growing meeting-fatigue with a strong desire and even passion to embrace the Lord’s invitation as best we can recognize it and articulate for one another these days. More and more we are considering how to share this experience with Jesuits and our apostolic partners back home.

Seat of refugees in Africa

Benedict XVI 30-minutes maul the Jesuits

After more than 7 weeks of the General Congregation, Benedict XVI finally received 200 of the 217 Jesuit delegates in Rome. (The 17 who didn't go were the wise virgins who knew how to save their necks!) For 30 minutes he mauled them fast as God's Rottweiler. If there is any proof that there are no Jesuit Illuminati, this gotta be it - Jesuits are NOT PHYSICALLY CLOSE to the pope, therefore, there are no Jesuit Illuminatis or Jesuit Assassins (today). The Pope cannot stand Jesuit presence and so 30-minutes was enough... No chit-chat, only 1 speech short-and-sweet, click-click photo and GOOD-BYE. Benedict XVI behavior is similar to tigers in San Diego Zoo who mauled their caretaker within minutes - the same tigers he has been caring for for years mauled him and left only a piece of his skeleton and this was seen by witnesses. Benedict XVI, God's Rottweiler also mauled the Jesuits within 30-minutes, he did't waste time. After he cited a few historical Jesuit evangelical works, he mauled them and told them: "Don't come back here again, this is now Opus Dei papal palace and Opus Dei Vatican bank. Thanks for the memories and good riddance". Benedict XVI was in a hurry to go back to his GAY-live-in love Georg, his private secretary...and to his private Opus Dei eunuchs staff.

Benedict XVI was dressed in white because he instructed the Jesuits to all go in black. Zeffirelli gay image consultant was the photo-op director. When BXVI meets royalties and celebrities he always wear a red cape because he looks really ugly and pale sick in white and if you look on the magnified version , he really is a scary old scrooge.(Click on "photos" in for enlarged version and you'll see his face like this in YouTube)

Papal audience

On the morning of 21st February, there was no session in the Aula of the Congregation. At ten o’clock, the first delegates already started to make their way towards the Vatican, where his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI received the members of the 35th General Congregation in a private audience.

A little after 11.30am, the Pope received the more than two hundred delegates in the “sala Clementina” inside the Vatican, in an encounter that lasted half an hour. After the initial greetings, Father General Adolfo Nicolás addressed the Holy Father, expressing gratitude for the audience and informing him on the proceeding of the General Congregation, particularly in relation to the letter that Benedict XVI had sent Father Kolvenbach at the beginning of the Congregation.

The speech of the Holy Father began with a grateful acknowledgement to Father Kolvenbach for the service that he had provided as guide of the Society of Jesus during almost a quarter of a century. Then His Holiness listed examples from the history of the Society in order to inspire the Jesuits to renew their commitment to the service of the Church and of humanity. In his speech, Benedict XVI reminded the Society of the urgency of the proclamation of faith in a world that changes constantly and that needs words of hope and salvation. The Holy Father brought to mind the courage of the first Jesuits and encouraged the Society to engage even more in its mission of theological research and of interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

The Pope also urged the Jesuits to pursue their mission with and for the poor and remarked on the specifically Jesuit ministry of giving the Spiritual Exercises.



Governance, Community and Formation

During the morning the aula will work on the second draft about “Governance.” The afternoon will be time for ordinary government issues, discussing the topic of “Community and Formation.”

Benedict XVI "beginning of the end" of Jesuits?

This blog title of a Jesuit delegate, Fr. Francis de Melo, SJ, (see below) today is very eerie "The beginning of the end" -- which could mean the end of the Jesuits (like the Piarists which was the first thing that came to my mind) even if what he actually meant was the end of the GC35 in Rome. Sadly, Fr. de Melo doesnot see that the GC35 if it is "for the whole world" -- is really just beginning. But he chose an eerie title, God forbid, prophetic to the Society of Jesus. If what he really preaches is to obey the Pope “like a dead man cadaver”, then for sure, no sound young men with a sound body would want to join the Society of Jesus and become a dead-man-obeying-Jesuit.

De Melo's citation of the apostolic obedience to the pope "like a dead cadaver" is very troubling and a bad example for the laity like myself. This kind of obedience is even worse than religious "blind obedience". Most of all this kind of "dead" obedience is what the the Opus Dei precisely want from the Jesuits because Opus Dei have a World Domination agenda and the Jesuits are to be their "dead" servants. Like dead-men-walking.

It is precisely this kind of dead-obedience that made John Paul II and Ratzinger Benedict XVI succeed in covering-up the priest pedophilia for over a quarter of century -- in the papal Crimen Sollicitationis papal decree -- that priests who divulged to the public would face excommunication.

Obeying the Pope "like a dead cadaver"...says the Jesuit delegate at the General Congregation 35! Would any young man with a sound mind and body want to join the Jesuits and obey Pope Benedict XVI who for more than 30 years had a tail of clergy pedophiles?

YouTube of Crimen Sollicitationis - Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI decree ordered all Bishops to keep priest-pedophiles TOP SECRET or face excommunication... Bishops and priests obeyed him "like a dead cadaver"...What a way to go, Fr. Francis de Melo? Shame on you!

It is pathetic that the old Jesuits would kowtow to the juvenile Opus Dei...but God is not sleeping...from heaven he had justly sent the Galileo Iceberg and hit on the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship at La Sapienza University.

The Jesuits are like the Piarists who were successful in education and the sciences for 350 years... The Jesuits might as well learn from history or they are doom to repeat it. The Opus Dei are strategically preparing for the opportune time to make hostile takeovers of Jesuit universities worldwide...Many Opus Dei members are already faculty and board members of Jesuit universities.

The Piarists founder was canonzied by the pope and declared as the Patron Saint of Catholic Schools. This shows the error of "papal infallibility" and the inevitable errors of many recent canonizations by the John Paul II at his Opus Dei saint-factory at the Vatican.

John Paul II canonised an Italian-missionary-rapist in China and fascist-Franco ally Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriba

Here is a review of Fallen Order: Intrigue, Heresy, And Scandal In The Rome Of Galileo And Caravaggio
by Karen Liebreich from The Telegraph (UK), 4.25.2004.

The following book summary is from Google books:

The Piarist Order of priests has for hundreds of years been known for its history of important contributions to education, science, and culture. Yet in 1646, the Piarist order was abruptly abolished by Pope Innocent X. Fallen Order is the stunning story of how the sexual abuse of children, practiced by some of the leading priests in the order, led to the Piarists' collapse. Karen Liebreich spent several years researching in the order's archives and in the Vatican Secret Archive, and discovered how the founder of the Piarist Order, Father José de Calasanz (later honored as the patron saint of Catholic schools) knew of the scandal and tried to keep it a secret. Cardinals and bishops actively participated in the cover-up in an effort to protect the reputation of an important cleric with influential family connections. A brilliant portrait of seventeenth-century Rome, and the politics, personal rivalries, and Byzantine workings of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, Fallen Order is an explosive account of a history of cover-ups, deception, and shuttling known abuser priests from school to school that is frighteningly similar to the Catholic Church's response to child abuse in the priesthood today.

* * *

The 350-year cover-up

This is the astonishing story of the suppression of a Catholic teaching order - the Piarists - in the 17th century. It has never been told properly before, because many of the documents containing the juiciest information were heavily classified by the Vatican until six years ago.

In the process of extracting the juice, Karen Liebreich has resisted the temptation to sensationalise, though it would have been easy to do so. For what she discovered after burrowing into the archives of the Holy Inquisition is that St John Calasanz, founder of the Piarists, covered up a child abuse scandal. Indeed, he knowingly promoted a paedophile to high office in the order.

That scandal is only one strand in the story, however. Liebreich's sources are as rich in incriminating detail as the Watergate tapes: we glimpse not only sexual incontinence but also the politicking and queeny vanity that destroyed an order that was once admired for the purity of its mission. True, the Piarists were eventually revived and are still in existence. But how many people have heard of them? If they had not been suppressed in 1646, they might now be as famous as their rivals, the Jesuits.

Church history often throws up the paradox that strict orders attract decadent personalities. But no one could accuse St John Calasanz of self-indulgence: austere to the point of caricature, this Spanish priest expected his clergy to follow a regime of concentration-camp severity while providing a free education to the poor boys of various Italian cities.

The Piarists were the first order to teach boys for nothing; and they were also the first to tailor their lessons to the needs of their pupils rather than some medieval ideal of learning. In the Piarist schools, boys did calculations involving weights and measures that helped them find jobs in banks and warehouses.

Demand soared, and with it the order's social ambitions; soon the nobility were sending their children to Piarist schools. Within the order, the pendulum swung back and forth between absurd strictness - one novice was made to scrub his mouth with a pumice stone after being kissed by his mother - and laxity.

The villain of this book, Fr Stefano Cherubini, son and brother of well-connected lawyers, broke every rule with impunity: he had his clerical jacket specially cut "swooping low at the back and rising indecently short at the front"; he refused to wear draughty sandals; and he sang in a forbidden falsetto voice.

He was also a vigorous pederast. When this was pointed out to the authorities, Calasanz was forced to take action. He wrote to the priest conducting the investigation: "Your Reverence's sole aim is to cover up this great shame in order that it does not come to the notice of our superiors [in the Vatican], otherwise our organisation, which has enjoyed a good reputation until now, would lose greatly." The report detailing the abuses was supposed to be kept secret from Cherubini, but he managed to intercept it and threatened to sue. Calasanz caved in; Cherubini was made visitor-general for the whole order.

That was in 1629. During the years that followed, the Piarist order became miserably bogged down in Vatican politics. Some of its members adopted the bitchy, high camp style we associate today with extreme Anglo-Catholics. The elderly founder was pushed aside and, with papal approval, the order was placed in the manicured hands of Stefano Cherubini.

Only now did St John Calasanz, aged nearly 90, state publicly what he had known for 15 years: that the new superior was a child-molester. That was not enough to block the appointment, but such was the internal opposition to Cherubini that the order fell apart and the Vatican decided that the best course was to suppress it.

Karen Liebreich has pulled off a difficult trick with this engrossing book. Although the parallels with recent paedophile scandals are inescapable, and she rightly draws our attention to them, she is reluctant to judge historical actors by 21st-century standards of morality. But she does not need to, because the Church at the time had a perfectly clear understanding of the wickedness of child abuse.

Calasanz, the Inquisition and at least one Pope knew that Cherubini had sexually assaulted his pupils and they knew it was wrong; yet the evidence was concealed and he was elevated to positions that offered him fresh opportunities for seduction. Liebreich's conclusion is the more powerful for its restraint: she says that it is time the modern Catholic Church "took a closer look" at the history of the Piarist order. So it should, but somehow one doubts that it will. What is the betting that, in a hundred years' time, St John Calasanz will still be the patron saint of Christian schools?

Damian Thompson is writing a book about the sociology of apocalyptic belief.


The Beginning of the End
Francis de Melo, SJ

We are moving fast now to finalising the results of this Congregation. This means bringing into desired form the thousands of thoughts that have been presented. It is likely that we will finish with 4 presently planned decrees (perhaps 5, we just heard today) on key issues like Jesuit Identity and Mission in today’s changed world, Collaboration with Others, etc. Plus there are 16 topics which, though not accepted as subjects for decrees, had been the focus of many postulates from the provinces. Among these are Ecology, Globalisation, Indigenous peoples, Formation, Jesuit Brothers, Community Life, Communications and the Internet age, etc. These seem likely to end as mandates to Fr. General for action.

It is interesting to see the actual use of modern communications technology in smoothly bringing together the results of the 225 minds with their various viewpoints on these 20 different themes that are being thrashed out. First, all the papers prepared on each of the 20 themes are posted and can be read in the intranet of the Curia. Then group reports on each theme are added. But then each one can post his comments / views / reactions to any of the 4 decrees (specifying which paragraph of the draft he is referring to ), and others can read these. You can also read all the posts on a decree as a single thread of chronologically listed thoughts.

For instance there was a discussion about a point in the letter of Pope Benedict XVI to Fr. Kolvenbach at the start of GC35 where the Pope reminds us about St. Ignatius wanting our obedience to be perinde ac cadaver, “like a dead body”. Here is part of an interesting post about this:
“ In the process of obeying a superior... there is the key moment where I choose to obey in accordance with my vow. At that moment I am passive, in a stance of abandoning myself and putting myself at the disposal of the superior, implementing the “take, receive” of the ad amorem. This moment in some ways is akin to the moment when I receive a consolation without cause or an impulse of grace over which I have no control. However prior to that moment there is the full activity of my preparation for the moment of obedience: my discernment, my consultation of others, my dialogue with my superior, perhaps even my representation. And following that moment there is the lengthy process of implementation where I fully engage all my strength in doing what I am asked to do as a Jesuit apostle. The “perinde ac cadaver” moment is the still point at the centre of my activity as a Jesuit, the point which focuses it and energizes it...”

Besides, all spoken interventions in the main hall are supplemented by written interventions sent by email to the respective group leaders. And, who knows, maybe the final GC documents will be presented to the world not just as written sheets but also as Powerpoint presentations ready for dissemination in provinces. This was one delegate’s suggestion.

Benedict XVI & Vatican Radio & Jesuits

Faces of St? Josemaria Escriva at the entrance of Opus Dei Santa Croce Holy Cross University. He "doctored" his name so many times to make it sound like Spanish nobility. His envy of noble Ignatius is one of the seven capital sins in the Catholic catechism.

Opus Dei Santa Croce University communications center. ALL Opus Dei priests and elite members are trained here on how to speak on TV and do media spin for Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION agenda.

Jesuit delegates visitng the Vatican Radio (now fully staffed by Opus Dei student

Jesuit Fr. Lombardi is the present "Director of the Vatican Radio" and he is also the public secretary of Benedict XVI. (Pope John Paul II (666 in Latin) had an Opus Dei secretary for 26 years). He gave a private tour to some Jesuit delegates of the General last February 3 and this remark by the Jesuit VR employee and tour guide shows that the Jesuits do not systematically train their students – or themselves – to go and serve at the Vatican Radio.

“To conclude, Fr. Koprowski mentioned the challenges he is facing. He said how much he hopes that more Jesuits, from around the world, could work with RV so that the broadcasting unit could reflect the reality of today’s Catholic world.”

The fact is the Jesuit’s Vatican Observatory was dismantled on the eve of the General Congregation 35 – because there are no Opus Dei astronomers. But the Opus Dei Santa Croce Pontifical University in Rome has been systematically preparing communication students many of whom are now working at the Vatican Radio, and soon the Vatican Television. ALL Opus Dei priests are trained to appear and speak on TV and how to do media spin. That is why Fr. Richard McBrien equated (alive) Fr.McClokey with the (dead) Bishop Fulton Sheen.

Fr. Lombardi is the public secretary of Benedict XVI but he gets all the orders from the papal GAY private secretary, Georg. Lombardi has no access to the pope; he tells the world what papal love-in GAY Georg tells him.

Poor Lombardi and the Jesuits under the tentacles of the Octopus Dei. When will those Jesuits ever learn, oh, when will they ever learn? The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…the answer is blowing in the wind. No, the answer is in the Galileo Iceberg that has hit the B16-OD Titanic Ship, the Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship...and alas Benedict XVI trembles before GISU!

Visit to Vatican Radio
During their stay in Rome, members of the Congregation can take the opportunity of the time spent in the “Eternal City” to better know some Jesuit institutions. One of them, Vatican Radio, is organizing linguistic visits.

On Sunday, February 3, a French speaking group spent three hours at the famous broadcasting organization – that has been put under Jesuit leadership by Pope Pius XI. Marconi himself, inventor of the radio, was part of the early team.

The Director of Programming, Fr. Andrej Koprowski, welcomed the group and Joseph Ballong, responsible of the francophone programme for Africa, took charge of the visit. Some numbers are impressive: close to 380 professionals work in 40 production groups in 36 languages. Because of the importance that has taken the web page and the internet, they now use 14 alphabets! Every day RV is on the air for 54 hours (according to the various time zones) and produces more than 20 hours of original programming.

The visitors also had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the Director (who is also, by the way, a member of the Congregation), Fr. Federico Lombardi. To conclude, Fr. Koprowski mentioned the challenges he is facing. He said how much he hopes that more Jesuits, from around the world, could work with RV so that the broadcasting unit could reflect the reality of today’s Catholic world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Benedict XVI, Marcos Gold & Billions & Jesuits

Ferdinand Marcos was elected president of the Philippines in 1965. In 1972 he imposed martial law and seized dictatorial powers. A massive four-day protest known as the People Power Movement forced him from office in 1986 and restored democracy in the Philippines.

Marcos is the biggest thief on earth because the billions he stole from the Philippine treasury surpass all the looted wealth of Hitler, Duvalier, Pinochet, etc. combined. (scroll down and read slowly)

The world's best-known shoe collector, former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos, has opened a museum in which most of the exhibits are her own footwear.

Links: Opus Dei wealth and the John Paul II Vatican billions

The Jesuits & the Vatican & Marcos

The Jesuit General Congregation is the most important meeting the Jesuits can have within each century; they rarely have this meeting except in the election of a new Father General or in extreme matters that affect the entire Society. Therefore this GC35 is also the best time to "see" the truth about the Jesuits and how the negative accusations about them fare in the light of their open-book transparency. I've been receiving emails about the Jesuit Illuminatis and I think it is fair to give them a chance to prove their case – though this website because it is filled with "information" about the late Philippine President Marcos (THE biggest thief on earth, see his wife Imelda's 5,000 shoes here) and how the Jesuits helped him "steal" Philippines wealth to Switzerland and to the Vatican. It took only one Judas to sell his Master to be crucified, therefore it could also have taken only one Jesuit to serve Marcos...

Judas had access and a free pass to the Sanhendrin because he was the financier and banker of Jesus' ministry... so do Jesuits have a free pass around the world because of their "religous immunity" (parallel to diplomatic immunity) through their universities, institutions and charitable organizations.

It is hard to believe this statement considering that many Jesuits were persecuted by Marcos: "I SOMEHOW BELIEVE THAT FORMER PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT FERDINAND E. MARCOS IS A COHORTS OF THE JESUITS. AND THOSE JESUITS FOUGHT MARCOS ARE MERELY DIVERSIONARY TACTICS." (6.0). In fact it is the Jesuits who helped the “people power” succeed in the overthrow of Marcos 20 years martial law regime. At the General Congregation, one of the new 10 Assistants of the new Father General is a Filipino, Fr. Daniel Huang, and this is what he wrote about his election. There is nothing about wealth or money in his soul.

The mere fact that the Jesuits are not “physically close” to the Pope for over 30 years and the fact that the papacy has been controlled by the Opus Dei since John Paul II – prove that the Jesuits are not (or no longer) part of the Vatican wealth……unless they were in the past and the Opus Dei has taken over the role. Opus Dei has harvested the works of the Jesuits such as the Vatican Radio and dismantle what they are incapable of doing such as the Vatican Observatory. The Philippines has the most numbers of Opus Dei members next to Mexico and many sit in President Arroyo's cabinet. I quote below Marcos’ Vatican Trust Arrangements and also quote the Jesuit Vocation Director of Portugal speaking in an interview at the General Congregation today. This Jesuit sounds sincere and genuine in his Jesuit vocation and he does not mention the Vatican, the Pope and material wealth. Perhaps I am one naïve woman with the faith of Mary Magdalene…denying that there is a real Judas Iscariot among the original 12 Apostles who did sell Jesus Christ for 33 pieces of silver…

Da Vinci Code rebuttal to Jesuit Illuminati

Number 1 Da Vinci Code rebuttal to Jesuit Illuminati: If the Pope and the Vatican needed transfers of Marcos billions from the Philippines to the Vatican, it would have been best done through a Bishop or Cardinal as portrayed by an Opus Dei Bishop in the Da Vinci Code. The Pope did not need the Jesuits to do the dirty work for Marcos because the Jesuits are always serving the poor and educating the poor and seeking justice for them to the point of becoming martyrs for them. The new Father General has been living with the poor in the Philippines before his elections. And the former general Fr. Kolvenbach was busy keeping up with the Jesuit apostolates worldwide. Dan Brown would have included a Jesuit in the Da Vinci Code if there was such a thing as Jesuit Illuminati because he did a very extensive research on Vatican wealth and papal powers worldwide.

Like the new Father General said in his first news conference: The Jesuit Black Pope are crumbs from naysayers...and crumbs are not for us...
Dan Brown did not include any crumbs in the Da Vinci Code.

Number 2 Da Vinci Code rebuttal against Jesuit Illuminati: The Jesuits are never intimidated by accusations against them and Jesuit Illuminati and Jesuit Assassins have been around for a long time. Da Vinci Code was out only for a year and when its movie came out, Opus Dei pulled all the stops to fight it worldwide, asking Catholics to boycott the movie and not buy the book. In fact it is in the Forbidden Books Index of the Opus Dei.

Number 3 Da Vinci Code rebuttal against Jesuit Illuminati: The Jesuits have a vow of poverty. They do not have any personal private bank accounts and have renounced all family wealth or inheritance. They have a small weekly allowance that covers basic necessity in case of emergency such as a cab fare in their apostolate. Therefore with their vow of poverty, it would make a Jesuit shudder to be transferring gold and billions for the Pope and Marcos. Therefore the most likely conduit were Bishops and Cardinals who have no vows of poverty and can have unlimited amount in their bank accounts. The Jesuits are unlike the Opus Dei 25,000 celibate members who are millionaires and professional lawyers, bankers, politicians. And most of their supernumerary 60,000 members are also wealthy. The Opsu Dei members would feel very comfortable in handling the wealth of the Pope and the they have been doing for the last quarter of century during John Paul II's with Benedict XVI and...forever, unles God smite them. That is why Dan Brown chose the right antagonists, the Opus Dei in the Da Vinci Code.


The Marcos Gold & Billions transferred to the Vatican Treasury


I profess my faith........ of the Child Jesus

I have a will but I have not ??? the disposition of the precious metals (gold) which I own and in

which in some documents I was a fiduciary as evidenced by the xeros copies of any gold deposits

in the different depositories and banks in the different countries of the world. Some of the original

documents were left behind in Malacanang, Palace, Manila Philippines last February 25, 1986. I

have no way to get back my original documents now. So that the Filipino people will be benefitted

I now would like that a foundation established now so that it could function ??? and as seen my

designated trustees will accept my Trust.

My trustee is the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church (Holy See) with its reigning Pontiff. I am

submitting the pertinent documents to the said trustee and co trustee.

1. Execution & implementation according to the several laws ????

2. Authorization to withdraw the metals.

3. Documents, certification of ownership both original and xerox
copies of which I, Ferdinand E. Marcos is the sole owner
and signatory of said deposits of gold.




Dear Brother Eric :

I humbly and politely wish to give a Shed-Light concerning the whereabouts of Marcos Gold & Billions that I strongly believe with documentary evidence fell into the hands of the JESUITS / VATICAN.

1.0 Rick Martin's interview on Eric Jon Phelps revealed that World War II was orchestrated by the Jesuits. The book entitled "Vatican Assassins" by Eric Jon Phelps is one of the most reliable book about the Jesuits / Vaticans worldwide conspiracies.

2.0 According to Edmund Paris book entitled "The Secret History Of The Jesuits" World War I and World War II was orchestrated by the Jesuits.

3.0 One of the Jesuit's intention for these world wars is to exterminate the heretics, and take possession of every country in the world and their wealth "Extreme Oath Of The Jesuits". It was revealed that many wars and revolutions was finance by the Jesuit controlled Federal Reserve through Council On Foreign Relation.

NEXUS : Project Hammer Reloaded Part 1 & 2 By David Guyatt
VA : Vatican Assassins By Eric Jon Phelps
: Deep Black Lies, Bloodlines And Other Books
[color=blue]My Combined Reliable Sources Where I Do Stand For - Bobby Limeta[/color]

4.0 The famous Marcos Gold are those looted by the Imperial Japan during World War II. As Japan conquered South East Asia and other East Asian Countries including many Islands in the Pacific region.

5.0 The OSS and CIA recovered the riches looted by the Imperial Japan after World War II. Some of U. S. OSS and CIA key personnel are members of the Knights Of Malta (Catholic's secret society).

Citicorp, Chase Manhattan, Bankers Trust, Swiss Banks and other foreign banks are controlled by the Illuminati-Jesuits. Also mentioned names are Rockefellers, Astor, Du Ponts are belong to the 13-Elite Families Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines. Also, mentioned was J. P. Morgan long time associated with the Rothchilds who are also belong to the 13-Elite Families Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines that are controlled by the Illuminati-Jesuits.

Fritz Springmeier is the author of the book entitled "Bloodlines". The Rothschild is the banker of the Papacy.

5.0 Also, mentioned are Roberto Calvi's private bank known as Banco Ambrosiano and Licio Gelli of P2 Lodge of Italy. (This is where Archibishop Paul Marcinkus name was involved in the anomalies. And that when Pope John Paul I had discovered that P2 Lodge within inside Vatican. The John Paul I was poisoned by Cardinal Villot and involvement of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus who is the head of the Vatican Bank). Both Villot & Marcinkus are members of the Masonic P2 Lodge.

6.0 The name [color=red]Baron Arndt Krupp [/color]was also mentioned. The Krupp family was in the number 15 of the Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines. All Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines was mentioned by Fritz Springmeier the author of the book entitled "Bloodlines"

The rest of the contents of the Project Hammer 1 & 2 about Marcos Gold & Billions are complete for you to read. Where you will read the names [color=red]Santa Romana, Roberto Benedicto and Fabian C. Ver of the Philippines.


Finally, I've prepared 10-Series of Acrobat PDF Files courtesy of DEEP BLACK LIES WITH ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS THAT PERHAPS WILL SHOCK ALL OF YOU.

7.0 [color=red]Archbishop Of Manila, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin received Baron Krupp, kneeling before the Cardinal.[/color] [color=blue]See attached Part 2 of Part 10 Documents in Acrobat PDF File[/color]

8.0 [color=red]The late former president Ferdinand E. Marcos and Vatican Trust where Golds worth of Billions into the care of the Vatican Trust.[/color]

I've now realized Bro. Eric Jon Phelps expose that the Jesuits badly need golds for the re-building of Solomons Temple in Jerusalem for the final Anti-Christ Pope which is also mentioned in the Book Of Revelation (Bible).

Finally, my brethrens and dear trusted friends you may read it all for you to undertsand the entirety of all information I've shared to all of you.

I'm now convinced that the Marcos Gold & Billions can't be traced by any government agencies in the world to determined the whereabouts of the said wealth and also a news blockout. I'm now 42-years old and I haven't heard news implicating that the Vatican or the Jesuits possessed the above mentioned Marcos Gold & Billions. It all fitted to Avro Manhattan's book entitled "VATICAN BILLIONS".

Millions of Filipinos have no idea about Vatican-Marcos Gold & Billions Of Dollars.

Cardinal Sin is pictured in these documents as traitor to the Filipino people. Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino's boss.

[color=red]Lastly, Bro. Eric I will entrusted to you the actual photos of the documents in Acrobat PDF Files in 10 Parts implicating the Marcos Gold & Billions was placed by Marcos before his death (last will - testimony) and I believed in the possessions of the Jesuits-Vatican better know as VATICAN TRUST written by Marcos himself. I now realized that Imelda Marcos doesn't keep Marcos Gold & Billions but rather the Vatican Trust.[/color]

Bro. Eric anything happened to me you know already who are the prime culprit. These knowledge was given to me by GOD many of our political leaders don't knew it and they even snubbed it fearing the extreme power of the JEUSITS-VATICAN. However, I've discovered that one senior senator of our country have a slight idea about the Marcos Gold & Billions in the possession of the VATICAN TRUST. I'll tell you later his name.

For all of my beloved devout Roman Catholic Families - THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCANDALS AND PRE-MEDITATED CRIMES & CONSPIRACIES. Some Catholic words SCANDAL is a mere escape-goat to face the harsh reality of Pre-meditated Crimes & Conspiracies. Why is the Jesuit Order - Vatican -Catholic Church so involve in these cheating, crimes and conspiracies. Instead they should suppose very active to teach the words of GOD as they are religious institution and not as MAFIOSO activities.

Too much verbal discussions will lead to misunderstanding but a photos of original documents will speak for it self that the boxing is finish - [color=blue]AN EYE DOESN'T LIE[/color].

[color=red]My challenge to the catholic hiearchy, after all what you have done to the Philippines now an impoverished nation, will the catholic church admitted publicly with sincere intention and will pay the Filipino people the damages they have inflicted[/color]. The catholic heiarchy is hypocrite, when they damaged people's lives admit it so that people will forgive them.

Sincerely in faith,
Bro. Bobby G. Limeta

More on the Marcos Gold & Billions & the Jesuits here

General Congregation 35 radio interview
February 20, 2008

Vocations:not propaganda but testimony of a happy life

[20/02/2008] There are many topics dealt with at the General Congregation which will not be turned into decrees. The Society wishes to take the pulse of certain aspects of our mission, which will be worked out by a group of experts and later discussed on the main hall of the Congregation.

One of the topics was vocation promotion and about which we spoke with Father Carlos Carneiro the novice master of the Portuguese Province.

Father Carneiro has dealt with the world of vocations during all his life as a Jesuit – “It has been my favorite since I came to the Province,” he said – and pointed out three principal aspects of the Society that are attractive to young people. The first is the friendship among the Jesuits, “Young men are enthused when they realize that this body of friends in the Lord are able to love, dream and live together.” The ability to join together prophecy and profundity also is a demand for those who search today for a place where they can find “something more” in life. Father Carneiro pointed out that it is “to work from a perspective of denunciation, prophecy, novelty and even risk…but at the same time with profundity and quality. Another characteristic important today is to be men of God rooted in the world, willing to love the world “almost as much as God loves it”.

It would help very much in the promotion of vocations, says Carlos, “not to use propaganda, but to give clear testimony of a happy life, not without difficulties.” In so far as to means, he insists, “it is not so much as to try to capture, but to sow,” in a work of accompanying and following up that today is more tan ever absolutely personal and individual. It is also important to recognize that it doesn’t mean only work by a few of the ones in charge, but a dimension that should involve the entire body of the Society. It would be a big help to promotion if every one of us would assume co-responsibility.

Vocation work supposes a continual reformulation of the essence of our being Jesuits. For Father Carneiro it involves a nonnegotiable love of Jesus, complemented by a chastity capable of being lived with people, a poverty that leads to simplicity, and an obedience that permits you to live with freedom. Our charism, says Carlos is to be in the frontiers in a qualified manner and to be universal “not only by being in many places, but principally by having an open mind with our heart in God.”

Indigenous People and Communications

The morning is time for the presentation and debate about Indigenous People. During the afternoon the congregation will address the topic on Communications and Internet.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Benedict XVI in absentia Jesuit General Congregation 35

Benedict XVI’s Opus Dei-Vatican Palace is only a stone throw from the Jesuit Curia where the top Jesuits from around the world are meeting (4 or 5 times within a century) but he is in absentia, physically absent because he doesn't give a hoot about the Jesuits.

Benedict XVI is surrounded by Opus Dei eunuchs and abide by Opus Dei founder St? Josemaria Escriva's words: "I would prefer a million times that a daughter of mine die without the Last Sacraments than that they be administered to her by a Jesuit".

The Jesuits are the only order that has a fourth vow of obedience to the pope but the pope doesn’t even invite them for a cup of coffee at his Palace. Go figure! This papal in absentia proves the myths of Jesuit Assassins and Jesuit Illuminatis and Jesuit Black Pope which are Octopus Dei lies and invented myths in order to smear the Jesuits and destroy their reputations – so that the Opus Dei can make hostile takeovers of the Jesuit universities and schools worldwide.

The Jesuits' fourth vow of obedience to the pope is really irrelevant because all religious orders obey the Pope. So in essence the Jesuits are now making a vow of obedience to the Opus Dei who are in full control of the papacy and the Vatican until the end of time -- unless God obliterate them from the face of the earth. But if God cannot obliterate Satan, how can he obliterate St? Josemaria and Opus Dei? Although God has done it with the 350 years old Piarist Order which we featured recently.

Benedict XVI preoccupies himself with his GAY Zeffirelli image: O Zeffi, what shall I wear today to meet the President? And Benedict XVI wibble-wabble with his 24∕7 live-in GAY-love GAY Georg. While the whole world is instantly hooked to the open-book Jesuit General Congregation, Benedict XVI has no clue what is going on with the Jesuits. He met the new Father General for a few minutes and then kicked him out of the Vatican Palace -- because there is really nothing Benedict XVI has to say to the Jesuits.

MR. Benedict XVI & MRS. Georg

All Benedict XVI wants from the Jesuits is total BLIND obedience to him…or to be more precise - kowtow to St? Josemaria Escriva because it is now the Opus Dei who owns the Euro 1.6 trillion Vatican wealth. Poor Jesuits under the leash of the Octopus Dei…but justice is served because the Galileo Iceberg has hit the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship and the of the pope's autocracy days are numbered on it is in heaven. Alas, Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei tremble before GISU!


A “Global” General Congregation

[19/02/2008] New technology is revolutionizing the way we transmit information, also in the Society of Jesus.

For the first time a General Congregation is using a website and different multimedia formats to transmit and accompany la experience of the 226 delegates meeting in Rome since January 7. While the press office publishes news and informative bulletins sent by e-mail to all provinces, the website of the Congregation actualizes its content several times each day with updating briefs, photos and interviews of delegates.

This innovative experience began alter the election of the new Father General, in an attempt to maintain up-to-date information and a union of spirits with other Jesuits and friends of the Ignatian family from all over the world, waiting to know what is happening in Rome. The congregation is looking for a novel approach of continuous contact by means of brief communications and constant invitations to participate in the global dynamics that are being generated around the general headquarters of the Society of Jesus. Each day it is possible to pray the same prayer as the participants, or use the prayer video of the Congregation. You can also read the prayers, some in the form of songs, that the users of the web have shared with the Jesuits meeting in Rome.

But the interaction is not just reduced to this prayerful dynamics, rather the Roman communications team ha opened a channel called “Echoes of the Congregation” where all the participants can express their impressions, some of which will be published on the main page during a few hours. Perhaps the most successful aspect of these proposals is the “Blog of the Congregation” which is publishing every two days the personal reflections of the delegates themselves.

We no longer rely on sporadic faxes and short communications just about the greater events dealt with in previous General Congregations. We are making a great effort to transmit sufficient information to share the rhythm of the Congregation with the rest of the world and, at the same time, maintain privacy and a prudent distance that allows the delegates to do their work with freedom. According to echoes received, it seems that we are helping the Congregation to be not something distant and mysterious, but a “vigorous time” in which the society lives in unity, universality and communication.

Jesuit Curia
Jesuit Brothers

During the morning, the Congregation is addressing the topic about the Jesuit Brothers. The afternoon is time for group meetings working on Aula presentations for Ordinary Governance topics, and reading of the new draft of the Governance decree.

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